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LLS Chapter 49 – Guessing Riddles?

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Chapter 49 – Guessing Riddles?
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Rango, Zaza
TLCed by: Zaza

Seeing its hill-like body, there was no need to even mention its ability to spit poison or spew fire. The mere pressure that it emanated was unbearable.

According to the Master of Luo Hua City, the silk-robed lady, he should first grab the Silencing Scepter from the left hall, then to the right hall to grab the Blindness Rune. This would restrain both the left dragon head and the right goat head, then fight against the chimera’s centre head, the ‘Red Burning’ lion head. Although the centre head was the largest, most intimidating-looking head and could be covered in flames on its surface, it was in reality the weakest head. It could even be called the greatest weakness of the Three-headed Chimera.

The Barbaric Cow, under Yue Yang’s guidance, quickly got rid of the Sheep-head Monsters that were still stalking them.

As expected, when the Barbaric Cow rushed towards the entrance, the Sheep-head Monsters stopped.

They bellowed in a low tone and crowded inside the passageway, not daring to rush in. There was an obvious, natural fear of the Three-headed Chimera.

Yue Yang felt that his time was running out. He quickly ran along the sides of the hall, and ran like the wind towards the left. He was preparing to find the entrance to the side hall, but who knew that when he moved, that Three-headed Chimera suddenly woke up. Its six huge eyes opened and when it spotted the intruder Yue Yang, it angrily roared. Its voice was earth-shattering and explosive. All the Sheep-head Monsters in the passageways were so frightened that they fled instantly…

The Three-headed Chimera’s huge body stood upright, and looked like a huge moving hill that was made up of meat.

The poisonous dragon head opened its mouth, after letting loose a terrifying roar, some liquid was spit out from its large mouth, and was sprayed all over the ground.

Yue Yang kicked Hui Tai Lang ten metres away, and ordered the Barbaric Cow to quickly retreat backwards. He felt the sky darkening, then innumerable amounts of green liquid being sprayed towards him… Luckily, he had the Shield of Absolute Defense, if not for it, he would have been drenched by the poison.

When the green liquid touched the stone floor, waves of green smoke were produced.

Below the green smoke, those solid blackstone were actually corroded by the green acid until it made a sizzling noise, just like when sugar was dissolved by hot water.

“Oh my God!” Yue Yang was shocked.

No wonder normal beasts would be killed in seconds when they met a Golden King Beast. This no longer seemed like an exaggeration. The Three-headed Chimera’s poison was a hundred times more potent than the Spitting Thorny Flower’s poison. Could it be that the Three-headed Chimera had a relation to Yi Xing? But, only Yi Xing’s blood was corrosive, its saliva wasn’t this potent. As expected, this was worthy to be called a Level 6 Golden King Beast, it was indeed terrifying… If normal beasts like the Bronze Barbaric Cow was hit by a huge mouthful of the poison, even if it didn’t die, it would have been crippled.

(TLC Note: 异型 – Yi Xing. We’re not quite sure what this refers to, google is giving us allotype, while other attempts at understanding what the author is trying to refer to has resulted in the Xenomorph)

As for Hui Tai Lang’s standard, if it were to rush up and fight the Three-headed Chimera alone, it would be like serving food on a silver platter to it.

If not for listening to the silk-robed lady’s information when he first entered and getting the Silencing Scepter first before directly facing this kind of acid, fighting against the Three-Headed Chimera would be suicide.

Ye Kong that lanky guy, could have been enveloped by the saliva of this Three-Headed Chimera when he challenged the Aries Temple.


The blazing lion head in the middle spewed out a fireball that exploded at Yue Yang’s feet. If not for the protective barrier, Yue Yang’s little body would probably have been directly blown away by it. Yue Yang sweated intensely. Not only could it spit acid, it could spew fireballs too, he couldn’t take this kind of abnormality.

Luckily, the sheep’s head on the right was very quiet, and it had no response.

As Yue Yang ran, he thought evilly that if he was able to capture the Three-Headed Chimera to perform at a circus, the profits from the entrance fees would be pretty good.

In truth, the Three-headed Chimera did not even care about this shameless coward called Yue Yang. As a King of beasts, as long as its territory was not invaded, it would be fine. As for the little insects buzzing around, it did not really care. In its eyes, all the challengers were little insects that always made silly movements, taking a toothpick-esque sword, summoning summoned beasts that were like rats, overestimating their own strengths and attacking the chimera… When it saw Yue Yang disappearing, it gave out a huge yawn, and lay down comfortably again, continuing its sweet dreams.

The left passageway was around a hundred metres long and was pitch black. If not for Yue Yang previously entering the black space with Her Highness Fei Wen Li and signing the ‘Soul Blood Contract’, gaining Empress Fei Wen Li’s night vision ability, he would have been walking blindly in the dark now.

The side hall was also as huge as a basketball court, and a few dozen Sheep-head Men were inside.

These Sheep-head Men were different from the ones outside. As soon as they saw Yue Yang storm in, they instantly transformed. Using a strange spell, the goatmen turned into takins. Those sharp, curved horns were more fearsome than the spears that human cavalry used. When their head lowered, they would rush towards the aggressor.

(TL Note: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takin)

“Hui Tai Lang, expose your anus, let them aim at it…”

(TLC Note: 菊花 – Internet slang for anus. )

Yue Yang did not bother with how Hui Tai Lang would feel after hearing him say this, he had no time to bother with him.

Seeing the takins rushing closer, he ordered the Barbaric Cow to jump as high up into the air as possible, then use all her force to stomp on the ground and attack all the takins behind Hui Tai Lang. Almost in an instant, Yue Yang had decided on the best course of action. Only now did Yue Yang notice that he was very gifted in battle, but the only regret was that he could not participate in the battle directly. Otherwise, he could have used a better strategy.

All the takins lifted their spiral horns towards Hui Tai Lang and dashed towards it like the wind. It scared Hui Tai Lang so much he nearly until it nearly had a heart attack. It did not dare to expose his anus towards these takins, as that was courting death. It turned tail and fled, wishing that he could have grown four more legs.

The Barbaric Cow leaped high up into the air. Her giant figure fell on them as if she was a mountain.

The giant cow’s kick, with the force of thunder striking the ground, landed on the floor heavily. Under the added support of the Giant Shadow, she unleashed a special technique ‘Trample’ with a hundred times the power.

“Hong! ”

The blackstone that was trampled on was smashed and spiderweb cracks formed all over it. The floor trembled and the whole hall was shaking.

As the shockwave dissipated, the power caused Yue Yang who was spectating at the sidelines to gape in awe.

What a frightening power.

The takins below the Barbaric Cow’s feet were immediately flattened.

The takin corpses that were trampled underfoot were indistinguishable. Some were instantly turned into a meat paste, while the other takins who further away from the centre of the impact were thrown several metres away by the shockwave, and were unable to get up. The other takins who were even further away were stopped by the shockwave and were immobilised by dizziness. The Barbaric Cow followed Yue Yang’s instructions strictly and did not continue the slaughter, but rather ran in big strides to save Hui Tai Lang who was running for its life… Although they were both Level 3 Bronze-ranked, the Barbaric Cow and Hui Tai Lang’s strengths were not in the same tier. Not only that, Hui Tai Lang was also judged to be one of the high quality beasts with six stars. If it were to be converted into a regular Level 3 Bronze-ranked beast, it probably did not even have the right to carry the shoes in front of the Barbaric Cow.

The few takins who were still chasing after Hui Tai Lang closely could nearly have exploded Hui Tai Lang’s anus, but were flattened by the Barbaric Cow who was in pursuit.

When the threat to his anus disappeared, Hui Tai Lang threw itself on the takins again.

It pounced towards the closest takin and bit its throat. The bloodthirst in its eyes were as it it were saying: What I’m biting is not the throat, but loneliness.

The other takin crawled up and lowered its head to rush at him. Hui Tai Lang nimbly jumped and slashed at the takin with its claw.

First, he destroyed one of the enemy’s eyes, then by borrowing the gravitational force of the dive, pounced onto an even larger-sized takin. The wolf’s mouth opened up, showing its rows of sharp teeth, fatally striking the enemy by biting its throat… Hui Tai Lang fighting tens of Sheep-head Shamans transformed into takins by itself was of course an impossible feat, but it was still more than enough to fight against 3 of them at once. After all, it was still a variant Ironback Demonic Wolf that absorbed the Demon King Ha Xin’s demonic qi and was different from regular Level 3 Bronze-ranked beasts.

Yue Yang did not have time to bother with the how the battle unfolded, and his heart only wanted to find the Silencing Scepter.

He had originally thought that the Silencing Scepter would be in the centre of the hall, or in the treasure chest, but when he opened it…

That was not the case at all.

The Silencing Scepter was suspended high up on the walls of the hall. Not only that, there was not just one of them, but three of them. Of course, only one of these Silencing Scepters was the real one although they looked exactly the same. If one took the wrong one, it would trigger the mechanical traps, and one’s life could end just like that.

How would he find the real one?

On the wall at the side of each Silencing Scepter, were a set of obscure written characters, that could be counted as a hint for the challengers.

When Yue Yang looked at it, he nearly banged his head on the floor… Wasn’t something like this yet another copied idea? Having to play this kind of game of riddles with his life on the line, he strongly protested against the unscrupulous gods of the company that had created Tong Tian Tower – Heaven.

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    • Magnus Chase says:

      Yeah sounds like Alien, i checked wiki and yes the alien known as a xenomorph, but its the other way round the blood is corrosive not salvia

    • FirstDragon says:

      Yup. Author oversight…plus if the author opted for this sensical route that might interfere with his “I wanna have an Indiana Jones” puzzle moment.

    • Moonspike says:

      He can only summon one monster a day. If he has to use it for the mice he wont be able to summon the flower in an emergency.

    • WirlWind says:

      If you believe the author, he can only summon 1 beast a day or so, summoning the mice would take up that quota and they might not even discover the right once, since ALL of them could be treasure, even if 1 was only correct.

  1. Erudite Birdy says:

    [ The Three-headed Chimera’s poison was a hundred times more potent than the Spitting Thorny Flower’s poison. Could it be that the Three-headed Chimera had a relation to Yi Xing? But, only Yi Xing’s blood was corrosive, its saliva wasn’t this potent.

    (TLC Note: 异型 – Yi Xing. We’re not quite sure what this refers to, google is giving us allotype, while other attempts at understanding what the author is trying to refer to has resulted in the Xenomorph) ]

    Yi Xing may be Medusa, one of the Gorgons.

    It was in the movie ‘Clash of the Titans’ (the 1981 version) that Medusa’s blood was first shown to be corrosive. This author seems to like references from this time frame as well.
    ‘Clash of the Titans’

    …Perseus suddenly springs from behind a column and manages to behead Medusa with his sword. Her body and her head continue to move for a while even after being separated, and 𝗵𝗲𝗿 𝗰𝗼𝗿𝗿𝗼𝘀𝗶𝘃𝗲 𝗯𝗹𝗼𝗼𝗱 𝘀𝘁𝗮𝗿𝘁𝘀 𝘁𝗼 𝗱𝗶𝘀𝘀𝗼𝗹𝘃𝗲 𝗣𝗲𝗿𝘀𝗲𝘂𝘀’𝘀 𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗲𝗹𝗱, but he finally grabs the head and leaves.
    In myth, her blood is extremely poisonous. The gift from Athena to Asclepius was some of Medusa’s blood, which could act as a deadly poison.

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