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LLS Chapter 492 – Look at how impressive my son-in-law is!

Chapter 492 – Look at how impressive my son-in-law is!
Translated by: Last, want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Chapter 492- Look at how impressive my son-in-law is!
Translated by: Last, want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

Please do not host these chapters elsewhere without permission.

Yue Yang felt that some kind of secret energy burst forth from his mind as if he had attained enlightenment. The knowledge passed onto him by the tragic guy’s mother was greatly unlocked.

Xiao Wen Li returned into Yue Yang’s body.

Immediately, his state of enlightenment became much more clearer.

What Yue Yang felt was not only the tragic guy’s mother’s knowledge. He also Xiao Wen Li’s knowledge, memory fragments and Empress Fei Wen Li’s inheritance.

At the same time during this state of enlightnement… when he was soaking in this kind of sensation, the Blood Prison Torture Chamber began to shake.

The surface was gradually collapsing. The indestructible walls were also cracking.

The Blood Lake Torture Chamber could collapse at anytime, even the entire space would collapse.

Barbarian Cow Shadow, Ah Man, was the first to awaken from her level up and rushed towards Yue Yang. She quickly picked him up with all her strength.

Bloody Queen Red followed closely behind as she flew up to the sky and shielded away the stones that were continuously falling down on Yue Yang and Ah man. She did this so that her master, who was still in his meditation, wouldn’t be affected. Reaper Mantis flapped its wings and flew up. When it looked down, it realised that there was still one God Binding Chain that Yue Yang was not able to store away in time. As if thinking it out, the Reaper Mantis hovered in the sky before diving down. Even though the entire Blood Lake Torture Chamber could collapse in any time, it did not forget to bring the treasure its owner obtained with great difficulty. On the other hand, the Spirit of Earth Fire who had absorbed part of the Divine Consciousness did not have such awareness.

The Spirit of Earth Fire became more gigantic and near to human form after absorbing the Divine Consciousness.

Most importantly, she was fusing with the Divine Consciousness, drawing support from it such that she could make use of the energy to level up, perfect herself and make a breakthrough… She flew about the Blood Lake Torture Chamber excitedly as she knocked away the falling broken stones and used part of the controllable Divine Consciousness to gather surrounding rocks together before shooting them out again.

She was immersed in her play and was completely oblivious to the surrounding danger.

To her, there was no danger involved in the collapse of the Blood Lake Torture Chamber. Of course, she did not know and wasn’t aware that her master was a human mortal.

Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunder Naga and Ice Serpent Demon followed closely behind Yue Yang as they guarded his front and back to ensure his safety.

The one on the frontline was the Stone Element Medusa. She stopped swinging her tails due to a noise.

It was a Gold-ranked Level Eight Blood Python King.

It was unknown why the Blood Python King was so tenacious as it still hadn’t died. It hissed painfully towards Yue Yang and the rest.

Initially, the Stone Element Medusa thought that it was trying to attack them as she knocked her arrow and prepared to shoot it.

The Blood Python King was sensitive enough to know that it was about to die as tears rolled down its eyes.

Seeing it cry made Stone Element Medusa put down her bow and arrow… Ice Serpent Demon who was dressed like a female general yelled unpleasantly. She who was strongest in the team did not allow her sisters to be distracted while protecting their master, let alone to lose focus and stay in a space that was going to break down soon for a negligible Blood Python King.

“Hiss hiss!” Blood Python King seemed to be imploring for Stone Element Medusa’s help as it couldn’t leave the Blood Lake Torture Chamber with such heavy injuries.

Moreover, it was restricted by the ancient code in the Blood Lake Torture Chamber, so it wouldn’t be able to truly leave the place.

When it saw that the Stone Element Medusa left it behind, it looked up at the sky and hissed in pain sorrowfully…

Stone Element Medusa stopped and looked back.

Blood Python King quickly struggled towards her, but before it could reach her, the Ice Serpent Demon let out another strict yell. Stone Element Medusa quickly raised her bow after hearing her.

Since it wasn’t able to catch up, she’ll help to end its life then!

Even before Stone Element Medusa could release her golden arrow, the Blood Python King rolled around the ground in pain.

There were large amount of blood oozing out from its tail as a tiny head slided out from its reproductive hole. A little life kept struggling in the almost transparent sac as if wanting to get out and see the world. It was because of this premature baby that Stone Element Medusa gave up trying to kill the Blood Python King. She fished out a green crystal stone and faced the Blood Python King’s direction… Even before Stone Element Medusa could start chanting the contract, the Blood Python King hurriedly turned into a golden ray of light and shot towards the green crystal stone with its little offsprings.

Yue Yang who was still in his meditation was unaware of all these.

Of course, even if he saw it, he would not stop it.

He would be happy that Stone Element Medusa was no longer a cruel killing machine as she started to possess human intelligence and emotions. This was a huge improvement.

It wasn’t until they reached the ancient pagoda at the entrance of the Blood Lake Torture Chamber that Yue Yang was jolted awake… When he saw that the entire Blood Lake Torture Chamber was turning into ruins and the whole space was beginning to be distorted, he quickly fished out his best teleportation crystal. Bloody Queen Red, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man, Reaper Mantis, Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunder Naga and Ice Serpent Demon all returned to the Grimoire World. Only the Spirit of Earth Fire, who was late, made Yue Yang incensed and got a scolding in return.

Spirit of Earth Fire was scared but she still couldn’t understand why, she only remembered that she would be scolded every time she played for an extended period of time. She finally remembered it this time.

After Yue Yang unsummoned the Spirit of Earth Fire, put away the God Binding Chain, and broke his teleportation crystal, the entire Blood Lake Torture Chamber finally collapsed.

It was world shaking.

The exact instant that Yue Yang teleported away, the whole space started to distort and deform as a huge explosion occurred in the Blood Lake Torture Chamber.


Although it was a successful teleportation, the shock wave from the explosion still sent Yue Yang flying. When he arrived at the training grounds, there was an error in the landing. The spacial distortion sent Yue Yang flying like a bullet and smashed him on one of the Yue Clan Castle’s training ground’s flag tower. The tower was partially destroyed. Luckily, the Yue Clan flag and the Da Xia flag did not break, or else it might be viewed as an unlucky sign about the war. It that happened everyone’s morale would probably plument.

Hui Tai Lang was the fastest as it reached Yue Yang’s side before anyone could respond.

It wiggled its tail furiously as it was extremely happy.

“Don’t you find your return a little too exaggerated?” Jun Wu You came out when he heard the noise and discovered Yue Yang, who was covered in dirt, standing up from the rubble. He was extremely happy and didn’t reprimand him for damaging the tower, instead they started to laugh pleasantly.

“Youngsters should be more earnest in doing things. How are you going to take responsibility for your recklessness?” Although Elder Yue Hai was reprimanding Yue Yang, he was actually thanking his ancestors on the inside.

If something happened to this rare obedient genius grandson of his, then he would definitely not be able to live on anymore.

The hope of the entire Yue Clan was on Yue Yang’s shoulders.

If he couldn’t come back, the entire Yue Clan would fall!

Luckily, this little guy, who made others worried sick, finally returned. He looked fine, and wasn’t heavily injured as expected.

The Old Fox acted immediately smoothed things over. He flew toward Yue Yang, who was still a little dizzy, and pulled him back before patting away the broken rocks on his body. “It’s good enough for you to be back here, it’s good enough. Don’t say anything, we all understand… Fatty Hai, what kind of boss are you? Quickly go fetch some water for the Third Young Master to wash his face, your little brother is already like this, do you still have pride as the boss?”

Fatty Hai, whose face was previously full of tears, wiped his face and started to become proud. “Rest assured, you don’t need me, many people would fight to do this. Liu Ye, although I’m good at fetching water, as your boss I have decided to give you an opportunity to present yourself!”

Even before he could complete his sentence, Ye Kong had already kicked him away.

As compared to Bao’er, who rushed into Yue Yang’s embrace and cried hysterically, Liu Ye was more reserved as only tiny teardrops could be found on her face.

Forget about her, even the usually aloof Xue Tan Lang also turned his head away as he tried to stop himself from crying. Ye kong and the Li brothers, together with the rest rushed up excitedly as they released all their pain and anxiety from waiting for Yue Yang for one day and one night. Girls could cry to their heart’s’ content but as guys, they were too embarrassed to do it, hence they cheered and hurled Yue Yang up in the air.

“Shoo shoo, go over there. My student and I haven’t seen each other for a long time, let us have a chat.” Old Fox waited for them to finish their things before placing his hand on Yue Yang’s shoulder and asked him excitedly. “Brat, what treasures have you gotten yourself, take it out and broaden my horizon!”

“Nothing much, just a bunch of junk. This time, I got a Holy-ranked God Binding Chain but it is broken.” Yue Yang deliberately acted humble.

“Pu,pu pu…”

Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai realised that they shouldn’t drink water when Yue Yang was around.

If not they would choke to death.

Initially they wanted to act like they were seniors and wanted to stop embarrassing themselves. They wanted to be indifferent towards anything like seniors, but they still couldn’t hold it in in the end. Who has a Holy-ranked treasure among them? Forget about normal warriors, even Innate Rankers and the Imperial Guards didn’t own any, they would already be proud if they were to own a platinum-ranked treasure. Now, just a casual trip to the God’s Ruin could give Yue Yang a Holy-ranked God Binding Chain, how would they have the face to live on? But thinking of it again, Yue Yang already possessed a lot of magic weapons. His self made Hui Jin Magic blade was close to being Holy-ranked, so the God Binding Chain would be nothing to him.

Old Fox knew that he wouldn’t have a share of the God Binding Chain so he didn’t probe any further.

It would be a waste of his energy anyway. It was used to bind the Ancient Titan, so even if it was given to him, he had no way of using it.

He continued to place his hands on Yue Yang’s shoulders and congratulated him. “Are there any that we can share? You can keep the God Binding Chain to deal with the Black Hell King, give us some Platinum-ranked or Gold-ranked treasures… I’m very easily satisfied, just any two random treasures would suffice.”

Feng Xiao Yun, Xue Wen Dao, Yan Qian Zhong and the others almost collapsed when they heard it.

Did the Third Young Master of the Yue Clan learn to become shameless from this old guy?

Elder Yue Hai wanted to beat up the Old Fox. There was finally a genius junior in the Yue Clan, and was sent to you with much anticipation, but you actually taught the aspiring hero to become a shameless pervert! Although being shameless would prevent Yue Yang from being taken advantage of, it would tarnish his reputation and he couldn’t even find an excuse to compliment his grandson…

“No other treasures.” Yue Yang rejected him. As a treasure collector himself, why would he give the treasures to others easily?

“Is the Ancient Titan dead yet? I don’t mind getting some of its meat since I just contracted a baby dragon recently. If it could have some Ancient Titan’s meat… eh? You really have it? My God!” Old Fox saw that a huge figure appeared in the sky.

The hundred meter long arm suddenly fell to the ground, causing the entire Yue Clan castle to shake slightly.

The entire training ground was completely demolished with the bricks shattering into a million pieces.

Forget about the Old Fox who was standing between the gaps of the Ancient Titan’s finger, even Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai, Eastern Sky King and Feng Kuang, who were standing from afar, were scared witless as they shuddered causing the tea cup in their hands to fall.

Everyone present felt a dizzy sensation as they couldn’t recover from the shock they felt for a while.

Any random finger of the Ancient Titan would already be twenty meters long. Its entire arm was more than a hundred meters.

The reason why Yue Yang left the arm was to encourage everyone.

First, he wanted to boost their morale; second, it was to level of their beasts. With the Ancient Titan’s blood and meat, he believed that the ranks of the beasts would increase by another level.

A long sword light shot out from the God Killing Dagger as Yue Yang sliced piece after piece of meat from the arm and used it as gifts for the Old Fox and the rest… Yue Yang definitely wouldn’t forget Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the rest too. Hui tai lang? It had already started chewing on it. It wasn’t modest at all as it knew that Yue Yang prepared most of the arm for it, so it started to eat without any restraints.

“OK, OK, I don’t need so much, you should keep this precious arm. They are all old guys, it would be a waste for them to use it, giving them a bit of it will do.” Old Fox quickly stopped Yue Yang from slicing the meat as it would be useless for their beasts to continue levelling up. It would be better used in levelling up Yue Yang’s beasts.

“That makes sense!” Ascetic Practice Saint strongly agreed.

“My good son-in-law, you killed the Ancient Titan all on your own? Hahaha, amazing, I’m very pleased!” Eastern Sky King was very pleased. He thought “What use is a son when I am superior without one? It’s good to have a daughter, look how impressive my son in law is! Feng Xiao Yun and Yan Qian Zhong, you guys who only have sons should go cry in the corner!” Although he did not say it out loud, his haughty gesture made Yan Qian Zhong and the rest extremely mad.

“Don’t boast in front of me. Who doesn’t have a daughter?” The only one that could despise the Eastern Sky King would be Jun Wu You who had given birth to the tigress.

“Qiu Er, San Er is working very hard. You, you can rest in peace now…” Elder Yue Hai turned around discreetly, tear-streaked.

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