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LLS Chapter 475 – Supreme Holy Equipment, the God Killing Dagger

Chapter 475 – Supreme Holy Equipment, the God Killing Dagger
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Yue Yang turned around and saw An Xi who was struggling to get up.

If An Xi wished to live, Yue Yang would be able to save him even without using the Mother Earth Potion. However, An Xi didn’t care if he can live anymore.

He lived merely to kill the the Ocean Emperor.

Now that the Ocean Emperor was severely injured and was going to die soon, An Xi had no more reasons to continue living.

What could Yue Yang do to a man who wants to die?

“Don’t be modest with an old man like me. If eating it could help me live, I would surely snatch it.” The hempen-clothed old man smiled weakly. Yue Yang knew that it was no use to persuade him, so he simply nodded. An Xi slowly laid down. “I saw the Mother Earth Potion, so I have no more regrets… youngster, just bury me here!”

He waved his hand and the God Killing Dagger flew over.

The Hempen-clothed old man then left his last words, which was also his last wish.”I’m not giving it to you for nothing, use it to decapitate the Ocean Emperor!”

With that, he closed his eyes.

A giant Black Dragon separated from his body. It slowly faded into bright lights and dissipated into the air.

It roared softly before disappearing, as if bidding farewell to its master.

The Hempen-clothed old man’s heartbeat gradually stop with his breath, and with that, the Assassin King of Tong Tian Tower left the world.

Although he died, he fulfilled his hundred year dream, and a smile could be seen at the corner of his mouth… Although he didn’t personally kill his arch enemy, he bore no more regrets knowing that Guan Lan wouldn’t be able to live for long. Furthermore, he was also able to witness the birth of the Mother Earth potion. After centuries of loneliness, he could finally let go of everything, embrace nature and meet his past comrades again.

Numerous lights morphed into different beautiful flowers in the sky.

The Mother Earth Potion wouldn’t exist forever.

Before the Mother Earth Potion disappears, Yue Yang used his hands to guide it as it floated in the air and down his throat.

Initially, his body had no reactions, but after three seconds, his Grimoire floated up automatically. The hornless dragon Jiang Ying, who was asleep, the Spirit of Earth Fire , the Reaper Mantis and even the Quintet Gold Seeking Mice all came out.

The Hornless Dragon was still sleeping while the Spirit of Earth Fire was at loss since she did not know what was happening.

Yue Yang’s body gave off an indescribable glow and looked as if he was becoming invisible. At the same time, lights with energy of the heavenly fragrance fluctuated with the runes as they morphed into all kinds of peculiar patterns and sometimes beautiful flowers… Xiao Wen Li, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man, Jiang Ying the Hornless Dragon, the Reaper Mantis and the Quintet Gold Seeking Mice bathed in the lights with the energy of heavenly fragrance as they obtained different things.

After her fusion with the Heart of Earth, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man evolved again, making great progress in personifying.

As for Xiao Wen Li, she received the most as she was hugging Yue Yang.

She took in the most energy, even more than ‘World’ the Halo-type Beast. After this absorption, she would just be a few steps away from levelling up to becoming Level Six Diamond-ranked. She continued to top the list among all of Yue Yang’s Beasts in terms of support and combat power.

Jiang Ying the Hornless Dragon, who was still hibernating, the Spirit of Earth Fire, Reaper Mantis and even the Quintet Gold Seeking Mice all got different levels of reward.

Naturally, Yue Yang received the most.

After consuming the Mother Earth Potion, Yue Yang’s body was filled with an indescribably immense amount of energy. It was as if the entire Crystal Canyon, or a geographical location even more vast, was stuffed into his body. Yue Yang felt that he was going to explode. All of Yue Yang’s physical wounds healed within three seconds… The Nirvana Flame of the Nirvana Flame Phoenix burned rapidly in Yue Yang’s body, this helped digest the enormous amount of energy in his body such that they could fuse into the cells in his body. No energy was wasted as all formed the foundation of his body.

His Innate Qi moved at an even higher speed.

If it did not move around, Yue Yang’s body wouldn’t be able to withstand it and would definitely explode.

The sixth level of the Innate Invisible Sword Qi moved rapidly and carried the enormous amount of energy of the Mother Earth Potion. Then they were quickly absorbed as they moved throughout Yue Yang’s body.

Although the Innate Invisible Sword Qi did not upgrade, Yue Yang’s Grimoire started to turn as it levelled up.

It went easily to level up from the original Innate Level Four to Innate Level Five, it was even heading towards Innate Level Six… Now, Yue Yang was already going towards Elder Innate level. He was in a bind as he couldn’t control himself at all due to his Innate Qi and Nirvana Flame moving around. Yue Yang knew that it was bad for him to go towards Innate Elder Realm with his current condition. With the current situation, his efforts in levelling down to become stronger would easily go down the drain.   升级,必须一步一步升上去,获益才是最大的。
He would benefit the most if he takes thing slowly and level up step by step.

However, the problem now was that Yue Yang couldn’t control himself.

The pure energy from the Mother Earth Potion was huge, so huge that it exceeded Yue Yang’s imaginations. When he swallowed it, it was akin to swallowing the entire Crystal Canyon, his body couldn’t withstand it at all. Fortunately he had his Innate Qi and Nirvana Flame, or else his body would have exploded and turn him a spirit.

The level up golden pillar soared to the sky.

However, Yue Yang had only just absorbed ten percent of the energy yet the situation was already like this.

There would definitely be opportunities to level up in the future. Yue Yang guessed that if he absorbed the Mother Earth Potion entirely, he would definitely move up to the Elder Innate level.

“Wow, you ate some good stuff, I want it too!” With a flash, the Qilin Girl appeared and upon seeing a light shimmering off Yue Yang, she ran towards him and hugged him. As if a child fighting for candies, she leaned in and sucked Yue Yang’s lips.

She took away at least one tenth of the pure energy of the Mother Earth Potion. She then released Yue Yang and pretended to have done nothing.

Xiao Wen Li copied her and went up to suck a mouthful of energy.

The pleasant sound of the Phoenix resonated through the entire Crystal Canyon. It could even make one’s soul tremble.

A huge Nirvana Flame Pillar rose from Yue Yang’s body. Countless rays of light followed as the Phoenix Sister arrived in the air while riding a Phoenix, that spanned over a thousand meters. They then direct it to enter Yue Yang’s body and pushed the enormous amount of unabsorbed energy out of Yue Yang’s dantian. Then they condensed it into a single drop and partially sealed it such that Yue Yang could refine it slowly in the future.

“I did not eat anything!” The Qilin girl waved her hands adorably, indicating that she had been obedient all along and hadn’t been eating anything discreetly.

“Haha!“ Xiao Wen Li was more obedient. Although she didn’t admit it, she did not deny it either. She was merely laughing discreetly.

“…” Phoenix Sisters both entwined to become a streak of rainbow light as they fused into Yue Yang’s body and disappear. As they disappeared, the Nirvana Flame Pillar also simultaneously disappeared as it dissipated into the air within a few seconds, as if it was never there in the first place.

Once they left, Yue Yang who was still in a daze collapsed to the ground.

Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man tried to carry him quickly.

Bing Ying the Qilin girl waved her hand. “Stop, let him rest. It was not a good thing to level up too quickly since his body won’t be able to take it. He is resting now, so he can let his body adjust by itself. Ah, I’m sleepy again, I’m going back to continue my sleep!” She cutely yawned as she prepared to take her leave. On seeing the God Killing Dagger lying on the ground, she became enthusiastic again as she waved her hand to get the God Killing Dagger into her hand. She quickly frowned. “Which idiot used the God Killing Dagger like this? I haven’t seen such a fool that didn’t clean the Demonic Qi and caused it to rust. This God Killing Dagger isn’t a good thing in the first place, now, it is just plain rubbish…”

If the Hempen-clothed old man An Xi were to hear this, he would have cried.

Luckily he’s dead, if not he would have committed suicide in shame.

The Qilin Girl shot out a white ray and purified the tainted God Killing Dagger instantly.

The God Killing Dagger, that reverted back to its original state, brightly flickered. There was at least a meter of light that surrounded the tip of the blade. When the Qilin Girl lightly waved it, a ten meter Sword Qi extended outwards. It even tore a ten meter deep crack on the solid crystal floor.

“I’ll give this to you, it isn’t very useful.” The Qilin Girl Bing Yin was generous enough to give Xiao Wen Li Yue Yang’s possession.

“…” Xiao Wen Li waved her hand to reject her.

“Then pass this to him. Tell him I gave him this and ask him to thank me because I don’t usually give things to people.” The Qilin Girl’s last sentence was the most honest one. She had always been the one receiving things. The things she gave out was indeed very little. Moreover, Yue Yang could be considered to be one who benefitted from it the most. He hadn’t even open the Golden Coffin given to him by the Qilin Girl the other time!

“Okay!” Xiao Wen Li nodded as she received the God Killing Dagger on Yue Yang’s behalf.

It was good enough for the God Killing Dagger to be returned to Yue Yang’s side after going through the Qilin Girl. If Yue Yang were to know about this, he would been so surprised to the point of being drenched in cold sweat.

Yawning, the Qilin Girl went back to sleep.

Xiao Wen Li and Ah Man stayed to protect Yue Yang who was in deep sleep.

After three hours, Yue Yang was finally able to completely stabilize the energy in his body. Although he only absorbed one tenth of the energy of the Mother Earth Potion, Yue Yang realised that his power surged. He estimated that he was now a Level Ten Innate, making him on par to the Phoenix Beauty before her breakthrough. He also wasn’t too far from levelling up to Elder Innate level.

For others this might be good news.

But for Yue Yang, it caused him a bit of a headache. He had to think of a way to sat at Innate Realm and at the same time absorb the energy from the Mother Earth Potion without levelling up to Elder Innate level. It wouldn’t matter if he couldn’t think of anything, he could always ask the Heavenly Sword Goddess, she definitely had the answer! However time wasn’t on his side, so Yue Yang decided to walk back out to the Graveyard of the sea. It was because he sensed Bloody Queen Red’s call more than once when he was in deep sleep.

“Why did the God Killing Dagger become like this?” Yue Yang received the God Killing Dagger and realised that the original Holy Equipment had become a Supreme Holy Equipment that was very close to becoming a Divine Equipment. Yue Yang was shocked.

Xiao Wen Li made a cute gesture with her hands acting as horns on her head. Yue Yang immediately understood that it was the Qilin Girl who did it.

Although she always causes trouble, she would sometimes help a bit!

The God Killing Dagger which became a Supreme Equipment caused people to be attracted to it just by looking at it, so Yue Yang quickly put it away.

Yue Yang was prepared to put away his Grimoire and looked at ti.

He went up from being a Level Four Innate to a Level Five Innate. Since he already knew aboutit, he ignored it.

But what made Yue Yang the happiest was the fact that his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision got upgraded…. He had been awaiting for this level up for a long time!

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  1. Mohit says:

    “He estimated that he was now a Level Ten Innate, making him on par to the Phoenix Beauty before her breakthrough. He also wasn’t too far from levelling up to Elder Innate level.”

    “He went up from being a Level Four Innate to a Level Five Innate. Since he already knew aboutit, he ignored it.”

    So now, is he a level 5 innate or level 10 innate??!

    • Scar says:

      You guys clearly aren’t comprehending what you read. It was explain the moment he revert back to innate level 1 from innate level 3 that he has the strength to contest against innate level 6 just like phoenix fairy. When she revert to innate 8 from innate 10, she has the power of an innate elder 1. Now that Yue Yang is innate 5, having the power of innate 10 at that stage isn’t surprising. I hope this detailed explanation will clear your confusion.

      • what says:

        Well the confusing part was when it said he leveled up to 5 then to 6 and kept going to 10, almost breaking through to elder 1. If it was talking about just his power equivalency, then he was already on par with a 9 during the battle, so it would have just said 10 then elder 1, but since it started with him leveling to 5 from his current level 4 innate. This implies that his power went up to innate level 10 and his equivalency would have been mid elder/heaven’s rank.

        I think the author left out explaining a power loss when the phoenix sisters removed, condensed and partially sealed the excess power from yue yang. He couldn’t control his power, and then passed out, so he himself didn’t delevel from 10 back to 5, so an outside source would have had to do that for him and it just wasn’t written.

      • Erudite Birdy says:

        Yes. He doesn’t use his grimoire often so it’s a lower level, now Innate Level 5. Yue Yang’s physical/qi level is Innate Level 10.
        I don’t get why he’s upset as he wanted to physically level up more. That confuses me.

    • Erudite Birdy says:

      I don’t think so. It only seemed like she said ‘Okay’. What she really did was nod her head to convey the meaning ‘Okay’. It was confusing, but I don’t think she actually talked.

      ““Okay!” Xiao Wen Li nodded as she received the God Killing Dagger on Yue Yang’s behalf.”

  2. DMR says:

    Thanks for the chapter XD

    Though I do think there should be a limit to how much he can power his rank up to level one… there has to be a limit at some point….

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    LOL HE GOT THE LEVEL UP!!!! IT’S XRAY TIME! Right? I swear that he has xray now and can see da nudes right? I remember him talkin’ bout it!

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  5. Erudite Birdy says:

    “Wow, you ate some good stuff, I want it too!” With a flash, the Qilin Girl appeared and upon seeing a light shimmering off Yue Yang, she ran towards him and hugged him. As if a child fighting for candies, she leaned in and sucked Yue Yang’s lips.

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