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LLS Chapter 481 – Sickly Beauty, the Crystal bride

Chapter 481 – Sickly Beauty, the Crystal bride
Translated by: crayon
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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These pieces of paper were clearly designs for Ancient Battle Dolls.

But what surprised Yue Yang was that the designs were of a much higher standard than the Battle Dolls of the Soaring Dragon Continent and that they have exceeded his imagination.

The Ancient Battle Doll was a creation that combined life and machine. It’s was not a silicon-based life form like the Transformers, but a life form made of something between silicon and carbon. Its body was a perfect creation made of flesh and crystal. To be more accurate, the Ancient Battle Doll was much more advanced and much more perfect than the Ancient Guards in the Crystal Canyon. If was not only alive but it was capable of self-thought…
(Transformer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transformers_(film))

These Battle Dolls could even change forms just like a special Innate.

There were forms for fighting, for living and even for studying. Depending on its needs, the battle doll could change its form freely. Thus, it could even be said that they have a superiority, to a certain extent, over other life forms such as humans and elves, who do not have the ability to change forms.

Of course, these Ancient Battle Dolls had one greatest weakness.

It was the problem of growth.

Its abilities were completely predetermined and fixed. From the moment it was made, it would already possess all the powers it could ever possess thus it did not need to grow any further.

This, also meant that it was just like all other battle dolls, its powers fixed forever, and the inability to grow… It could only learn how to master the skills it already possess and absorb energy to grow, but it could not gain any actual improvements.

It would be just like how a Ranker, whose potential had been exhausted, would never be able to level up.

[Battle Angel: holy-ranked, all-purpose Battle Doll with three different forms, possesses a special life and higher intelligence, able to use innate skills as well as learnt skills in battle, needs to contract a strong soul as a host for its spirit, eternally loyal, self-healing, will fall apart upon the death of its contracted master. Any other additional battle machinery has to be taught and learnt before it can be used while its original inherent weapons can be executed by its natural instinct. The degree to which it becomes conscious of its inherent abilities would determine the final effect of using the weapons.]

“There are holy-ranked Battle Dolls? When it is complete, all the Innates who take great pride in their Gold King Beasts would kill themselves.” Luo Hua City Mistress felt that this was too unfair. Holy-ranked Battle Dolls with both life and intelligence, everyone would go crazy knowing it.

“It is indeed terribly frightening!” Even Sickly Beauty felt that to have Battle Dolls with life and intelligence, was like frogs turning into princes.

“It looks very complicated. It wouldn’t be easy to make right?” Yue Yu worried that the holy-ranked Battle Dolls had too high of requirement to be made and that it might cause more trouble for them if it could not be produced.

“With the designs, we are already halfway there. I believe we can overcome the difficulties.” Yue Yang had faith that they could do it since they had almost all the materials needed: two Crystal Man bodies, highest graded materials like the Meteorite Essence and Obsidian Emperor Heart as well as the ‘Divine Molten Meteorite Gold’ which could be used to make divine weapons and everything else Yue Gong had prepared. Even if there were still some missing materials, they could always just spend more money to buy it all.

No matter what, they had to fulfill Yue Gong’s third dying wish.

The real Puppet Grimoire, the mysterious crystal pillar and the third piece that Yue Gong had not completed. Yue Gong had basically prepared a part of the requirements for Yue Yang. More importantly, he had directed Yue Yang onto an entirely new path.

That was creating battle dolls with life!

To have received inspiration from the talented Yue Gong was no doubt the greatest present to Yue Yang.

It must be understood that if some things were not laid bare, it could cause the technology of the whole world to stop progressing for hundreds, even thousands of years while just a simple exposure would prove that progress couldn’t be simpler. For instance, before Yue Yang was transported, thousands of sailors in Europe had been plagued by scurvy, with countless succumbing to the illness. Hence, scurvy was a fearsome disease to all sailors. However, there were practically no sailor who suffered from scurvy in the East and it was for a simple reason. It was simply because the Eastern sailors knew that if they brought beans on board, the beans would grow into bean sprouts which they could use to cure scurvy.

Another example would be the Black Death pandemic which had caused a total of 750 million deaths worldwide and had reduced the entire population of Europe by a third.

It was said that the disease first spread from the ancient Hua Xia Tian dynasty.

The Hua Xia Tian dynasty did have numerous records about the epidemic but the total damage to their dynasty was not even close to what the Black Death pandemic had brought upon Europe. Although the roots and tree barks in Traditional Chinese Medicine seemed to be behind times, but a peek into history would show how the ancient Hua Xia Tian dynasty had managed to keep plagues under control. Even though small outbreaks of sickness were prevalent, plagues were usually brought under control quickly. If they had employed other methods of treatment such as the European method of letting blood, or the urine baths to treat epidemics… The people of the ancient Hua Xia Tian dynasty would probably be long dead!

It was undeniable that experience was important. Passing down medical prescriptions and the use of roots and tree barks to treat epidemics may not be the best method but they were still better than letting blood and taking urine baths.

If someone had known that letting blood and urine baths had no use, would the European doctors still had done what they did?

Obviously not!

“Creating this Battle Doll can be delayed. The most important thing is to help Wu Hen level up,” A blush crept onto Sickly Beauty’s face as the words left Yue Yang’s mouth. Yue Yu then rushed out of the room hurriedly and returned to her room. She knew that her brother and sister-in-law were getting ready for actions unsuitable for children to watch.

“Heh, then I’ll go back first.” Luo Hua City Mistress knew she was unable to help here. However, she would probably have to ‘join the battlefield’ after she was done levelling up.

Yue Yang brought out the bottle of Crystal Fluid and poured it out.

With his Yin abilities, he suspended the ball of fluid in the air then he purified it with his Innate Qi and Nirvana Flames.

Although this would deplete much of its energy, it would make the liquid purer. The ball of Crystal Fluid became even clearer after purification. Yue Yang immediately manipulated the ball of fluid into a colourful stream of which flowed down Sickly Beauty’s throat gently as she absorbed it. At the same time, Innate Qi supported the energy of the Crystal Fluid and flowed through her body slowly.

Sickly Beauty gently held Yue Yang, her lips tightly pressed on his and allowed Yue Yang to direct her body with his Body Fusion skill.

The crystal pillar, numerous crystal fragments brought from the Crystal Canyon as well as the splendid crystal stands from the gold coffin were laid around Sickly Beauty.

Yue Yang directed all their energies into Sickly Beauty’s body. They seeped through every part of her skin while the energy of the Crystal Fluid amply nourished the inside of her body. Yue Yang’s body became alight with Nirvana Flames and his clothes turned to ashes. Sickly Beauty held him close amidst the burning pain. She endured the painful process of Nirvana Flame’s purification with the help of Yue Yang’s Innate Qi, which kept her conscious despite the pain. Countless runes appeared from Yue Yang’s body and they slowly filled and restoring Sickly Beauty’s suffering body. Although her body had been repaired once before, this time she had the help of Yue Yang’s Innate Qi, the Nirvana Flames and the energy of the crystals, her body was transformed to be even more flawless.

Sickly Beauty coordinated well with Yue Yang. Under the guidance of the Body Fusion skill, she lifted her foot high up and swayed her bottom. She was suspended above Yue Yang’s waist before she sat down slowly and their bodies joined together completely.

As a wife, Sickly Beauty would definitely pass with excellence.

As the Body Fusion skill brought the two energies together to become one, Sickly Beauty’s body finally finished its restoration and achieved perfection.

Innumerous crystals rapidly condensed on her body, forming a special suit of battle armor.

That was her Guardian Beast which had evolved after perfect restoration… What was even more magical, was that it had not only formed a crystal armor on Sickly Beauty’s body but had also formed one around Yue Yang’s body only that it was much more masculine and mighty. The sole difference between their armors was that Sickly Beauty’s had long crystal wings extending at the back while Yue Yang’s had wings of Nirvana Flames.

A golden light pillars rose out of their bodies and millions of runes swirled around in the air. After new images had been weaved, the runes returned into their bodies.

Sickly Beauty’s Grimoire floated out automatically.

She had leveled up..

Time passed until the two of them finally recovered from the beauty of the situation.

The Crystal Battle Armor was controlled by Sickly Beauty’s mind and it returned inside her body. Meanwhile, Sickly Beauty’s body was now even more pure and flawless than crystal. She was like a clear transparent crystal doll, sparkling and glowing all over.

After the perfect restoration of her body, there had been one other change to her body.

Her soft black waterfall like long hair had became thinly delicate like crystals, flowing softly and spotlessly. Yue Yang could even smell faint traces of the fragrance of the Crystal Fluid when he leaned close to her. The smell matched perfectly with the natural fragrance of Sickly Beauty’s body. Sickly Beauty also felt that she can now fully control the crystal-like strands of hair just like how she could control her Crystal Battle Armor and Crystal Wings.

Yue Yang had always silently regretted the failure of Sickly Beauty’s first restoration. Only until today did he finally achieved his wish.

“Wow, you’re so beautiful. You really deserve to be called my crystal bride!” Yue Yang praised her repeatedly.

A great sense of accomplishment boiled at the bottom of his heart.

Sickly Beauty became shy at his words.

She buried herself in his chest while keeping her eyes low, afraid to look at him.

When her lover began to be naughty, her high morals held back the shudder of pleasure in her body, her bottom melded with his while she did her best to satisfy all the moves he made on her. She happily accepted his all while enjoying the pleasure he brought to her at the same time…

Her weak body used to be unable to bear his fierce poundings.

However, she felt her great recovery and improvement.

Her body constitution and strength had improved and she had more control over her body. She could even effortlessly match physically exhausting postures. Yue Yang was also quick to notice the change in Sickly Beauty and kissed her passionately while pounding into her more fiercely, bringing greater pleasure to her. Sickly Beauty reached orgasm very quickly as her heart and soul floated in bliss.

“Bastard, you began so soon, I want it too!” Luo Hua City Mistress heard the noise and slipped in secretly, her face flushed with desire.

She swiftly shut the door behind her and undressed herself to join the battle.


It was not the first nor would it be the last time.

Luo Hua City Mistress and Sickly Beauty served Yue Yang diligently, soft moans and pants continuously escaped their mouths. It was an intense battle.

They threw everything away and drowned in the pleasure their partner brought them.
However, they caused suffering to Yue Yu who could not block out the sounds even with her hands over her ears. Despite being rolled up in her blankets with her hands covering her ears, she could distinctly hear the faint sounds as they travelled to her ears occasionally.

It was still fine with just Sickly Beauty as she was not very loud.

She would even hold back her moans out of shyness.

When Luo Hua City Mistress lost herself in passion, her moans became unsuppressable.

The embarrassed Yue Yu could only pretend that she did not hear anything… This was only natural since her brother had married. Yue Yu did not think it was wrong but she would be embarrassed when she heard them. Moreover, these sounds made her heart race and it was difficult to be unaffected… Just sleep, everything would be gone when she woke up!

Yue Yu tried hard to fall asleep but it proved to be a difficult task.

She actually felt happiness in her heart that she had came back here. Although it was slightly awkward, it was still much better than over thinking while out there, at the very least, her heart was at ease!

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  4. Rage Banana says:

    Just bang Yue Yu already..
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    He just pitiful guy identity!!

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