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LLS Chapter 473 – Battling the Ocean Emperor

Chapter 473 – Battling the Ocean Emperor
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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The terrifying shock wave from the battle between the two Rankers spread.

It could move even the mountains and the seas. If not for the fact that the Crystal Canyon was made purely out of crystal, it would have been razed to the ground.

Numerous crystal pillars and shards flew in mid air.

Even the Ancient Guards would be torn into pieces if they were to be in the epicentre of the shock wave.

Yue Yang was lucky enough to pick up two corpses of the Crystal Men but he soon realised that he couldn’t bring these men’s soul away.

The moment he placed the corpses into his platinum ring, the souls of the two Crystal Men would immediately escape and undergo rebirth in another pile of crystal. Maybe it was due to the restrictions here that caused them to be unable to leave the Crystal Canyon and could only exist as creatures that leach on crystals. Even so, Yue Yang reaped a lot from collecting their corpse. With more in depth research, the body structure of these Crystal Men could be an inspiration in accomplishing Yue Gong’s third last wish.

Yue Yang also collected quite a few crystal shards and broken crystal pillars.

The energy from these crystals would be beneficial to the Sickly Beauty.

The Phoenix Beauty, Luo Hua City Mistress, Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia were making their own progress. Although the sickly beauty isn’t part of the main fighting force, Yue Yang felt that it was necessary for her to level up, especially now that he got such high quality energy crystals. There was no harm picking up more since there were so many lying around.

However, what Yue Yang focussed on the most was the crystal lotus that was growing in the canyon gradually. This was where the Mother Earth Potion was going to be born.

In just five minutes time….

The miraculous Mother Earth Potion was about to be born.

It had reached its final growth phase, so even the shock wave from the battle between two Supreme Innates couldn’t stop its birth now. The shock wave couldn’t even damage the giant crystal lotus which had continued to grow bigger and bigger. Around it were numerous crystal pillars that protruded from the crystal floor and acted like guards to block the impact from the shock wave.

The entire Crystal Canyon was filled with an indescribable fragrance.

It didn’t scatter with the wind.

If wasn’t the kind of fragrance flowers gave off, but an inherent fragrance that penetrates the soul and nourishes all forms of life.

Those Crystal Men who had broken body parts quickly recovered under this heavenly fragrance… They surrounded the crystal lotus and protected it as they await the birth of the Mother Earth Potion.

The Crystal Lotus was still growing and the fragrance it emitted grew stronger with each passing second.

In the air, the battle between the Ocean Emperor Guan Lan and the hempen-clothed old man An Xi was drawing to an end. It was apparent that the Ocean Emperor was stronger since he had already gained the upper hand.

Yue Yang didn’t interfere immediately. instead, he continued to store those giant dead Beasts into his platinum ring. He didn’t even leave out the broken limbs, and he even tried to pull out the blood stained crystals stuck in their bodies and then storing them. All of the Beasts of the Ocean Emperor and the hempen-clothed old man were above Diamond rank so this makes them top levelling up supplements for the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, Hui Tai Lang, and even the Reaper Mantis and the Spirit of Earth Fire, so how could Yue Yang miss this opportunity? With the imminent battle against the Black Hell King, Yue Yang had to power up his Beasts.

Compared to the Ocean Emperor, fighting against the Black Hell King who is a Level One or even a Level Two Innate Elder was more terrifying!

Boom! Boom!

When the third boom sounded, the hempen-clothed old man An Xi fell from the sky like a meteorite.

He landed on the crystal floor with a thud, as the entire area of crystal he fell on caved in, forming a round cavity on the ground.

The crack spread everywhere and extended towards Yue Yang’s feet… He looked at the hempen-clothed old man and realised that there was a hole through his chest. It looked like his heart got struck with the heaviest blow. Other than that, his skull and spine were also struck by the Ocean Emperor.

Although An Xi, the number one assassin, used all his strength to fight the Ocean Emperor, who was one of the Five Emperors of the Tong Tian Tower, he was still defeated in the end.

With blood oozing out from his mouth, An Xi gazed to Yue Yang lifelessly, signalling to him that everything was on his hands now.

The hempen-clothed old man wasn’t far from death.

His only wish was to see Yue Yang kill the the Ocean Emperor in front of him before he dies.

Yue Yang looked up and realised that the strong Ocean Emperor Guan Lan was in a similar sorry state. The Ocean Emperor was clad in holy-ranked armor, the Ocean Emperor’s Armor, but a holy-ranked dagger was peirced through his chest to his back. This was An Xi’s final strike. Even if the the Ocean Emperor was protected by the holy-ranked armor and his Guardian Beast, the Three-headed Golden Dragon King, he couldn’t avoid this kind of lethal strike… Although the dagger pierced his heart, the Ocean Emperor didn’t collapse as he changed the location of his heart just a few seconds before An Xi struck, thus dodging An Xi’s deadly attack.

The holy-ranked ‘God Killing Dagger’ was undoubtedly stronger than the ‘Ocean Emperor’s Armor’ that was similarly of holy-ranked.

The Ocean Emperor’s Armor was a high quality holy-ranked equipment, while the God Killing Dagger was a top notch one!

When these two equipments collided, the God Killing Dagger proved to be stronger.

Unfortunately, An Xi fought with all his might and yet he still couldn’t kill his old enemy Guan Lan.

The Ocean Emperor pulled out the God Killing Dagger and tossed it away. No one can use the God Killing Dagger who had recognised An Xi as its master until after he dies. The Ocean Emperor who was heavily injured in the skull and limbs slowly descended and landed before Yue Yang.

He was a giant with a height of over two metres.

He looked majestic with his black hair that flew with the wind.

His buff body looked like a mountain, full of energy. However his limbs weren’t buff like a muscle man, rather they were slender and lean. He was really one of those few who looked like an emperor with his body in golden ratio. Even if he doesn’t speak, his vibe would have said it all.

His eyes were crystal clear with a tinge of gold around his pupils. It was as if he could see through people with just one glance.

Clad in the holy-ranked armor, he looked even more majestic and supreme. Yue Yang had seen his fair share of rulers but none as superb as the Ocean Emperor.

Although Jun Wu You looked intimidating too, he would be a far cry when compared with the Ocean Emperor.

Shun Tian, the Emperor of Zi Wei, was also one of the weaker ones.

Even the Great Demon King Baruth couldn’t compare.

The only one that could win against the Ocean Emperor wasn’t the Black Hell King but one who was of equal status as the Prison Emperor six thousand years ago- the Scarlet Emperor!

Needless to say, the Scarlet Emperor was definitely a demonic existence!

Calling him an emperor would be an understatement. He was definitely a ‘demi-god’ level Ranker. Even in his weakest state, he could pressure Shun Tian and the Black Prince and make them hang their head low with his intimidating vibe… comparing the Black Hell King and the Scarlet Emperor, one was a marshal while the other one was an overlord, they couldn’t be compared side by side.

Although the Ocean Emperor wasn’t on par to the Scarlet Emperor, overpowered senior Innate, it doesn’t affect his superiority asthe one who dominates the entire oceanic region in the high levels of Tong Tian Tower.

Guan Lan was indeed the one and only Ocean Emperor in this world.

Nobody would be able to suppress his presence.

The Ocean Emperor stood in front of Yue Yang. Even at this moment, when he had just went finished a life and death battle with An Xi, he still reamined as arrogant as ever.

“You want to kill me? “ Guan Lan asked.

“If you can let me take the Mother Earth Potion, I can consider not fighting with you!” Yue Yang said something that couldn’t be achieved.

“Why must I let you do it?” The Ocean Emperor Guan Lan didn’t get angry. Since there was still three minutes before the birth of the Mother Earth Potion, he took his time and inquired Yue Yang.

“Guan Lan, I think you understand even if I don’t say it. You have exhausted all your potential, so you can’t improve any further. Even if you make a breakthrough and reach Innate Elder Level One, you wouldn’t improve any further unless you obtain items like God’s Blood or Mother Earth Potion again. It can be said that it would be a waste for you to consume the Mother Earth Potion. To put it more bluntly, it would be an unforgivable sin for you to consume it. I am younger than you, more potential than you. My future is limitless, so why would I give it to you? In the past, you betrayed the entire team for your own accomplishment. It made you where you are today. In the future, I won’t be any weaker than you, I will only be stronger, so why must I give the Mother Earth Potion to you? Although I may be selfish, compared to your betrayal, I’m better.” Yue Yang stopped for a while before continuing. “Even if I give it to you, you’ll kill me because you wouldn’t be able to bear watching me grow and overtake you… Your daughter asked me once, why must I kill you? If you all didn’t force me into this, I wouldn’t cause trouble at all. My growth was all due to the pressure coming from seniors like you. Let me just summarise this in one sentence. Guan Lan, you are neither the strongest nor the most talented one, if you want to be the big boss, or hinder others from becoming one, you will definitely fall.”

“Indeed.” the Ocean Emperor nodded as he affirmed Yue Yang’s idea. “Last question, do you think you can kill me?”

“I have no confidence in winning whenever I’m fighting against Supreme Innates. But it’s alright, I’m still young, I can afford to lose, with the experience I will gain, I can fight again. As long as I am not afraid of fighting, the final victory will be mine with perseverance,” Yue Yang answered.

There was only two minutes left to the birth of the Mother Earth Potion.

Now, the gigantic Crystal Lotus had surpassed the highest point of the Crystal Canyon as numerous crystals pointed to the sky.

The energy of the heavenly fragrance had covered the entire Crystal Canyon.

The gentle light that shimmered off the Crystal Lotus and gradually became stronger as numerous energy accumulated, awaiting the birth of the Mother Earth Potion.

The Ocean Emperor Guan Lan peered at the Crystal Lotus in the distance, as he nodded dejectedly. “If only you were my son, I would have passed it to you.”

After finishing his sentence, the Ocean Emperor started to act.

He gave off a light that was even more blinding than sunlight.

Yue Yang also unleashed the power of a Level Four Innate immediately. His current power was a Level Nine Innate. Although it was a far cry from the Ocean Emperor’s peak Level Ten Innate, with the aid of the Nirvana Armor, World Exterminating Wheel and Innate Invisible Sword Qi, he had confidence in fighting against the Ocean Emperor. Even if it meant paying a high price for it, Yue Yang would defeat the Ocean Emperor Guan Lan and get the Mother Earth Potion.

“”Kill!” With a shout, Yue Yang and the Ocean Emperor charged towards each other as they fought with all their might.

Only one minute and thirty seconds was left till the birth of the Mother Earth Potion.

The battle between Yue Yang and the Ocean Emperor Guan Lan had officially began!

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