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LLS Chapter 478 – Work hard, adorable slave

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Chapter 478 – Work hard, adorable slave
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Tong Tian Tower, Thunder Fortress.

It was midnight when Yue Yang left Fire Island. He wanted to return to Soaring Dragon Continent previously, but he did not expect that the Hybrids would follow him around so closely.

It wasn’t surprising as they hadn’t been out for thousands of years. Even seniors like the Octopus man boss and the Mudskipper Man were still adapting to it. They could only follow Yue Yang around as they had nowhere to go. How would Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai and the Old Fox feel if he were to bring back a bunch of Hybrids that were at worst Level Five Innate and at best Level Eight Innate? Moreover, if the Black Hell Army and Zi Jin Kingdom were to know of the strong aid Yue Yang got himself, they would harbour second thoughts, hence that would cause Yue Yang’s plan to lead them on, to fail.

So Yue Yang could only bring them to the Thunder Fortress.

It was definitely impossible to bring the Hybrids in blatantly. So Yue Yang smuggled the few Hybrids into the Thunder Fortress.

“There’s a lake here and some houses around it. If you guys want to swim or bath in the sun, just go ahead. You can also instruct the housekeepers here to cook for you, You don’t have to be modest about it.” Yue Yang felt that having these seniors act as guards for free wasn’t half bad.

“How is it a lake, it’s just a bathtub.” The Mudskipper Man mumbled as he thought that the man made lake was too small.

“Senior, the Graveyard of the sea is huge…” Yue Yang reminded him that they had to get used to the unfavourable conditions. It was already a luxury to have water available for them.

Upon sensing Yue Yang’s abnormal tone, the Mudskipper Man quickly smiled. “Nope, I was just saying that this bathtub is very cute and exquisite, it looks quite fun too. I have decided to stay here. Oh yeah, when are you going to help to release the seal in our bodies. It’s miserable for us now being neither human nor fish! If I return back to man form, I can also get my Grimoire back too, and with it my power would come back to me. Quickly think of something, everyday is a misery with only this much strength!”

Yue Yang ignored him. It wouldn’t be easy to release the seals in their bodies.

Moreover, it’s high time for him to cultivate so that he could fight against the Black Hell King, how would he have time to care about the Hybrids’ business now?

The Octopus Man Boss and the Swordfish man Burst weren’t anxious on the other hand. With powers as Level Eight Innates, they could still defend themselves.

Whale Zhang and the Giant Crab Man Ao didn’t care about it either as they first ordered over hundreds of delicacies.

Apart from dishes that served fish, they ordered everything else.

Because they hadn’t had anything other than fish for the past thousands of years, they missed them a lot… Looking at the mountain-like body figure of Whale Zhang, Yan Zheng and the Fat Toad had already instructed the slaves to prepare all kinds of meat like barbequed camel, barbequed Turkey and barbequed goat. After half an hour of preparations, the dishes were served one after another.

With this, Mudskipper Man and the lot stopped arguing about the size of the man made lake as they pounced on the food like hungry beasts and wolfed them down.

The way they eat was even more unsightly than Hui Tai Lang.

The Fat Toad even asked discreetly. “Master, where did these hungry creatures come from?”

Yue Yang explained casually as he ate his barbequed dragon wing. “They are innates who were just released. They are staying here temporarily. The Octopus is the eldest, while the Mudskipper man is the youngest. If anyone comes to find trouble, just let them fend off the troublemakers.”

Yan Zheng the Butler had always been meticulous. He probed further. “What are their levels as Innates?”

“The weakest is the Mudskipper Man who’s a Level Five Innate.” Upon hearing it fat toad Jia De fell to the ground with a thud and Mr. Chen who was drinking almost choked on his beer. Even the stone-faced Yan Zheng looked shocked.

“Hello Seniors.” Mr. Chen quickly got up and paid his respect. He really didn’t sense that all these weird looking people were powerful seniors.

“I finally heard someone calling me a senior after thousands of years… That time when Third Young Master called me senior did not count. His call was filled with a threatening and ridiculing feeling.” The Mudskipper Man talked as if he was going to cry. Upon hearing it, fat toad Jia De fell again. The next few matters would be simple and left with Mr. Chen, who respected the seniors, and the fat toad, who knew how to bootlick.

When Yue Yang was returning to his room to rest, he saw Xia Yi in her policewoman costume. He coughed softly to indicate his presence.

Although Xia Yi didn’t want Yue Yang to ignore her, she doesn’t know what to say to him.

Yue Yang suddenly reached out his hand. While Xia Yi was still in shock, he pinched her face lightly. “Is your body still in pain recently?”

Xia Yi realised that Yue Yang was teasing her again. She was incensed, but just as she raised her fist, she thought that he might actually be concerned about her. She put down her fist slowly and replied hatefully. “It’s all your fault!” She said with tears in her eyes. She felt that Yue Yang’s concerns came too late. If he had done it earlier, she might have forgiven him. But now, it’s too late!

Actually she realised that she didn’t feel that uncomfortable anymore.

She was getting used to the weird power too.

Now, she was ten times stronger than she was before.

Xia Yi knew that this was a good thing, but she couldn’t forgive Yue Yang as he made her suffer in agony without telling her anything. She wouldn’t forgive him even though he did it out of good will… Especially this attire, he must have done something to make her uncomfortable whenever she isn’t wearing it. A narcissistic guy like him doesn’t deserve her forgiveness!

Thinking about it, Xia Yi wanted to fiercely bite Yue Yang. Although she definitely wouldn’t be able to defeat him, she would still try to bite him!

She would oppose him to no end!

Although Yue Yang was wearing the Gemini Mask and his expressions couldn’t be seen, it was obvious that he was smiling just by looking into his eyes. He was smiling brightly. “If you don’t want to feel uncomfortable anymore, then come find me at night!”

Xia Yi was a little flustered after looking at him.

She realised that his eyes appeared to be shining. As if his smile could enter her heart.

She was in a daze for a moment before Yue Yang reached out his hands to touch her cheeks. She regained her composure and quickly pushed his hands away. “In your dreams, I won’t go find you at night, I’d rather die than to do that. And, don’t touch me!”

She quickly turned and ran off to her room. It was after she shut her door that she heaved a sigh of relief and leaned on the door, covering her quick heartbeats, phew, she nearly forgave him just now… His gaze is a little weird, she mustn’t have eye contact with him next time, if not she would definitely fall into his trap… Xia Yi realised that her heart was thumping and her cheeks were burning.

Touching her cheeks that was previously touched by Yue Yang, Xia Yi’s cheeks become even more red.

It was after a while that she suddenly slapped the cheek Yue Yang caressed. She reprimanded herself. “Are you an idiot, why didn’t you hit him, you still talked to him, Xia Yi you idiot!”

Yue Yang initially wanted to return to the Grimoire World to check on his possessions.

However, when he returned to his room, he realized the half elf girl in her costume, eagerly preparing his bed, over and over again without neglecting any slight details. It was near perfect. From her well practised moves, Yue Yang knew that this wasn’t the first day she had been doing this. Her actions had already become a habit, even if Yue Yang didn’t rest here, she still did it without any complaints.

“Master is back!” The half elf girl cheered when she saw that Yue Yang return. She thought that he would return to the Grimoire World directly. Never did she imagine that he would pass by. She quickly bowed happily. “Would you let me massage your legs for you before you head back to rest?”

“…” Yue Yang took off his Gemini Mask.

There was no point wearing it since the half elf girl had already known what he looked like.

Seeing her act of making the bed, Yue Yang decided to rest here for the night.

Although she was just a female slave, she was really very cute.

The half elf girl was initially stunned. But being sharp, she soon realised and her cheeks blushed so red as if they were two apples. She threw herself at Yue Yang and embraced him tightly. She even asked unbelievingly. “Master, are you resting here tonight? I’m so happy, is this real? Is this real?”

Yue Yang responded by touching her nose gently.

Tears welled in the beautiful doe eyes of the half elf girl. She even pouted her mouth.
She almost emotionally cried but desperately tried to keep them from falling in an adorable manner.

“I’ll go get some water…” The half elf girl suddenly remembered that she had to help to wash the face and the feet of her master. She then went out quickly.

Due to her excitement, she almost tripped over the doorstep.

Yue Yang pitied the half elf girl as he saw her running out, with tears of joy falling onto the ground along the way. She was really quite pitiful since she was always here alone. Yue Yang decided to bring her back once in a while, since she likes to serve people, the pampered girls in his house needs one like her too. In this way, the half elf girl wouldn’t be lonely.

When she was back with the water, the half elf girl’s cheeks were burning red. She did not dare to look up at Yue Yang as she was afraid that he would make fun of her.

Yue Yang got a towel. After wetting it, he helped to wipe the face of the half elf girl.

With it, tears rolled down the face of the half elf girl like a waterfall. She grabbed onto Yue Yang’s arms, and spoke in between her tears. “Grandma didn’t lie to me, master is indeed the best…”

It was with great effort that Yue Yang got her to smile again.

The half elf girl who dried her eyes was even gentler than a kitten when she served Yue Yang.

She helped to massaged his shoulders and legs.

When Yue Yang laid down, she tried to suppress her shyness as she rolled down the veil. Seeing that Yue Yang did not object to it, she slipped into the blanket quickly like a cat. She initially curled herself up due to nervousness. After mustering up enough courage, she stretched out her hand and searched around for a while before finally finding Yue Yang’s big hands. She then hugged it. Her legs also stretched out. She stole a glance at Yue Yang. Seeing that he still did not object, she pressed Yue Yang’s leg between hers and got closer to him.

“Let’s sleep!” Initially Yue Yang wanted to enter the Dream Realm to ask the Heavenly Sword Goddess about ways to absorb the Mother Earth Potion without levelling up to Elder Innate Level. But on hearing the half elf girl quick heartbeats, he reached out his hands and caressed her silky hair.

“Okay… but we haven’t done it, you must be feeling uncomfortable…” The half elf girl fought hard to suppress her shyness as she placed Yue Yang’s hands on her butt, indicating that she was ready to serve him anytime. She felt that if she couldn’t make her master happy, then that would be her greatest failure. She did not even bother to consider if it will hurt.

“Don’t let your imaginations run wild, sleep!” Yue Yang patted her curvy bottom and kissed her forehead softly.

“Okay!” The half elf girl felt that she was the happiest person in the world. Although master did not ask for it, he did not reject her either. To be able to sleep together and cuddle with her master made her beyond happy.

Happy and contented, she laid in Yue Yang’s embrace like a little kitten.

Before she slept, she decided to work extra hard to make her master the happiest person in the world.

Two hours later, she kicked against the blanket that was making her too warm as she placed one of her fair leg on Yue Yang’s chest and rotated herself. Originally hugging his arms, she now held onto his legs. Five minutes later, while muttering that she wanted to make Yue Yang happy, she fell off the bed when she turned. She then woke up from the pain of the fall.

She saw the blanket that was kicked away and her master not being covered with the blanket.

She poked her tongue out adorably as she tucked Yue Yang in and slipped back into the blanket and hid there for a long time.

It was until she realised that Yue Yang didn’t wake up to see her embarrassing state that the half elf eye heaved a sigh of relief.

It was indeed not easy to serve master… The half elf girl felt that she had more to improve on, but at least this was a good start!

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