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LLS Chapter 491 – Killing the Titan, Everyone Levels Up

Chapter 491 – Killing the Titan, Everyone Levels Up
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Ten hours later.

The Ancient Titan who had lost all his fighting strength and was already on the brink of death collapsed after Yue Yang’s final strike.

His humongous body landed with a thud on a puddle of bloodied water, causing the water to splatter everywhere. Dead tired, Yue Yang finally relaxed and uncontrollably fell to the ground.

Swaying her tail in the water, the Storm Mermaid swam towards Yue Yang.

Her fair slender hand supported Yue Yang, before she stood against the waves.

In the sky, Blood Queen Red and the Reaper Mantis descended slowly as they were so exhausted that their body could no longer support them to continue flying.

It was still alright for Bloody Queen Red as she landed softly on the back of the Golden Tiger Shark. But for the Reaper Mantis, it heavily fell into the water with its powerless wings, causing water to splash everywhere. It looked extremely sorry. If not for the Stone Element Medusa who pulled it out of the water in time, it would be the first Reaper Mantis in history to drown in shallow water.

Not only the both of them, almost all the Beasts that were involved in the battle were dead tired.

Only the Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man still had some stamina. She would never get exhausted as long as she remained on the ground. Other than her, the Spirit of Earth Fire, Thunder Naga, Ice Serpent demon, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen Duo Duo and even Xiao Wen Li were all beyond exhausted.

Although Wu Su lost half of his body, and was only left with the the power of Heaven Rank Level One, being an Ancient Titan, he still possessed the capability to fight till this stage without the help of any Grimoires or treasures. All he depended on was sheer physical strength.

The Ancient Titan really lived up to his name.

If… Wu Su was free, or at his peak strength; If he had a summoning Grimoire, or a Guardian Beast, or a supreme treasure… then the result of this battle might be the reverse.

The reason why Yue Yang could defeat Wu Su wasn’t due to the number of Beasts he possessed, but the few strands of God Binding Chains.

It restricted Wu Su and hindered his activity.

Being used as a punching bag, it could be said that Wu Su only relied on his extremely strong body as an Ancient Titant to persist until now!

“I will remember you, you are really powerful.” Yue Yang had been through numerous battles. Among them, only Wu Su was the only one who did not use any dirty tactics. He was a big BOSS who relied solely on his combat power and endurance to fight.

Yue Yang’s hand was currently holding a gigantic heart.

This Titan’s Heart that was even larger than a house continuously shrunk due to the Nirvana Flames…

After ten minutes in the Nirvana Flame, it finally shrunk to the size of a melon. It was sturdy as iron and clear as crystal. Colourful, glowing God’s Blood flowed out gradually from the inside. When God’s Blood flowed out, a dazzling light filled the surroundings, making it hard to look at the drop of God’s Blood filled with immense amount of energy. An indescribable suppression accompanied by a supreme conciousness almost took control of Yue Yang. But as if he had already expected it, he continuously channelled his Innate Qi, that was just replenished, into God’s Blood. A pillar of the Nirvana Flame appeared and condensed into a ball… He wanted to challenge the impossible, that was, to purify God’s Blood completely with his Innate Qi and Nirvana Flame.

Yue Yang did not bother about the divine consciousness present within God’s Blood, because he wouldn’t be able to control it. So, Yue Yang merely wanted the energy in it.

Was the Divine Consciousness inside God’s Blood stronger, or would the Nirvana Flame and Innate Qi be more powerful?

Twenty minutes later, the Divine Consciousness inside God’s Blood continued to fade away. The drop of golden God’s Blood became nearly transparent with a tinge of gold and red. This was an abnormal phenomenon caused after the Nirvana Flame and Innate Qi drove away the Divine Consciousness and Yue Yang’s consciousness taking over the God’s Blood completely.

While other Beasts weren’t interested in the fading Divine Consciousness, the Spirit of Earth Fire kept on trying to take it in.

Yue Yang did not stop her. Conversely, he felt that this might be a good thing.

“Just a drop of God’s Blood is already so powerful…” Yue Yang focussed on the drop of God’s Blood that had undergone purification. Just one drop of this God’s Blood already contained the energy of Innate Level Ten.

“Ha!” Xiao Wen Li smiled at Yue Yang sweetly. She was tired out just to get this drop of God’s Blood for Yue Yang.

“Good girl, I’ll give this to you!” Yue Yang moved the drop of God’s Blood in front of Xiao Wen Li.

“…” Xiao Wen Li smiled. She waved her hand and kept shaking her head.

“You don’t like it?” Yue Yang was stunned.

“…”Xiao Wen Li suddenly opened up her fair arms as she held on tightly to Yue Yang’s leg, indicating that she already possess the best thing in the world, so she doesn’t need God’s Blood. Yue Yang was initially shocked, this loli lamia had always been like this. She would always be the first one to stand out when it comes to fighting off Beasts. But she had never been greedy for any kinds of reward. She did not even care about the God’s Blood, which everyone were crazy after.

“I will give most of the Ancient Titan’s body to Duo Duo, and grant most of his blood to Little mantis and you all, and Titan’s Heart to Ah Man. Since Xiao Wen Li doesn’t want this drop of God’s Blood, I’ll give it to you!” Yue Yang felt that this drop of God’s Blood would be helpful to any of the females, but he was afraid that their bodies wouldn’t be able to take it. The Phoenix Beauty would be capable of it but she was already an ELder Innate, so she can take her time in levelling up. Yue Yang decided to use the God’s Blood to groom his Guardian Beast instead. Especially for Ah Man, Bloody Queen Red and Duo Duo the three main players, he would place more focus on them.

“Thank you master, but Red doesn’t want the God’s Blood.” Bloody Queen Red shook her head and waved her hands. She wasn’t the only one as Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man did the same thing.

“How about you, Duo Duo?’ Yue Yang was puzzled. Why did they not want it?

“Heh… Me too…”Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen did not receive over the God’s Blood in Yue Yang’s hand. But she stuck out her tongue happily and licked the wounds on Yue Yang’s body. It made her look like a greedy kitten. Normally Yue Yang would get angry since he wasn’t grooming vampires!

“Could it be that you guys like my blood better?” Looking at this, Yue Yang seemed to understand something.

“It’s very sweet!” Duo Duo’s physical appearance had already evolved to become a drop dead gorgeous beauty, but her personality hasn’t matured yet as she still behaved like a big loli.

In the aspect of personifying, she was better than Red.

She was intelligent too, but was a tad weaker than Red in terms of human emotions.

Actually Red had just surpassed Duo Duo recently. If the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen Duo Duo didn’t have to evolve numerous times during her growing phase, causing her to hibernate too much, or if Bloody Queen Red did not get inspired by Yue Yang and his ladies, the Sickly Beauty, Luo Hua City Mistress and the Phoenix Beauty, Red wouldn’t be able to compare with the Queen of Plants.

Although Duo Duo and Red did not answer directly, Yue Yang already got his answer.

Maybe their reactions were out of their instinct since they couldn’t understand it themsleves. However, after Yue Yang went through Empress Fei Wen Li’s Spirit Blood Contract, Xiao Wen Li undergoing rebirth with his blood, and then Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen’s act of licking his blood, and the miracle where the Reaper Mantis and Spirit of Earth Fire were obtained due to his blood, Yue Yang would be a fool if he still wasn’t suspicious about himself.

Yue Yang had always thought that the Innate Qi in his blood was producing a special effect all along…Now, it seems that it wasn’t entirely true.

The Innate Qi definitely had its plus points, but what that was really making all these happen was Yue Yang’s own blood.

Maybe the old priest’s kick might have injected certain immortal energy into his blood and then caused the nature of his body to change.

Or could it be that his body’s nature changed when the Sword Spirit Goddess made him eat the elixir from her Universal Pouch when he almost died during his travel through dimensions?

Yue Yang couldn’t come to a conclusion.

But since Red and Duo Duo would rather have his fresh blood than God’s Blood, it had proven a point. Even if his blood wasn’t God’s Blood, it must be good stuff. It might even be akin to Tang Seng’s meat, where one can enjoy immortality just by having it… Yue Yang started guessing randomly, but he couldn’t arrive to a conclusion, so he had to leave it aside and study it further another day.
(Last: Tang Seng is the monk from Journey to the west. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Journey_to_the_West .)

He first packed up God’s Blood and then used a Nirvana Flame Blade to slowly dismantle the body of the Ancient Titan.

Apart from his right arm, he gave the rest of his body to Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen so that she can level up from where she is now… Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen had already swallowed lots of Innates and Hybrids, so she can at least level up to become a Divine Beast. She’s only left with digesting all of them now.

Now, with the body of the Ancient Titan, Yue Yang guessed that her future would be limitless.

Of course, the growth potential of the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen was extremely high, and Yue Yang had always been giving her the best, so he definitely wouldn’t be reluctant to give her the corpse of an Ancient Titan.

“Wait for me to wake up from my hibernation, I’ll definitely work hard to repay you, Master.” Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen hugged and kissed Yue Yang before she reluctantly returned back to hibernate.

“Collect all the fresh blood.” Storm Mermaid gathered all the fresh blood that dripped into the pool, forming a gigantic bloody ball before she raised it up into the air and slowly moved it in front of Yue Yang.

She was the one whose intelligence was developing the quickest among Stone Element Medusa, Thunder Naga and Ice Serpent Demon.

When Storm Mermaid could speak clearly, Stone Element Medusa and the rest were still struggling to learn the human language, even their master Xiao Wen Li couldn’t speak. But Yue Yang suspected that Xiao Wen Li already knew how to speak. She might be like the Qilin Girl, Bing Yin, who did not want to talk as her voice still sounded very immature. This could also be caused by her personality.

Titan’s Blood is also a good stuff, Yue Yang felt that if it could refined further, it would be the top choice used to groom Beasts. It shouldn’t go to waste.

But the problem was that he didn’t have the time, neither does he have the energy for further refinement.

So Yue Yang could only keep the Titan’s Blood.

He put it away into his Platinum Ring and decided to take his time to deal with it.

An hour had passed as Yue Yang broke one strip of God Binding Chain with his Nirvana Flame…

Suddenly, numerous light shone appeared from Yue Yang, Xiao Wen Li, Bloody Queen Red, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man, Reaper Mantis, Spirit of Earth Fire, Stone Element Medusa and the rest’s bodies. The reason was that the battle had only officially ended just now. The Summoning Grimoire flew to Yue Yang’s side as ‘World’ the Guardian Beast shot out a blinding ray that caused the halo with an initial 80 meters diameter to increase to over a hundred meters.

All of the Beasts levelled up together, including Xiao Wen Li, who was the hardest to level up among them all.

She levelled up consecutively after the attack against the Scarlet Emperor, assassination against the Emperor of the Ocean and joint attack against Wu Su. Part of the credit also went to the training she got from fighting against these extremely strong opponents.

But most importantly, she had absorbed the energy of the Mother Earth Potion.

Her energy instantly surged.

These, combined with the training and experience she got from this battle, how would she not level up?

Xiao Wen Li rose from Level Five Diamond-ranked to Level Six Diamond-ranked.

Yue Yang’s decision to kill Wu Su was to groom this loli lamia. Seeing that she finally went past Level Five and had moved on to Level Six Diamond-ranked, his heart was brimming with joy.

Rainbow-colored lights were everywhere and filled the entire room. The aromatic fragrance in the room soothed everyone’s soul.

Xiao Wen Li gradually rose into the air under the dazzling glow. Her entire body looked sparkling and translucent as if a piece of white jade as she slowly grew bigger. Although she was still a small loli, Yue Yang excitedly discovered that Xiao Wen Li had grown again. He had to continue with his loli grooming plan. It looked like he’s getting obvious results!

For a moment, Yue Yang felt a huge sense of accomplishment, and also felt unusually relieved at the same time.

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  2. MLaser says:

    Or could it be that his body’s nature changed when the Sword Spirit Goddess made him eat the elixir from her Universal Pouch when he almost died during his travel through dimensions?

    Anyone can tell when this happened? I don’t remember it

    • Ophis says:

      It didn’t. That was just Yue Yang hypothesizing what could have happened when he was transported.

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      Finally, the enraged priest couldn’t take it any more and kicked him on the butt, shouting: “Get lost! Get lost you brat!”

      Just like that, Yue Yang was kicked into another dimension…

      “Ah! His eyes moved, he’s awake! Xiao San-gege is finally awake!” Yue Yang eyes had not fully opened when he heard a voice as clear as bells ringing at his ears.
      ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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