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LLS Chapter 486 – Breaking limits, stubborn Liu Ye

Chapter 486 – Breaking limits, stubborn Liu Ye
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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“I am such an idiot, I still couldn’t learn it until now.” Fatty Hai beat his chest and stomped his foot. Actually he could get the feel of it, but he kept failing. He did not succeed after trying for a few hundred times, so he was rather crestfallen.

“So, you finally found out you are an idiot.” Ye Kong also failed a few hundred times, but at least he succeeded once. Although he was steeped in excitement and couldn’t grab hold of the feeling before it’s gone and had to sense all over again, at least he succeeded once. Compared to Fatty Hai, he was still better. So he rubbed it in even more.

“La, Olala!” Hui Tai Lang was more annoying. It teleported around Fatty Hai, as it shook its butt and wiggled its tail. It started to dance. Its haughty attitude made Fatty Hai even more upset.

“…” Xue Tan Lang clenched his fist.

Not only did he want to succeed, he also wanted teleport fast.

He wanted to be like Yue Yang who could teleport out of free will. Although he knew that there was still a huge gap between him and his brother-in-law, he wouldn’t lower his goal. Xue Tan Lang continued to uphold his stringent standard and swore to be perfect like Yue Yang.

On the topic of cultivating, Xue Tan Lang had always been a perfectionist.

Of course, not only Xue Tan Lang, Prince Tian Luo and even Ye Kong were like this too. Lin En and the rest had long been accustomed to their masochistic cultivation method. They also understood why human beings grow faster than other races like the elves, ox-head people and the orcs! The reason why human warriors could grow so quickly wasn’t because of any ethnicity related superiority, but conversely, it was due to their inferiority, short lifespan and weak capabilities. They also lived under harsh conditions.

The reason why human beings could give birth to strong beings quickly was simple. It was because human warriors were too focused and crazed during cultivations.

Forget about Yue Yang, taking the example of the young Xue Tan Lang, his cultivation in a year would be akin to thirty years of cultivations of the relaxed and peace-loving golden elves.

With this comparison, it wouldn’t be hard to understand why a golden elf warrior, that was a few hundred years old, was weaker than Xue Tan Lang who was only twenty.

Fatty Hai and the rest continued to cultivate on the other side of the path.

Yue Yang brought Liu Ye and Bao’er along to explore around.

Liu Ye lowered her head. After following Yue Yang around for a long way, she suddenly spoke in a soft voice: “Do you have something to tell me?”

She felt that Yue Yang looked at her various times along the way. Did he have anything to tell her?

Although she was shy, she couldn’t help asking.

“I will tell you when the time comes…” Hearing Yue Yang’s words, Liu Ye suddenly understood something. Since Bao’er was around, it wasn’t a convenient time for him to speak. But what ddid he want to tell her? Liu Ye was a little curious as she raised her head and looked at Yue Yang’s face. Seeing him smile, her heartbeat quickened as she quickly lowered her head again, not daring to look at him again. Yue Yang pointed to the dark path ahead and spoke to Liu Ye. “Let’s have a special training, Bao’er and I will be in charge of hiding and you will have to use the Perforate Deer to find us, it is just like a game of hide and seek… We’ll hide for ten times, if you could find us ten times, then you pass. If not, I won’t train you anymore.”

“Yes, I’ll do my best.” Liu Ye had longed for the chance to prove herself in front of Yue Yang. She couldn’t tell why, but she didn’t wish to see him disappointed. For example, she was upset for a while when her Perforate Deer couldn’t pass through the Golden Shield.

“Sensing, you must use your heart to sense… I believe that you can do it since you are very gifted!” Yue Yang encouraged Liu Ye with a bright smile.

Liu Ye did not speak as she looked at Yue Yang. She nodded with great seriousness.

Upon hearing his compliment, Liu Ye’s body was pumped with an indescribable sense of excitement. She fought hard to suppress her excitement.

An hour later.

Liu Ye who was tired out of her wits walked around in the dark. She persevered and sensed her surroundings.

She was left with just two more times. But sensing became more difficult as she walked deeper into the darkness.

More accurately speaking, Yue Yang made it more difficult for her to find him the next round everytime Liu Ye found him. It was still manageable at first, but after the fifth time, she had to exhaust large amounts of energy in order to find him. Even if he did not hide in a faraway location and was within fifty metres from her while looking at her, she still couldn’t find him.

Suppressing her weariness, she tried to concentrate again and use her heart to sense around her…

Liu Ye searched around in the darkness time and time again, she had failed to sense him dozens of times, and many other times she couldn’t sense anything due to her weariness.

She bit her lips and persevered.

Finally, she was able to sense something slightly. Liu Ye was so excited that she almost shrieked. Before the feeling goes away, she immediately ordered the Perforate Deer to confirm the target… When the Perforate Deer arrived, Liu Ye suppressed her dizziness and used teleportation to reach Yue Yang’s location and ‘nabbed’ him according to the rules.

She was finally done with her ninth training.

Due to extreme fatigue, there was a slight deviation in her teleportation. Her hands did not catch him, on the contrary her head knocked onto the wall behind him.

“Are you okay?” Yue Yang reached out her hands and helped Liu Ye, who was too fatigued, up.

“I, I’m fine, one more round to go…” Liu Ye was utterly embarrassed. Covering her forehead in pain, she shooked her head shyly. Why was she so stupid? Why was she always making a fool out of herself in front of him?

“Do you need to rest?” Yue Yang rubbed her forehead and used his Innate Qi to ease the bump on it.

“No need.“ Liu Ye shook her head stubbornly.

Actually she truly wanted to rest because she had already exhausted all her energy and was beyond fatigued. If she were to sit on the ground, she definitely wouldn’t be able to get up. Although she knew that the ground was muddy and filthy, she almost couldn’t fight the urge to lie down and rest. But when he asked her if she wanted to rest, a strong sense of stubbornness overwhelmed her as she did not want him to see through her weakness. She insisted on meeting his expectations and even achieve beyond it.

Liu Ye stood up straight with great effort and tried hard not to let Yue Yang see that she was at her wits end.

She nodded her head firmly, indicating that she can do it.

But on the insides, she was fighting hard not to cry.

She gritted her teeth.

She didn’t wish to expose her weakness, and didn’t want Yue Yang to know it even more.

Three hours later, Liu ye staggered along the tunnel. She lost count of the times she fell and the times she sensed wrongly.

She even thought of giving up after one of the falls, as she suddenly suspected that Yue Yang may have departed and left her there to train on her own… But she immediately rejected this idea that shook her determintation. She firmly believed that Yue Yang was somewhere near, looking at her in the dark. Her cowardly tears and uselessness would be all seen by him… He would definitely be very disappointed with her!

She mustn’t let him down, she had to meet his expectations and achieve beyond that!

No one had ever given her recognition, only he had.

Only him!

With an unimaginable sense of tenacity, Liu Ye picked herself up over and over again. She sensed over and over again, struggling to support her body under extreme mental and physical fatigue. She kept on sensing for his presence.

There were various moment where her body reached its limit and she almost lost conciousness.

She forcefully braced herself.

Finally, when she tried to sense him once, she discovered a very tiny smell that seemed like his, but also seemed like an illusion at the same time… However, Liu ye quickly bit the tip of her tongue in an attempt to use pain to trigger her numbed conciousness and diligently sensed… In the split second when she could sense things clearly, something in her mind exploded, it was as if a mirror being broken, or an iceberg suddenly crumbling. Liu Ye felt that something in her mind broke, giving her a headache, and all the tendons and muscles in her body twitched…

Even if she died, she had to teleport to his sides and meet his expectations!

Liu Ye became crazed as she summoned her grimoire and summoned her Guardian Beast Perforate Deer.

“Go, little deer!” Liu Ye pointed towards a dark corner and ordered it to go forward. Before she fainted, she followed closely behind the Perforate Deer and teleported.

“Well done!”

Liu Ye felt that she fell into someone’s warm embrace as a strong arm caught her falling body.

His voice echoed in her conciousness.

He seemed to be praising her…

But even before Liu Ye could hear it clearly, she fainted.

After passing out, she did not see golden light shimmering off her grimoire. A golden pillars rose from it and covered her. Her Perforate Deer that was showered in the golden glow slowly changed and grew in size. The small antler on its head also formed a small fork. Liu Ye levelled up after breaking her limits.

Her Guardian Beast, ‘Perforate Deer’, also levelled up.

It rose from being Level Two silver-ranked to Level Three silver-ranked.

Furthermore, Liu Ye did not know what she did in the last moment.

When the Perforate Deer went to Yue Yang’s sides, she did not try to sense it like she normally did. She teleported without confirming her target. In the last moment, she even managed to teleport before Yue Yang together with the Perforate Deer.

This was what Yue Yang wished to see the most.

Yue Yang originally thought of using one month, or even three months to train her, until she could teleport simultaneously with the Perforate Deer.

He never would have thought that the stubborn Liu Ye did it within three hours.

The outburst of energy from her inherent talent together with her obstinate determination exceeded Yue Yang’s expectations.

Although she did not really achieve teleporting as a single body, this was a successful start. Yue Yang believed that as long as he used his Innate Qi to open up the meridians in her body, and then use the Nirvana Flame to purify her body, with half a month of training, or even shorter, Liu Ye would be able to master the skill of teleporting with her Perforate Deer as a single body. If she could really do it, she would have a bright future.

The golden shield of the mysterious palace and the various restrictions in the God’s ruins would no longer be able to stop her…

With Liu Ye, Yue Yang felt that he could enter the mysterious palace before the Black Hell King does.

The Black Hell King can continue to knock on the golden shield outside. He will face a tragic end anyway!

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