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LLS Chapter 495 – Silver Horned Pegasus, Hallucination Butterfly

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Chapter 495 – Silver Horned Pegasus, Hallucination Butterfly
Translated by: Last

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“Aunty told me that the best method of training the mind is to maintain a spiritual state, let the body rest and expand the limits of your mind. However, I couldn’t calm myself and in the end… in the end, I thought of this method.” Yi Nan’s face reddened as she felt embarrassed. She lowered her head, not daring to look at Yue Yang. It was only after a while that she peeked at him and spoke with a mosquito like voice: “…once, I accidentally discovered that thinking about you… thinking about you with all my might, could stabilize my heart and soul. Although it wasn’t a spiritual state, it was a lot better than letting my imagination run wild… In the end, with the support of my Guardian Beasts, Small Fairy and Spirit Mirror, I was able to comprehend a new fantastic realm. Aunty told me that it was called the ‘Soul Realm’.

Yue Yang muttered to himself.

He knew that Yi Nan was very accomplished in the mental aspect. However, he was unable to understand the Soul Realm that Yi Nan was talking about.

Yi Nan thought that he did not believe him and summoned her golden grimoire.

Bright lights flashed.

The barrier quickly expanded. Compared to the past, Yue Yang felt that this barrier was bigger and had a faint mental defense power.

Looking at Yi Nan’s grimoire, she was actually a Level Seven [Overlord] and not yet a Level 8 [Emperor]. However, Yue Yang felt that Yi Nan’s mental powers had already surpassed most Rankers but her close combat strength was weak. If a condition was set before battle like being unable to begin a close combat battle, or protected by a barrier, then Yi Nan would probably be able to torment a Level Two Innate to death with her mental powers.

During the battle in the Prison Emperor’s Divine Palace, he could already see through Yi Nan’s potential.

She could truly formless kill people.

Her combination with her Spirit Mirror was simply perfect.

Small Fairy: Elemental-type beast. Guardian Beast. Silver Level Three. Physical body. Intelligent. Special Skills: “Assist”, “Clarity”, “Spirit Chains”

Spirit Mirror: Special-type beast. Gold-ranked Level Five. Spiritual, illusionary body. No Spiritual Knowledge. Special Skills: “Spirit Transformation”, “Spirit Absorption”, “Spirit Mirror Fusion”.

Other these two potentially limitless beasts, Yi Nan also had a Hallucination Butterfly and a Silver Pegasus. As for the timid Spider Witch, it had already been neglected for a long time to the point that Yi Nan and Yue Yang almost forgot about it.

Yue Yang had never fully nurtured Yi Nan before because she was never part of his main fighting force.

In terms of attack power or killing power, Yi Nan couldn’t even be compared to Yue Bing.

If it was the past, Yue Yang still didn’t have the best method for Yi Nan to level up since mental powers were not Yue Yang’s strongest point. However, after doing [Body Fusion] with the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, the mental powers from her [Charm] inherent skill and the Charm Demon Queen’s innate ability to excite a person had merged with Yue Yang’s mental power. This had greatly benefitted Yue Yang’s mental aspect.

When Yue Yang helped the Phoenix Fairy Beauty reach the Elder Innate Realm, he came to realize something. When he looked at Yi Nan again, he discovered that Yi Nan’s mental potential was a treasure trove.

It was no wonder that the Compassionate Goddess of the Virgo Temple chose to give Yi Nan the spirit mirror instead of Xue Wu Xia or Yue Bing.

“In the past, I did not understand what to do, but now, I will make you stronger. I can even make you stronger than Luo Hua!” Yue Yang couldn’t help but feel guilty. The amount of effort he placed on Yi Nan was the least and yet she never complained. He extended his hand, lightly embraced Yi Nan, and kissed her perfect forehead as if it was natural.

“I…” Yi Nan slightly trembled. She raised her small hands and slowly closed it. She remembered how she missed her lover’s hug many times.

Yue Yang did not impatiently made Yi Nan level up.

This was because he knew her unlimited potential. She was a treasure trove that should not be rashly wasted. He must use the best method to open it.

Other than thinking by himself, he also wanted to discuss this with Phoenix Fairy Beauty and the Night Empress to see if they had a better opinion. Naturally, these did not obstruct Yue Yang and Yi Nan in performing the lover’s [Double Body Fusion].

They had already performed [Body Fusion] many time already. This time, they will start under the passionate embrace and when the conditions are right to ensure success.

Yue Yang bent his head down as Yi Nan tried to suppress her heart beat.

Yi Nan slightly lifted her scarlet face. She shut her eyes tight and her breath became hurried. Her cherry lips carried a bit of impatience. She tiptoed and at the same time her lips landed on her lover’s burning lips. Almost at the same time, Yi Nan’s white arms circled around Yue Yang’s neck and tightly hugged him. Her fierce heart beat carried happiness, affection, nervousness, shyness. She felt that his lips carried an attractive force and an electric current. She felt that electric current spread over her body and cycled under their sweet kiss. Her passion blazed under the stimulating kiss…

After an unknown amount of time, Yi Nan, who felt slight pain from her slightly swelling lips, loosened her hold on Yue Yang.

She felt her face burn and her entire body go limp without a single bit of strength left.

However, she loved the feeling of lazily resting on his embrace. She loved the feeling of security, feeling of happiness that he gave her. In his embrace, she did not need to think about anything as if she had everything in the entire world. A thousand-year enmity? A thousand-year secret? Everything felt far away from her.

“Are you tired?” Yue Yang lightly carried Yi Nan up. The little girl’s body was as light as a feather as if it did not have any weight.

“…” Yi Nan lightly shook her head.

Towards Yue Yang’s action of carrying her to bed, she did not think about resisting at all.

She only felt that it was natural.

With just one more step, he would probably want her entirety.

She would not resist at all if it came to it… She had never thought of these things before. She only knew about cuddling in his embrace and soaking in their romantic two-person world. She enjoyed these sweet and warm moments. As long as she had him, she would never be lonely anymore, would not be the disciple, who shouldered the grudge of the Valley of Butterflies and Flowers, anymore. She would be his fiancée, Yi Nan…

Kisses would never be enough.

Again, and again.

On the second day, when Yi Nan glowingly stood in front of everybody, everybody discovered that Yi Nan, who was soaked in love, was emitting an astonishingly beautiful brilliance, as if she was a different person. Because Yue Yang had cherished Yi Nan for an entire night, she did not nag Yue Yang anymore in the day and took the initiative to train battle skills with Yue Bing.

After that was done, she went to help Fourth Mother cook.

For the entire day, Yi Nan was busy and full of energy.

Luo Hua City Mistress observed for a long time. She discovered that Yi Nan was not pushed down and couldn’t help curiously asking Yue Yang: “What’s the matter? Aren’t you going to eat the little lamb in your mouth?”

“It needs to be fattened a bit before eating!” Yue Yang extended her wolfy claws and gently stroked Luo Hua City Mistress’ butt.

“Hypocrite.” Luo Hua City Mistress ignored her lover’s mischief since he had already played with her entire body anyways. Since it was only touching, she also counterattacked and touched the inside of his pants while nibbling on his ears: “You are so pitiful, starving yourself by pretending to be a good child. Tonight, let sister love you…” While the two people were flirting, Yue Yu, who had an urgent matter, quickly came over. When she saw her little brother’s and Luo Hua’s dubious posture, she immediately blanked out and took a while to respond. Afterwards, she quickly turned around and left.

“Finished. We were seen by her.” Yue Yang was rather embarrassed. It seems that his image in Yue Yu’s heart had been shattered.

“It’s not only you…” Luo Hua City Mistress blushed. When the Hero (her) fought against the Demon King (him), she was indifferent towards using charm attacks against him. As a married couple, doing those kinds of things were normal. However, being seen flirting in the courtyard made her extremely embarrassed. She used her white fist to hatefully punch Yue Yang’s shoulder and protested coquettishly at Yue Yang. If it was not because of Yue Yang’s wolfy claws, that touched without caring for the time and place, she would also not be this bold and extend her hand inside his pants… Luckily, it was not Fourth Mother who saw it, or else she would be seen as shameless.

Yue Yang hesitated a bit and still decided to go find Yue Yu since she might really have something urgent.

He noticed that Yue Yu’s ears were completely red. Seeing Yue Yang enter, she waved her hands and revealed what she intended to hide: “Xiao San, I did not see anything. Don’t think too much about it! I was just going to ask something about runic circles. You should continue your business first. It’s fine it you placed your matters first.”

Yue Yang was speechless: “….”

Yi Nan’s Guardian Beasts were the Small Fairy and the Spirit Mirror. Yue Yang decided to temporarily ignore them.

He would wait for Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s return before thinking about it again.

However, He decided to first level up and strengthen Yi Nan’s Silver Pegasus and her two Hallucination Butterflies. Yi Nan’s weak point was close combat. With the Silver Pegasus, her movement speed would be guaranteed. As for the Hallucination Butterflies, they would be Yi Nan’s ‘offensive weapon’. Before the Spirit Mirror exhibits its strongest power, they would be Yi Nan’s limited offensive power.

In the past, the Silver Pegasus was already silver ranked. After obtaining the luck blessing from the Golden Horseshoe in the Sagittarius Temple and receiving the reward of intelligence, it had become a gold ranked beast.

Right now, it was a Gold Ranked Level Three beast. Because it was not a battle-type beast and was not given any attention, it’s level up was very slow.

The Hallucination Butterflies were even more pitiful. Although they were evolved from Confusion Butterflies, they were only Silver Rank Level Four beasts. They were inferior to the Silver Pegasus! Grooming beasts was an endless process. Naturally, other people would say it this way, but for Yue Yang that difficulty simply did not exist, especially battle-type beasts that need to eat magic crystals… First, he brought out two orbs, that he had obtained from Sea Clan Innates that he killed in the Graveyard of the Sea and then refined by Nirvana Flames. He gave one to the Silver Pegasus while the other to the two Hallucination Butterflies in order to help them level up.

If it was just the Silver Pegasus and the Hallucination Butterflies absorbing the Innate Orbs alone, ten years would not be enough for them to finish them.

Moreover, they might even explode since they did not have Hui tai Lang’s tolerance.

Naturally, Yue Yang would not sit down and watch such a tragedy happen.

Yue Yang used his Innate Qi and Nirvana Flames to turn the Silver Pegasus into a burning horse. The Silver Pegasus, who could not support itself due to the pain, collapsed on the ground. It continued to neigh miserable… Its rebirth would only be completed after burning it for ten minutes and evolving from it. Yue Shuang who was watching on the side almost cried. In the end, the Silver Pegasus completely changed. It increased in ranks. From a Gold Rank Level Three Silver Pegasus it evolved into a Platinum Rank Level Two Silver Horned Pegasus.

Its burning wings were completely reborn.

A Silver Horn was protruding from its forehead and its hooves became golden bright. With every step it took, a small round halo spread.

Even if it did not open its wings, it could float in midair.

Its silver eyes flashed with intelligence… a gold ranked beast was simply too different from a platinum ranked one qualitatively. Ninety-five percent of the time, a normal beast would never become a gold-ranked beast. As for gold-ranked beasts, ninety-five percent of them would never become platinum-ranked… As for diamond rank, there were simply no way for beast to evolve into it. A diamond-ranked beast could only be born under special circumstances.

As a result, platinum rank was actually the evolution point that most beasts yearn for.

After evolving the Silver Horned Pegasus’ four legs were much slimmer, its body much more elegant, its body proportions can make others gasp in amazement, its skin was white as snow. It could be said that no horse in the world could ever compare to it. When Yue Yang gifted it to Yi Nan, it was only a small Silver Rank Level One existence, but it already made Yi Nan unable to contain her joy. Now, when she saw that it had successfully eveolve into platinum rank, she excitedly cheered.

Happy hot tears came out from her eyes.

Platinum Rank Level Two was absolutely not the Silver Horned Pegasus’ potential to evolve. In its stomach, the orb had not yet been fully digested but it would be enough to let it continue to level up.

“Neigh….” The Silver Horned Pegasus looked up and raised its hoof towards the sky. Its snow-white wings softly supported Yi Nan, hinting her to climb on its back, as if it wanted to bring Yi Nan to play in the skies. Faster than Yi Nan, the impatient Yue Shuang quickly climbed on its back and grabbed its elegant silver mane. She shouted in high spirits: “Fly, I want to fly high…”

Yue Yang did not have time to accompany Yue Shuang to play and turned to look at the two Hallucination Butterflies.

Yue Yang had already seen through their evolutionary direction with his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision. They were different from the Silver Horned Pegasus that could be ridden. They would become cold-blooded blood sucking Hallucination Butterfly Demons, Gold-ranked humanoid-type beast with demonic body. They would be able to confuse, poison and paralyze their foes and suck blood…

Like this, the Hallucination Butterflies would already be impressive, but could they become even more impressive?

For example, could he add Night Mare and Demon Eye’s power to it?

Yue Yang pondered…

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