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LLS Chapter 498 – Ashamed enemy, I will remove your clothes

Chapter 498 – Ashamed enemy, I will remove your clothes
Translated by: Last

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Now, Yue Yang finally understood why those students called this Drunken Cat Big Sis, Dragon Spear Girl.

This was because of her battle skill. Whenever she thrusts with her spear, a dragon’s shape appears.

Although she was furious, the Drunken Cat Big Sis still hadn’t lost her reasoning.

Her first form ‘Little Dragon Finding Path’ carried a probing characteristic and pierced towards Yue Yang’s heart. She knew that using ninety percent of her strength could not even defeat this brat so she was extremely careful in attacking or else she would lose. Moreover, the only possibility of defeating him was if she could rise to the Innate Realm… To not rely on wine to reach that level was her current goal.

Just for this, she agreed to suffer the humiliating condition of letting him touch her breasts.

Under this pressure, she hoped that she could breakthrough, again and again, and beat this brat into a sorry state.

“Skill is lacking, Qi is lacking, killing intent is lacking.” In one breath, Yue Yang pointed out three of her weakness. He did not directly thrust the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear. He rotated it and used the spear end to push aside the Drunken Cat Big Sis’ halberd. Then, he took advantage of this moment to pull the Drunken Cat Big Sis forward and make her lose her balance.

“Is that right?” The Drunken Cat Big Sis was alarmed. Luckily, she was only probing him. If she used all her strength, she would probably be defeated in just one move.

When Yue Yang swiped the spear head in a circle, she used her waist to bend backwards as if she did not have any bones.
(Last: the matrix)

She bent backwards in an arch shape to evade the attacks.

Her spear, that had been pushed away, quickly revolved her body to dissipate Yue Yang’s pulling force. Afterwards, she pressed the ground with one hand. She used her explosive strength to go under her legs like a snake and fly towards Yue Yang. The halberd in her hands once again burst out a terrifying spear light, that could swallow all living things, towards Yue Yang. Who could have imagined that the Yue Yang in front of her disappeared in a flash… He immediately appeared close behind her… The Drunken Cat Big Sis was alarmed, she simply could not react to this kind of speed.

She gritted her teeth and angrily thrusted her halberd with ten times normal speed to move her body forward and escape Yue Yang’s grasp.

In this critical moment, the Drunken Cat Big Sis looked back. If this was a real opponent, she would not do such a thing and only defend her body with all her might. However, she knew that Yue Yang would not harm her, so she turned her head to see how he would actually attack her.

She only saw Yue Yang use the Dragon Slaying Spear to hit the floor; then his entire body shot towards her like a meteor.

The moment the Drunken Cat Big Sis was too late to respond, a kick flew towards her perfectly round and outstanding buttocks.

If this was not a competition…

The Drunken Cat Big Sis understood, that if this was not a competition, if this was a life and death battle, she would have already received heavy injuries or even dead. The brat could completely deflect her attack and kick her butt.

She knew that this was only a warning but she still felt incredibly humiliated.

Without a doubt, the brat’s warning continued perverted intent. He could have kicked anywhere, yet he had to kick her butt!

“I will kill you, you huge pervert!” The Drunken Cat Big Sis borrowed the momentum from Yue Yang’s kick and spun in midair. The halberd in her hand shot towards Yue Yang like a poisonous dragon coming out of its hole. This attack carried her fury and faintly contained the power of a giant dragon’s roar. The atmosphere in the entire Practice Hall slowed down as if a giant head was devouring downwards from the sky.

“Too slow!” Yue Yang calmly thrust his spear outwards. He did not block the Drunken Cat Big Sis’ attack. Instead, he borrowed the power from her attack and spurred her body forwards. It was like the time when she was probing a while ago, but now, she was using her entire strength and did not have the chance to divert it.

The Drunken Cat Big Sis was able to react quickly and immediately let go of the halberd..

The halberd carried great power and fiercely shot towards one of the walls of the Practice Hall.

With a ‘woosh’, the halberd deeply nailed into the incomparably hard wall. It pierced up to the handle and around it was web-like cracks.

While in midair, the Drunken Cat Big Sis was Yue Yang turn his spear around and used the end to sweep her over. In the moment of desperation, she did not think too much and flew towards Yue Yang’s bosom. She used her hands to tightly hold his waist to prevent him from attacking. Then, she looked upward and prepared to give Yue Yang a german suplex. When she placed strength into her waist, the Drunken Cat Big Sis also discovered that Yue Yang also held onto her waist as the other hand went below her hips and propped up her thighs. Being a step ahead of her, he lifted her entire body up with an irresistible strength.
(Last: Its an XXX position, the one where one leg is propped up)

“Quickly let me down…” The Drunken Cat Big Sis anxiously shouted. She discovered that she would only suffer losses when fighting against him in close combat.

“I will let go once you admit defeat.” Yue Yang shamelessly maintained this posture and continued to enjoy the feeling of her splendid thighs.

After letting go of the Drunken Cat Big Sis, her clothes appeared to be a bit messy.

Her chest moved up and down as she panted.

Her face was red with humiliation and also red from her anger. Her eyes were like spear point filled with killing intent that wanted to instantly kill Yue Yang.

She glared at him for a long time and suddenly took a deep breath. She fixed her clothes and closed her eyes: “If you agree to a bet, you must accept to lose. Come. Let me warn you, you can only use your claws to touch once. If you dare to touch more than once, I will chop it off!”

Actually, she knew her probability of winning against him was slim, but why did she make a bet with him?

Moreover, to do this kind of bet… She also could not understand why… Of course, she at least understood one thing. If the person betting with her was not this pervert, she would not bet at all. She would rather die than to let others humiliate her. As for being humiliated by Yue Yang, she did not feel any aversion. This brat had already indecently looked at her for a long time. Letting him touch her only added a little bit to her losses… In the future, she would definitely take revenge once the opportunity arises…

Although the Drunken Cat Big Sis showed an uncaring expression, her heart was actually tense.

Her heart was beating like crazy.

She thought: “So what if I let him rub me this once. Once I win, I will chop off those claws of his!”

Although she consoled herself like this, the shame she felt was unendurable.

She felt his fiery hands extend over. He lightly kneaded her left breast and stopped immediately.

The Drunken Cat Big Sis felt that this was too strange. Only this quick? Why didn’t this huge pervert take the opportunity to touch more? It was too different from what she imagined!

She opened her eyes and discovered that the brat was writing a diary.

Writing a diary?

She took a peak and rage immediately filled her eyes.

This was because what was written was: …When I extended my hands to touch her, she closed her eyes with a happy expression…

Who had a happy expression? She wished she could just kill him, why would she have a happy expression? The Drunken Cat big Sis was really angry to the point that smoke could be seen rising through her seven orifices. She wanted to tear that diary apart, snatch Yue Yang’s Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear, chase after Yue Yang and insist on killing him.

Boom, boom, boom!

The entire Practice Hall shook from the battle.

In the garden, Luo Hua City Mistress stopped her hands, that were watering the plants. She looked at the distant Practice Hall and proudly smiled. Then, she continued to take care of her beloved flowers and plants.

Yue Yu, who was sitting inside the Battle Doll Room, picked up the battle doll part, that had fallen from the shaking, and slightly sighed.

In the kitchen, the little Panda Girl Niu Niu, who was helping Fourth Mother wash the vegetables, crooked her head and cutely asked: “Are big brother and mother fighting?”

Fourth Mother slightly smiled and softly said: “They are not fighting, they are training.”

Yue Shuang, who was hugging a snow-white pillow, drowsily walked out: “So noisy…”

Fourth Mother comforted her: “It would be better after a few more days. Do you want mommy to carry you? You should be able to sleep even if a major disaster happens. Ah, you naughty girl. It’s not that you could not sleep, you just want mommy to spoil you, see how I will spank your butt!” Despite her scolding, she still carried Yue Shuang up after spanking her a few times a punishment.

The little girl was not the slightest bit afraid. She embraced her mother’s neck and smiled.

Niu Niu enviously looked at her. Her expression made Fourth Mother feel sorry for her so she slightly stroked Niu Niu’s face: “If you’re tired, Fourth Mother will carry you to sleep!”

“Thank you Fourth Mother, Niu Niu is not tired.” The little Panda Girl Niu Niu happily shook her head. A sweet smile appeared on her round face.

In the Practice Hall.

Yue Yang calmly performed a shoulder throw and strongly threw the Drunken Cat Big Sis on the floor.

In the midst of joy, he shouted: “Ashamed enemy, I will remove your clothes!”
(Shiro: This is very confusing… I will try my best to explain. Yue Yang is trying to speak Japanese that sounded like “Te ki sho, u chi to ta ri” (敌将、讨ち取ったり) which supposedly mean “the enemy’s general is defeated”. But it sounded like “Ashamed enemy, I will remove your clothes” (敌羞,吾去脱她衣) in Chinese.)
Actually, the Drunken Cat Big Sis was not injured from the fall. She got up and angrily grabbed Yue Yang’s collar. With a murderous gaze, he looked at Yue Yang in the eye and angrily shouted: “What did you say?”

It was more than enough to let him touch if she lost the bet.

But now, this brat wanted to remove her clothes? If this continued for another round, wouldn’t he already rape her?

Yue Yang accidentally let out his thoughts and quickly explained the misunderstanding: “Actually, this is a misunderstanding. This phrase came from the language of a very vulgar race. It means that I have defeated you!” When the Drunken Cat Big Sis heard it, she became madder: “Just because I let you defeat me, I have to remove my clothes? What do you mean by “Ashamed enemy”, who’s ashamed? Didn’t I accept my defeat? Just because I gave you an inch, you already want a mile…”

“This is really a misunderstanding!” Yue Yang tried to endure laughing with all his might.

“If I defeat you, you must also remove your clothes!” The Drunken Cat Big Sis could not endure this brat’s self-admiration anymore.

“If you defeat me you could say ‘Ashamed enemy, I will remove my clothes so go wash it’.” Yue Yang’s words made the Drunken Cat Big Sis flabbergasted.
(Shiro: I gave up. “Te ki sho, u to ri chi ma shi ta” – anyone know what this means in Jap?)
“Are there any others?” The Drunken Cat Big Sis felt that these two phrases did not fit since she would suffer losses.

“There’s another one, If you defeat me, you could also say ‘Ashamed enemy, I will remove my clothes so go iron them’.” Yue Yang earnestly replied.
(Shiro: something along the line… Te ki sho, u ze to ri chi ya ta wa? Anyone knows what this means in jap?)
“…” The Drunken Cat Big Sis almost fainted. The final phrase could not even be compared to the first two!

The Drunken Cat Big Sis felt the blood in her body boil and seized Yue Yang up. She angrily shouted: “I will not remove my clothes. If I wanted to remove, I would remove yours. Go die you pervert! This mother hasn’t settled anything yet. You want to remove my clothes? I will bite you to death!”

Boom, boom!

Another round begins.

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    I think the Japanese are all the general kill quote from the Musou series of games (Warriors in the English). The first is a casual version, the second is a polite version and the last is an effeminate version. But yeah, all manipulated for Chinese pun use…

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    “If you defeat me you could say ‘Ashamed enemy, I will remove my clothes so go wash it’.” Yue Yang’s words made the Drunken Cat Big Sis flabbergasted.
    (Shiro: I gave up. “Te ki sho, u to ri chi ma shi ta” – anyone know what this means in Jap?)

    Tekisho utori chimashita = てきしょ うとり ちました = I have taken
    Tekisho uto richimashita = てきしょ うと りちました = It was a good time

    I think it’s a sexual reference meaning ‘Strip me and let’s have sex your way’ or you could use ‘Take me!’.
    It could be slightly less blatant, ‘Remove my clothes, we’ll have a good time (wink, wink).’

    ~ ~ ~
    “There’s another one, If you defeat me, you could also say ‘Ashamed enemy, I will remove my clothes so go iron them’.” Yue Yang earnestly replied.
    (Shiro: something along the line… Te ki sho, u ze to ri chi ya ta wa? Anyone knows what this means in jap?)

    Together these words make no sense in this context. Separately they do make sense.

    Tekisho = Right place
    (uzeto was misspelled?) ueto = above and
    richi = wisdom/intellect
    yata wa = you

    I think it’s an even more graphic sexual reference implying ‘You’re smart! Above me (naked) is the right place (for you).’

    A lot of Japanese is situational and you have to infer what the kanji / word concepts mean. Then there are all the additional meanings… Sigh! Translating is a very difficult job.

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    I laughed over your choice of translations and didn’t really have any trouble inferring what was being said.

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