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LLS Chapter 499 – It’s so good to have a little brother!

Chapter 499 – It’s so good to have a little brother!
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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The Drunken Cat Big Sis made an exception not to drink today.

But when she was eating, she glared at Yue Yang with a gaze filled with more hatred than one would use to look at their arch enemy. Feeling that she would flare up at any moment, Luo Hua City Mistress hurried Yue Yu to sit on one side of the Drunken Cat Big Sis while she sat on the other, preventing the Drunken Cat Big Sis from grabbing any opportunity to flip the table.

Everyone was sensitive enough not to talk about what happened so they did not touch anything about her cultivation with Yue Yang. They did so to prevent her from becoming incensed and confront Yue Yang as a result.

Without her saying anything, everyone had already known that she had been taken advantage of.

Forget about Yue Yang being extremely powerful, he had undergone repeated cycles of cultivation already. By just being a Level One Innate, Yue Yang had the power of a Level Six Innate. Even if he lowered himself to a Lesser Innate, Yue Yang did not even need to use his trump cards, the Nirvana Flame and the World Exterminating Wheel, to defeat the Drunken Cat Big Sis. Even if she becomes a Level Two Innate in her drunk state, she would still be far from the power Yue Yang possessed.

To put it short, if she wanted to defeat Yue Yang in his Lesser Innate state, she would have to level up to become an Innate Level Four or even Level Five.

Even so, it had to be under the condition that Yue Yang didn’t use his Beasts, and is solely relying on his skills.

“I’m full.” The Drunken Cat Big Sis ate a bowl of rice angrily as she gave Yue Yang a death glare before she left.

She was already very angry.

It was because of Fourth Mother that she was willing to eat on the same table as Yue Yang.

Suppressing the urge to drink, she returned to the Practice Hall and continued to cultivate. Although she was angry, she wasn’t stubborn. She practiced all the skills and methods Yue Yang used on her in the morning over and over again, turning his skills into her own. While she kept waving the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear as she practiced, she gradually gained some understandings… If she didn’t attempt to practice, she would never know the secrets that lied in Yue Yang’s combat skills, and she would never know the true gap between them. She wouldn’t even know that she could use a spear like this, and its use in counteracting the opponent’s moves…

The more she trained the more shock she received.

Although she knew that there was a giant gap between Yue Yang and her, she never thought that he could surpass her in terms of combat skills by so much.

She was best at using spears while he would probably be best at using knifes or swords.

He could land her in such a sorry state even without using his Hui Jin Magic Blade and the Crescent Blade, so if he had really used them, then she’d probably… Thinking of this, she calmed herself down and sorted her thoughts. She tried to copy Yue Yang’s moves as much as possible in an attempt to understand his state of mind then.

Since he was stronger than she was, it was appropriate for her to copy his skills.

It’d be best if she could surpass him using the skills she learnt discreetly from him. She would then use them on him to make him incensed.

Just when the Drunken Cat Big Sis was focused on learning his skills, Yue Yang got started on creating his own Battle Doll. He had prepared all the components already, and not to mention, he’s got the Dream Jadeite, Titan’s Heart and God’s Blood now. The Sickly Beauty was almost done with studying the Heaven Rune Circle on the Golden Coffin too and would probably complete it within a few days. Yue Yu had categorized the drawings of the weapons of the Battle Dolls and other necessities. The only thing left was waiting for Yue Yang to work on it.

“Let’s create the Angel’s Blade on the Battle Doll at a later time! You really don’t want to level up your Angel’s Blade?” Yue Yang felt that the supreme Silver-ranked Angel’s Blade on Yue Yu had weakened. Since he wasn’t sure when the Battle Doll could be completed, Yue Yang wanted to use the best components to level up Yue Yu’s Angel’s Blade.

“Nope, this is already the best to me.” Yue Yu quickly shook her hand. Her heart warmed up with the mention of the Angel’s Blade created by Yue Yang.

“Actually, we have enough components.” Yue Yang tried to persuade her.

“That’s only the best estimation… I’m not the main fighter, my job is to heal everyone, so the Silver-ranked Angel’s blade is enough. Moreover, it’s better than most of the Gold-ranked treasures.” Yue Yu was reluctant to make Yue Yang waste more components on her, and also, this current silver-ranked Angel’s Blade could already make people in awe and envious of her.

“Alright!” Yue Yang gave up persuading her. He then got out the second inheritance left by Yue Gong—the mysterious crystal pillar.

It spanned over ten meters, with a width of two meters and thickness of one meter. It had a wide base, straight body and a slightly sharp top. It was filled with energy as numerous Heaven Runes were carved on the surface and insides of the crystal pillar.

It gave off a pale white glow, and a faint rainbow-ish shimmer.

Its base was chipped, as if dug out by another sharp treasure.

This was what that puzzled Yue Yang the most.

Yue Gong wasn’t a strong warrior, and he didn’t have any equipment, so how did he dig out this part of the crystal and use it as the core to move the beasts?

Yue Yang tried to use the Platinum-ranked Hui Jin Magic blade to cut it, but it couldn’t cut through this mysterious crystal pillar. The Hui Jin Magic Blade was usually very useful towards other metals and could slice them like they were clay. For the Hui Jin Magic Blade to be unable to cut through the crystal pillar, its sturdiness was clearly shown.

“Let’s try using the God Killing Dagger!” Yue Yu saw Yue Yang cut other components using it, but she wasn’t sure if it could cut through the crystal pillar.

“Eh?” Yue Yang realized that the Holy-ranked God Killing Dagger was indeed different.

Under the support of his innate Qi, he slowly shaved a bite-sized crystal shard.

How did Yue Gong manage to shave such a large portion of the crystal pillar without the Holy-ranked God Killing Dagger and Innate Qi? Yue Yang really didn’t understand why!

Moreover, merely shaving it wouldn’t do.

The core of all Battle Dolls must be either spherical or diamond shaped.

How did Yue Gong achieve this? Without Nirvana Flames, how did he melt the crystal shard into spherical or diamond shape? Doubtful, Yue Yang used large amount of Innate Qi and Nirvana Flame that had burned for half an hour to melt the few crystal shards into crystal spheres.

Yue Yu saw that Yue Yang was perspiring profusely, so she wiped them away heart achingly time after time.

Since she couldn’t help him in the creation, she could only help by taking care of his well being… Seeing Yue Yang’s vexed and doubtful look, Yue Yu wished that she knew all the answers in the world and tell him all its secrets, so that he could stop wrinkling his eyebrows.

Yue Yang didn’t know the way to make crystal spheres from crystal shards as it wasn’t recorded in the Puppet Encyclopedia.

So, he could only use the most foolish way, that was, to use force.

He unleashed his power to Innate Level Three. He then used the God Killing Dagger coupled with Innate Qi to produce a sharp sword light, which then slowly cut through the base of the crystal pillar. Afterwards, Yue Yang used the Nirvana Flame blade to slowly melt every line that was cut. He planned to separate the base from the pillar itself and cut the base into irregular pieces that ranged from a few kilograms to over ten kilograms.

Cutting all these made Yue Yang beyond tired.

Surely there was an easier way, but it was a pity that Yue Yang didn’t know it.

Using brute force was an inefficient method. Luckily, he had Innate Qi and Nirvana Flame, if not he wouldn’t be able to do anything to the crystal pillar.

“You should rest for a while!” Yue Yu could only help by passing Yue Yang water and wipe away his perspirations. She really hoped to be of more help, but too bad she couldn’t do more.

“How did he actually do it? How did Yue Gong managed to cause a hole on the crystal pillar?” Yue Yang kept questioning himself.

“…” Yue Yu wanted to answer him very much, but she didn’t know the answer either.

“Yue Gong is extremely weak according to hearsay, and he doesn’t have any treasures. Forget about cutting the crystal pillar, he shouldn’t even be able to move this. This thing isn’t tofu.” Yue Yang conceded defeat to Yue Gong. He was really a genius that Yue Yang himself felt that he wouldn’t be able to compare to.

Yue Yu helped by wiping away Yue Yang’s perspirations and helped massage his shoulders.

Seeing that he was comfortable, she increased her strength.

She felt useless that she could only do so much for Yue Yang. However, she was not smart enough so she couldn’t help him.

It would be good if Xue Wu Xia or Princess Qian Qian was here. Especially Xue Wu Xia who had been inspiring him the most. She might have some clues.

Yue Yang continued to think for a long time about the method Yue Gong used. As he couldn’t arrive at anything, he could only continue to resort to brute force… When Yue Yu was backing off, she saw some of the components there had fallen on the ground. She quickly bent over and picked them up, but before she knew it, her forehead banged onto the Meteorite Vital Gold that was protruding on the table.

She covered her forehead in pain.

Bearing with the pain, she stood up, unwilling to distract Yue Yang and affect his work.

She felt something abnormal in her hand. On reaching it out, she discovered blood stains on her fingers. Turns out that the tender skin on her forehead was torn. She decided to use the Healing Water to heal it without letting Yue Yang know about it.

Just when she summoned her waterball, a sudden realization flashed across her mind, and she suddenly shouted.

“When did you injure yourself?” Yue Yang raised his head upon hearing her shout and realized that her forehead was bleeding.

“Don’t mind me, I’m fine, go and try it quickly… The reason why ancestor Yue Gong was weak and pale might be due to him constantly losing blood, I mean, he might have used his fresh blood to… Maybe his blood had a certain effect, I don’t know too, but this is my gut feeling, fresh blood might work! I’m not sure if I’m correct since I just thought of this.” Yue Yu was afraid that she would forget about it, so she quickly shouted. Although she wasn’t sure if it was the correct way, her gut feelings told her so.

“Blood?” Yue Yang’s entire body shook when he heard it. There was a light glimmer in his eyes. He was immediately enlightened after Yue Yu’s advice.

He quickly grabbed onto one of the crystal shards and held it in his hand.

He then used the God Killing Dagger to slice his palm.

But there weren’t any activities on the crystal shard long after it was stained with blood.

Yue Yu was utterly disappointed. She saw that her brother trusted her wholeheartedly only to realise that it was the wrong method. She felt very guilty. With tears in her eyes, she rushed to his sides and wanted to heal the wounds on his palm.

A drop of tear dripped onto the crystal shard that was stained with blood.

Suddenly an amazing light was given off.

The entire crystal shard was giving off a blinding white light as numerous Heaven Runes flew up to the sky. They floated in the sky, giving off a bright glow.

Seeing this scene made Yue Yu so excited that she almost suffocated.

They succeeded, turned out that it wasn’t enough just with fresh blood, it had to be complemented with tears… Yue Yu wanted to hug her brother and cry, she was finally of some use.

Yue Yang channeled his Innate Qi into the crystal shard, causing the mysterious patterns formed by the runes to form again.

Those solid crystal shards melted like ice and became water. They then accumulated to form a small ball. Using his will, Yue Yang could turn them into crystal beads or diamond shaped crystals. He could shape them into anything he wanted. When Yue Yang stopped controlling them, the diamond shaped crystals gave out a glow, causing them to harden again and revert back to crystals.

But the shape had already turned into the diamond shape Yue Yang wanted.

“We…we succeeded!” Yue Yu embraced Yue Yang as she cheered crying and laughing. Her excitement couldn’t be described with words.

“Sister Yu, you are my lucky star!” Yue Yang hugged Yue Yu excitedly. He couldn’t suppress his joy, he threw her up and received her when she fell down.

“Eh, Xiao San, put me down… Don’t do this, if people were to see us…” It went on for a few rounds before Yue Yu remembered that she was his sister. She immediately stopped him, and opened up her Angel’s Blade when Yue Yang did it again. She flew two meters away, unwilling to let Yue Yang do it again.

“It was no wonder the weak and sickly Yue Gong could create such a hole, thank you Sister Yu. Eh, you haven’t treat your wounds!” Yue Yang didn’t realize that his affectionate actions appeared ambiguous as he quickly used his Innate Qi to treat her.

“I’m fine, it’s a very small wound!” Yue Yu wanted to reject him. But on seeing his face that was filled with concern, she gave in and let him heal her.

She closed her eyes, and felt his warm hands touching her forehead, causing a cold sensation on her wound.

She didn’t feel painful, but instead, she felt joyous.

It’s so good to have a little brother!

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