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LLS Chapter 48 – The Three-headed Chimera

Chapter 48 – The Three-headed Chimera
Translated by: Sephilia, Zaza
Edited by: Rango, Zaza
TLCed by: Zaza

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When Yue Yang was transported to Aries Temple, he found himself standing on a huge island floating in midair.

Below it was an endless abyss.

Yue Yang picked up a rock and threw it down. For a long time, not a sound was heard.

As he left the rune-covered crystal columns of the teleportation area, a golden light rose from Yue Yang’s feet instantly and formed a pale golden coloured barrier.

Hui Tai Lang was also enveloped by the barrier, but unlike Yue Yang, he could freely enter and exit it, while the barrier moved with Yue Yang.

“This seems like it was copied from online games. Oh well, its existence is reasonable. Forget it, I might as well go see what the three-headed Chimera is like.” Yue Yang was not going to act like a scientist, trying to figure out what kind of power or law controlled all these. Furthermore, putting the Tong Tian Tower aside, his own body had many more unexplained mysterious phenomenons.

He was too lazy to think any further and summoned his Barbarian Cow Shadow, using the Barbarian Cow Shadow that would never truly perish to scout the area ahead.

Walking across the straight path that extended for nearly a hundred metres, he then passed through a set of heavy stone doors.

At the back was a massive building complex.

Surrounding the outer part of the buildings were ten Battle Golems roaming around.

These Battle Golems were around three metres tall. It was unknown what metal was used to create them, having a sheep’s head atop a human’s body. They reacted aggressively to Yue Yang’s appearance and surrounded him instantly. On the sheep heads were strange drawings with ancient rune patterns, and a pair of jeweled eyes that glowed red like fire. Yue Yang had fought with a Rock Golem before and knew the weakness of these war puppets. They had neither life nor sentience, knowing only how to attack the nearest person. It would be disadvantageous to fight it head-on, but by using a few strategies, one could control their movements.

Yue Yang did not let his Barbarian Cow Shadow fight them, instead he kicked Hui Tai Lang’s butt to make him act as a decoy and lure the Battle Golems away.

The Battle Golems were slow and their movements were sluggish. They only attacked the closest target. If it was only to lure them away, the nimble and energetic Hui Tai Lang could be completely counted on to do so.

When Hui Tai Lang saw the Sheep-head Battle Golems’ slow movements, it felt that these metal frames were easy to bully and immediately rushed forward.

With a playful attitude, Hui Tai Lang jumped around every Battle Golem to attract their attention.

It even arrogantly raised its leg occasionally and peed on the Battle Golems’ huge legs.

“You idiot, hurry up and lure them far away! Don’t waste my precious time!” Yue Yang was very dissatisfied with Hui Tai Lang’s arrogance. This guy was the stereotypical small fry who bullied the weak but feared the strong. When passing through Yu Long Valley, he let it lure away the worm groups in front. It acted as if it did not see those ferocious monsters like Nest Spiders and Bird Eating Mantises. Conversely, when he saw the weakest stinkbugs or maggots, he would rush over and bite them madly. He was even less reserved when he saw worm eggs, eating them heartily. If not for Hui Tai Lang rampaging around and provoking a large group of worms, passing through Yu Long Valley would have been even smoother.

If Yue Yang had not been helping them out secretly, Ye Kong and the Li brothers would have been the worm’s dinner by now.

When Hui Tai Lang heard Yue Yang getting mad at it, it sobered up a little and lured the group of Battle Golems away.

There was still a battle waiting for Yue Yang as he arrived at the entrance to the buildings.

At the gigantic entrance stood a bunch of Abyssal Magic Creatures and Sheep-head Monsters.

These guys were living organisms. Although they were not smart, they weren’t stupid enough to be lured away as easily. They held a black iron lance in their hands as a weapon. Before shouting over to surround and attack, they had also summoned a green light to give each other support buffs.

If Hui Tai Lang were to fight against these Abyssal Magic Creatures, it would not be able to gain the upper hand.

But the Barbarian Cow Shadow was an exception. Yue Yang transferred the Giant Shadow’s power onto the Barbarian Cow Shadow and she instantly changed into a human-shaped tank.

She thundered over, brandishing her large hands, smashing and beating the Sheep-head Monsters chaotically.

In front of the three-metre tall Barbarian Cow Shadow, the two-metre tall Sheep-head Monsters were like a bunch of midgets. Their lances were unable to heavily injure the Barbarian Cow Shadow shadow who had tough skin with high defence. The Barbarian Cow Shadow Shadow was also after all not a living entity, but only a half entity. She was still mainly a shadow, and did not have the feeling of pain unlike living beasts. The Sheep-head Monsters’ attacks were completely ignored by the Barbarian Cow Shadow Shadow. She did not know how to use a weapon nor understand the concept of a weapon. However, under the guidance of Yue Yang’s consciousness, she grabbed two Sheep-head Monsters as weapons, and swung them towards the Sheep-head Monsters around her, decimating this group of Sheep-head Monsters.

Her current rank was not high, only being a Bronze-ranked Level 3 beast.

Although the rank was equal to that of the Sheep-head Monsters, her strength completely surpassed them, and far surpassed even the standard for Bronze-rank Level 3.

Yue Yang thought in his heart that if the Barbarian Cow Shadow’s rank increased in the future, having an all-around improvement, these Sheep-headed Monsters would be unable to withstand even a single blow.

The only unfortunate thing was that even after fighting for a long time, he didn’t see her using ‘Doom’s Eyes’.

It seemed like the probability of Doom’s Eyes triggering was very low, and was only released against appropriate enemies.

These Sheep-head Monsters and Sheep-head Battle Golems were only a means to stall for time. Any warrior who were planning to challenge the Twelve Zodiac Temples had at least some standard. Almost any challenger would most likely have enough strength to defeat them. But, if one wasted too much time on them, once the protective barrier disappeared, the challengers were doomed to fail. Before getting the Silencing Sceptre and the Blindness Rune to defeat the three-headed Chimera, a warrior who was Rank 5 and below wanting to defeat a Golden King Beast ranked three-headed Chimera would be akin to a fool’s dream.

The Sheep-head Monsters’ offensive power was not high, but they were classified as defensive-type beasts that were extremely hard to kill as well.

Not only that, their regenerative ability was pretty good too. Even if they were beaten down, they were able to stand up a while later to rejoin the fight.

Their fanatical, bloodthirsty eyes seemed to be hypnotised, even after being beaten up mercilessly by the Barbarian Cow Shadow, they did not try to escape, refusing to back down. When Yue Yang realised this, he immediately increased his speed, passing through the battlefield, running across the long passageways and entering the Aries Temple that was protected by the Golden King Beast.

What disappointed Yue Yang was that this Aries Temple was totally different from Saint Seiya’s Stone Palace.
(TLC Note: 石头宫殿 – currently named Stone Palace because Zaza has no idea what this term refers to in the Saint Seiya universe.

This place was not what its name had implied.
(TLC Note: 挂羊头卖狗肉 – means dishonest advertising. Can also be put this way: Why you cheat my feelings?!)

The Aries Temple in front of his eyes was not a temple at all, but rather an incredibly huge arena.

The space within the arena was many times larger than a football field. In the centre of the arena, there was a gigantic pale gold-coloured beast, sleeping on the floor lazily.

Its colossal body was like a hill. Its back even had a pair of red fleshy wings. Yue Yang could not imagine how it could use those thin wings to even fly. This beast was lying down lazily on the field, sound asleep. Yue Yang could clearly see that it had three heads. The left one was a terrifying dragon head, unlike the eastern dragons. Instead, that head looked like the giant dragons from the West, with razor-sharp teeth and a red tongue, with poison dripping out of its mouth.

The head in the middle was a huge lion’s head. Its mane was made out of raging flames. When it breathed through its gaping mouth, it would spit out a ball of flames.

On the right, was a white coloured sheep-head.

This sheep-head did not seem to be threatening at all, and gave the illusion of having a sense of holiness from it.

Under the neck of that white sheep, hung a small golden bell. All three heads were completely different and looked extremely weird. However, if one were to examine carefully, they would find a kind of inexplicable logic to it. As Yue Yang looked upon this huge beast emanating a pale golden radiance, his eyebrows furrowed. The three-headed Chimera sleeping soundly also gave him a kind of pressure that was hard to express in words.

It was undeniable that this beast was extremely strong.

However, Yue Yang believed that the most powerful head out of the three was not the left dragon head dripping with poison, nor the middle fire-spitting lion head.

Rather, it was that white sheep head that seemed perfectly harmless…

A Level 6 Golden King Beast, although it was far from being as monstrous as Demon King Ha Xin, was still able to put strong pressure on Yue Yang. Hui Tai Lang who shrugged off the Battle Golems and entered had lost his arrogance shortly after. When it looked at the three-headed Chimera’s hill-like body, its whole body trembled and ducked behind Yue Yang, a little fearful.

Only when Yue Yang gave it a flying kick, did Hui Tai Lang pretend to want to stake his life. It stood next to Yue Yang, but completely refused to move further in front.

As expected, this Level 3 Bronze-ranked Ironback Demonic Wolf could only watch this battle from the sidelines.

This battle…

How would he fight this battle?

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