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LLS Chapter 484 – Perforate Deer

Chapter 484 – Perforate Deer
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Black Hell King’s name caused a ripple of fear on everyone.

Fierce Tusk of the North, this wild boar general, could not even be comparde to Black Hell King. With Yue Yang there, even if they met wild boar Fierce Tusk of the North, everyone might still be able to escape.

However, even with Yue Yang on their side, if they were to meet Black Hell King, everyone was only going to die, there was no chance of survival at all!

Everyone felt that Black Hell King was at least a peak Level Ten Supreme Innate……

If they knew the truth, that Black Hell King had the ability of a Heaven Rank Level One or even Level Two, they would be in even greater despair. Naturally, to them, whether it was a peak Level Ten Innate or a Heaven Rank Level One, they would be instantly killed.

Even an enemy above Innate Level Five could kill them in an instant.

Even the strongest among them, Xue Tan Lang was the same.

“I am not going, I do not want to die……. Fierce Tusk of the North, that wild boar, already scared me to the point of peeing. As for Black Hell King, he will definitely peel of my skin and roast me alive, I do not want to die!” Fatty Hai burst into tears while clinging onto Yue Yang’s leg. He would definitely not go to such a dangerous place. Ye Kong kicked over this timid Fatty and dragged him along with the Li Clan Brothers.

“Do not worry, Black Hell King will at most kill you in a second, he has no interest in your body.” Ye Kong’s words made Fatty Hai cry even harder.

“Go.” Xue Tan Lang had already turned his fear into fighting intent.

Actually everyone knew that even if Black Hell King appeared, Yue Yang would not let anyone die.

Even if Black Hell King did not appear, it seemed that it was an extremely dangerous place. Otherwise, Yue Yang would not tell everyone to take care of themsleves so seriously. Xue Tan Lang and their eyes shone with fighting intent. Following Yue Yang meant that they were playing with their lives, but even that was a pleasure. Instead of living a coward’s life, it was better to have an exciting and eventful one.

A place that even Black Hell King went to, no matter what they would have to go and take a look.

It was not just Xue Tan Lang and the others, even the quiet Liu Ye and Anna, and even the fearless Bao’er were all excited.


This was true excitement!

As for the hot tempered Ox-headed Fan Lun Tie, she was unable to wait and kept rushing Yue Yang to hurry up.

Returning to the Mysterious Palace, Yue Yang had already went in once to take a look and had only moved after Black Hell King left. Yue Yang was aware of how Black Hell King moved. Every three days, Black Hell King would appear before this Golden Barrier and hit it for half an hour, using this as a pretext to train his skills and also try to open the barrier.

Black Hell King was extremely cautious, even if nothing happened, he would still investigate each time out of habit. Thankfully, Yue Yang had already figured this out

He also figured out how to dodge it accordingly, that was to borrow the method of the Ultimate Killer An Xi’s ‘Concealment’.

With ‘Concealment’, even Black Hell King would not be able to detect them.

They could retreat ten thousand steps even if Black Hell King discovered them.

Alternatively, Yue Yang could also throw Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others into the Grimoire World, and escape with them. With the upgrade from absorbing Mother Earth Potion, even if Yue Yang could not defeat Black Hell King, Yue Yang was at least unafraid.

Fatty Hai’s teeth were chattering and his body was trembling in fear.

In fact, Black Hell King had already left and would not appear for another three days.

Yue Yang did not tell them the truth to toughen them up. He believed that after this matter of life and death with Black Hell King, they would not fear Fierce Tusk of the North even if they met him. The whole team was extremely cautious, no one dared to make extreme movements. Only Bao-er was fearless and even indulged in the beauty of this place. She told Yue Yang: “This place is so beautiful! How about we move here to stay after defeating Black Hell King?”

“…… Good idea.” Yue Yang was a little speechless, defeat Black Hell King? Unless they could kill him, this ‘home’ would never be safe.

“No, I do not want to be neighbours with Black Hell King. I dread even more to have him knocking on the door in the middle of the night.” At the thought of these, Fatty Hai had goosebumps.

“This place is too beautiful!” When they arrived at the front of the Golden Barrier, little stars filled the eyes of Liu Ye and the rest.

“This barrier is too big, it seems difficult to enter. Its boundless energy is unfathomable, it really is worthy of being a Divine Grimoire’s barrier!” Before Lin En finished talking, Ox-headed Fan Lun Tie hacked on the barrier with her ax.

As a result, she was thrown 200 meters away.

Everyone’s jaws fell to the ground.

Wasn’t the defense of this Golden Barrier too terrifying?

Battered and exhausted, Ox-headed Fan Lun Tie instantly became listless. She knew that her brute force would not be of any help and could only look at Yue Yang.

Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and Xue Tan Lang all gave it a go. Even though they had already mentally prepared themselves, they quickly realised that the energy that was deflected back to them was not just their own attacking power. There was another force of energy that could not be resisted. When the two energies combined together and returned to them, it could not be resisted. All of them were thrown a hundred meters away, not any better that Ox-headed Fan Lun Tie.

Anna looked at Yue Yang: “Brute force will definitely not work, do you have any solution?”

Yue Yang shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly: “If I had a way, I would have already went in to take the treasures. Not just me, even Black Hell King can only stare and do nothing!”

Hearing this, Fatty Hai was filled with energy. He got to his feet and rushed to Yue Yang excitedly: “You mean, no one has touched any of the treasures in there? They are all still there, wow wow, if I got to go in to pick a Divine-ranked weapon……”

With a kick, Ye Kong sent this daydreaming fool ten meters away.

It was not that he could not daydream, but he should pick a better time!

Tian Luo Prince and Lin En have begun to understand why Yue Yang brought everyone here, it was because of Liu Ye.

As everyone turned their eyes towards Liu Ye, her face turned red.

She looked down, and said: “Let, let me try!”

She summoned her Grimoire and summoned out her Guardian Beast ‘Perforate Deer’. She ordered it to rush through the Golden Barrier……. The result was as Yue Yang expected. Perforate Deer was not deflected back, but after entering the Golden Barrier, it instantly lost the mental connection it had with its owner. Without higher intelligence, it was at a loss of what to do. It blankly stayed still, stuck inside the Golden Barrier.

Following such, Liu Ye who was afraid that it would sustain injuries quickly summoned it back.

While it was possible for Perforate Deer to pass through the Golden Barrier, it was still impossible with Liu Ye and Perforate Deer’s current ability.

Yue Yang nodded his head. As long as there was hope, it was good.

No matter what, this was still better than how Black Hell King’s method of hitting the barrier to death!

As long as Yue Yang could find a way to enhance Liu Ye’s ability, and upgrade Perforate Deer’s level, the possibility of passing through this Golden Barrier was very high…… Yue Yang had previously already thought of this, and he was very satisfied with such an outcome.

“So, Sorry!” Liu Ye was very embarrassed and apologised to Yue Yang. She knew that Yue Yang must have had high expectations for her. This failure must have been disappointing for him, which made her particularly apologetic. Perforate Deer did not have much battle power, and its level was too low. Furthermore, it did not have very high intelligence and would be at a loss once it leaves the control of its owner.

“Let him help you upgrade your Guardian Spirit Beast, he should have a way.” Anna quickly comforted Liu Ye.

“Help me upgrade too!” Bao’er clinged onto Yue Yang’s arm.

“Yes, I am at your service, beautiful Miss Gold Elf.” Yue Yang’s wacky behaviour greatly delighted Bao’er and everyone laughed loudly.

Actually Yue Yang was not just placating Bao’er. He felt that there was also a need to increase this Golden Elf lolita’s Guardian Spirit Beast, her Guardian Spirit Beast was the Little Flower Spirit’ that increase one’s luck.

In this world, there was no other treasure that better than luck.

With luck, one could have everything.

Without luck…… that would be like the unlucky Black Hell King who could only stare at the Golden Barrier his whole life!

To Yue Yang, Bao’er was a human-shaped treasure that could increase his luck. If he did not upgrade her, that would be wasting the chance to tap in on the potential of his upgradable human-shaped treasure.

On the way back, Bao’er this exceptional lucky star brought Yue Yang another surprise. Without even knowing where she touched, she actually triggered a secret switch that even Yue Yang did not discover. A special but broken teleportation circle, flashing with sparks shot out from the ground. Yue Yang did not have time to understand it, but he knew that this was a rare opportunity. In one swift move, he kicked Fatty Hai in, and with another hand he carried Bao’er and Liu Ye up. He led the way into the low energy teleportation circle that could disappear any moment.

Plop,plop, plop……

When the last one, Hui Tai Lang fell into the water, Yue Yang realised that it had teleported him into an usual space that was dark and large.

“Let me go!” Liu Ye shook her body bashfully, attempting to escape his big hands. Yue Yang did not notice earlier that while holding Liu Ye’s waist, his hand was pressing on her chest and cupping her smallish breasts in his palms.

“Do not let me go, I do not want to fall into the water.” Bao’er hugged Yue Yang tightly, her long legs wrapped around Yue Yang’s waist. With her night vision, she could see the distressed states of Fatty Hai and those in the water. She laughed loudly, and felt that holding onto Yue Yang was safer. Even though everyone reacted quickly, they were still all drenched and in a sorry state.

“…….” Liu Ye struggled in Yue Yang’s hands momentarily, and felt his big hands loosen slightly. However, she was still embarrassed.

“This place, turns out to be an ancient passage, the ancient passage within God’s Ruins Inner Layer.” Using Heaven Eyes Divine Vision to analyse the surroundings, Yue Yang came to such a shocking conclusion. Mysterious Palace was actually connected to God’s Ruins. Could it be that there was a relation between these two places? Could it be that Mysterious Palace was actually a part of God’s Ruins Inner Layer?

“This can be any place, as long as this is a place far away from Black Hell King.” Fatty Hai felt a little safer.

“Get out of the way.”

Xue Tan Lang knew that the real journey has just begun.

While those previous dangers could all have been anticipated, the changes now were out of even Yue Yang’s foresight. Inside the ancient passage of God’s Ruins, without 100% of one’s mental state, one’s life was in danger even if Yue Yang was on their side.

This place was not a joke.

Not long later, he and Tian Luo Prince found an exit.

It was a lever-style guillotine door.

In the ancient passage, there were countless strange places like this.

No matter what object that passes through the lever-style guillotine door, it would be sliced through the middle by the ‘invisible guillotine’. Even though Xue Tan Lang did not have Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, but as a warrior, he could instinctively tell when there was danger. He picked up a rock and threw it lightly at the exit. As a result, the stone split into halves. Fatty Hai shivered in shock and quickly retreated behind Yue Yang.

Even though he claimed to be the boss, with Yue Yang here, he would never try to stand out. Instead, he is the obedient tag-along.

If Liu Ye was not here, Xue Tan Lang and the others would have forcefully demolished the entire wall. They would have been exhausted, and might have even attracted the powerful ancient monsters.

“Go and give it a go!” Yue Yang could pass through easily, but he decided to take this opportunity to train Liu Ye.

“Yes.” Liu Ye felt her breast throbbing from his burning big hand. Although she knew it was unintentional, she was still very embarrassed.

Her chest felt strange. She really wanted to reach in and sooth it.

Her body was also a little weak.

Even walking seemed to pose slight issues, out of all times, it had to be know when everyone was looking.

Liu Ye did not want everyone to realise that there was something wrong with her and quickly bowed her head, acting nonchalant. Willing her mind, she summoned her Guardian Beast ‘Perforate Deer’.

In front of the Golden Barrier, Perforate Deer had failed to break through it.

This time, she decided to perform well and live up to his expectations!

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