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LLS Chapter 500 – Dream Jadeite

Chapter 500 – Dream Jadeite
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Just like this, Yue Yang became the coach of the Drunken Cat Big Sis during the day, where he would also conveniently tease her and touch her.

And during the night, he would focus on creating the Battle Doll.

With the notes in the Puppet Encyclopedia written by Yue Gong the Ghost Genius and the three six thousand years old Ancient Battle Dolls possessed by the Black Hell King, as a basis, Yue Yang was progressing rapidly since all the components were already prepared.

Yue Yang had already opened up the three Ancient Battle Dolls he got from the Black Hell King’s secret base numerous times and studied them.

The three Battle Dolls didn’t have genders, but their bodies were made to resemble that of a female’s. Maybe through this they could bewitch more people. Who would suspect a beauty to actually turn out to be a robot? Yue Yang also realized that the internal parts of the Battle Dolls were quite similar to that of Cai Yi. As for the other two Battle Dolls named ‘Hei Yi’ and ‘Bai Yi’, only their height and body shape differed slightly. If one were to completely cut the their artificial human skin, they were completely sinilar to the others.

To the Ancient Battle Dolls in the Golden Coffin, these three Battle Dolls were only of mediocre level.

The transformer Battle Doll made by Yue Gong were all low level or below average due to the constraint of certain conditions.

Due to the passage of time and disappearance of technologies, the skills used to make above average and top grade Battle Dolls were already lost.

The Battle Dolls which possess their own consciousness and emotions made by Yue Gong were top notch products similar to the blueprints found in the Golden Coffin. In the drawings, there were a few points stating that there existed a Supreme Grade Battle Dolls during the Tai Gu Period. These Battle Dolls could switch between human form and Battle Doll form, and possess both the characteristics of human beings and Battle Dolls. Not only do they possess life, consciousness, logical thinking and emotions, they also have souls.

These Supreme Grade Battle Doll only existed in legends. Their existences were similar to that of Supreme Divine Weapons.

And the Battle Doll in the Golden Coffin were uncannily identical to Yue Gong’s design.

Once they succeed in making it, it would undoubtedly be a Holy-ranked Battle Doll!

It could even turn into a human-shaped Divine weapon!

As for Cai Yi, Hei Yi and Bai Yi the three Ancient Battle Doll, they were probably platinum-ranked… If Yue Yang could think of something to upgrade them, with the power of Runes, they could possibly rank up to the peak of platinum-rank.

Of course, it wouldn’t be quite possible for the three Battle Dolls to rank up to become Holy-ranked Battle Doll that possessed life like Battle Angel.

Moreover, if Yue Yang was capable of that, he would have ranked up his Crescent Moon and Hui Jin Magic Blade to Holy-ranked. This would at least increase the power of his weapons.

There were still a lot of possibilities for the Hui Jin Magic Blade since Yue Yang had the Titan’s Blood. If Yue Yang could successfully fuse the Flame Lord’s Molten Core and Demon Dragon’s Crystal, coupled with the Demon Pearl from Dark Golden Specter and the Silver Soul Pearl from Golden Devil, with these five components fusing completely and the addition of Yue Yang’s runes, it wouldn’t be a problem to level it up to Holy-ranked. But now Yue Yang’s ambition was to make it a Divine Weapon… He guessed that he was still lacking certain components…

God’s Blood, God’s Water, Meteorite Vital Gold, Titan’s Heart, Crystal Men Corpses, and Dream Jadeite. He had to keep all these precious treasures to accomplish Yue Gong’s third last wish. So Yue Yang had decided to postpone ranking up his Hui Jin Magic Blade.

Firstly, he didn’t have enough components;

Secondly, since he had the God Killing Dagger, he had sufficient equipment to use;

And thirdly, since the Black Hell King hadn’t launched his attack, it wouldn’t be too late for Yue Yang to level up the Hui Jin Magic Blade when the war starts.

“Xiao San, let’s slow down. It’s not good for your body to lose so much blood in one go.“ Yue Yu’s heart ached for Yue Yang when she saw his crazed act.

“It’s okay.” Yue Yang used the God Killing Dagger to slice his palm and poured down a large amount of blood. But his body’s self-recovery speed was extremely fast, so his wound healed itself at a speed even a naked eye could observe. Even for a huge wound like this, it stopped bleeding after a while, causing Yue Yang to cut open his blood vessel repeatedly in order to make his blood stain the crystal pillar. Yue Yu’s heart ached for Yue Yang so much that she cried and tears kept rolling down her cheeks without her having to build up her emotions.

Yue Yang shaped the crystal pillar into all kinds of shapes he desired and fused it with the Crystal Men Corpses he got from the crystal canyon.

He refined the top notch and purest components with his Nirvana Flame and used it to make the Battle Doll’s body in Yue Gong’s third wish. Even as he exhausted all his crystals and borrowed large numbers of crystals from Tian Luo Kingdom’s treasury, Yue Yang was only able to extract crystal essence the size of a watermelon.

It wouldn’t be quite possible to make it into an adult, but it would still barely pass if one were to use it to make the body of a kid.

The best part would be used to make its body.

For the crystal essence that was slightly impure, it would be used to make the Crystal Doll’s second form. Because according to the ancient blueprint in the Golden Coffin, this Battle Doll had three forms. The first one would be the ‘normal’ form, the second one would be ‘cultivating’ form and the third one would be the ‘fighting’ form.

Yue Yang would add metals such as the Meteorite Vital Gold and Secret Silver and fuse them together for her third form. They would form her armour, hence achieving the form of the Battle Angel clad in armour.

It was a pity that Yue Yang didn’t know how to turn the Crystal Doll into a human body, if not he would definitely have tried to make a Supreme Divine Weapon, the Battle Angel, from the Tai Gu Period.

The God’s Blood had already been purified by Yue Yang’s Nirvana Flame. Yue Yang even used his own fresh blood to fuse the two together to form a new blood. This was initially impossible as God’s Blood would never fuse with other types of blood, but Yue Yang’s bold try proved it wrong. It was an unexplainable success. The huge drop of the new God’s Blood would served as the origin of life for the Crystal Doll. As for the blood of the Crystal Doll, it would be a mixture of Yue Yu, the Sickly beauty and Luo Hua City Mistress’s blood. Although their blood wouldn’t mix together too, Yue Yang succeeded yet again after the fusion of God’s water and new God’s Blood… But he soon realized that it wasn’t enough. If he wanted to make the Crystal Doll similar to that of a human child, he would need more women’s blood.

Not only Yue Bing, Yi Nan and the Drunken Cat Big Sis, even Shuang Er and Niu Niu the little Panda Girl all draw out a little of their blood to be added to the pool of new blood.

Only fourth mother rejected directly, refusing to let Yue Yang study her blood.

This puzzled Yue Yang a lot and it made him feel that she’s even more mysterious.

Yue Yang had already confirmed the list. It wouldn’t matter if the blood essence wasn’t enough, there were still the Phoenix Beauty, Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian. If it still didn’t work out, Yue Yang would brace himself to ask Sky Disaster, Night Empress, and Zhi Zun. Maybe they would be willing to offer some of their blood.

And also the Dragon Girl Jiang Ying who was almost identical to any other human girls. The blood of Liu Ye, Xia Yi, and the half elf girl were also in the backup list.

He didn’t have to mention his own Beasts. Lamia Loli Xiao Wen Li, Bloody Queen Red, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen Duo Duo, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man would be added at the end. Of course, these additions weren’t urgent, the most difficult question Yue Yang was facing would be the method he should employ to fuse the Meteorite Vital Gold and Titan’s Heart perfectly together. The Meteorite Vital Gold would be a necessity, as it would be the divine tool that could grow and evolve together with the Crystal Doll. And it would also be connected with the armor and weapons on its body. Without it, the Crystal Doll wouldn’t have a third form.

It wouldn’t do without Titan’s Heart too, because it would be used to provide the Crystal Doll with most of its energy to perform its action.

Titan’s Heart would be better than any one of the Dragon’s Crystals, because Yue Yang hadn’t seen any Giant Dragon that was of Heaven Rank. On the other hand, Titan’s Heart originated from the injured Ancient Titan Wu Su, who was at Heaven Rank Level One, after Yue Yang’s refinement using his Nirvana Flame, he conserved the essence of the Ancient Titan’s energy, and also since it occupied a small volume, it would be suitable to be used as the Battle Angel’s heart, which would supply energy for all activities in its body.

Yue Yang hadn’t thought of the best way to fuse the two.

But according to the drawing, Yue Yang understood that he could place Titan’s Heart in the second form and use the Meteorite Vital Gold to connect the second and third forms together.

How would he achieve perfect fusion?

How would he ensure that he would definitely succeed?

Yue Yang was still in the midst of thinking…

”Actually there is a way, that is, to use the Dream Jadeite.” Luo Hua City Mistress came out with a way for Yue Yang.

“It’s too risky, I feel that this guy’s dreams are all sexual ones, so it will definitely fail.” The Drunken Cat Big Sis violently objected to it as she didn’t think that it would work out.

Dream Jadeite: The Dream Jadeite was said to be the one of the greatest ‘wish granting treasure’ in the Tong Tian Tower together with the Wishing Dutchman’s pipe. It could realize the dream of its owner, no matter what dream it was. It will realize one’s wish strictly according to the dream, showing its owner’s truest wish. All wishes would be restricted by the Ancient Code, if the dream was outside of the Ancient Code, and unable to be realized, the Dream Jadeite would then break and be gone forever.

Yue Yang knew about the function of this treasure a few days ago, but he didn’t dare to use it.

It could be said that this iwas the best treasure in the world.

It could also be the worst treasure in the world… Everything was dependent on the user. If he were to be a wishful thinking lunatic who dreams of conquering the world or becoming God, then it would definitely break and dissipate into thin air. If he were to be a decent resident who wished to turn rock into gold, then his wish would most probably be granted… During the ancient times in Tong Tian Tower, there existed a type of warrior that could use beasts to control dreams. They were known as the Dream Controlling Summoners. They specialized in realizing dreams of others, but this profession was lost eight thousand years ago.

If not for the ancient book borrowed by the Drunken Cat Big Sis from Tian Luo Emperor, Hua Xu’s imperial library, Yue Yang wouldn’t know of such a profession.

What was in Yue Yang’s dreams?

Are they all sexual?

Of course not!

The reason why Yue Yang didn’t dare to use it was because he would normally enter the space of the Sword Spirit Goddess to cultivate during his dreams.

If this dream is truthfully reflected, he’d be dead meat with Luo Hua City Mistress, Yue Yu and the rest knowing his secrets. That was why he didn’t dare to use the Dream Jadeite, he was afraid that this amazing thing would reveal all of his secrets.

“It’s a pity that I don’t know what you want exactly, if not I can help you.” Fourth Mother sighed regretfully.

“What?” Yue Yang was secretly shocked.

Could it be that the Fourth Mother’s occupation was the Dream Controlling Summoner, one that had been lost for eight thousand years?

If she wasn’t good at it, she wouldn’t have put it like this. If she knew how to control dreams, even if she wasn’t a Dream Controlling Summoner, she would be a special person. Normal men wouldn’t be able to control their own dreams. With Fourth Mother’s power, she could actually control dreams… This seemed a little suspicious.

Of course Yue Yang didn’t dare to say it directly. He would wait and observe.

“You can try it yourself, San’er, you willpower is enough to control your dreams.” Fourth Mother seemed to have something on her mind and wanted to teach Yue Yang something, but she didn’t say it in the end. She held onto Shuang’er and Niu Niu and left, as if she hadn’t said anything and reverted back to being any other normal mother. Yue Yang wanted to learn from her very much, but he couldn’t force it. It wouldn’t hurt to try anyway.

If this Dream Jadeite broke, the worst case would be spending huge amounts of money to buy another in the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower.

Yue Yu supported Yue Yang too: “Xiao San, try it, I think you’ll definitely succeed!”

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