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LLS Chapter 488 – Purple Lighting versus Titan Thunderbolt

Chapter 488 – Purple Lighting versus Titan Thunderbolt
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, Xue Tan Lang and Tian Luo Prince, who were all bathed in blood, stubbornly stood as they prepared to fight to the end. However, Yue Yang turned his head and waved his hands at them: “You should all go back first. This guy is my opponent.”

“…” Ye Kong wanted to stay, although he knew that he wouldn’t be of much help, he still wished to stay and see if he could help to lessen the burden on Yue Yang.

“Alright.” Xue Tan Lang was different as he turned and prepared to take his leave.

Compared to Ye Kong, Xue Tan Lang’s determination to stay and fight wasn’t any lesser. It was even much more than theirs.

However, Xue Tan Lang was very rational. He knew that with the current power of the team, forget about everyone being severely injured, even if just one person was fatigued and everyone else being perfectly fine, they wouldn’t be of any help to Yue Yang. Staying would just make them a burden, there would be no other possibilities. They didn’t know how many times stronger was this Titan compared to Fierce Tusk of the North that they met from the Black Hell Army. With such an enormous build, it would be hard for them to emerge victorious. If they really wanted to help Yue Yang, they should leave and go find a Supreme Innate like Sky Law to go to his aid.

They would definitely burden Yue Yang if they insisted on staying.

Lin En and the rest understood this too, so they followed behind Xue Tan Lang and left. Only Fatty Hai suggested to return to the Fourth Floor and leave only after they finish the fight.

This was the first time Liu Ye stood out and made a decision. “You should all go, I’ll stay.”

Everyone was shocked by her words.

How could they leave her, the weakest one of the team, behind? Any random python would be able to engulf her in one mouth, let alone the shock wave from the fight between Yue Yang and Wu Su, the giant Titan.

Leave her behind?

Absolutely impossible!

Liu Ye, however, had her own reasons. “I have the Perforate Deer, so if he is in danger, I can teleport to his side and take him away.”

After pondering over it, Tian Luo Prince rejected her idea. “It may be a good idea for you to stay, but Liu Ye, we can’t let you take the risk. And, we need to have faith in Yue Yang, so we don’t need to have this backup plan. We must believe in him, believe that he will emerge victorious… Without being sure, Yue Yang would never have thrown down the gauntlet. So if he wants to fight, we should trust him. Now, let’s leave this place and leave the further discussions in the Yue Clan castle!”

Unable to defy the lot’s violent objections, Liu Ye eventually changed her mind.

“Wanna leave? Wu Su will send you all off on your final journey!” The Titan that was being hung on the huge cliff laughed loudly. Numerous demonic beasts flooded out with his will.

But the most terrifying tactic was when he leaned over and shot out two Qi from his fingers.

One of them went for Yue Yang.

The other one went in the direction of Ye Kong and the rest.

The two Qi Wu Su casually shot out from his fingers didn’t feel strong at first. But as it continued to move forward and accelerated, it unleashed its true power as it broke through the sound barrier and formed two gigantic wind pillar. As if wanting to tear down the entire space, one of the pillar struck towards Yue Yang who was accumulating his energy, and the other one struck towards the lot who were two kilometres away.

It travelled extremely fast, faster than the speed of sound by several times.

The giant pillar-like Qi was unimaginably fast as it reached Ye Kong and the lot, who were two kilometres away, within seconds.

They were dumbstruck. What they thought was a casual Qi shot had actually possessed such terrifying powers.

As if a Demon King was being born, Hui Tai Lang let out a deafening roar. He burned with dark golden flames and thrust itself towards the pillar with an irresistible sense of invincibility.


Hui Tai Lang who had leaped forward by fifty metres was jolted back by over thirty metres from the shock, even with its four claws dug deep into the ground.

Hui Tai Lang left four deep claws marks on the hard ground.

The aftershock of the shock wave jolted Ye Kong and the lot, who were already on their guards.

A Qi could possess such great powers even after travelling for over two kilometres even after being obstructed by Hui Tai Lang. Xue Tan Lang and the lot knew that they were facing a strong opponent, but they did not expect that the Titan named Wu Su was so unimaginably powerful. Now, this completely diminished everyone’s determination to stay. Everyone became fully aware that they would be of no help to Yue Yang. They would even become a burden to him.

Hui Tai Lang killed some of the demonic beasts that charged forward the fastest. It did not indulge in further fightings as it quickly retreated and protected everyone as they took their leave.

Hui Tai Lang handed over the battlefield to its master completely.

Different from Hui Tai Lang, Yue Yang waved away the pillar Wu Su shot out easily. As the pillar deflected to his sides, it also injured numerous Demonic Beasts.

“It’s actually a Divine Beast? Although it’s still at its infant stage, it’s not bad… It’s a pity that I am being trapped here, if not I’ll definitely kill it to end off future worries!” The Titan sneered. There were lightning flickering around his face. It seemed that he had another trump card that could be used in a long distance.

But due to Yue Yang’s casual deflection to his attack just now, Wu Su changed his mind.

Yue Yang unleashed power of a Level One Innate and raised his Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear.

The amethyst Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus scattered around in the sky. All of the Demonic Beasts that were shot fell to the ground.

The glow of the spear wasn’t huge, but its strength wasn’t any weaker than Wu Su’s wind pillars. With every shot, the glow of the spear would penetrate the Beasts and leave behind a bloody tunnel…

The Demonic Beasts that were extremely powerful in the eyes of Xue Tan Lang and the rest were nothing to Yue Yang. He could kill them easily within seconds.

It was because of Yue Yang’s attack that the team could leave the Blood Lake Torture Chamber unharmed.

Before leaving, Hui Tai Lang even called out to Yue Yang.

It was actually the one who wanted to stay the most.

But Hui Tai Lang already possess sufficient intelligence to understand the mission given to it by Yue Yang. It was to protect the team members…

“Are you going to help me pick my teeth with that little toothpick of yours? Haha!” Wu Su the Titan laughed unbridledly. Although the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear could assassinate the Golden Dragon King, using it against the ancient Titan would render it useless. Unless Yue Yang possessed the full set of Dragon Slaying equipment, and make them unleash power beyond that of a Holy Equipment, Yue Yang would never be able to truly hurt him.

“Will that be your last words?” Yue Yang also sneered. He slowly unleashed his power to Innate Level Two.

The violent shock wave propagated throughout the fifth level of the Blood Lake Torture Chamber. The amethyst flame formed a fire pillar and continued to burn.

Numerous frost flowers fluttered down.

The Demonic Beasts that were driven out by the will of the Titan were either roasted to death by the Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus, or frozen into ice sculptures under the freezing powers of the frost flowers. Only a handful of the more powerful ones managed to retreat fast enough, saving their own lives.

Yue Yang put away his Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear and unleashed power to Innate Level Three.

Wu Su the giant Titan smiled furtively.

Lightning flickered on his face again.

Hundreds of snake-like electric current rapidly gathered in his right palm, forming terrifying thunderbolt.

In a flash, the energy in Wu Su’s body burst out like a volcanic eruption. With energy that could defeat even the giant dragons, all of the shrewd Titan Wu Su’s previous attacks had been feints to hide his world-destroying thunderbolt… Within a second, his thunderbolt had already surpassed the speed of sound as it tore through the space and went directly for Yue Yang.

Yue Yang reached out his hand to receive it, but was jolted back a thousand metres from the unimaginable shock wave.

He crashed into the hard wall with a boom, and was buried deep in the pile of broken rocks.

The shock wave caused broken rocks to fly everywhere as the entire sky was filled with smoke and dust.

There were no activities coming from the huge cavity for a long time.

Wu Su spat in contempt. “Pah! Humans, an insignificant being that actually got the guts to compete with us Titans? He doesn’t know where he stands!”

Although he was a little surprised that he could kill his opponent with just one strike, he did not doubt the power of his thunderbolt. Forget about humans, even giant dragons and the ancient Behemoths in the Heaven Realms would die from the blow.

Although this human was capable, he is too young after all.

How did he even dare to unleash his Innate powers so slowly and relaxedly in front of him? What a sheltered brat! Was he not taught from previous battles that he should always guard himself against the sneak attacks of his opponent? Thinking of this, Wu Su laughed out loud. He loved attacking and killing humans, especially the budding talents with the most potential. He loved killing these people before they get the chance to grow and maximize their potential.

The thrill of killing these young ones was too satisfying, nothing in the world could ever compare.


Wu Su’s thunderous laughter resonated throughout the entire Blood Lake Torture Chamber.

The entire chamber was shaking under his hysterical laughter.

When Wu Su was in his most complacent and comfortable state, a shadow flashed before him, clad in a torn and tattered Wyvern Armor, with slight curls at the ends of his hair due to the lightning that struck him. However, his eyes looked abnormally clear, as if spring water that quietly flowed through rocks in the woods.

He was none other than Yue Yang.

An extremely tiny but concentrated thunderball was slowly disappearing in his hands.

More accurately speaking, he was using the [Devour] ability to continuously devour up the thunderbolt hurled by Wu Su just now.

Seeing Yue Yang’s current state made Wu Su’s laughter turn into something akin to the sound made by a pig being slaughtered.

An unbelieving glow flashed across his giant eyes for the first time, causing him to shout uncontrollably. “How can you devour my thunderbolt? It’s mine!”

“Continue laughing, you’ll be history soon!” Yue Yang waited for the last thunderbolt to be absorbed by the uncontrollable black hole in his body before gently tearing away the torn Wyvern Armor on his body, revealing his perfect figure. Wu Su did not spot any wounds on his body. Yue Yang actually took down all his previous blows.


How was this possible?

Even giant dragons would die if hit by his thunderbolt, how could a little human boy be immune against lightning and thunder? Moreover, it was thunderbolt thrown out by a Titan!

Wu Su suddenly snarled angrily upon his sudden realisation. “Cunning human being, you possess treasures that can defend against thunder and lightning!”

Yue Yang shook his head, the contempt at the corner of his lips was apparent. “Fool, don’t think that you are the only one who know how to control thunder and lightning…” After finishing his sentence, a purplish blue lightning flickering around Yue Yang’s body. Numerous tiny electrical snakes accumulated in Yue Yang’s palms, forming a similar ‘purple lightning’ like Titan’s thunderbolt.

The only difference was the color.

The lightning gathered by Wu Su was a bright silvery Titan Thunderbolt.

Whereas for Yue Yang, his was a dark purple with a tinge of blue. There was even a hint of gold in it.

While Yue Yang was gathering thunderbolt, he unleashed his power to Innate Level Four. He then unleashed the enormous amount of energy and hurled the purple lightning back to Wu Su furiously. “Cry, you pathetic egomaniac!”

(Last: Thanks for the correction about huijin and crescent moon in the last chap did not see that)

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      I forget if he stole it from something or if he just “figured it out” and controlled lightning on his own.

      But either way this isn’t technically the first time.

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