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LLS Chapter 490 – God’s Blood

Chapter 490 – God’s Blood
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Yue Clan Castle.

A day had already passed, but Yue Yang still hadn’t return.

Everyone was anxious, but no one could be of any help. After they came out of the Blood Lake Torture Chamber, Xue Tan Lang, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai had been trying to enter it again, but to no avail… The Blood Lake Torture Chamber was completely shut off, so there was no way for them to enter again. What made them more helpless was that ever since they left the place via the Ancient Passage of God’s Ruins and teleported back to the Yue Clan Castle, the teleportation point that was previously recorded by the Ancient Passage disappeared.

Although the Old Fox, who was a master of Teleportation, and the Heavenly Imperial Guardians of Da Xia and Tian Luo Kingdom were around, they had no choice but to give up the plan to return to look for Yue Yang.

Although Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai and the other seniors didn’t show it on the outside, they were secretly anxious too. Yue Yang’s opponent wasn’t a normal Innate, but an Ancient Titan.

Will it really not be a problem for a single man to fight against an Elder Innate Leveled Ancient Titan alone?

It would be a lie to say that they weren’t worried.

When Luo Hua City Mistress and the Sickly Beauty heard the news, they became restless and fidgety. Only Yue Bing firmly believed that her brother would definitely be able to defeat this powerful opponent and return safely. She had an indescribable sense of confidence in her brother. Fourth Mother’s attitude was similar to Yue Bing’s.

Fourth Mother had always been comforting Yue Yu, Luo Hua City Mistress and the Sickly Beauty gently. She then also eased the anxiety of Yi Nan who rushed back upon hearing the news.

“What’s an Ancient Titan?” Only the carefree Yue Shuang thought that Ancient Titans were similar to the hawkers selling candies along the streets.

“Go to sleep, your brother will return soon… Everything will be fine, all of you should go and rest!” Of course Fourth Mother was worried about Yue Yang too, but she knew that as the ‘Mother’ of the family, she couldn’t show her weak side to the children. She had to have faith in her son. Even if everyone in the world doesn’t support him, she had to be his pillar of strength.

“I am unable to sleep right now, let’s wait for a while more!” Luo Hua City Mistress steeled herself and smiled to comfort Fourth Mother.

The fifth floor of the Blood Lake Torture Chamber.

The battle had intensified and reached the climax.

In the battle between Yue Yang and Wu Su the Ancient Titan, both sides tried their best to kill their opponent in the Blood Lake Torture Chamber and emerge victorious.

If Yue Yang did not hold back all his dirty tactics against Wu Su, the battle would have already ended. Wu Su who had lost his freedom and half of his body wouldn’t be able to fight against Yue Yang equipped with Nirvana Flames, World Exterminating Wheel, [Devour] Domain of Power and Innate Invisible Qi. When Wu Su’s [Deprive] Domain of Power lost its effectiveness, the God Binding Chains had already locked Wu Su’s fate.

But Yue Yang was not in a hurry to kill his opponent, who couldn’t escape the Blood Lake Torture Chamber at all.

He wanted to use Wu Su for training.

Just like fighting against the Diablo in Diablo II, he wanted to grind slowly. He would train and level up his combat skills while injuring his opponent. He wanted to benefit more from this battle.

If the Marquis of Zi Jin, the first guy who was able to beat Yue Yang until he almost died, was Andariel, then Shun Tian would be Duriel; If Emperor of the Sea was Mephisto Pheles, then the current Ancient Titan would be Diablo, and the Black Hell King would be Baal… As for the Scarlet Emperor, Heaven Realm’s Three Great Leaders Xu Kong, Jiu Xiao and Ming Yue Guang, Yue Yang didn’t have a clear position for them yet.
(Last: If I didn’t edit this diablo would have been Big Pineapple, which is so funny. And Diablo II would be Pitch Dark 2. I wish that the TLers would at least look up at what they are TLing.)

They were the ones that he could not yet defeat right now.

So Yue Yang decided to use this great opportunity to train and level up.

He wouldn’t be able to meet such an opponent ever again in future battles. One that is fixated on a cliff and unable to move was a hundred times safer than the struggling Scarlet Emperor in the Ancient Seal.

As long as Wu Su couldn’t kill him in one strike, victory would always belong to Yue Yang who had freedom!

“Goddamn human, no matter what trick you use, you won’t be able to kill me. Because I’m an Ancient Titan, I have been bathed with God’s Water when I was born. When I entered adulthood, I was bestowed with God’s Blood by the King of Titans. With an undying body like mine, you think you can kill me with that little dagger of yours? Goddamn human being, what you are doing now is meaningless… If you can help me burn off these God Binding Chains, I could consider letting you off… Little boy, we don’t have to fight, let’s be allies instead. If you free me, I can grant you Titan’s blood. In this way, you can possess an undying body and also the powers of a Titan. Most importantly, we Ancient Titans are the descendants of God with eternal lives. So little boy with a lifespan of a few hundred years, don’t you want to have an eternal life?” Wu Su was in an extremely sorry state right now as his entire body was covered with wounds.

Now, he finally understood that he wouldn’t be able to kill this cunning human boy.

He was too fast, and too smart.

Wu Su wouldn’t be able to kill Yue Yang no matter what methods he use. Conversely, Yue Yang with the Nirvana Flame and World Exterminating Wheel would be able to injure him severely…

Wu Su had gotten sick of this fight that he could never win, so he made this unimaginable decision to stop the battle.

He negotiated with his opponent in hopes of Yue Yang burning away the God Binding Chains with his Nirvana Flame.

Without freedom, Wu Su wouldn’t be able to unleash all of his powers.

Would Yue Yang accept this deception? Of course not! Hearing Wu Su’s exasperated words, Yue Yang smiled and summoned his Grimoire for the first time. A golden light shone and a barrier rose up. The unique halo-shaped ‘World’ expanded, sucking in the energy of the [Deprive] Domain of Power continuously.

Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man, Bloody Queen Red, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen Duo Duo, the Reaper Mantis and even the Spirit of Earth Fire were summoned.

Only the hibernating dragon girl Jiang Ying who was still in a muddled state wasn’t summoned.

On the other side, Xiao Wen Li turned into a rainbow and floated out.

Under the stunned gaze of Wu Su, she summoned her Grimoire, Stone-element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunder Naga and Ice Serpent Demon appeared one after another.

“How can you own two Divine Beasts? Ah, no, this is a Diamond Grimoire, she’s not… What’s going on?” Wu Su was on the brink of insanity. This time his opponent didn’t become fewer or weaker as the battle goes, but instead, they increased and became even stronger!

“I know there’s definitely God’s Blood in your heart. I like it, so I have decided to get it.” When Yue Yang raised his hands, all his Beasts gathered around him, forming a semi circle formation as they got ready for the upcoming battle. Yue Yang had never thought of negotiating with Wu Su, nor did he wish to coexist peacefully with him. Towards this Ancient Titan, he didn’t wish to pursue past serious crimes nor did he wish to consider rooms for further negotiation. All he saw was that he could kill this giant now, get his God’s Blood, level himself up, then move on to kill the Black Hell King, then the Scarlet Emperor. Then he would go to the Heaven Realm and kill two of its Three Great Leaders, Xu Kong and Jiu Xiao.

“You are deluding yourself. It would be useless on me no matter how many Beasts you have.” Although Wu Su said this, his heart was beginning to tremble.

All signs showed that Yue Yang was training his Beasts.

In other words, he had sufficient confidence of killing him.

What should he do?

Wu Su decided to kill the weakest one first, for example, the Reaper Mantis.

Numerous lightning flickered in his hands. They then gathered and formed an enormous silver thunderbolt.

The thunderbolt went towards the Reaper Mantis faster than the speed of sound. What made Wu Su shocked that was the Reaper Mantis didn’t attempt to dodge or run even when the gigantic thunderbolt was hurled towards it. Could it be that it was too slow to respond?

Yue Yang didn’t act as he watched quietly.

Thunder Naga flew towards the thunderbolt fearlessly… Looking at her, it didn’t look like she was trying to stop the thunderbolt hurled by Wu Su, but instead, it looked like she was embracing it.

As for the Spirit of Earth Fire, what she did was even more exaggerated. She made an devouring action.

Still in mid air, the Spirit of Earth Fire had already used her body to wrap around the thunderbolt which had took shape. She tried very hard to swallow and digest it in one mouthful, but of course it wasn’t possible. In the end, the thunderbolt passed through her elemental body, and moved down furiously. Thunder Naga tried to receive it as she raised her hands and held thunderbolt. She then continuously absorbed thunderbolt’s electrical energy. She also made use of the impact of thunderbolt’s diving action to fly.

The Spirit of Earth Fire charged towards it, unwilling to give up just like that. She opened her mouth widely as she fought with Thunder Naga to absorb thunderbolt’s energy like a little child fighting for candies.

Wu Su watched in shock…

These Beasts could actually engulf the electrical energy of a thunderbolt shot by a Titan?

“I’ll smash you all to death!” Wu Su was furious as he leaned down and raised his gigantic right hand. He then smashed it towards the Spirit of Earth Fire and Thunder Naga on the ground.


A thunderous roar resounded.

Wu Su felt that his left hand was controlled by a strong energy, as he missed the duo and smashed his hands onto the ground, leaving a deep hand print on the ground. The entire Blood Lake Torture Chamber shook from this smash.

But Wu Su was stunned.

He forgot how many thousands of years, even before his confinement, had he been
controlled the Ancient Behemoth. Other than that no other tribes nor creature could control him not even the Giant Dragons were capable of it… Today, a creature could actually pull away his attacking left hand. What creature was it exactly?

Wu Su turned his head and fixed his gaze on the ground.

In the corner of the Blood Lake Torture Chamber, there stood a extremely tiny girl with horns pulling away his left hand with the enormous God Binding Chains.

It was her, the horned girl who pulled away his left hand.

“Woman of the Goat tribe, no, the Barbarian Cow tribe, whats going on, how can a foolish Barbarian Cows actually evolve to become a Holy Beast and personify so perfectly? Even with evolution, she shouldn’t be stronger than me… “Wu Su realised that the strength of the Barbarian Cow grew stronger. When he discovered that she was almost on par to him in terms of strength, he became even more frightened.

“Ah Man you’re so impressive, keep going, drag him to the ground!” Bloody Queen Red clapped and complimented Ah Man.

“Dream on!” Wu Su was completely driven insane. Even a small female Barbarian Cow could pull down an Ancient Titan like him now? Although he lost both of his legs, he could still shake the mountains with just his arm strength.

“Ha!” Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah man’s strength was extremely terrifying. Flexing her arms, and digging both of her legs deep into the solid ground, she wrestled with Wu Su in a crazed fashion.

Her strength was actually a little weaker than Wu Su the Ancient Titan.

But with the Heart of Earth, she’ll never feel exhausted. Numerous energy from the deepest point of the Earth were channeled into her body continuously, turning into her own energy. Although she couldn’t pull down Wu Su, she could maintain the status quo for a long period of time. At the very least she could hold down Wu Su’s left arm for the entire battle… Under the all out dragging of the Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man, if Wu Su didn’t wish to become the first Ancient Titan in history to be dragged down by a newbie, then he would have to distract himself and allocate part of his focus to defend against Ah Man’s pulling.

The Storm Mermaid blew the Storm Conch, causing flashes of lightning and claps of thunder in the Blood Lake Torture Chamber to appear. Numerous dark clouds descended in the sky.


Heavy rain poured down.

The Reaper Mantis flew higher in the sky and started to kill the remaining Demonic Beasts. As for Bloody Queen Red, she dived down and let out an agonizing Banshee Scream.

“Noisy!” Wu Su reached out his right hand in agony as he attempted to catch the Bloody Queen and squeeze her to death.

“…” Xiao Wen Li flashed before him, her beautiful eyes glared in anger as her binding inherent skill unleashed.

“God’s Blood is now mine!” Yue Yang took the opportunity to throw something, that gave off a blinding light, at Wu Su. It was the Prison Emperor Divine Seal. Although it hadn’t recognize Yue Yang as its master yet, it would definitely be terrifying enough to thrust it at someone. The Scarlet Emperor already had a first hand experience. With the God Killing Dagger in his left hand and Innate Invisible Sword Qi on his right, he thrust it into Wu Su beating heart with the power of the Supreme Sword.

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  1. opils says:

    Still in mid air, the Spirit of Earth Fire had already used her body to wrap around the thunderbolt which had took shape. She tried very hard to swallow and digest it in one mouthful, but of course it wasn’t possible. In the end, the thunderbolt assed through her elemental body, and moved down furiously.

    HAAHAHHAHAH it assed through her

    • Rick Alvarez says:

      U haven’t seen power..I am part of something no written for I have bonded all God’s n Lord’s of all power..I’m the strongest to ever live..watch since it’s so funny..my only friends r from the other side..watch

  2. kirinashbell says:

    Thanks for chapter
    yue yang would never die even if the titan doesnt have the chains since the qilin and phoenix sister could all save him from the titan and possibly kill him. Everyone is worried of their love one or family/friend that they dont sleep and await for his return anxiously

  3. Erudite Birdy says:

    “If Emperor of the Sea was Mephisto Pheles…”
    The correct name is Mephistopheles. They split the name into two parts in the anime ‘Blue Exorcist / Ao no Exorcist’. This is the only instance of that I’m aware of, until this story.
    Mephistopheles is sometimes shortened to Mephisto. He’s a latecomer in the infernal hierarchy, Mephistopheles never became an integral part of the tradition of magic and demonology. That tradition predates Mephistopheles by thousands of years.
    In Doctor Faustus, by the English dramatist Christopher Marlowe, Mephistopheles achieves tragic grandeur as a fallen angel, torn between satanic pride and dark despair.
    In the drama Faust, by J.W. von Goethe, he is cold-hearted, cynical, and witty familiar of the Devil.
    I wonder if Pitch Dark 2 is a reference to the movie ‘Chronicles of Riddick : Pitch Black 2’. It was a very popular and successful movie. Obviously the author couldn’t use the exact name or he would be sued for copyright violation.

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