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LLS Chapter 501 – Work Attire

Chapter 501 – Work Attire
Translated by: want2eat
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Although everyone supported Yue Yang, he still decided to take things slowly.

He decided to collect the fresh blood of Liu Ye, Xia Yi and the half elf girl, so that he could refine more blood essence, such that he would be more well prepared. It was a pity that Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian, Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Night Empress and Zhi Zun were all not around, if not Yue Yang believed that the effect would be better.

Yue Yang returned to Yue Clan Castle and found Liu Ye.

While he was collecting her blood, Bao’er came over. “Do you want my blood?”

“Uh…” Yue Yang wasn’t sure if the blood of Golden Elves would be able to fuse with that of a human’s. But in order to not let her good will go to waste, he still nodded his head.

“I’m afraid of pain, so just take a little blood.” Bao’er was normally scared of feeling pain, but when she saw that Liu Ye agreed to Yue Yang’s request without hesitation, she stood out for once in her entire life and support him in his research. As for the ox-head Fan Lun Tie, she was a little hesitant when she saw that Yue Yang was collecting Bao’er’s blood. She had already expected him to collect blood only from pretty girls. She decided that her blood probably wouldn’t be of any use, so she didn’t go over to be a busybody. Snorting, she went away.

After having Titan’s meat, ox-head Fan Lun Tie’s body had already rose to over four meters.

Her power increased by at least two times.

Her rank also rose from Level Seven [Overlord] to Level Eight [Emperor].

If she were to drink Titan’s blood refined by Yue Yang, she would probably rise by another level.

Not only her, even ox-head Li Ao and the four orc girls also rose through the ranks rapidly. It seemed that Titan’s meat had great effect in levelling up ox-head people and orc people. On the other hand, its effect was limited towards human beings.

Ye Kong and Fatty Hai quipped that ox-head people and the orc people’s ability to digest was akin to that of beasts.

It was indeed so. Yue Yang also hadn’t expected them to level up so quickly after having Titan’s meat. Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the Li brothers were still alright as they were willing to eat Titan’s meat. Anything for more power. But Tian Luo Prince and Xue Tan Lang were extremely against it, they’d rather lose the opportunity to level up than to eat Titan’s meat. Of course, if it was Yue Yang, he wouldn’t want to have it either… Although the Ancient Titan was huge, he bore a human form, it would feel slightly grotesque to eat his meat… Tian Luo Prince and Xue Tan Lang were still lucky as no one forced them to eat it, but Yan Po Jun and Feng Sha Qi were met with misfortune.

They didn’t want to have it, but the elders in their family coerced them into it. They almost vomited. Luckily, they still got some energy from eating it, if not they would have cried to death.

Lin En, Anna and Bao’er definitely wouldn’t eat it. The Golden Elves rarely have meat, their normal diet consisted of vegetables and fruits.

Putting away the fresh blood of the two girls, Yue Yang headed towards the Sixth Level of Tong Tian Tower.

He then returned to the Thunder Fortress.

What puzzled him was that there seemed to be traces of a violent battle in the Thunder Fortress, and it seemed that the Sea Clan was behind it?

If the Sea Clan launched an attack, why didn’t the Fat Toad inform him about it?

Carrying these questions, Yue Yang entered the door.

“Master, you are finally back, you don’t know how exciting the battle was. It was earth-shaking and extremely exciting…” Fat Toad Jia De went up and delivered the good news even before Yue Yang stepped in.

“In summary, a few Sea Clan members came over and provoked us.” The butler Yan Zheng’s words were simple and easy to understand.

The Fat Toad complained loudly, indicating that summarizing it like that was not impressive enough.

He then embellished the story and made it super exaggerated.

But that finally made Yue Yang understood what was going on. The Sea Clan had already found out the small residency Titan Jr. had in the Thunder Fortress, they initially wanted King Chong Ni to chase Titan Jr.’s housekeepers away but they were rejected by him. Hence the ambassador sent by Empress Jellyfish ordered for the immediate surrender of the members of the Titan Merchant Guild, slaves and any other personnel related to Titan Jr. They also confiscated all assets Titan Jr. had in the Thunder Fortress.

Forget about the support of the Hybrids, even if they weren’t in the picture, Fat Toad Jia De and the rest wouldn’t have surrendered.

So, both sides adopted the measure of using a tournament to determine which side wins.

It is also known as ‘three-on-three battle’ in the Tong Tian Tower.

King Chong Ni was the judge while Blood River, Mountain Elf, Ma Long, Mr. Chen and other Innates helped Titan Jr.’s subordinate secretly, as they fought against the team of ambassadors sent by Empress Jellyfish.

Everyone thought that the ambassadors that were made up of experts would surely defeat Titan Jr.’s subordinates, but they were actually scared witless when the Octopus Man Boss Pan Chan, Swordfish Man Blast, Whale Zhang and Giant Crab Man Ao appeared. Forget about them who were Innate Level Eight, even the weakest Mudskipper Man Sui Zui could make them suffer…

Although they became Hybrids, they were Supreme Innates from thousands of years ago after all.

King Chong Ni was beyond shocked!

The battle was called to a stop immediately and the team of ambassador left after conceding defeat and compensating large amount of valuables… The Sea Clan suffered a heavy loss. Unless they used their entire force, they wouldn’t be able to take over Thunder Fortress that was guarded by the Hybrids.

But as they were also facing separation and independence, Empress Jellyfish needed Innate Rankers to reassure her people urgently, so it wouldn’t be possible for her to focus wholly on fighting against the Hybrids.

On the next day, she sent men over to deliver a peace treaty and even postponed her revenge plan to send her soldiers to the Soaring Dragon Continent.

“So, that’s what happened.” Yue Yang had already expected this result.

Even without the Hybrids, theSea Clan wouldn’t be able to conquer the entire Thunder Fortress. King Chong Ni, Blood River, Mountain Elf and Mr. Chen would never let them do it. This show was only put up by King Chong Ni for Empress Jellyfish. He merely wanted to warn her by showing their strength. Moreover, even if the Sea Clan were to conquer Thunder Fortress, Yue Yang would be able to get it back easily. They wouldn’t be able to move the Thunder Fortress back to the Ninth Level of the Tong Tian Tower right?

Xia Yi who was valiantly clad in a policewoman uniform suddenly spoke. “I fought too, although I didn’t win, I didn’t lose either.”

Fat Toad Jia De quickly nodded and bootlicked her. “Yes, yes. Miss Xia Yi went against a Lesser Innate. If that fella didn’t run down the arena, he would have been history. Miss Xia Yi undeniably took the first step in ensuring our victory during the battle!”

The butler Yan Zheng reminded: “King Chong Ni has other guests waiting currently, do you wish to rescheduling?”

Yue Yang felt that it would be better to wait for a while, so he waved his hand.

In from of the residency before the lake, the few Hybrids were still binge eating. Yue Yang walked towards them and hurled a few pieces of Titan’s Meat to them casually.

The Octopus Man Boss smelled it and his complexion ashened.

Swordfish Man Blast looked at Yue Yang in awe: “What meat is this? An Elder Innate Levelled creature? You can kill one of those now?”

Mudskipper Man Sui Zui almost fainted in shock. He kept repeating that he couldn’t believe it and that this was a hallucination! He crazily bit on the meat, and with a loud noise, one of his razor-sharp teeth broke. Even his teeth couldn’t tear through Titan’s Meat. He took out the bloodied tooth from his mouth and yelped in agony: “What the fuck is this meat? I couldn’t even bite through it with my teeth… Look, my tooth broke!”

“It’s okay now, if the owner of this meat was alive, you wouldn’t be able to cut it even with your Platinum-ranked dagger.” Mudskipper Man Sui Zui got so scared that he shuddered and got the urge to pee after hearing what Yue Yang said.

“You’re a great guy. We haven’t gotten to try out the meat of Innate Elder Level monster before, we have to try this.” Whale Zhang nodded his head and cheered.

“Quickly reveal the answer, what is it exactly? My curiosity is killing me.” Crab Man Ao wanted to know where the meat came from.

“Ancient Titan.” Yue Yang’s words made all the Hybrids petrified.

They finally regained their composure long after Yue Yang left… The Octopus Man Boss wiped away the cold sweat on his forehead. “This guy is progressing at an alarming pace, he just killed Ocean Emperor, and now, he can even kill an Ancient Titan! The speed of his level up is unfathomable!”

Mudskipper Man Sui Zui laughed dryly. “What are you scared of, we aren’t his enemies And since he’s got a future, we’ll just work under him from now on!”

Swordfish Man Blast snorted. ”You don’t say.”

When Yue Yang returned to his main residency, the half elf girl went forward to welcome him joyously.

She had learnt from her previous mistake. She was very well prepared this time around when Yue Yang returned.

The table was filled with dishes.

She already had warm water prepared and practiced the most comfortable massage technique. Other than her gentle service, she also had interesting performances prepared. The half elf girl practiced a beautiful dance especially for Yue Yang, and eagerly put it up for him. She even dragged Xia Yi along and prepared a fashion show for him. The half elf girl had already completed all the costumes previously designed by Yue Yang.

There were costumes of policewoman, soldier, air stewardess, nurse, office lady, queen, princess, student and maid. You name it, she has it.

Yue Yang almost howled and push down the two girls on the spot.

“Are they nice? Your slave still has a few unfinished ones, it’d be much better if there’s more time.” The half elf girl who was wearing a maid costume with cat ears on her head was so adorable that she’d be able to bewitch all otakus.

“Perverted guy, I can’t even go out in these costumes.” Xia Yi looked extremely hot and wild. She wore a biker gang outfit. She wore an army cap, leather clothes with short shorts and fishnet pantyhose together with high heels. The only problem was that she didn’t have spilling boobs, if not she’d be able to make Yue Yang’s nose bleed.
(Last: closest image i can find http://www.thecostumeland.com/images/zoom/fr555263-women-motor-rider-bodysuit-halloween-costumes.jpg )

It was impossible for Xia Yi to wear this in front of others. And even more impossible for her to wear a silver cross on her neck and add studs on her collar to it.

Of course Yue Yang wouldn’t say that he was perfectly satisfied, he had to be strict in instructing his potential girl.

He pointed at Xia Yi and reprimanded her. “You can’t wear underwear under the fishnet.”

Xia Yi objected to it immediately: “Then you can see everything wouldn’t it? There are holes everywhere on the leather jacket, I can’t even cover anything. And this goddamn shorts, this so short that my butt can be seen!”

“You don’t say, your shorts have to be cut shorter, if not it won’t fit the golden ratio, and your curves won’t be ideally shown. These clothes show your wild side, how can you wear them like a quail? Your shirt has to be shorter too, show your belly, it would be ideal if it goes to your chest, but the sleeves must be long!” Xia Yi was incensed to be scolded by Yue Yang. It was good enough that she was willing to put on this outfit for the perverted guy to see, yet he still felt that it wasn’t good enough? He knew that she doesn’t have a huge chest, but still made her wear this damned attire. And yet the half elf girl with big boobs covered herself so much, but insist on breaking her shirt apart with her big tits, what kind of sick mentality is that?

“Understood, I will definitely alter it more perfectly.” The half elf girl was the most obedient among all as she would listen to all of his instructions unconditionally.

“Master, there are three guests outside, they did not name themselves, but they specified that they wanted to see you.” The maid outside went in to report.

“…” Yue Yang was stunned. For the maid to report to him, it proved that Fat Toad Jia De and the butler Yan Zheng weren’t able stop the other party. Without knowing the other party’s name, who could it be? Xia Yi discreetly asked the maid if the person was a male or a female, upon hearing that she was a female, she immediately followed behind Yue Yang. As for the half elf girl, she totally didn’t care about it as she hummed to herself joyfully. It was as if altering the parts of the shirt pointed out by Yue Yang was the most important thing to do on earth.

When Yue Yang stepped out of the hall, he was immediately speechless. “It’s you guys?”

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