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LLS Chapter 480 – The best treasure is?

Chapter 480 – The best treasure is?
Translated by: heliumm
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Gold Coffin.

After investigating the Gold Coffin for a long time, Yue Yang and the Sickly Beauty realised that the Runic Circle was extremely complicated. There were about dozens of linked points and three big Runic Circles.

Moreover, they matched one another with the start and the end linked.

It was balanced and profound.

It was extremely complex, and entirely different from normal Runic Circles.

Although the Runic Circles under the Graveyard of the Sea were great in quantity, they could not be compared to this.

To undo that seal, Yue Yang just had to undo one. The chain reaction can undo all the seals and it did not really require a lot of effort. Yue Yang spent only a few minutes to successfully undo the seal.

However, it was not the case for the Gold Coffin.

Perhaps, without a few hours, it could not be done.

While the Sickly Beauty investigated, she also copied the Runic Circle. She had an unusual intuition. She felt that these three linked Runic Circle may be of great use in future, so she was even more focused.

After two hours, Yue Yang and the Sickly Beauty could only undo some of the simplest Runic Circles. To undo the three main Runic Circles would probably take at least three, four hours. Yue Yang and the Sickly Beauty thought that the more seals they undid, the more fulfilling it would be. They were highly motivated, and investigated continuously without rest. Seeing the slow progress of opening the Gold Coffin, Luo Hua City Mistress, who was previously excited, felt bored. She yawned with little strength left and decided to return back to the Grimoire World to take a nap. She reckoned that she had to wage war with her beloved at night so she decided to recharge.

“Brother, after you undo the seal let me know!” Yue Bing also decided to train. She was not much help to Yue Yang anyway.

“Just return back to the Grimoire World, stop bothering them.” Yue Yu realised that Yue Shuang this naughty little kid likes to disturb her brother from time to time. In a moment, she will feed his brother a piece of Coconut and later she would climb onto his back to ask for a piggy back ride. It severely disrupted the investigation process.

Yue Yang had to move the Gold Coffin and returned back to the Grimoire World.

After the separation, Yue Yu did not return back. Now, looking back she had a warm and comfortable home which she also took part in building. She could not help but feel touched.

In fact she really liked living here.

However, she was aware that certain things could not be crossed, or else the consequences would be unthinkable.

She was not exactly worried about others, but rather herself… The environment affects how one develops. Since her destiny was like this, she had no choice… Seeing that her own room was still the same, Yue Yu felt her heart ached. Her eyes reddened. While Yue Yang and the Sickly Beauty were still discussing about the Runic Circle on the Gold Coffin, she quickly wiped the corner of her eyes. She continued to immerse herself in work, copying the changes on the Runic Circle.

Perhaps by quietly helping him would be the best ending for her.

Don’t think anymore, as long as he is living well everything’s fine.

She should just stay this way!

Yue Yu forcefully pulled herself together. As expected, after she threw away the distracting thoughts, her productivity increased enormously. After another two hours, she copied down all the Runic Circle as well as the method to undo them.

Yue Yang and the Sickly Beauty discussed over and over again. They felt that it was the time to start.

“This place and here, plus the star on top, are all the important parts.” The Sickly Beauty predicted that, with Yue Yang’s power, they would at least need ten minutes.

“Do you want to drink some water first?” Yue Yu poured a cup of water each for Yue Yang and the Sickly Beauty, suggesting that they should take a break first.

“Sister Yu, thank god you are here. Normally nobody would pour water for me. If it was only me, I would have had to take care of all the young mistresses.” Yue Yang’s inadvertent comment made Yue Yu blush a little. She softly spoke, with a hint of being flustered, “Stop spouting nonesense. Would there be anyone who would trouble the Third Young Master of the Yue Clan. From what I see, you were always like the lord, waiting for others to serve you.” In fact, Yue Yu’s criticism was all true. Normally Yue Yang hardly helped in the aspect of living. He was always busy enjoying himself.

However, Luo Hua City Mistress and Phoenix Fairy Beauty were so used to servants serving them. It was a rare sight for any of them to pour water for Yue Yang.

Princess Qian Qian?

If she was thirsty, and her own cup was empty, she would just pour some from Yue Yang’s cup into her own… Or perhaps when she sees Yue Yang drinking water, she would snatch it first and gulp down a few mouthfuls. This would save her the time to pour water.

After practicing [Body Fusion], Princess Qian Qian no longer refrained from using the things Yue Yang had used before.

According to her, even her lips were already kissed by him so drinking water was nothing. Of course, this was only limited to within the Grimoire World. If they were outside, she would not dare to do so.

The Sickly Beauty knew how to take care of people. She took good care of Yue Yang in all aspects. It was just that when she was copying rune patterns, or when she was investigating some old books, she would be so focused that she forgot about Yue Yang. If Yue Yu was here, with her thoroughness, not just Yue Yang, she could take good care of everyone even including the Sickly Beauty, Princess Qian Qian and Luo Hua City Mistress.

Thus, when Yue Yang held up the cup of water, he recalled Yue Yu’s good points.

Yue Yu rolled her eyes at him but deep down in her heart she felt delighted.

This brat did not forget his roots, he still remembered that he had a sister.

The unsealing process continued.

When the Innate Qi from Yue Yang’s hands floated across all the Runic Circles on the Gold Coffin, it intantly radiated with brilliance.

There was no need for any external force, the Gold Coffin opened automatically. There were no mummies that jumped out, unlike what Yue Yang imagined. However there was a wonderful scent, it was not the fragrance of a flower but rather a fresh and pure energy. It was similar to the Mother Earth Potion, but it was not as pure nor as grand. It was similar to the Hundred Years Crystal Liquid, but different at the same time.

Inside the Gold Coffin, there was a long silver box.

The top and bottom edges of the Silver box had two crystal stands that bloomed like flowers, brimming with energy. They were more beautiful than the crystal pillars at the Crystal Canyon, they were not just transparent, they also gave out five different colours of light: green, cyan, blue, purple, and silver.

“These two crystal stands are very suitable for you, Wu Hen. I have considered it for very long time, I think I should enhance your powers.” Yue Yang had always felt sorry for her. Although he enhanced the Sickly Beauty’s strength and realm, and he first practised [Body Fusion] as a married couple with her, in addition,he learnt many things from her; However, due to the fact that the Sickly Beauty once damaged her body from studying Heaven Realm’s Runic Circles, Yue Yang had to use Innate Qi and Nirvana Flames to heal her. But he never had the ability to achieve the best state. Yue Yang had to find the best crystal energy in order to perfectly repair her damaged body, potential as well as Guardian Beast. This, was one of Yue Yang’s wish that he wanted to fulfill the most.

“Um, it’s not really a big deal, I am not the main fighter anyway. Having a weaker body is not a big issue.” The Sickly Beauty was definitely happy. However, with her gentle personality, if it was not by chance, she would not force Yue Yang to help her find such treasures.

“Even if we had not obtained these crystal stands, I have already obtained a large amounts of crystals from the Crystal Canyon, as well as God’s Water and the Hundred Years Crystal Liquid. Wu Hen, I once said before, you would get better. Not just heal perfectly, you would become my perfect crystal bride!” Yue Yang held the Sickly Beauty and kissed her jade like lips.

“Okay, let me down first.” Seeing Yue Yu present, the Sickly Beauty felt embarrassed and hit Yue Yang lightly with her fist.

When Yue Yang placed her down, the Sickly Beauty gave him a quick kiss back as she realised that Yue Yu was not looking. Actually she felt very thankful for what he had done for her. Knowing that her lover cares for her she felt happy.

Yue Yu pretended that she did not see their skinship. She bent down to lift up the long silver box.

After half an hour, Yue Yang undid the silver box.

It opened.

The three of them were stunned. There was actually a bronze box inside. However, within the silver box, there were also two crystal vase. Wondering what was inside, Yue Yang held it up and opened it. He sniffed it and used his Heaven Eye Divine Vision to see. After one glance, he quickly covered it with the lid and shouted, almost losing his voice, “ Isn’t this water of the ‘Spring of Youth’. My god, two big bottles of them! “

Spring of Youth, as its name implies, is a spiritual water that allows living creatures to maintain their youth.

It was extremely rare. It was just like the Wishing Dutchman’s pipe, Dream Jadeite, and Time Sand, they all belonged to the seven treasures of the world.

Although it did not mean the person would live for eternity, it could extend one’s life and maintain their youth. Legends say that a thousand eight hundred years ago, there was an emperor called Jun Tian Sheng from the Xia Empire of the Dragon Soaring Continent. He obtained a small bottle of the Spring of Youth. This emperor, Wu Tian Sheng was someone who was focused on one person when it comes to relationships. He was very fond of the empress, who was erudite and multi-talented despite her ordinary appearance. He was prepared to consume the Spring of Youth together with his empress, enjoy their youth, and eventually love each other for eternity. If the legends were to stop here it would be a touching story. However, in reality it was a tragedy.

Anyone could be single-minded and faithful in relationships but not the Emperor.

Due to the fact that the emperor only loved the empress, and the empress did not have children, the imperial concubines who were married to him just to give birth were so jealous that they went mad.

One of the concubines who was unable to obtain the love she desired added fatal poison into the Spring of Youth out of pure hatred.

In the end, the emperor Jun Tian Sheng drank and the empress both drank the poisoned Spring of Youth. Not only did they fail to stay young for eternity, they both went to the Yellow Springs and became a married couple with the same fate.

After the prince took over, he placed his father and the empress into a silver coffin and buried them together in one grave.

After three hundred years, the most savage grave diggers secretly dug up the silver coffin from the emperor’s grave. After opening, they discovered that the emperor Jun Tian Sheng and the empress’ bodies had not decomposed. In fact, they looked lifelike. It was like a miracle. The grave diggers quickly placed the couple back. Only after ten years, after the grave diggers were caught and confessed everything, then did the public find out that the Spring of Youth could cause such a ‘miracle’.

If an ordinary human drank a mouthful of the Spring of Youth, how long can the person’s youth be maintained?

Innate Rankers have already experimented on it. An ordinary human’s physique could only absorb a small amount of power from the Spring of Youth.

Suppose a mouthful would at most maintain ten years of youth, if it was an Innate Ranker, they would probably exceed fifty years or even a hundred years. Of course, the Spring of Youth’s greatest use was not to maintain youth, but to enhance one’s potential. It was one of the main ingredients to make a Martial Spirit Pills! The Martial Spirit Pills, that could make a Lesser Innates go crazy, could help enhance one’s potential. The Martial God Pill that was even more advanced than the Martial Spirit Pill could even allow people to break through as well as enhance one’s potential. It is a high-grade medicine that was popular among Innates. And the ingredient needed to create it was the Spring of Youth.

Previously, the Night Empress once gave Yue Yang a small bottle of Spring of Youth. Yue Yang at that time was still unaware of its value.

Only later did he found out that this Spring of Youth was priceless.

No matter how much money one has, it was impossible to buy!

Yue Yang was getting headaches thinking about the Spring of Youth because many of his medicines need it. However, the bottle, Night Empress gave him, would soon be used up. Now he had obtained two big bottles of them, he had picked up treasure!

“This is great, everyone come drink a small cup. Last time everyone wanted to taste it, too bad there was too little!” Luo Hua City Mistress who received the news was really happy. She skipped over to embrace Yue Yang, ignoring the fact that Yue Yu was there too. She continuously kissed Yue Yang, “Your luck is pretty good. I thought there would be rotten corpses inside. I did not expect them all to be treasures! Right, what is inside the bronze box?”

“Continue and open, maybe there are better treasures inside…” All three ladies were extremely excited, they had their expectation held high.

“It’s a blueprint?” Yue Yang opened it and found a few blueprints. There weren’t any other special treasures. Luo Hua City Mistress, Sickly Beauty, and Yue Yu were all disappointed. They thought that the best treasure would be at the end. They did not expect it to be a few blueprints and they did not look like Runic Circle patterns, they appeared to be some weird objects and special lines.

“Fuck, this is what I really wanted. Qilin girl was right. Indeed this was the most helpful thing to fulfill Yue Gong’s third will!”

Yue Yang was excited, so he accidentally swore.

The three ladies saw that he was as happy as a lark so they all pretended that they did not hear it. They surrounded him to take a closer look at the blueprint he held.

Just what kind of blueprint was it? And it made him so excited? Could it be that these were the blueprints of the legendary Ancient Battle Puppets?

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