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LLS Chapter 496 – Ancient Titan Tree

Chapter 496 – Ancient Titan Tree
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Yue Yang fused the Sea Clan Innate’s Orb, Nightmare’s Soul Pearl and Demon Eye’s Crystal to make the Hallucination Butterflies evolve. Different from the Silver Horned Pegasus, the Hallucination Butterflies once more entered into cocoons to further evolve.

Yue Yang’s prediction came true.

After their chrysalis period, the two Hallucination Butterflies would definitely become terrifying Hallucination Butterfly Demons when they come out of their cocoons.

They were not ordinary Hallucination Butterfly Demons. By taking in Nightmare and Demon Eye’s powers, they would also own part of their skills. These would become important skills used to kill off the opponent during a fight… Hallucination, poison powder, blood sucking together with nightmare and demon eye, Yue Yang estimated that even if he doesn’t level up Yi Nan to an Innate, just with her own mental power, with two Hallucination Butterfly Demons and Spirit Mirror, she would probably be able to kill off opponents at Innate Level Three and below… In battles where the weaker side wins against the stronger side, Yi Nan might be the one who could bridge the biggest gap. She was even ahead of Yue Bing with her [Intense Poison] Inherent Skill.

Yi Nan also had a silk spitting Spider Witch that was almost forgotten. Yue Yang felt that the Spider Witch’s potential wasn’t bad and barely acceptable.

If Yue Yang did not know Jiang Ying the Spider Empress, the silk spitting Spider Witch’s grooming value wouldn’t be big.

Yue Yang would wait for Jiang Ying to wake up, maybe she’ll have ways to level up this Spider Witch.

There might even be unexpected surprises.

“Really? Then I’ll have to thank sister Jiang Ying lots.” Yi Nan nodded her head in joy when she heard Yue Yang. She didn’t even mind that Jiang Ying was a personified Dragon Girl. Actually, the silk spitting Spider Witch was still loyal enough not to escape when facing against opponents. It was just that her level was too low and she didn’t possess sufficient intelligence, causing her to be scared badly by the Bronze-ranked Barbarian Cow that could use its eyes to insta-kill all life forms.

The Bronze-ranked Barbarian Cow in the past had been dominated by the Phantom Shadow, causing her to turn into today’s Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man.

Yue Yang felt that Yi Nan’s offensive beasts were too little. The silk spitting Spider Witch’s ability to hinder the opponents would be of great help to Yi Nan.

What Yi Nan lacked now ws a weapon that could amplify her mental power. It would be best if it was a holy equipment so that even Innate Rankers would be scared witless by her.

Of course Yi Nan’s true combat power did not lie in solo fights, but in team fights.

If the team were to be made up of Princess Qian Qian’s close quarter attacks with her Prison Emperor Divine Sword, Xue Wu Xia’s double layered thunder and frost attacks, the Sickly Beauty’s protection with her Crystal Shield, Yue Bing’s Intense Poison Inherent Skills, Luo Hua City Mistress’s [Spiral Aurora] And Yi Nan’s Mental Hallucination…

This combination would probably cause so much headache to Shun Tian even with his Five Transformation Power or the Black Prince even with his Green Phosphorus Ghost Fire.

Yue Yang wondered how Princes Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia’s cultivation went.

Especially Xue Wu Xia who was personalyl guided by Zhi Zun. Where would she progress until?

Definitely greater breakthrough compared to Yi Nan right?

Could the rogue Tigress completely master the Prison Emperor’s Divine Sword?

Yue Yang was anticipating for the return of these two girls. On one hand, he missed them dearly, on the other hand Yue Yang tried to level up Yi Nan and Luo Hua City Mistress’s ranks within the constraints of time. One man’s strength would definitely be nothing compared to the strength of an entire team. There was still time. Once they were done defeating the Black Hell King, they would probably head on to Heaven Realm, relying solely on his own power to fight against the Three Great Leaders of Heaven Realm and other powerful Heaven Realm Rankers wouldn’t be enough.

Due to the reunion after being apart for a while, Yi Nan changed her usual tomboy attitude and was extra gentle to Yue Yang.

She didn’t pester him at night and let him return beside Luo Hua City Mistress.

As long as there’s half an hour of private time daily or cultivating the couple’s [Body Fusion] together, Yi Nan would be contented. Since she maintained the state of platonic dating, she did not have much desires. Yue Yang’s gentle caresses and kisses were enough to satisfy her. Of course, although she would feel a little bit embarrassed, she wouldn’t reject Yue Yang’s touchy hands. When he reached his hands into her clothes sometimes, she didn’t feel uncomfortable, but instead, she would immerse herself in the joy of her lover’s caress. It was due to her silent encouragement and ease of mind that their cultivation of couple’s [Body Fusion] progressed quickly. When she led Yue Yang into her Soul Realm with her heart and soul, the both of them reached an even higher zenith during their couple Body Fusion.

As compared to Yi Nan, the progress made by Luo Hua City Mistress and the Sickly Beauty were naturally greater as they would cultivate married couple’s [Body Fusion] almost every night.

Yue Bing was extremely hardworking. Under the occasional guidance of Yue Yang, her close fight combat skills improved the most.

Yue Yang had already prepared for her Thousand Years Old Treant Generals’ level up in advance.

Under the aid of the Wisdom Fruit, Everlasting Leaf, Lustrous Branches, Underground Sweet Spring, and the Evil Tree Root of the Evil Millennium Ancient Tree, Yue Bing’s two Thousand Year Old Treant Generals started to evolve. Green light filled the space as a golden ray shot out from the treant. Yue Yang used the Nirvana Flame to burn away the Thousand Years Treant General’s leaves and bodies, and then used his Innate Qi to regenerate them. Under the help of Yue Bing’s Green Light Tree Demoness, the burning Treant Generals continuously grew in agony, as they were forced to unleash their full potential.

Their tree barks broke apart.

The bark inside lengthened together with their branches as delicate green leaves grew out from the fire.

A golden ray connected the two Treant Generals.

When they were around twenty meters tall and about to stop growing, they got ready to turn into Ten Thousand Year Old Ancient Tree Kings.

Yue Yang had already prepared two buckets of Titan’s blood to be poured onto the tree barks. Upon seeing it, the Green Light Tree Demoness used her Spirit Root skills immediately, such that the two evolving Treant Generals could take in the energy in the Titan’s Blood with all their might.

The two Treant Generals started to grow crazily at the same time.

Their barks gradually changed, as they lengthened and thickened continuously. It then stopped until they were thirty meters tall.

The barks of the two Treant Generals gradually personified, as enormous pairs of arms began to form, and their treetop looked more like human heads. Their long branches were connected to their heads full of green leaves. Their dark bodies buffed up,and their roots started to become similar to that of long, slender human legs. As Yue Yang carved Heaven Rune Circles on them, their bodies started to change into the skin tone of that of Titan’s, causing their dark skin to have a tinge of gold in it.

After Yue Yang channelled through the Heaven Rune Circle, the two Treant Generals leaped into mid air.

With a thud, they crashed into the ground, with their roots anchored deeply into it.

They had officially surpassed the Gold-ranked Ten Thousand Year Old Ancient Tree King.

As they broke through the limit of growth, they mutated and levelled up to become the Platinum-ranked Ancient Titan Tree, a brand new species, and also a brand new beast created by Yue Yang.

Ancient Titan Tree: Beast type Guardian Beast. Platinum Rank Level One. Titan’s body. King of all trees, immune to negative disturbances, weakens thunder and lightning attacks. Its leaves will remain green without withering. Its roots absorbs blood of living things and the energy of Earth to regenerate itself. Special skills: ‘Entanglement’, ‘Dizzy Punch’, ’Whip’ , ‘Poison Thorns’, and ‘Stomp’.

“Brother! “ Yue Bing’s face turned red in excitement as she held on to Yue Yang’s hand and jumped around.

She hopped and jumped, but felt that it wasn’t enough to express the joy in her heart.

She was already very contented to be able to level up her Treant Generals into Ten Thousand Year Old Ancient Tree Kings. Now, her brother even created a brand new Beast, Ancient Titan Tree, uniquely owned by her.

How could she not be touched?

Yue Yu, Yi Nan and the rest were happy for her too. They all went forward to congratulate Yue Bing for owning such a strong new Beast.

Only Yue Shuang looked around for a long time and mumbled. “The trees are huge, but seems that they can’t bear fruits…” This little girl’s priority was to eat fruits, she didn’t care about anything else.
(Last: Kawaii!)

The two Ancient Titan Trees were sufficient to be Yue Bing‘s strongest aids.

Next, it would be to groom her element type Guardian Beast, Green Light Tree Demoness. Although the Ancient Titan Tree mutated successfully, it didn’t really significantly amplify Yue Bing’s growth. The Green Light Tree Demoness on the other hand would be of greater help to Yue Bing, and could level up to become a Holy Beast more easily. Ancient Titan Tree? Wait for their wooden brains to develop high intelligence and become Holy Beasts? Impossible!

The problem was that the rank of the Green Light Tree Demoness was still quite low at Silver Rank Level Three.

It would probably require more time to groom her.

“It doesn’t matter. With the two Ancient Titan Tree, I can help Brother with his fight!” Yue Bing was very confident. With these two powerful Ancient Titan Tree, coupled with her own Spirit Manipulation and [Intense Poison] Inherent Skill, her combat power would increase by ten times.

“Indeed, let Bing’er adapt to the control of these two Ancient Titan Trees first. The thing regarding the Green Light Tree Demoness isn’t a pressing issue, I’ll think of something that could help Bing’er’s Green Light Tree Demoness.” Luo Hua City Mistress caressed Yue Bing’s little cheeks. Forget about her position as a sister-in-law, even before they had established this relationship, she had already thought highly of Yue Bing, so she naturally dotes on her even more now.

“Thank you sister-in-law!” Yue Bing was the most polite one. If Yi Nan hadn’t emphasised that she wanted to be called ‘Sister’ in front of others, Yue Bing would normally address her as sister-in-law.

As for Luo Hua City Mistress and the Sickly Beauty , Yue Bing had been calling them sister-in-law for a long time already.

While everyone was celebrating the Ancient Titan Trees’ birth, Yue Yang saw a a big sis, whom he hadn’t seen for a long time, walking towards them from the aisle.

She was the Drunken Cat Big Sis.

Different from her usual state, she was very sober.

Tian Luo Emperor Hua Xu Ri received Yue Yang’s gift, Titan’s Blood, a few days ago. Today, she sent the Drunken Cat Big Sis over to return the favour, that was, to give him a treasure called the Dream Jadeite.

Even before the Drunken Cat Big Sis could fish out the Dream Jadeite, Luo Hua City Mistress already dragged her away for a chat.

Yue Yang welcomed the little Panda Girl Niu Niu even more than the Drunken Cat Big Sis. The cute little Panda Loli liked Yue Yang a lot too. After greeting the few women politely, she quickly opened up her arms and rushed into Yue Yang’s embrace after stealing glances at Yue Yang and realising that there was no one around him. “Brother… Niu Niu misses you very much… Oh yea, Niu Niu made a drawing as a gift for you, Grandpa said that it’s very beautiful!” Niu Niu said in a loud voice.

The Grandpa she mentioned was Shui Dong Liu the Old Fox.

Yue Yang was amazed. She knew how to draw? What did the little panda girl draw for him?

Niu Niu looked at the Drunken Cat Big Sis discreetly, before leaning in to speak to Yue Yang. “Don’t let mother see it, if not she’ll be angry. Mother doesn’t allow me to draw anything related to you, this was what Grandpa taught me!”

She fished out a drawing. Yue Yang saw three men drawn with disorderly lines.

On the left there was a tall man with unkempt hair, a fat girl with black and white stripes in the middle and a tall woman with long hair on the right. The three of them stood together hand in hand. Other than that, there was a sun, a moon and stars in the sky, with a few flowers and grass on the ground… Yue Yang comprehended the drawing when he saw it, but he still feigned ignorance. “Who is this? Is this Niu Niu?”

“Yes, this is me, this is Mother, and this is Brother! Shhh, you mustn’t let Mother see this, if not she will hit my butt…” Niu Niu the little Panda Girl indicated that Yue Yang should keep this precious drawing quickly.

“How obedient of you Niu Niu, I’ll reward you with a maltose candy!” Yue Yang was definitely an expert at coaxing children.

The Drunken Cat Big Sis in the distance rolled her eyes. She apparently knew about this drawing, but she pretended that she didn’t know to take care of the little Panda Girl Niu Niu’s feelings.

Yue Yang coughed lightly as he carried Niu Niu and walked over. “What treasure does the Majesty wish to grant me with?”

The Drunken Cat Big Sis reached out her hand. “ Use your Qi Lan Wine to exchange for it!”

Yue Yang was speechless. He knew that things would turn out like this.

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