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LLS Chapter 497 – The Drunken Cat Big Sis, vow to fight

Chapter 497 – The Drunken Cat Big Sis, vow to fight
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Yue Yang had given the Qi Lan Wine to Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai and the Old Fox in the past.

He guessed that the Drunken Cat Big Sis knew about it.

“I have the wine, but you can’t get drunk from drinking it.” Yue Yang quickly acted like an obedient child. If Luo Hua City Mistress, Sickly Beauty and Yue Yu weren’t around, he would probably make the Drunken Cat Big Sis drink until she’s drunk since they were alone.

“Qi Lan Wine is famous throughout the Tong Tian Tower. I haven’t tried it before, take it out quickly.” The Drunken Cat Big Sis was definitely a violent woman before she gets drunk.

She grabbed Yue Yang by the collar.

It seemed that if Yue Yang didn’t take it out now, she would force herself on him on the spot.

Luo Hua City Mistress and the Sickly Beauty were accustomed to this already. But this was because Yue Yang was powerful enough, if it were others looking at the Drunken Cat Big Sis’s crazed violent movement, they would have given her the Qi Lan Wine without her opening her mouth. They wouldn’t even dare to look at her in the eye. Princess Qian Qian couldn’t be compared with the Drunken Cat Big Sis. Although the rogue Tigress loved to be violent, she would only be rough to people she knew well, she wouldn’t be violent to others… But the Drunken Cat Big Sis was violent to everyone, except when she gets drunk. But then when the Drunken Cat Big Sis became drunk, Niu Niu the little Panda Girl would be even more violent to protect her ‘mother’!

Yue Yang brought out the Qi Lan Wine, but didn’t give it to her immediately. “You are an Innate already?”

Luo Hua City Mistress and the Sickly Beauty were stunned by what he said.

Both of them turned and looked towards the Drunken Cat Big Sis.

The Sickly Beauty wasn’t calm like she usually was as she hugged her and cheered. “Sister Ye, why didn’t you tell us that you became an Innate? When did it happen?”

“Beats me too.” Everyone was left speechless by the Drunken Cat Big Sis’s words.

“Mom is only an Innate when she’s drunk.” Niu Niu the little Panda Girl’s words made Yue Yang even more speechless. But thinking of it, that sounded logical too.

“I understand now. You can be in two different states now. When you are sober, you are Lesser Innate, and when you are drunk, you become a Level Two Innate. This difference is abnormally huge. If this persist, your body wouldn’t be able to take it.” Yue Yang grabbed the Drunken Cat Big Sis’s pulse and channeled his Innate Qi into her body. He then openly used his Heaven Eye Divine Vision to look at the conditions of her body. He arrived at a conclusion. “The reason why you binge drink for such a long time was caused by these two states. Other than your own preference, you subconsciously wish to remain as an Innate. That’s why you keep drinking.”

“Isn’t this good? I can drink and become more powerful at the same time, there’s nothing bad about this… I think this is great!” The Drunken Cat Big Sis fought hard to snatch over the Qi Lan Wine in Yue Yang’s hands. But with her power, it wouldn’t be easy to snatch the thing in Yue Yang’s hand.

“Sister Ye, drinking frequently isn’t good to your body in the long run.” The Sickly Beauty tried to persuade the Drunken Cat Big Sis gently. She had done this over hundreds of time.

“How I can live on without drinking?” The Drunken Cat Big Sis’ stand was that she could live without anything but wine.

“So, exactly what will happen if this persist?” Yue Yu was meticulous enough to catch the warning undertone in Yue Yang’s words. “Xiao San, tell everyone quickly.”

She will become more and more crazed after drinking, and will level up faster and faster in her drunken state. But when she’s sober, she will forever remain as a Lesser Innate. When she becomes Innate Level Three and above, her body won’t be able to take it, and it will destroy itself. If she drinks this bottle of Qi Lan Wine, she would fall into deep sleep for a few days, everything she drank will turn into her energy, but every aspects of her body will also be damaged. Her body could still withstand it now, but after she becomes Innate Level Three, her body won’t be strong enough and she’ll have to drink everyday. She’ll feel like she’s imploding if she did not drink.” Yue Yang warned with a mixture of facts and threats.

Actually, if the Drunken Cat Big Sis continued to drink, she might not implode.

Her body might adjust itself, but she won’t be able to level up anymore.

The only danger was that in battles in special regions, the Drunken Cat Big Sis would feel tortured without having wine to drink.

After Yue Yang’s explanation, Luo Hua City Mistress, Sickly Beauty and the rest were enlightened. Why does Sister Ye drink like her dear life depended on it? The reason was that she subconsciously wants to drink to remain at higher rank. If her body also felt more pleasant after drinking, it would then become an instinctive habit.

And of course this result definitely wouldn’t be the best way to progress.

To become an Innate, drinking would only serve as a strong aid. But one didn’t necessarily have to drink in order to become an Innate.

Moreover, if she continued to drink like this, it would definitely be bad!

“Are there no other ways? Help her think of one.” Luo Hua City Mistress looked at Yue Yang, asking him to contribute an idea.

“Ask her not to drink anymore.” Yue Yang laughed.

“No way, I’d rather die if I can’t drink.” The Drunken Cat Big Sis rolled her eyes at Yue Yang and raised her fist in an attempt to punch him. But he received it with one hand.

“There’s another way, that is, to become an Innate even in your sober state, this closes the gap so even if she’s stronger when she’s drunk, her body won’t get hurt. For example, the impact wouldn’t be huge if she’s Innate level Three when she’s drunk, and an Innate Level Two when she’s sober.” Yue Yang’s words intrigued the Drunken Cat Big Sis. Although drinking was her priority, she also needed to take care of her health, she must not let it be destroyed just like that.

“How can we make Sister Ye into an Innate when she’s sober?” The Sickly Beauty felt that it wouldn’t be an easy feat.

“Make her angry.” Yue Yang laughed as he kept the Qi Lan Wine.

When the Drunken Cat Big Sis was preparing to beat him up, he nodded and indicated that this was the angry state that she needed.

That day when the Eastern Goblin Tribute launched their attack, the Drunken Cat Big Sis killed the abnormally strong Mei Hua Bothers on her own. Yue Yang couldn’t figure out how she did it, but he seemed to know why now. Although she wasn’t drunk, when she’s angry, she would unleash her strength, so she managed to kill her opponent. This was similarly uncontrollable like how Yue Yang becomes invincible and would receive a ten times power up when he’s angry.

After Luo Hua City Mistress heard it, she immediately patted his shoulders. “We’ll leave Sister Ye to you then.”

The Sickly Beauty indicated that she had confidence in her lover too.

Yue Yu left closely after.

Yue Bing and Yi Nan went to cultivate together and tested out the strength of the new beast.

Finally, there were only the Drunken Cat Big Sis and Yue Yang left. Of course there was Niu Niu the Little Panda Girl who was still all smiles, unaware that her mother is going to be at Yue Yang’s mercy.

“How hard would being angry be. I always beat up so many people in a single day, but I don’t see myself becoming an Innate.” The Drunken Cat Big Sis indicated her disbelief.

“Those aren’t real anger…” Yue Yang threw a golden coconut to Niu Niu the Little Panda Girl and asked her to share it with Yue Shuang. He then waved his hands towards the doubtful Drunken Cat Big Sis. “Follow me, I can promise that you’ll be cured within a few days and you can drink to your heart’s content from then.”

“Really?” The Drunken Cat Big Sis initially didn’t believe Yue Yang, but after hearing that she could drink freely, she was a little intrigued. She will follow him for the wine!

They entered the Practice Hall.

Yue Yang first asked the Drunken Cat Big Sis how she was related to the Night Empress. The Drunken Cat Big Sis refused to answer.

He guessed that the Drunken Cat Big Sis was a junior in Night Empress’ clan. She might even be the niece of the Tian Luo Emperor Hua Xu Ri, making her the cousin of Luo Hua City Mistress and the Sickly Beauty.

Of course, the Drunken Cat Big Sis would definitely be older than Luo Hua City Mistress and the Sickly Beauty. From her cultivation, Yue Yang suspected that she was already a hundred year old unmarried woman. To earthlings, a hundred years old is already considered to be a ripe old age, but to the people of the Soaring Dragon Continent, a hundred years old was still young. To people in the higher levels of the Tong Tian Tower, those who are a hundred years old were considered to be children.

Forget about other things, just taking the Golden Elves for example. Bao’er the big loli was already one hundred and sixty years old, but she was still a loli.

An earthling that was one hundred and sixty?

The bones in the coffin would have rotted already!

To those Innate Rankers who were easily a few hundred or even a few thousand years old those hundred year old warriors were just newbies. Only Yue Yang who became an Innate at twenty years old made the old guys hang their heads in shame.

Yue Yang didn’t dare to ask the Drunken Cat Big Sis for her age. He would be asking to die if he did it.

Yue Yang asked for the Drunken Cat Big Sis’s name, but she refused to answer yet again.

Of course she had a name, but Yue Yang didn’t know it.

“Alright, if you aren’t related to the Night Empress by blood then I’m at ease.” Yue Yang took out his Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear and acted like a bully who wanted to take advantage of women.

“You wanna fight? This is easy!” the Drunken Cat Big Sis was fearless as she immediately took out a bronze-ranked halberd from the equipment rack in the Practice Hall.

She had previously used an alias, Dragon Spear Girl, and took part in the Hundred Schools Elite Competition.

If not for the invasion of the Eastern Goblin Tribe, she would have fought with Yue Yang.

Now was just right since she had wanted to fight with him.

Yue Yang indicated that there are rules for the fight: “We’ll fight for three rounds, I will unleash my power to the same level as you, so our fight will be purely based on skills and personal experiences, I won’t use my strength to bully you. But, if you lose, you have to accept my condition, for example, if I request to touch your breast, you cannot resist, understand?”

The Drunken Cat Big Sis was incensed. Her beautiful eyes glared at Yue Yang sharply. “You… “

As if he didn’t see it, Yue Yang waved his hands, smiling. “Rest assured, if you win, I’ll let you touch me too if you wanted to. I won’t resist! If you don’t want to lose, then use your best skills and all your strength. I promise not to fight with help of any one of my beasts, I’d just be a Lesser innate like you are in your sober state. If you can become an Innate, you can surely win against me… If you can’t, then blame it on yourself for being weak!”

The Drunken Cat Big Sis who was preparing to flare up was suddenly tongue tied. Indeed, she was definitely at an advantage in this kind of fight.

And she also understood that Yue Yang said those on purpose to motivate her.

But even so, she couldn’t accept it.

This was harassment!

It definitely was… The Drunken Cat Big Sis wanted to throw away the halberd and back out from the fight, she’d rather die from her body imploding. But when she saw the tinge of laughter in his eyes, as if scorning at how cowardly she was, she was instantly angered. She smashed the halberd onto the ground. “Let’s fight, if I win, I will make an arrogant pervert like you bark like a dog. You actually dared to tease me, you don’t know what death is, do you?”

She unleashed all of her power.

She carried a majestic vibe that was akin to that of raging waves.

The whole Practice Hall vibrated under the shock wave from her outburst. A giant silver dragon shadow flashed above her head.

It wasn’t a beast but a Domain. Of course it was still far from a real Domain, but even with this, it was terrifying enough. A Lesser Innate with an energy near Domain energy. Her enormous power could be seen from here.

“Today is a good day…” Yue Yang was undaunted. He was writing his diary, as he prepared to commemorate this glorious achievement where he could blatantly touch boobs.

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