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LLS Chapter 482 – The best gift!

Chapter 482 – The best gift!
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
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Yue Yu, who had sorted out her feelings, was no longer bothered by other things.

Being attentive, Yue Yu provided the greatest assistance to Yue Yang, when he was creating the Holy-ranked Battle Doll. The Sickly Beauty was in charge of researching the three large Runic Circle of the Golden Coffin. Her instinct told her that the results obtained from her research would definitely be of great use to Yue Yang. As for Luo Hua City Mistress, she usually grooms her Six-tailed Spirit Fox. She lacked the patience in sorting logistics issues.

So this made the astute, meticulous and gentle Yue Yu the best candidate to be Yue Yang’s assistant.

During times when Yue Yang’s research didn’t go well, she would comfort him gently, uplifting his spirit.

Within two days, Yue Yang finished preparing all the materials.

The first breakthrough they needed would be understanding the body structure and nature of the Crystal Men.

The Crystal Men were different from human beings, they do not require any gender difference. They were asexual existence born from crystals and relied on the energy of the crystals to survive. Their life cycle was different from human’s cycle of birth, aging, sickness and death. But even so, they are considered to be living creatures. Yue Yang couldn’t figure out how their souls can control their bodies even after researching for a long time. With sturdy crystal bodies, the Crystal Men shouldn’t have been able to replicate actions that humans can do. But during battles, they were even more agile than humans.

After observing for a long time, Yue Yang saw some clues with his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, but couldn’t dredge any more details.

Yue Yang was stuck at the stage between knowing nothing and everything.

“Maybe you could consult with the Night Empress when she returns!” Yue Yu advised.

“She definitely wouldn’t know.” Yue Yang’s plan was to enter the mysterious palace again. He should be able to obtain something from it.

Not only was the Black Hell King in the mysterious palace, it was protected by the strong Golden Barrier. Even after his level up, Yue Yang couldn’t guarantee that he could get in. Maybe he could try using Liu Ye’s Perforate Deer, but it wouldn’t be a guaranteed success, he could only try his luck. Moreover, Liu Ye, Bao Er and the others went to the outskirts of Death Valley for training, so they wouldn’t be back anytime soon.

Seeing Yue Yang being vexed, Yue Yu quickly changed the topic.

She handed a drawing to Yue Yang. “Why don’t we study the weapon first. We shouldn’t be worried that we can’t make the Battle Doll now. We should make the weapons first.

Yue Yang felt that it was a good idea. It would be good for him to change his train of thought now that he was in a bottleneck. It might even lead to surprises!

So they switched over into making the comparatively easier weapons rather than the Battle Doll.

As the Holy-ranked Battle Angel required weapons that were at least Platinum-ranked, it wouldn’t exactly be easy to make.

Refining a Platinum-ranked equipment would require large amount of components. Although Yue Yang had the Nirvana Flame to refine them, he was extremely exhausted by it… As Yue Yu couldn’t help him, she could only help to wipe away his perspiration, pass him water and record down the components that were being made. As the mountain-like components were all exhausted, Yue Yang finally refined a few tons of things like the Meteorite Essence and the Silver Essence. He had also finished his preparations for other aids like the Obsidian and Red Sand.

To ensure that it would be a success, Yue Yang and Yue Yu discussed and decided to make one using the inferior components first.

They would only start creating it once they are fully confident that they would succeed.

In this way, the supreme components that they refined painstakingly wouldn’t go to waste.

“Here in the Rune Circle, And here, the star position is not accurate enough, adjust it again.” Yue Yang, Yue Yu and the Sickly Beauty were extremely exhausted when they finished two “Angel’s Blade’’. These Angel’s Blade could shrink, fold, and rotate. They could even turn into mechanical wings. The only thing that remained was to activate them.

These two Angel’s Blades needed to at least be Platinum-ranked to be used. However, since they used inferior components, even if the activation failed, they would still be Silver-ranked.

Yue Yang didn’t care about its ranked, he only wanted to succeed.

Five minutes after it was activated by channelling energy into it.

The two Angel’s Blade that were joined together twisted and deformed under the enormous amount of energy.

It seemed that the Angel’s Blade couldn’t take such a large amount of energy… Yue Yang was troubled, he could only melt it with Nirvana Flame and start all over again. The Sickly Beauty then thought over it again, and considered if the problem lied in the Runic Circle and if she could combine the three large Runic Circles. Yue Yu suddenly identified the issue. She spoke excitedly. “Actually we may be close to succeeding. We only lack a medium now. This weapon has to be created on the basis of having a Battle Angel. If we have a medium, that is, if we have a person to wear it, and then start it and use our mind to control it just like how we do with the Battle Doll, then we may succeed!”

Her words stunned Yue Yang.

It then turned into euphoria.

What Yue Yu said was very logical. All treasures that were above Platinum-ranked would have a consciousness in certain sense, and would be connected to the mind of its owner.

It was the same thing for the Angel’s Blade. If it were to be started without the control of its master, it would go out of control. This should be the reason why he failed. But then again, who would be the medium?

This person had to be one with strong willpower and good at communicating with treasures. Luo Hua City Mistress had been busy breeding flowers and levelling up the Spirit Fox, so she definitely wouldn’t have the time to carry out experiments with him. The same thing goes for Bing’er since she was busy cultivating. Yi Nan has a strong willpower, but she is now in the Valley of Butterflies and Flowers to help the Sickly Beauty in determining the star positions of the Runes. Yue Yang himself couldn’t do it either as he had to be out doing the assembly and inputting of energy at the final stage.

The only candidate would be Yue Yu.

But she is weak physically, so it would be extremely dangerous if any accident happens.

“Let me do it, I’ll be fine. I have faith in you, you can do it.” Yue Yu encouraged Yue Yang. She firmly believed that he could do it.

“Alright, this time let’s do things differently and alter the design… There’s breastplate and wings on the front and back of the original Battle Doll, but Sister Yu you don’t have all these, so we should install two Angel’s Blade on the back, shoulders and arms. This would be more logical and would make it easier to distribute the Rune Circle. We will add a breastplate on the front and use it to connect and stabilize the Angel’s Blade, so in the scenario that you can’t control it, it won’t hurt you, of course, the weight would be more evenly distributed too…” Yue Yang boldly made changes.

With the finalisation of the new plan, as if seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, new ideas kept popping up in Yue Yang’s mind.

He made the two Angel’s Blade again. W ith his past experiences, the Angel’s Blade made this time was more perfect and more suitable for females to use. Since Yue Yu was the one controlling it, the initially huge Angel’s Blade was shrunk by a large extent.

In order to make the breastplate, Yue Yang even made measurements of Yue Yu’s chest, waist and hip accurately.

Yue Yu was a little awkward when Yue Yang was taking the measurements, but she did not reject him.

“Will you feel uncomfortable with this width?” Yue Yang knew that any slight unfitting issues would lead to serious consequences. So he had to make accurate measurements and inquired Yue Yu.

“No, this is good.” Wearing the sample made by Yue Yang, Yue Yu tried to stand, sit, walk and battle. She then told what she felt to her brother.

“Then this will be it!” Yue Yang felt that Yue Yu’s chest area could be larger, because she restricted it too tightly with her clothes. Once she wears the breastplate made from metal and crystal, she may feel that it’s too tight fitting. But he felt embarrassed to say it, because he saw it discreetly using his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision. He realised that Yue Yu restricted her plump breast tightly, and didn’t allow it to expand fully.

“Okay.” Yue Yu was also slightly embarrassed. She felt that her body was getting more mature as her breasts enlarged and her hips became rounder. She was afraid that her breasts would shake as she walked so she used skintight shirts to restrict it. But she couldn’t tell her brother that she wanted the chest area to be larger.

The Angel’s Blade with breastplate had been made and Yue Yu officially wore it for the first time.

The Sickly Beauty wasn’t there since she had been meditating in order to understand the three large Rune Circle of the Golden Coffin.

Luo Hua City Mistress wasn’t there too.

Only Yue Yu and Yue Yang were in the whole of the laboratory, so it made it less awkward for Yue Yu.

Seeing Yue Yang perspiring profusely, busily assembling the Angel’s Blade before her chest and on her back, Yue Yu felt sorry for her brother. She felt that he was too serious in everything he did… He did not even sleep or rest when he carried out his research. If no one was there to take care of him, he would collapse from weariness.

After putting on the energy crystal and activating the Runic Circle, Yue Yang used his Innate Qi and Nirvana Flame to fuse it. Dazzling lights shone off the Heaven Rune Circle of ‘levitate’, ‘speed’ and ‘morph’ . With Yue Yu’s mental control, the Angel’s Blade finally fused with her as it became a super weapon that could help her. During battles, the Angel’s Blade would eject from her arms to fight off the enemies, maintaining both wings at the same time. The Angel’s Blade has more than eighteen modes for the owner to choose from, when attacking the enemies. During the fight, the Angel’s Blade could fold and deform, and be used as an armor for defense purposes. It could then combine with the wings at the back, forming a rotating blade that could defend against opponents from all directions.

It could even form a ten seconds crystal shield using the crystals on the breastplate during special battles.

Normal weapons used for battle wouldn’t even reach this kind of standard in the Soaring Dragon Continent or even Tong Tian Tower.

This was an ancient Magic Weapon!

Although it wasn’t made from the best components, Yue Yang felt that this Silver-ranked Angel’s Blade installed on the back would be a top notch Silver-ranked Equipment. It could even beat lots of Gold-ranked equipments.

Yue Yu operated the Angel’s Blade and happily showed off various combat skills to Yue Yang.

Even she could easily operate this remarkable ancient Magic Weapon.

“So comfortable. It feels as if I have my own wings and arms. It is easy to operate and can even do whatever I want to do with it!” What Yue Yu didn’t know what was that the reason why she felt so comfortable in it was because Yue Yang lengthened the chest area of the armour, and made two cave-ins according to the shape of Yue Yu’s beautiful breast. It supported her babies like a bra, that was why she felt that it was so fitting.

“Had I known that I could succeed on the first try, I would have made a Gold-ranked one for you.” Yue Yang sighed regretfully.

“No, this one is good enough, I like it.” Yue Yu was very excited. She wanted to rub Yue Yang’s head and compliment him, but due to the height difference, she could only touch his cheeks before quickly withdrawing it. She smiled to him. “Thank you, Xiao San, this is the best gift you have ever given me, and the best one that I would ever receive!”

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