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LLS Chapter 479 – Gold Coffin

Chapter 479 – Gold Coffin
Translated by: heliumm
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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After returning back to the Yue Clan Castle at the Soaring Dragon Continent, Yue Yang had nothing to do. Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the rest went to the areas surrounding Death Canyon to train.

Yue Yang took a stroll and then slipped in Tian Luo Palace’s Mirage.

Luo Hua City Mistress and the Sickly Beauty were both present. Due to the fact that it was still day time, they did not get intimate with Yue Yang. If it were at night, the guy from the other world would probably be having a threesome. The Phoenix Fairy Beauty already left. She probably went to find the Night Empress. Yue Yang did not worry about her. As a new Innate Elder, even if she encountered the Black Hell King she would be able to retreat with ease. If Yue Yang was not worried about revealing her true ability and cause Black Hell King to turn tail, Yue Yang would have considered bringing the Phoenix Fairy Beauty to fight Black Hell King in that mysterious space.

As for Yue Yang attacking the Sea Clan at the Graveyard of the Sea and seizing total victory, his Fourth Mother and Yue Yu were both happy for him from the bottom of their hearts. Yue Bing, his younger sister was worshipping him with admiration.

The Ocean Emperor, Guan Lan, as one of the five emperors of the Tong Tian Tower was actually defeated by her own brother.

Although the main reason for his death was due to An Xi, the ultimate assassin, and the Sea Clan’s betrayal, the final victor was her brother. This trip not only allowed them to obtain the Mother Earth Potion and the God Killing Dagger, he was also promoted to Innate level 5. Yue Bing thought that her brother was the world’s most perfect man and no one could beat him.

“That’s too dangerous, you only won by chance!” When the Sickly Beauty heard about the battle at Crystal Canyon, she placed her hand on her chest to ease her lingering fear.

“I’m about to laugh to death. The Ocean Emperor actually took the fake Mother Earth Potion. He mistook the Crystal Liquid as the real thing, hahaha, his insight is so…” Luo Hua City Mistress had now became Yue Yang’s second wife, however her bold and sexy laughter hadn’t changed. She supported herself by holding onto Yue Yang. She laughed so much that her shoulders shook, what’s left is for her to laugh until she faints and fall into Yue Yang’s embrace. In fact not only her, Yue Yu and Yue Bing also found it funny. The majestic Ocean Emperor waited for hundreds of years but ended up taking the fake one. He still thought he successfully snatched the real thing. Just thinking about it made people speechless.

“No one can escape a traitor’s karma. However, the Ocean Emperor has a son and a daughter, he is still counted as lucky. San Er, you did well this time.” The Fourth Mother praised Yue Yang’s decision to give Hai Yingwu to the Ocean Emperor. She felt that he did the correct thing.

Normally, Fourth Mother hardly praised Yue Yang.

It did not matter how many treasures he obtained. However, this time Yue Yang gave up on the Ocean Emperor’s Armour and Ocean Emperor’s Halberd, and gave Hai Yingwu to the Ocean Emperor, allowing her to succeed the throne.

This action made Fourth Mother very gratified. She happily praised Yue Yang.

In reality Yue Yang also did not wanted to take the Ocean Emperor’s Armour and Ocean Emperor’s Halberd as those were things that required special conditions to use. Even if he obtained them he could not use them, so he simply took advantage of the situation and did the ‘right thing’.

Letting Hai Yingwu become the new Ocean Empress might just be a good thing for future.

Even with Shark King’s assistance, Hai Yingwu would probably have no chance in succeeding the Emperor’s throne. The Sea Clan was dominated by the Sea Dragon Crown Prince and his mother’s clan, they would definitely plan to take the throne. After all this… Yue Yang reckoned that he had lots of things to deal with. Naturally, Yue Yang was not sure about future developments, but he still buried a chess piece beforehand, making the first move.

“Brother, since the Mother Earth Potion cannot be seen now, can you show me the God Killing Dagger. Let us have a good look.” The little girl Yue Shuang tugged Yue Yang’s arm. Her little face slightly reddened from her excitement. Even until now she could still not ease the excitement in her heart, she just had to see the spoils of war.

“Be careful, it’s very sharp, do not cut your hands.” Yue Yang was worried that she’d play with the holy-ranked treasure so he held her hand lightly before placing the God Killing Dagger.

“It is not pretty at all!” Yue Shuang this little brat was not interested in weapons. In reality, she was only interested in tasty food.

“Fire Island has a type of snow coconut that tastes really good.” Once Yue Yang mentioned it, Yue Shuang immediately beamed with joy. She quickly shouted ‘Big Brother is the best!’ and pulled him lower to kiss him. In the end, she held the specialty of Fire Island ‘snow coconut’ and ran around with it. She did not immediately eat it and instead played with it first. Seeing her cute appearance, Luo Hua City Mistress and the others couldn’t help laughing.

“Mother Earth Potion and God Killing Dagger, pretty good rewards!” Yue Bing exclaimed in admiration.

Actually, Yue Yang did not just simply obtain the Mother Earth Potion and God Killing Dagger. Almost all of his beasts got a level increase from the naval battle this time.

After receiving the Mother Earth Potion’s energy, Xiao Wen Li rose from Level 5 Diamond rank to Level 6 Diamond rank.

Bloody Queen Red would soon become a Divine Beast and only required Yue Yang’s help.

The Barbarian Cow Shadow, Ah Man did not reap a lot of benefits. However, after combining with the Heart of Earth and being bathed under the energy emitted by the Mother Earth Potion, she would be closer to perfection.

Even the Spirit of Earth Fire, Reaper Mantis and Quintet Seeking Golden Mice all received rewards from this trip.

The only question was how much.

Yue Yang felt that the Quintet Seeking Golden Mice who previously showed no sign of evolving seem to show some changes after absorbing the energy emitted by the Mother Earth Potion.

As for the actual circumstances, Yue Yang still did not have enough time to investigate.

However as for Yue Gong’s will, Yue Yang felt that he would soon make a breakthrough.

The one who reaped the most benefit was undoubtedly the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen. The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen who was at Level 1 Gold rank broke through to Level 1 Platinum rank or perhaps even Level 1 Diamond rank. During the battle, the Thorny Flower controlled by her swallowed many people and allowed her to level up. What she ate included more than thirty Hybrid Fishmen, that were above Innate Level 5, dozens of unknown Innate Rankers, the three Kings, who were on the same level as Shark King, the eight Sea Marshals, 108 Sea Generals, 3000 Ocean Emperor’s elite soldiers, and even dozens of princes and princesses. The greatest catch of all was the Level 9 Innate Tai Hu!

Although a little part was nibbled off by Hui Tai Lang, it was negligible.

Yue Yang reckoned that if the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen came out again, she would be extraordinary. Even without his enhancement she would be able to reach the level of a Divine Beast.

The Golden Beast swallowed Tai Hu’s Thunder God Staff and digested it into a heap of rubbish. Yue Yang did not feel that it was a pity at all. As long as this little creature could ‘eat’, it did not matter what treasure it ate.

In fact, Yue Yang reaped numerous gains: Sea Dragon Crown Prince and Sea Anemone Princess’s ring, treasures and magic crystals.

At the moment he still did not have time to sort out everything. As for the Golden Beast that madly swallows magic crystals, Yue Yang has chose not to stop it. Regardless the capacity of its stomach, it continued to eat crystals one by one. Compared to the Halo-type beast ‘World’, it was still considered normal. No matter how many magic crystals were placed in the halo, even if it was a hill of them, they would all be swallowed. There was no such thing as satisfaction… As for the impressive beasts, Yue Yang would place priority in developing them. The Black Hell King had holy treasures all over his body. Yue Yang reckoned that even the God Killing Dagger was unable to kill him. The one that could most likely kill him was probably the Golden Beast, which was able to ignore any kind of defense.

After he transform into the Sky Dragon Blade, together with Yue Yang’s Innate Qi, even if the Black Hell King had a holy armour to protect him, he would still suffer!

“This, is the magic crystal of the Nine-Headed Devil Fox. I have already purified it using Nirvana Flames.” Yue Yang passed a piece of sparkling and transparent energy crystal to Luo Hua City Mistress.

“Aiya nice timing… If we could find another special flower then it would be splendid!” Luo Hua City Mistress’s Six-tailed Spirit Fox has already evolved into Fox Lady. However she was still a few steps away from becoming a Holy Beast. Normally, the six-tailed Spirit Fox will maintain the state of three-tailed Snow Fox but she could transform into Fox Lady anytime. The greatest obstacle for her to break through was the lack of one Eastern Goblin Tribes Men’s Orb. To create one her own was too slow. Luo Hua City Mistress had always been trying hard to assist her in evolving. However, Yue Yang felt that it was not slow if it was only leveling into a Holy Beast. If she wanted her to level up into a Divine Beast, she would probably need to become a Nine-tailed Spirit Fox first.

“Take it slowly, it will level up in the end. Where is the tigress and Yi Nan?” Yue Yang asked about Princess Qian Qian and Yi Nan.

“Yi Nan is at the Valley of Butterflies and Flowers. Her improvements aren’t bad. She came back last time but you were not here. She returned back to the Valley of Butterflies and Flowers to continue training. Her rate of improvement is quite fast. Next time when you see her you would be surprised. I don’t know about Princess Qian Qian. She sent us letters last time. It’s been about ten days since she has written to us.” The Sickly Beauty knew Yue Yang the most. She knew, in his heart, Yue Yang was probably the most concerned about Xue Wu Xia. But he did not ask.

Xue Wu Xia had followed Zhi Zun to train, she probably cannot return at the moment.

Yue Yang nodded his head, “Okay, everyone is improving. This is good news. I need to work hard too. Since there is still time, let’s see if we can fulfill Ghost Genius Yue Gong’s third will…”

Fourth Mother was sitting right next to him. After hearing what he said, she opened her mouth to correct Yue Yang,” Do not call your ancestors by their nickname, you should address them respectfully.”

Yue Yu and Yue Bing were secretly laughing. When Fourth Mother was not home, Yue Yang had always called the Yue Clan’s ancestors’ names casually.

Now, he was finally caught red handed by Fourth Mother.

Yue Yang quickly pretended to be a good child. He suddenly recalled something, “Last time I obtained a Gold Coffin. Because, I was busy I did not have the chance to open it. Now is a good time. I am prepared to open it and take a look at the things inside!”

“Gold Coffin?” Luo Hua City Mistress and the rest were all very curious upon hearing this.

“I got it last time from a mysterious palace…” When Yue Yang returned last time, he did not mention about it to Luo Hua City Mistress. Right after he returned, he dragged the Sickly Beauty to bathe with him. He did not mention about it at all. After that he went to find the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, and after a series of trials, he ate her. The girls were also absorbed by the news of Phoenix Fairy Beauty leveling up to Elder Innate Realm, so Yue Yang almost forgot about the Gold Coffin.

After that he went to find the Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying to get the Mother Earth Potion and many things happened in the process.

He met Hai Yingwu and almost pushed down the Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying.

Finally, he cooperated with An Xi and the Hybrid Fishermen, fought the Ocean Emperor, Guan Lan, obtained the Mother Earth Potion and buried all the Sea Clan elites. Only after all these did he remembered about the Gold Coffin.

He brought out the Gold Coffin. There were peculiar and mysterious runic carvings on top. Even Yue Yang was unable to understand them. He did not know anything at all.

However Fourth Mother was astonished, she blurted out ”This looks just like the Gold Coffin that sealed the God’s Servant inside God’s Ruins!”

“Ah, Fourth Mother, you recognize it?” Yue Yang, Luo Hua City Mistress and everyone else all looked at her.

“No, No I heard it from my sister… San Er, you people should investigate it slowly. I’ll go open the coconut for Shuang Er!” The Fourth Mother’s expression seemed to change, she waved her hand immediately, showing that she did not know. She took the little girl’s hand and led her to open the coconut. Yue Yang, Yue Yu, Yue Bing and Luo Hua City Mistress all looked at each other. They did not dare believe that Fourth Mother, who did not set foot outside, actually recognises this Gold Coffin. She even said it was the coffin of the God’s Servant from the God’s Ruins?

Perhaps Fourth Mother also went inside God’s Ruin?

Since Fourth Mother did not admit, Yue Yang felt bad asking it again.

However, after hearing her words, Yue Yang felt better. It appears that there would not be any monsters inside the Gold Coffin. If there was danger she would have alerted them just now.

Yue Yang decided on the spot to open it and take a look at what was inside the Gold Coffin!

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