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LLS Chapter 494 – Yi Nan

Chapter 494 – Yi Nan
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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The joint army of Zi Jin Kingdom and the Black Hell Army officially declared war on Da Xia and Tian Luo Kingdom.

Of course, it was still considered to be a small scale war.

The three thousand elite soldiers of the Black Hell Army captured Da Xia’s Xiao Feng City, Hou Tu City and Zhang Mu City. Although Jun Wu You ordered the three City Master numerous times to retreat immediately in an attempt to shrink the defying fighting regions as per their plan so as to prevent meaningless sacrifices, the three City Master still rejected Jun Wu You’s imperial order with the reason that being as warriors they should guard their city even if it means that they may die.

With this, the three City Masters, who were part of the minority that weren’t bribed by Zi Jin Kingdom, all died on the battlefield.

When the opponents’ joint army captured the three cities, they did not carry out a massacre.

Instead, they treated the residents very well, in an attempt to win their hearts.

They even sent their men to deliver the bodies of the three City Masters to Shang Jing, so that Jun Wu You could give them a grand burial.

When Yue Yang heard the news, he sent someone over to ask if they wished to take revenge on the opponent.

“It’s none of your business, it wouldn’t be called a war if nobody dies. You don’t have to worry about these things.” Elder Yue Hai did not give Yue Yang the chance to interfere.

“The Black Hell King is yours, leave the war matters to us. Old guys like us are still quite useful in times like this.”The Old Fox managed to convince Yue Yang against it. As for Fatty Hai, Ye Kong, Xue Tan Lang and the rest who volunteered to fight, he chided them.“ Soldiers against soldiers, generals against generals and emperor against emperor. How many soldier can you all kill? Three thousand, thirty thousand or three hundred thousand? What use is that? Do you guys know how many demons there are in the Demon Abyss? Or how many mercenaries there are in Tong Tian Tower? There’ll never be a shortage of soldiers in this world, only the generals and emperors are lacking, so go do the things you need to do, cultivate and level up! The war had only just began, it won’t end in a month’s time. It’s gonna last for years or even decades. The Black Hell King is just testing waters now do you understand? He is only making his first move on the chessboard, so we respond by moving too. If you’re so impulsive, then how are we gonna continue like this? The only thing that should be moving now should only be the chess piece!”

Since the old guys who specialized in military affairs were so steady, Yue Yang wouldn’t interfere further.

Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai had already mentioned earlier on that they would first lose then win. The joint army of Da Xia and Tian Luo Kingdom would make use of time and space to fight against the Black Hell Army and the Zi Jin Army.
Moreover, Yue Yang guessed that the Black Hell King was still knocking on the Golden Shield.

Without obtaining any treasures to strengthen himself, he wouldn’t act immediately.

After a day, Yue Yang finally knew why the Black Hell King had declared war. Ou Gen from the Warrior Guild wrote a letter to Titan Jr. In the letter, he mentioned that the Sea Clan in the Eighth and Ninth Level of Tong Tian Tower were incensed and decided to take revenge when they heard that the Ocean Emperor was killed by An Xi and Titan Jr. together. the Ocean Emperor’s ‘ Empress Jellyfish‘ sent out over one hundred thousand Sea Clan Elites. Led by the sole remaining King, the Shark King. In three months time, they would enter the Soaring Dragon Continent through the Ancient Passage to look for Titan Jr. who killed the the Ocean Emperor and their Sea Dragon Crown Prince.

The Black Hell Army most probably had already formed an alliance with the hundred thousand of Sea Clan Members, so they launched the attack first to gain the upper hand.

The name, Titan Jr., had currently shook the entire Tong Tian Tower.

Forget about a newbie killing Tiger Nian, Nightmare and Demon Eye, they were all Innates below the level five after all, so they weren’t considered to be true Innate Rankers, his act of killing Sky Dragon made others reel in shock. Sky Dragon was not a simple person, his name had been known for quite a long time.

Luckily the Sky Demon Palace did not pursue the matter with Yue Yang, so not many knew about it.

But the shocking thing Titan Jr. done after that couldn’t be hidden no matter how one tried to cover it up!

The name of the Ocean Emperor, one of the Five Emperors of Tong Tian Tower, suddenly dulled on the Innate Crystal that day… What does that mean?

He died!

So who killed the Ocean Emperor Guan Lan?

Results obtained showed two names. One of them was An Xi the King of Assassins, the other one was Titan Jr., a newbie who had just entered the Sixth floor of Tong Tian Tower. He was registered as a mediocre level six Elder, a rank that would have meant nothing to Guan Lan. He could instantly kill hundreds of such people with just a point of his finger.

But Titan Jr. survived a battle which nobody knew what happened in the process.  
But the Ocean Emperor and An Xi, two Supreme Innates, both died.

It was only until now that the Warriors of Tong Tian Tower discovered the terrifying truth that Titan Jr. had already killed Tiger Nian, Nightmare and Demon Eye who were three Fallen Innates in the Thunder Fortress and then killed another Sky Dragon who was part of the ten Sky Demons of the Sky Demon Palace. Moreover, Sky Demon Palace did not even pursue the matter. Their leader, Sky Execution, acted as if she didn’t know that Sky Dragon was dead. There was an earlier rumor that even before this, Titan Jr. had already went into the Demon Palace by himself, and killed Demon King Baruth’s ally in front of many demon kings. And even way back, when the Eastern Goblin Tribe kidnapped an Emperor of the Soaring Dragon Continent, Titan Jr. rushed into the Ancient Passage to chase after the people from the Eastern Goblin Tribe. The Dragon Emperor of the tribe then decided to release the kidnapped emperor upon hearing Yue Yang’s brave deeds.

It remained unknown if it was the Black Hell Army or others with ulterior motive who did it, but all the warriors in the Tong Tian Tower finally knew Titan Jr.’s real name.

In the Soaring Dragon Continent, this man is called Yue Yang.

With his own innate gift and effort, Yue Yang was a genius who cultivated himself to become an Innate at twenty years old. No one had preceded him, and it was believed that no one could succeed him too.

“The drawing on the wanted warrant is so ugly.” Ou Gen even mailed Yue Yang a copy of the wanted warrant made by the Sea Clan. They offered ten million gold to get him, together with a Holy-ranked treasure, ten mysterious ocean treasures that were above rank seven and one hundred Wisdom Fruits. Yue Yang wasn’t satisfied with the drawing of his Gemini Mask on the portrait, he felt that it was too ugly. But he was pleased with the bounty as it made him the most expensive convict in the history of Tong Tian Tower.

“Xiao San, I didn’t know that you are so expensive!” Yue Yu saw it and kept laughing discreetly.

“Nah, he is still far from it. Get rid of all the whatnots like the Dragon Emperor, Sky Emperor and Emperor of the Underworld, and aim to raise the reward to one billion, that would be more impressive.” Luo Hua City Mistress was in a good mood as she hugged and kissed Yue Yang, and asked him to keep it up.

“If he were to kill all the four Emperors, who will dare to go after him? Moreover, no one will have that much money!” The Sickly Beauty felt that the reward of ten million was already the limit.

“Yes, grandpa An Xi’s reward is only five million, it’s only half of brother’s!” Yue Bing felt proud of his brother.

“That’s because the old guy’s dead, if not the person in this wanted warrant would have been him. His would have been mine.” Yue Yang smiled and waved his hand carefreely. “Don’t care about the Sea Clan now, our focus will still be on cultivating. With power, we won’t have to fear anyone who comes in our way. Luo Hua and Wu Hen you all can stop for a while, Yi Nan, the most important person to level up is you, follow me!”

“Wait…” Luo Hua City Mistress grabbed Yue Yang’s waist, and went over to the other side from under his armpit. She raised up her face and asked flirtatiously. “You have already talked about Jiang Ying. I want to know matters about Hai Yingwu right now… If this wanted warrant doesn’t exist, it seems that there are still of a lot of things that we do not know! Would you care to explain?”

“Xiao San you have to explain things clearly.” Yue Yu did not stand on Yue Yang’s side this time round.

“Brother definitely won’t like the daughter of the Ocean Emperor. Impossible, brother is her arch enemy since he killed her father!” Yue Bing was the only one who had always trusted Yue Yang.

“Even if there’s something going on, it doesn’t make any difference with the addition of Hai Yingwu.” Although the Sickly Beauty’s words seemed to be aggravating the situation, it definitely came from the bottom of her heart.

“There’s really nothing going on between me and her. We were merely acquaintances.” Yue Yang waved his hand sheepishly, indicating that he was a good guy that didn’t fool around.

“Really? Okay, I believe you… not!” Luo Hua City Mistress ferociously bit Yue Yang’s chest.

“Okay, okay, since he said that there is nothing going on, then maybe nothing really happened. Stop all your wild guesses, I feel that it is also impossible.” Yi Nan saved Yue Yang from Luo Hua City Mistress’s claws. She tenderly rubbed Yue Yang’s chest. “Is it painful? We can do this amicably, why did you have to bite him!”

“Hmph, he won’t die from it anyway!” Usually, Luo Hua City Mistress wasn’t this unruly, but seeing Yi Nan’s repeated attempts to protect Yue Yang, she felt upset. She had to do something to anger this girl who dared to be engaged without the consent of her parents, and said that she wanted to betroth her sister to Yue Yang as an excuse. Yi Nan was still only eighteen, when she met Yue Yang, she was only sixteen, she was just a child then. She actually dare to be engaged on her own at sixteen. On comparison, Luo Hua City Mistress felt that she was extremely pure at sixteen.

“I’ll settle the scores with you at night…” Yue Yang did not say it, but his expression revealed it all. He was warning Luo Hua City Mistress not to be too proud, if not he would punish her.

“You think I’ll be scared of a pervert like you?” Luo Hua City Mistress did not speak too, but her expression showed that his warning was useless. At most they could carry out the scenario of Beauty fighting against a Devil at night.

Yi Nan and Yue Bing couldn’t see it, even if they had, they wouldn’t be able to understand what Yue Yang and Luo Hua City Mistress meant.

Only Yue Yu saw it and understood.

With her heart racing, she left the place quickly, blushing.

When Yi Nan followed Yue Yang back to the Grimoire World and prepared to start her cultivation, Yue Yang used his Heaven Eye Divine Vision to check her progress out of habit. He was shocked by what he saw.

He realised that Yi Nan’s improvement exceeded his imaginations by a lot. She was ten times more powerful than what he had imagined. In terms of preparations, forget about combat power, Yi Nan was already stronger than Yue Yu, Sickly Beauty, Luo Hua City Mistress and even Princess Qian Qian in the mental aspect. She was on par with Xue Wu Xia and was only ranked below the Phoenix Beauty who owned the [Charm] Inherent ability and himself with the Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus.

How did this girl even cultivate?

How did the results come so rapidly?

Yue Yang was amazed.

Could it be that Yi Nan’s aunt possessed some treasure that helped to increase Yi Nan’s strength quickly? Or could it be that the Valley of Thousand Flowers itself was a hidden valuable location, such that Yi Nan could strengthen up quickly by cultivating there?

“Actually, it’s because…” Yi Nan seemed to know what Yue Yang wanted to ask. She began to phrase her sentence out with an emotion mixed with joy and awkwardness.

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