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LLS Chapter 493 – Have some tea, Young Master!

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Chapter 493 – Have some tea, Young Master!
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
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After the fight at the Blood Lake Torture Chamber, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, Xue Tan Lang, Tian Luo Prince and the rest all levelled up to different extent.

Amongst them, Xue Tan Lang, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai levelled up the greatest.

Under Yue Yang’s guidance and his own hard work, plus the resources of two kingdoms used in grooming him, Xue Tan Lang was highly anticipated to become the second person after Yue Yang to turn into an Innate at age twenty. He was already a Lesser Innate, and very close to becoming an Innate. Just by consuming the Martial Spirit Pill, it was guaranteed that he would level up to become an Innate and enter the world of Rankers. Of course, he did not become a Lesser Innate from self cultivation like how Yue Yang did. If not for Yue Yang’s guidance, he would need at least another fifty years or even longer to reach where he is now.

It was because of this that Xue Tan Lang was unwilling to break the record set by Yue Yang, so he did not consume the Martial Spirit Pill immediately.

He prepared to wait for another month before turning into an Innate.

That way, he would be ranked below Yue Yang.

“What I want is relentless pursuit for excellence, not overtaking by self-deceit.” Xue Tan Lang felt that if he were to break Yue Yang’s record, it would be a form of disrespect towards his brother-in-law.

Xue Tan Lang knew that without the advice Yue Yang gave, he wouldn’t be able to rank up so easily.

Yue Yang helped to purify his body and made him go through rebirth. Yue Yang then passed on many of his own enlightenments to him, saving him fifty or even a hundred years of cultivation time. If Xue Tan Lang were to use this to break Yue Yang’s record, and top the list among those who became Innates through self cultivation, not only would it be a sign of disrespect, this would also be an uncondonable shame on himself.

“Why be so bothered by these? Everyone knows your brother-in-law is indeed the strongest. Moreover, even if you don’t break his record, Yue Bing and Yue Shuang would definitely do it in the future.” Old Fox’s persuaded. However, Xue Tan Lang rejected him.

“The mainstream idea in the Soaring Dragon Continent is to honour men. If Yue Bing and Yue Shuang were to become Innate at the age of twenty, everyone would know the reason why, so they won’t be bothered. But as a man, I can’t do this. My brother-in-law will always be the top in the history of the Soaring Dragon Continent, no one can surpass him, I will never destroy his reputation just to become an Innate one month earlier.” Xue Tan Lang maintained a firm stance on this. This could be the longest speech ever spoken by the poker-faced Xue Tan Lang ever since he entered adulthood.

“…” The old guys around were very touched when they heard it. How would they not know that this is the result of Yue Yang’s effort? They were just anxious in grooming more young Innates.

Following closely behind Xue Tan Lang, who was a Lesser Innate, were Ye Kong and Fatty Hai. The difference between them wasn’t huge.

Now they were already at half-step Level Eight [Emperor].

There’s still a gap they had to fill before they become Lesser Innates. But according to the speed at which they were improving now, it would just be a matter of time before they become Innates.

It had been a much more tedious journey for Ye Kong and Fatty Hai as they cultivated from lower ranks.  
When Fatty Hai first met Yue Yang, he was only a first-step Level Three [Hero]. The strongest Beast he owned was a Bronze-ranked Iron Rhinoceros. Now Fatty Hai owned the not so smart Wind Breath Seabird, and three strong Beasts, with the Level Three Platinum-ranked Diamond Rhinoceros having the most potential, followed by the Level Five Gold-ranked Hippopotamus. As for the Level Eight Gold-ranked Giant Lightning Mammoth, although it was considered the strongest now, it had already exhausted most of its potential, so it would definitely be weaker than the Hippopotamus and the Diamond Rhinoceros in the future.

Ye Kong was also the same. Before he met Yue Yang, he almost starved to death.

He led a meaningless life.

Today, although not equipped with any grimoires, he who picked himself up under the guidance of Yue Yang and the aid of the King Kong Demon Ape and Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle became even stronger than Fatty Hai. He was undoubtedly the second strongest in the team.

When Yue Yang wasn’t around, Ye Kong would become the leader of the team. He’s got impressive leadership skills, even the poker-faced Xue Tan Lang listened to him.

Apart from the three of them, Tian Luo Prince who was similarly a half-step [Emperor] would likely become an Innate too.

He started high, and met Yue Yang comparatively later, so his improvements weren’t that exaggerated as compared to Ye Kong and Fatty Hai.

But his innate abilities were not inferior to Xue Tan Lang. He definitely has a bright future too.

As for the Li Brothers, Lin En, Anna, Bao’er, Liu Ye, Li Ao, Fan Lun Tie and the rest, they wouldn’t be able to become Innates in such a short period of time. They were still far from becoming one, so they had to continue working hard.

“Continue to work hard, don’t let Hui Tai Lang overtake you!” Yue Yang’s words made Hui Tai Lang wag his tail happily.

Of course, Yue Yang wasn’t exaggerating.

With the current standards of Ye Kong and Fatty Hai, they really couldn’t be compared with Hui Tai Lang.

Hui Tai Lang who had ranked up to become a Divine Beast had been becoming more powerful. If Ye Kong and Fatty Hai weren’t able catch up, the gap would become bigger and bigger. Forget about catching up with Yue Yang when catching up with Hui Tai Lang was tiring enough. It was due to this pressure that Xue Tan Lang, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others trained themselves crazily. They really didn’t want to lose out to Hui Tai Lang.

They were fine with losing to Yue Yang since he was an abnormal genius.

But losing to Hui Tai Lang…

They would bring shame to the entire human race!

Yan Po Jun and Feng Qi Sha were upset as they who had just rose to become Level Seven [Overlords] after lots of hard work. When they arrived closer to the team, their presence became weaker. Apart from Liu Ye and Bao’er, they were even weaker than the four orc girls. They were actually geniuses who became Level Seven [Overlords] at just twenty. Looking through the history of the Soaring Dragon Continent, they could even be the top few hundreds among prodigies. But the problem was that under the lead of Yue Yang the abnormal genius, the Soaring Dragon Continent entered an “Explosive Time”.

Even Ye Kong, Li Qie and Li Ge who did not possess any Summoning Grimoire were already Level Eight [Emperor]s.

So this made the duo who just levelled to Level Seven [Overlord] look pathetic.

“Let’s cultivate together, let bygones be bygones, our future doesn’t lie only in the Soaring Dragon Continent, it lies in the Tong Tian Tower, or even the Heaven Realm.” There’s certain amount of comfort in Yue Yang’s words. Actually Yan Po Jun and Feng Qi Sha knew that the highest level they could ever achieve wound be to become Innates. Heaven Realm? It only belonged to Yue Yang the high flyer. It wouldn’t be their place.

“He has become more matured, I was previously still worried about his stubbornness!” Jun Wu You was very happy to see this. Yue Yang’s willingness to allow Yan Po Jun and Feng Qi Sha to join the team united the four big clans. The four big clans would then become entwined and interconnected. They no longer have to be worried of internal conflicts that might break them apart.

“Nah, I still see him as a child!” Elder Yue Hai was humble on the surface, but he was actually very proud.

“He IS a kid…” The Old Fox laughed when he heard it.

After leaving the Yue Clan Castle, Yue Yang returned to the Mirage in the palace of Tian Luo.

Before going to see Fourth Mother, Yue Yang first went to give Tian Luo’s Emperor, Hua Xu Ri, a bottle of refined Titan’s Blood.

He did this to thank Hua Xu Ri for allowing Fourth Mother to safely reside in Tian Luo. It wouldn’t be nice if he didn’t reciprocate his/her kindness; he did it also out of curiosity. He guessed that Hua Xu Ri was a woman, if not he wouldn’t have sensed that she was a girl the first time he fell into the Mirage. Moreover, if he were to be a guy, Fourth Mother wouldn’t be able to stay here for such a long period.

Why wasn’t Fourth Mother living in Da Xia Palace?

Why was Night Empress so close to this mysterious emperor of Tian Luo?

Yue Yang wanted to find out the answers to many of his questions, so he made a special trip down to see Hua Xu Ri, under the pretext of giving him/her Titan’s Blood.

“The Emperor has sent me over to tell you that your gift is accepted and it is well liked by the Emperor. But due to slight physical discomfort, the Emperor wouldn’t be able to see you. Also, the Emperor heard that Third Young Master is making ancient dolls now, so the Emperor would like to grant you a treasure to help you succeed.” Tian Luo Emperor Hua Xu Ri’s female guard went over to give the reply to Yue Yang. She smiled and bowed to Yue Yang as she rejected his advances to see Hua Xu Ri.

“Then I wish your Majesty to be in good health.” Yue Yang was quite sure that Hua Xu Ri is definitely a girl now, but how was the Night Empress related to her? Was she her sister? Relative? Or friend?

He couldn’t come to a conclusion at the moment.

When Yue Yang went to see Fourth Mother, she had obviously received the news that he was going to return. Although she looked calm on the outside, she was actually very excited.

It was Yue Bing who hopped in joy when she saw that her brother had returned.

She quickly jumped into Yue Yang’s embrace before Yi Nan.

Yi Nan rushed in front of Yue Yang, she wore an adorable expression which made her look like she was struggling to keep in her tears. She bit her lips and suppressed her desires.

She wanted to hug this man whom she had thought of for thousands of times.

But she did not have the courage to express her feelings into action.

Yue Yang secretly reached out his hand and wiped away the tears that rolled down her cheeks. “Don’t worry. Aren’t I safe and sound? I’m fine!?”

Yi Nan blushed as she blocked his big hands shyly. It looked like she did not want everyone to see his intimate action.

She still tried to keep up a strong front. “I did not cry!”

Before she could finish her sentence, another disobedient tear rolled down.

Yue Shuang moved her head around, forcibly trying to squeeze a gap beside her sister. “I didn’t cry too, I have been obedient all along, I did not even cry when mother hit my butt…” Yue Shuang looked at Yue Yang and asked for his compliment.

Yi Nan felt that she was funny, so she quickly wiped away her tears and rebuked jokingly. “It was all your fault!”

When Yue Yang reached out his hands to carry her, Yi Nan saw that Luo Hua City Mistress, Sickly Beauty and Yue Yu were all smiling as they looked in their direction. She immediately hid shyly, as she moved Yue Shuang into Yue Yang’s embrace, dodging from his touchy hands at the same time. Yue Shuang didn’t stand on ceremony as she hugged her brother intimately and gave him two kisses. Seeing a powdered fruit appearing on Yue Yang’s hand, she immediately snatched it over and said brother is the best sweetly.

Her words bore an extremely high sugar content which made people feel sweet.

Yue Bing gave Yue Shuang’s butt a slap and reprimanded her. “You only know how to eat. Come down quickly. brother had just returned and he’s very tired!”

Yue Shuang wasn’t scared of anything except for this strict sister of hers. The powdered fruit was in her hands anyway, so she immediately hopped out of Yue Yang’s embrace and grimaced at Yue Bing. “Brother isn’t tired…” She turned her head again, wanting to complain to Fourth Mother. “Mother, sister hit me, my butt is hurting…“

Fourth Mother did not attempt to protect her. She raised her hand and indicated that she wanted to hit her too. Yue Shuang immediately turned her head and hid in the Yue Yu’s embrace.

She knew that her second sister was the most gentle person. Not only would she not hit her, she doted on her alot.

When Yue Shuang was done, Luo Hua City Mistress rushed forward. She nonchalantly grabbed Yue Yang’s arms and hurriedly asked: “Tell me what happened to the Ancient Titan. Did you defeat the Ancient Titan too? How did you do it? I would have gone if I had known, it’s such a pity. It would have been a great opportunity. Oh right, what treasure did you get? No no, you should begin from the start, I’m so anxious, quickly tell us now!”

Seeing it, the sickly beauty laughed. “Let him rest and drink some water, there’s plenty of time to ask!”

Luo Hua City Mistress saw Yue Yu brought the water over, she immediately snatched it and handed it over to Yue Yang, acting all obedient. “Drink some tea, Young Master!”

Everyone was left speechless by her…

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