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LLS Chapter 489 – Seized Territory

Chapter 489 – Seized Territory
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Purple lighting mercilessly hit Wu Su’s large hands as he tried to block the attack.

Wu Su was confident. As a Titan, he was the master of thunder and lighting, there were no electric currents in this world that was powerful enough to harm him. Moreover, to even harm his hands that were used to condense thunderbolt.


A deafening boom exploded between Wu Su’s large hands.

Snake-like electric currents flashed madly.

The countless snake-like electric currents spread and formed a mysterious rune circle, the outer rim was wide while the inner rim was small. The electric current seemed to be pulled into the rune as if being swallowed by a black hole. When the limit was reached, an earth-shattering power exploded. The original purple lightning seemed to have gained a certain energy and expanded rapidly to a hundred times of its original power. The lightning turned into a purple lightning thunderstorm and surrounded Wu Su’s body, electrocuting him.

Even as a Titan that controls thunder and lighting, Wu Su was shuddering non-stop under the purple lightning thunderstorm. His giant body convulsed violently from the electric currents.

“I, Wu Su, am a Titan. How can I possibly be harmed by electric currents?” Wu Su was simply bewildered. If a normal giant was hit and got injured, so be it. But he was an Ancient Titan, the born controller of thunder and lightning. He was practically immune to any form of electric current in this world.

Yet, when he was hit by the opponent’s purple lightning, the pain he received was unbearable.

This was too strange.


His own thunderbolt could not harm his opponent, yet this human boy who was like a small bean sprout, could harm him with his purple lightning to such an extent. Could it be, he was actually dreaming?

Yue Yang sneered without a word.

Since fusing with Phoenix Fairy Beauty, he had slowly begun to master the power of Sky Law. Although he was not as skilled as Phoenix Fairy Beauty who was strong enough to destroy heaven and earth, but he was not weak…… If Yue Yang had fully understood the power of the thunder and lightning, Wu Su, this Ancient Titan, would undoubtedly suffer more severe injuries, he would be in a worse state! Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s Thunder of Sky Law brought with it an extremely strong judgement-like power. Even Hell Black Dragon King who claimed to be immune to all elements would fall to the ground in a single hit……. Let alone Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s power of Sky Law that was judgement-like and destructive, if replaced by Xue Wu Xia, her Yin energy and annihilation thunder was not something Wu Su could remain completely immune to.

Yue Yang’s purple lightning’s power was as strong as Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus. Combined with Heaven Rune Circle, it formed this purple lightning thunderstorm. Even though it could not cause great damage to the ancient titan Wu Su, but making him suffer was not a problem.

This hit was not to injure him.

Instead, it was to intimidate.

Stepping over the enemy at where he was the most proud of.

Wu Su’s strongest titan thunderbolt had finally been suppressed by purple lighting…… This was not because the purple lightning was stronger than the titan thunderbolt, but rather had to do with the user.

“If you think that I only know how to throw some thunderbolt lightning, then you are mistaken! Gravely mistaken!” Wu Su roared.

His voice shook the entire Blood Lake Torture Chamber.

His arms shone.

The originally obsidian-like skin became shining gold.

A giant over a hundred meters tall slowly rose from Wu Su’s body. As Wu Su waved his fist vigorously and fiercely pounced towards Yue Yang, the giant also did the same actions. It raised its hand, copying Wu Su’s giant fist and pincer attacked Yue Yang.

Yue Yang’s after image disappeared.


Yue Yang appeared beneath Wu Su’s melted body. Hui Jin Magic Blade gathered amethyst fire that was more than a hundred metres long and attacked Wu Su’s body.

“Useless tricks.” Wu Su jumped up like jumping a jump rope, and then swung the dark gold chains in a circle, putting out the amethyst flames with ease. The shining golden giant moved quick as lightning and quickly turned around, waving its fist to kill Yue Yang. If he were to be hit by this giant or Wu Su’s fist, the consequences would unfortunately be worse that being run into face first by a group of Golden Mammoths…… Yue Yang avoided each hit with ease, not even grazed by any of the enemy’s attacks.

Under the tacit coordinated attacks of the giant and Wu Su, Yue Yang calmly avoided each hit that came down like rain drops.

Wu Su looked at Yue Yang in disbelief.

Now, he realised that there were also benefits to being small.

Even though humans had very small bodies and their power could not hold up against Titans, Titans had fists that were too big. It was not easy to hit an agile human being, moreover when this small human boy was even more slippery than a mud fish by a hundred times. It was practically impossible to subdue him with brute force.

“Domain.” With Wu Su’s shout, the shining golden giant’s hands fell to the ground heavily.

Its body quickly melted into golden light.

A circle of light quickly spread.

It easily spread around Yue Yang, enveloping him within.

The circle was at least a hundred metres wide.

From the ground, it slowly rose to become a light barrier, similarly as tall as a hundred metres. Yue Yang was completely trapped within. Even within Wu Su’s domain, Yue Yang was unfaltered. He did not even summon his Grimoire. He simply moved his Yang energy and surrounded his body with Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus, while carefully feeling the power of his opponent’s domain.

What domain energy was this?

This was not Yue Yang’s first time seeing a domain. Long ago when he was fighting Moqi Xuling, he already knew of the existence of domain energy.

But Yue Yang had never seen a domain like Wu Su’s…… Not only was it surprisingly large, it could even form a semicircle to completely enclose the enemy. Compared to his own [Star Explosion] and [Devour], this shield formed by the domain that the giant morphed into was definitely scary.

“Energy deprivation.” Wu Su reached his hand towards Yue Yang.

“Huh?” Yue Yang felt a force that was similar to the Law surrounding his body. The force sucked Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus away and ejected it outside the shield.

“Without it to protect you, what can you do?” Wu Su exploded with the power of an Innate. His entire being looked like a dark golden sun. His dark body was almost golden, glorious to the extent that it was almost impossible to look at him directly. The rays of energy that shot out from his body blazed even hotter than the rays of the sun. It made Yue Yang unable to look at it directly. Among Wu Su’s howls of laughter, the energy rays that spread out from his body formed sharp golden arrows. All of the light arrows formed from energy gathered and shot like a storm at Yue Yang.

“Freeze!” Cold air rushed around Yue Yang. The entire space seemed to have become a world of ice and snow, countless snowflakes fell from the sky.

When those light arrows came towards Yue Yang, his frost shield and those crytalized snow flakes reflected them one by one.

Even if he could not use ‘Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus’, this was not a problem for Yue Yang. Not only could Yue Yang control the Yang energy he was also excellent at controlling the Yin energy. Compared to Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus, these Frost flowers and Frost shield were much more effective.

Wu Su roared in anger, he reached out his huge hand once again: “Energy deprivation!”

What Yue Yang found strange was that this time again, a force that was similar to the Law appeared again. It drew away all of the frost flowers and frost shield and threw it out beyond the barrier. Yue Yang frowned. He had already consciously controlled the Yin energy, these frost flowers and ice shields were like his own weapons and full of his will. Yet, they could be easily drawn away. Wu Su’s domain was really strange.

It appeared that the ability of this domain was to deprive others of their energy.

Of course this was limited to the energy around the person, it was still impossible to deprive the energy within the body.

“What other tricks do you have? My domain can exist for a month. Before it disappears, you cannot leave nor protect yourself. Watch how I torture you, little bean. Human boy, you can cry, shout, pee your pants. You humans will never win against us titans!” Wu Su burst into laughter. If not for the power of the domain, it would truly be a chore for him to kill this slippery human boy when he was trapped by ‘God Binding Chains’ and especially since thunderbolt was ineffective. But now that the domain is established, this boy was dead meat. It was impossible for him to escape the domain, he could not even protect himself. This boy was fighting him with nothing, he could not win unless he was the incarnation of one of the gods from the legends!

“Ice, fire, thunder all do not work…….” Yue Yang attempted to throw a flash of purple lightning and Wu Su, only for Wu Su to immediately ‘send’ it out of the domain.

Using Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, Yue Yang finally understood the truth of the domain.

[Deprive] Domain of Power: The user can borrow the Law to deprive the will of any item on the enemy, and then send this item out of the domain. Items with life could not be removed. The will of Holy and Divine items could not be removed, but there was a certain possibility of Holy items being thrown out of the domain. Within [Deprive] Domain of Power, an absolute duel would occur. Only when a party survives, would the domain disappear. The current time limit is a month.

Yue Yang understood at once. With this damn [Deprive] Domain of Power, other than Holy items and Divine weapons, he can forget about using anything else.

Most troublesome of all is the time limit of this domain is a whole month.

Wu Su shook the entire Blood Lake Torture Chamber forcefully, the God Binding Chains clanged loudly under his shaking. He laughed madly: “Human, ridiculous little bean, what can you do now? Do not try to hold it together, just cry, cry out loud, that is the only thing you can do……. Ha ha ha!”

Yue Yang was very speechless.

Even with such a [Deprive] Domain of Power, it did not mean victory right?

Domains, does he not have any?

He even has more than one!

Yue Yang did not summon his Grimoire. Once he summoned it, it was likely that ‘World’ would suck away all the energy of this domain. Even if he did not summon ‘World’, within Yue Yang’s body had the [Devour] domain that was like a black hole. Although it was a little slower at absorbing energy, Yue Yang was still certain that no matter how strong this ‘Deprive’ was, it would lose to his ‘Devour’.

“Cry in pity under my light arrows. I, Wu Su, really could not bear to kill you in one go! Tremble, human, this is your fate!” Wu Su proudly spilled out millions of light arrows. Without ice shields and frost flowers, what other energy could be used to protect Yue Yang’s body?

“……. Why is the dying guy always particularly good at making people speechless?” Yue Yang’s body shone from raging flames that turned into a fire amour.

“Energy deprivation.” Wu Su did not even look and simply stretched out his hand.

Millions of light arrows shot at Yue Yang and were all burnt into oblivion by Yue Yang’s fire armor. Only then was Wu Su surprised.

After looking again after gathering his senses, he was stunned.

How could the the legendary Nirvana Flames appear on this damned human’s body……. Wu Su was dumbstruck, while Yue Yang showed his signature sarcastic smile.

Nirvana Flames were an unrivalled existence in this world. Even the Twelve Zodiac Temples’ Gemini Temple [Copy] Law was unable to duplicate his Nirvana Flames, how could [Deprive] domain even try to strip it off its owner’s will and try to send it out of the barrier? Of course that was impossible. Nirvana Flames was an existence that no one can replicate, absorb, strip moreover deprive. Even if it was ‘Devour’ or ‘World’, they were not able to even absorb a single iota of the Nirvana Flames.

With just Wu Su’s [Deprive] domain, how dare he try to move Nirvana Flames?

This could only be said to be wishful thinking!

At first, Yue Yang was still shocked and worried that this [Deprive] domain would eat at his Nirvana’s Flame. That was why he did not dare use it immediately. Who knew that by observing with Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, he would find out that [Deprive] domain could not remove the will of holy items, even more so Nirvana Flames?

If Nirvana’s Flame had to be compared to an item, Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus was only a Platinum-Level artifact, while it was definitely a Divine-ranked weapon. It could even be considered to be a Supreme Divine-ranked weapon!

“You have Nirvana Flames?” Wu Su’s delight quickly subsided.

“I not only have Nirvana’s Flame, I also have World Exterminating Wheel. Isn’t this a surprise? Just cry, just tremble, titan, this is your fate!” Yue Yang returned Wu Su’s arrogant words previously all in one go.

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