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LLS Chapter 476 – I want your life!

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Chapter 476 – I want your life!
Translated by: honey
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As Heaven Eyes Divine Vision upgraded, its ability grew stronger.

Upgrading from Level Five to Level Six, Heaven Eyes Divine Vision gained the ability to look through the enemy’s internal blood flow and the movement of their internal energy. Yue Yang felt that this upgrade came at the right timing.

When facing against Supreme Innates such as Shun Tian, Black Prince and the Ocean Emperor, Yue Yang’s Heaven Eyes Divine Vision was unable to see the weak points of the opponent’s body. It could only see special characteristics of the opponent’s items or the weak points of the opponent’s moves. Yue Yang was unable to see the movement of their internal energy and their body’s special characteristics, especially those reinforcements that come from combined Beasts. That was why he was unable to directly attack the weakness that the enemy concealed and only able to try to trick the enemy to reveal it through ploys.

The upgrade of Divine Vision once again perfectly complemented with his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision.

Its power was entirely different.

Now, It could not only see the concealed weak points of lowly warriors, but even Innate Rankers and Mythical Beasts.

With this, Shun Tian and Black Prince could now announce the beginning of their tragic fates. However, it could still not see through Black Hell King who was already at Heaven Rank and Scarlet Emperor that demon. They were much more powerful existences. If Yue Yang wanted to see through them, Divine Vision needed to level up to Level Seven and Eight or even Nine. By then, not to mention Scarlet Emperor, even Heaven Realm’s Three Great Leaders, or even more powerful existences could be seen through. However, Yue Yang cannot rush the process. He must slowly level them up and use Heaven Eyes Divine Vision more in the future… Now that it could be used to see the body’s internal blood flow and energy movement, it would be great help during cultivation and healing.

“Let’s go!” Yue Yang unsummoned Barbarian Cow Shadow, Spirit of Earth Fire, Reaper Mantis and Quintet Seeking Golden Mice , and only brought Xiao Wen Li back to the Graveyard of the Sea.

The Barbarian Cow Shadow still needed to digest the energy she absorbed. As for the Spirit of Earth Fire, she was reluctant to leave the energy that was still left around the place.

From her point of view, there was still a lot of energy that could be absorbed.

However, she still had to obey Yue Yang.

Yue Yang left behind the shattered Crystal Canton.

A small Crystal Man jumped out from the shattered crystal pillar.

It turns out that the original one hundred Crystal Men had been reduced to one single Crystal Man. It was not that all the other ninety-nine have died, but rather all the energy left in the Crystal Canyon was now only enough to revive a single Crystal Man. Maybe after a few thousand years, the Crystal Canyon would be able to return to what it was like before, and all the Crystal Men would be revived.

However, the Mother Earth Potion might not be born here again anymore.

They teleported out from the Five Big Whirlpools.

Graveyard of the Sea.

Yue Yang was stunned by the sight before his eyes.

Yue Yang could not believe his eyes when he saw th Graveyard of the Sea……

Half of the sea surface, including those sunken ships were entirely covered by Thorny Flowers, more precisely, Thorny Flowers that had just devoured corpses and were still digesting them.

Bloody Queen and Hui Tai Lang were chasing Tai Hu’s Nine Headed Devil Fox, which was normal. However, on the other side, the Ocean Emperor seemed to have gone made as he was killing his own subordinates and children……. Those that attacked the Ocean Emperor was not limited to the Hybrid Fishmen, there were also a dozen unfamiliar Innate Rankers and even the princes and princesses who viewed Sea Dragon Crown Prince and Sea Anemone Crown Princess as their leader.

Squid King, Jellyfish King and Manta Ray King have all died.

No one knows who killed them.

Shark King was heavily injured and was lying on the wreckage of a sunken boat. He would most likely die soon.

The Ocean Emperor’s injuries were worse. After being mortally wounded by An Xi and Yue Yang, he had been engaged in a 3 hour battle with more than thirty Hybrid Fishmen, a dozen Innate Rankers and many of his own children. The Ocean Emperor had reached his limit.

He was too weak to even wield his halberd.

If not for the combination of the super defence of his armor and the valiant body of the Three Headed Golden Dragon King, the Ocean Emperor would have collapsed long ago.

“Even if I die, all of you have to die with me!” the Ocean Emperor roared madly. He gathered his remaining power to wave the Ocean Emperor’s Halberd. In that instant he regained the power of a peak Level Ten Innate and killed the Hybrid Fishmen on the frontlines. He then beheaded two of his sons who could not retreat in time. Lastly, he threw out his halberd in fury, and killed another one of the Innate Rankers.

His might was unparalleled in the world. For a momet, no one dared to go near him.

Even Tai Hu stayed out of the way and shouted as he evaded: “Everyone keep surrounding him, he has no more energy and will die soon. Now is the best chance, do not let him go! 3 more minutes, persevere for the last three minutes and victory will be ours!”

Yue Yang now understood.

This was betrayal!

The Ocean Emperor suffered the biggest betrayal of his life…… Not just his friends, his subordinates and even children have all betrayed him!

If he was not seriously injured, if he had not came out from Crystal Canyon first, if he had been more cautious and wary of his own children, the Ocean Emperor would not have been reduced to such a state. All those who had not betrayed him were all dead. The three Kings and the eight Sea Marshals were all dead. The only one still alive was Shark King….. But even Shark King was not far from dying. If anyone attacked him, Shark King would die in front of the Ocean Emperor!

A prince secretly flew towards the wreckage of the sunken boat, ready to attack Shark King to give the Ocean Emperor another blow.

Shark King suddenly flew up into the sky, exploding with Innate Level Eight power.

A giant shark shadow flashed in the sky and devoured the prince, killing him instantly. It then killed several of the prince’s guards, and then grabbed onto a lowly Innate’s body and tore it apart. He stretched out his neck and madly drank the fresh blood of the enemy.

The Ocean Emperor slowly landed on the wreckage of a sunken ship. Shark King took large strides forward and kneeled on his knees in front of the Ocean Emperor.

“I was incompetent, I am willing to die with your Majesty.” Shark King heavily kowtowed on the deck of the sunken ship.

“A Sha, do not call me your majesty anymore. I remember that you are my son too. Now, I will restore your real identity. You are my son……. In the past, to gain more power to secure a better future, I betrayed my friends and family, I even married the enemy’s daughter to establish the dominance of the Ocean Emperor. I gained many things, but I lost even more…… I am aware that you are my best son. However, I have no way of letting you inherit my position nor do I have a way to acknowledge you as my son. Without the support of Sea Clan, I could not become the Ocean Emperor nor could I conquer the oceans of Tong Tian Tower. With just my own ability, I could not match with Emperor of the Underworld, nor the Sky Emperor’s congress, and not even the Dragon Emperor who is caught in his clan’s rebellion….. The power of Sea Clan was never truly in my hands, but I kept trying. However, all that I have gained were superficial compliance and illusory power. At this moment before I die, A Sha, call me father once more. I am no longer the Ocean Emperor, I am only a lonely father who has been betrayed by all.” the Ocean Emperor helped Shark King up and looked into Shark King’s eyes.

“Ma…Father!” Shark King, a man of steel was in tears. “Your son was incompetent, and could not help you conquer the world!”

“Indeed, you are not the most outstanding son in the world. However, A Sha, I am already very much contented to have a son like you.” the Ocean Emperor reached out to stroke Shark King’s head, sighing: “Son, if I had the ability to save your life, I would do whatever it takes.”

“It does not matter, father! As long as I can die with you in this ocean, I have no regrets.” Shark King wiped his tears dry and bowed to the Ocean Emperor: “Your son will leave first!”

Shark King roared and pounced at Sea Dragon Crown Prince.

He wanted to kill this unfilial son for his father before his death.

But how could this Sea Dragon Crown Prince be willing to come forward to fight? A dozen Innate Rankers rushed up to support him, surrounding Shark King.

The remaining Hybrid Fishmen and Tai Hu that old guy threw themselves at the Ocean Emperor.

The bloody battle where the Ocean Emperor was utterly isolated, the battle between his blood began again.

Not even three minutes passed before Shark King was at the point of exhaustion. He kept forcing his power even after being heavily injured. He broke out from the encirclement and pounced in front of Sea Dragon Crown Prince. However, we was too weak to even raise his fist. With a kick from Sea Dragon Crown Prince, Shark King fell heavily on the deck of the wreckage of a sunken boat. He sneered: “You are now infected with my ‘Poison Dragon Plague’, yet you still want to show off in front of me? Who knew you are the bastard child of the old guy, no wonder you are so loyal. Hehe, this prince is now going to send you back to reunite with that old guy…..”

The Ocean Emperor on the other side was also hanging on by a thread.

After killing two Hybrid Fishmen, the Ocean Emperor was smashed towards the deck of the sunken ship by Tai Hu’s Thunder Snake Staff. His whole body trembled in pain.

However, he still stood up.

Even if Tai Hu repeatedly knocked him onto the deck, the Ocean Emperor still stood up, his body straight as a spear.

“Such pride, the Ocean Emperor who has conquered the four oceans is really different from the rest.” Sea Dragon Crown Prince clapped his hands in praise. He kicked Shark King, who was at the verge of fainting, towards the front of the Ocean Emperor and flew down to step on Shark King’s head forcefully. He trampled on Shark King, and grabbed Shark King’s scalp to show the Ocean Emperor Shark King’s face that was horribly twisted in pain. “Old guy, do you see, this is the son you gave birth to. Such trash! You think that this prince is your child? You idiot, this prince has the pure blood of Sea Clan, and not the blood of a lowly human like you! You are only fit to breed with Fishman, giving birth to mixed breeds!”

“Puh!” Shark King spat on Sea Dragon Crown Prince’s face.

“You want to die!” Sea Dragon Crown Prince was furious and began beating Shark King like a madman. He also spat several times on Shark King’s body and finally sneered hatefully: “Even if you wished to die, I won’t let you die so easily. This prince is going to hang you up to dry! Old guy, do you see? If you want your bastard child to die in peace, then hand over all of your treasures. Hand over your treasure map, the key to the Door of Heaven Realm and the Mother Earth Potion!”

“You idiot, do you really think that there is a key for the Door of Heaven Realm, and you really think that I have strange treasures? No medicine could save a fool like you, hahahaha, hahahaha!”

The Ocean Emperor laughed and Tai Hu knocked him down with one hit of the Thunder Snake Staff.

However, he still continued laughing.

Finally, the Ocean Emperor struggled to stand up and towards the direction of Yue Yang’s concealed body, said slowly: “You have watched a joke. It cannot be help, this is retribution. Let us make a deal, as long as you save my son, I will give you the Mother Earth Potion.”

His words shocked everyone.

No one knew about Yue Yang’s presence.

When Yue Yang appeared from behind the dark clouds and appeared before the Ocean Emperor in a flash, everyone was shocked.

Only his Guardian Beasts like Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, Bloody Queen and Hui Tai Lang knew that Yue Yang was long back. Yue Yang’s arrival at this point of time made Octopus Man Boss, Whale Zhang, Swordfish Burst, Crab man and Mudskipper man who did not participate in the war spirited. They quickly rushed over.

Faster than them were Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunder Naga and Ice Serpent Demon.

They surrounded the Sea Dragon Crown Prince and the rebels.

Yue Yang’s appearance scared Sea Dragon Crown Prince that he almost peed his pants.

He quickly escaped back to the clan.

The Ocean Emperor brought out a White Jade Vase that shone with seven colours and passed it towards Yue Yang: “You can have my life and this Mother Earth Potion, just bring A Sha away!”

“No, father…..” Shark King was close to death and weak to the point that he could not even speak, yet tears were streaming down his face.

“I said it before, I will do anything to save you… I have already lost everything and am left with a son… At least, I, Guan Lan, am fortunate to still have a son! Haha, this is not bad, the heavens have at least left me something!” the Ocean Emperor suddenly laughed aloud. He was coughing blood badly, yet he was still laughing in delight. He looked as if he gained the best thing in the world.

“Do you know what I want to say? This Mother Earth Potion is a fake, it is only a Hundred Year Crystal Liquid, worthless! Forget it, if it s just disposing garbage, I am occasionally willing to do a good deed and treat it as good karma.” Yue Yang grabbed the White Jade Vase from the Ocean Emperor’s hands and kept it without even glancing at it. The Ocean Emperor was stunned. He could never have thought that the Mother Earth Potion that he had obtained was a fake.

Yue Yang did not explain anything and kicked Shark King into the sky.

Hui Tai Lang coordinated with him and caught Shark King in his mouth.

A few Innates, who were ready to move, looked at the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Dagger in Bloody Queen’s hands, and looked again at the Golden Arrows in Stone Element Medusa’s hands before retreating, no one dared to be the first.

Tai Hu’s complexion was now worse than a corpse’s.

The heavily injured Ocean Emperor, after being infected by Poison Dragon Plague and surrounded for three hours had reached his limit.

And now, Yue Clan’s Third Young Master had appeared.

This Yue Clan’s Third Young Master was a freak that caused headaches. Tai Hu would rather have to attack the Ocean Emperor all over again and not fight against this Yue Clan’s Third Young Master. Thinking that the opponent possessed World-Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame made Tai Hu want to bash his head against the wall.

“Cough, this issue has nothing to do with you, the Ocean Emperor is your enemy too.” Tai Hu meant that as long as Yue Yang was willing to overlook such a matter, he would give Yue Yang the Ocean Emperor’s Halberd and Armour in exchange. Just one word, as long as Yue Yang was willing to let go of this issue, Sea Clan could even give more gifts, be it beauties or gems, anything that Yue Yang asked for!

“The Ocean Emperor is indeed my enemy and I have to kill him.” Yue Yang’s words made color come back to Sea Dragon Crown Prince’s face.

“That means we have the same goal, and that we are on the same side……. As long as you ask, we can give you anything you want!” Sea Dragon Crown Prince looked very respectful. To him, the two Holy-ranked treasures had already moved the opponent. Even though this was a little painful, this pain was only superficial. As long as this Yue Clan’s Third Young Master was willing to stay out of matters, he would only resign himself to part with these treasures. He silently vowed to use all methods to torment this Yue Clan’s Third Young Master.

“What do I want? I want your life!” Yue Yang raised the God Killng Dagger and a long Sword Qi appeared.

Sea Dragon Crown Prince, who was a dozen meters away felt a chill on his neck.

His head fell to the floor and blood sprayed to the sky!

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