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LLS Chapter 474 – Mother Earth Potion

Chapter 474 – Mother Earth Potion
Translated by: heliumm
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The shock wave caused by the two parties was comparable to the powerful blast caused by the Ocean Emperor and An Xi.

With the enhancement from the Three-headed Golden Dragon King, the power of the Ocean Emperor’s punch was strong enough to raze a hill. While with the help of the two Giant Phantom Shadow, Yue Yang’s power was equally earth-shaking. Not only were their strengths close, their combat style were similar as well. They both didn’t chose to attack the opponent’s body. Instead, they both chose to launch a heavy attack on the opponent’s forehead.

Yue Yang was protected by the Nirvana Flame Armor so naturally the Ocean Emperor would not attack his body.

Similarly, the Ocean Emperor had the holy-ranked Ocean Emperor’s Armor to protect his body. And, he also had a strengthening-type Guardian Spirit Beast, the Three Headed Golden Dragon King to assist him. Just like the Ocean Emperor, Yue Yang did not aim his fists at his body. Even though the Ocean Emperor’s chest was already critically wounded and his heart was left unguarded, it did not become Yue Yang’s target.

Bombard the opponent’s forehead.

This was both of their choice and agreed on by chance.

Just like matchless mutual understanding, their attacks were launched, head on.

The Ocean Emperor, Guan Lan’s speed was extremely fast!

However, Yue Yang was slightly faster. If he had not experienced the Scarlet Emperor’s powerful attacks, he might have been much slower than the Ocean Emperor, Guan Lan.

Other than the Scarlet Emperor, the Ocean Emperor had one of the fastest speeds Yue Yang had seen. Compared to him, the Black Prince’s speed which he was so proud of was just like a snail’s. It was not surprising that the Ocean Emperor could fight on equal grounds with An Xi, who was the fastest among all the killers…

In between flashes of lightning, Yue Yang brandished the World Exterminating Wheel and furiously slashed him.

It cut through the Ocean Emperor’s Innate Qi which was used for protection and aimed right at the Ocean Emperor’s forehead. The Ocean Emperor did not avoid nor dodge. Instead, he used all his strength and punched towards Yue Yang’s face with the intent to bring Yue Yang down with him! He had the power of a peak Level Ten Innate, and he also had a holy Beast, the Three Headed Golden Dragon King, to strengthen his physical body. He could definitely take risk like this!

The reason why the Ocean Emperor won against An Xi just now was precisely because of the strengthening from the Three Headed Golden Dragon King.

Yue Yang did not retreat but continued forward while bending his left arm to defend his face.

In his right hand, he held the World Exterminating Wheel.

Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotuses, Arctic Ice Frost and Purple Lightning Snakes distorted the entire space. As the World Exterminating Wheel slashed through, even the space seemed to have shattered. This was the strongest power Yue Yang could produce in his new realm. Even if the Ocean Emperor had a hard body, after being struck by the World Exterminating Wheel, he would be critically injured and collapse to the ground.

Suddenly, the Three Headed Golden Dragon King grew another huge head on the Ocean Emperor’s body.

It fearlessly bit the World Exterminating Wheel.

The World Exterminating Wheel slashed through its head. Although the head was heavily wounded, it continued to charge forward blazing with fury. It violently bit Yue Yang. At that very moment, the Ocean Emperor’s huge fist also landed on Yue Yang’s left arm, breaking his left arm immediately. Yue Yang was in great pain. After turning his upper body, he lifted his right leg and kicked the Ocean Emperor in the chest. He shot his Innate Invisible Sword Qi right through the crack on the Ocean Emperor’s Armor, which was caused by the God Killing Dagger. His Qi immediately shot through the Ocean Emperor’s heart.

An arm for a life.

This was all part of Yue Yang’s well planned scheme. Even three days beforethis, he had discussed with An Xi to proceed in such a way.

An Xi recklessly made a small hole on the Ocean Emperor’s Armor and gave Yue Yang the chance to land a critical hit on him…

After the Ocean Emperor’s heart was pierced, his body became sluggish.

However, he did not stop immediately, instead he counterattacked crazily.

On his body, another huge, Golden Dragon head grew out. It gripped Yue Yang using its jaws and threw him hard onto the crystal floor. While Yue Yang was still suffering from pain and dizziness, a third dragon head grew out from the Ocean Emperor’s body. It was gigantic and give off an intense aura. It spat out an odd fork shaped halberd. The Ocean Emperor took it and struck down hard at Yue Yang’s body.

“Fuck…” Yue Yang was freaked out, the Ocean Emperor actually had a holy weapon. Even An Xi was unaware of it.

The holy-ranked Ocean Emperor’s Halberd flashed with golden lightning and pierced towards Yue Yang’s body.

If it pierced through, Yue Yang’s life would be on the line.

At the critical moment, Yue Yang freed his body from the pressure caused by the Ocean Emperor’s Domain of Power. He used the Elegant Sword Dance of the Three Mysterious Styles to dodge quickly. At the same time, he kicked using his right leg, hoping to use the power to escape from the threat of death.

The huge dragon head on the Ocean Emperor’s body fearlessly unhinged its grip from Yue Yang’s body.

Even if the Nirvana Armor made from Nirvana Flames quickly combusted, it’s huge jaws still refused to let go. Pausing even a single second would be enough for the Ocean Emperor to strike a hundred times. The Ocean Emperor’s Halberd fiercely pierced down. Yue Yang had no choice but to dodge it at all costs to prevent hitting his vitals. However, the right leg he kicked out was not withdrawn on time. The Ocean Emperor’s Halberd pierced right through and nailed him right onto the crystal floor. The biggest dragon head on the Ocean Emperor’s body had been storing up power for a long time. It opened its huge jaws and released a Dragon Breath that was a hundred times more fearsome than “Hell fire”!

A Gold-ranked Dragon’s Breath was also an attack that could intantly kill all existence.

It could not be avoided.

Just when the Ocean Emperor thought he would win, the Nirvana Armor on Yue Yang’s body instantly transformed into a Nirvana Flame Phoenix. It threw itself at the huge jaws of the Golden Dragon King which was blasting out Dragon Breath.

Although the Dragon Breath was very powerful, it still couldn’t compare ti Nirvana Flames.

The Nirvana Flame Phoenix ignited and purified all the Dragon Breath. It then launched itself right into the Golden Dragon King’s gigantic jaws. It caused the Golden Dragon King to instantly vanish, forcing it to return back to the Ocean Emperor’s body.

If it was late by a second, it would have been burnt alive by the Nirvana Flame Phoenix.

The Ocean Emperor’s beast could not be compared to Yue Yang. However, the Ocean Emperor still possessed the powers of a peak Level Ten Innate. With his fists clenched, he aimed and struck with a heavy blow.

Immediately, Yue Yang summoned his Grimoire and raised a protection barrier. Although it got hit and shattered by the Ocean Emperor’s fist, he was able to stop him for half a second. Xiao Wen Li appeared from Yue Yang’s body. Her pretty eyes glared and activated her [Binding] Inherent Skill. The Ocean Emperor’s fist became sluggish once again. The Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man leapt out and used her quick fists to deal a heavy blow on the Ocean Emperor’s waist.

When the Ocean Emperor’s Armor vibrated, the Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man let out a cry. She lifted the Ocean Emperor who was still under the [Binding] Inherent Skill and threw him out.

At this moment, there was another thirty seconds before the birth of the Mother Earth Potion.

Yue Yang and the Ocean Emperor were both critically injured.

The only difference was that Yue Yang only injured his left arm and right leg. His organs were damaged from the shock but he could still fight.

The Ocean Emperor was already critically wounded. After being struck by Yue Yang’s World Exterminating Wheel and Innate Invisible Sword Qi, he was now on the edge of death. Additionally, his Guardian Spirit Beast, the Three Headed Golden Dragon King, had two of its heads destroyed and faced a great drop in power. It was even harder to defend. When he stood up, he coughed up a mouthful of fresh blood. The Ocean Emperor’s body was on the verge of collapsing. Yue Yang was nailed to the crystal floor by the Ocean Emperor’s Halberd so could not get free at the moment. The Ocean Emperor forced his heavily wounded body and ran towards the crystal lotus. If he consumed the Mother Earth Potion, then his body would definitely be restored to the best state, perhaps he might even break through to the Innate Elder Realm!

Ah man used all her might as she tried to pull the Ocean Emperor’s Halberd from the crystal floor.

However, Holy Weapons often possess a certain intelligence.

It followed its owner’s intention and remained nailed to the ground firmly, resisting Ah Man’s violent pull…

The Ocean Emperor’s Halberd was slowly being pulled out, but at such a speed, it would not be removed from the ground in thirty seconds. This also meant that Yue Yang would not make it in time to reach the birthplace of the Mother Earth Potion.

“Guan Lan, It is time for you to apologize to everyone.” Hempen-clothed Elder An Xi appeared behind the Ocean Emperor. He deeply pierced the God Killing Dagger in his hands into the Ocean Emperor’s carotid artery. The Ocean Emperor held An Xi’s hand, stopping him from cutting off his head. He used his last bit of power to lift An Xi and smash him onto the crystal pillar in the distance.

“Now is not the time, when I die, I will go see those people!” The Ocean Emperor pulled out the God Killing Dagger forcefully, causing blood to spurt out like the waterfall.

At this moment, the crystal lotus started to bloom.

It was extremely beautiful.

Thousands of gold rays radiated out from the crystal lotus, making the entire Crystal Canyon become a world of gold.

The Ocean Emperor who was dripping with fresh blood jumped on top of the crystal lotus and watched the view in front of his eyes in awe.

The Mother Earth Potion he had waited so long for was finally ready!

Ah Man pulled out the Ocean Emperor’s Halberd anf furiously threw it away. However, it was too late. Even if Yue Yang got up, he would be unable to stop the Ocean Emperor from obtaining the Mother Earth Potion.

Simply because, it was already born!

Numerous gold light shot out from the inside of the crystal lotus and formed a splendid light pillar.

A stream of spring water gushed out from the crystal lotus. It was just like a rainbow. Afterwards it followed the golden light pillar and floated up into the air.

The Ocean Emperor used the fastest speed he could in his entire life and pulled out a jade vase he had prepared a long time ago. Instantly, he loaded the spring water into the jade vase. Before An Xi could reach, he leapt and called back his Ocean Emperor’s Halberd that was spiritually connected to him. He blocked An Xi’s attack using his halberd and spreaded his dragon wings. With speed faster than lightning, he soared through the air and left.

The Ocean Emperor quickly teleported himself away from the Crystal Canyon.

Yue Yang could only watch the entire process.

Ah Man was furious. She carried a huge crystal pillar and threw it at the Ocean Emperor but it was too late to stop the Ocean Emperor from leaving.

Xiao Wen Li also watched Yue Yang with a pitiful gaze. Her eyes were red as if she would start brawling.

Yue Yang carried her, touched her nose lightly and said, “Why are you crying, the real Mother Earth Potion is still here. Just now what the Ocean Emperor took was merely the crystal liquid! If he really took the Mother Earth Potion, how could I just watch it. It would be weird if I did not fight him. Don’t cry, let’s go get the real thing!”

Surrounding the crystal lotus, all the Ancient Guards kneeled down.

They did not move.

It was as if there was a singing voice that was more pleasant to listen to than the sounds of nature. But it was not a voice yet it resonated in people’s hearts. It was the sound of the Mother Earth Potion’s birth! The entire Crystal Canyon was filled with a scent that was more aromatic and fragrant than all the flowers in the world. When one smells it, one would feel intoxicated. This, was the fragrance of the Mother Earth Potion.

The crystal lotus unfolded entirely and fully bloomed.

Countless lights filled the area above just like rainbows.

All of the crystal energy in the Crystal Canyon flowed towards the giant crystal lotus like a river flowing to the ocean. All essence were concentrated and returned back into the core of the crystal lotus.

The Ancient Guards lost their energy and fell down one by one.

Their souls merged with the crystals and laid dormant once again.

As Yue Yang brought Xiao Wen Li over to the front of the crystal lotus, he realised that there was only a single drop of the Mother Earth Potion inside.

The crystal lotus shattered into a thousand pieces and the entire Crystal Canyon shook, some places even collapsed. The crystal energy seemed to disappear completely, the entire Crystal Canyon became filled with ordinary white stones. Only a small bit of crystal fragments containing crystal energy were left on the ground.

The “Mother Earth Potion”, floating in front of Yue Yang, was something that could not be described by words.

The energy it contained was unbelievable and it was extremely pure and concentrated.

It was golden-bright and dazzling. Despite being at liquid form, it shined rays of wonderful light.

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