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LLS Chapter 472 – Who dares to stop me?!

Chapter 472 – Who dares to stop me?!
Translated by: heliumm
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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The Sea Anemone Crown Princess pointed at the Storm Mermaid in fury and screamed at the top of her lungs, “ Hurry, hurry up, someone, go kill her, kill her now!”

A number of Sea Generals and dozens of Elite Guards heard the command and charged ahead fearlessly, bracing death.

Another Sea Marshal witnessed the situation and bravely dived down quickly, preparing to disrupt the Storm Mermaid’s Conch’s summon. A golden arrow pierced through his shoulder with a swoosh. In an instant, the Sea Marshal’s shoulder started to petrify. He was unable to react in time as a bolt of lightning blasted through the air, striking him right on his head.

His head and face were charred black.

Fresh blood oozed out from his eyes, ears, mouth and nose.

At the very moment he fell down powerlessly, the critically injured Sea Marshal saw two sharp ice blades, which chopped at his throat.

He instantly lost consciousness…

If the Storm Mermaid appeared, how could Stone Element Medusa, Thunder Naga, and Ice Serpent Demon not be present?

The remaining five Sea Marshals retreated hurriedly into a safe region, afraid to follow the same path their companions did.

Stone Element Medusa and Thunder Naga together were fatal enough, what made it worse was that there was the Ice Serpent Demon. In addition, all of them were under the protection of the sea of Thorny Flowers. With the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen present, entering the sea of Thorny Flowers would be courting death!

There were Eight Sea Marshals, and now they have already lost three.

However, the number of enemies were multiplying!

The time that passed was less than ten minutes. For them to complete the mission given by His Majesty the Ocean Emperor, they had to hold them back for another twenty minutes.

Seeing such a grim situation, the Shark King could not help getting a headache.

Yue Clan’s Third Young Master was ten times more powerful than what he had imagined. Not only did he possessed the Nirvana Flame and World Exterminating Wheel, he also had extremely quick and powerful beasts. He was unlike young Innates at all. His combat techniques were as sly as an old fox which had cultivated for a millennium. The most terrifying thing was that this Yue Clan’s Third Young Master did not exhibit all of his power. He was still holding back.

He probably still wanted to leave some strength to snatch the Mother Earth Potion!

Even if that was the case, there was no one capable of stopping him.

Even Tai Hu, who was a peak Level Nine Innate, was afraid of the the Nirvana Flame and the World Exterminating Wheel… Both of these were his nemesis.

What made Tai Hu and Shark King felt the most desperate was the loli serpent who suddenly swam out from the deep waters. She swam elegantly and quickly under the sea, where other sea creature and Sea Clan members were unable to move in. She could disregard it completely and emerge out of the sea with ease. What drove others mad was that, she was holding the Settling Sea Pearl in her palm.

The Settling Sea Pearl that could not be touched by any sea creature nor Sea Clan was held in her hands with such ease.

How, how was this possible!

Watching her unhindered actions of breaking through the mirror like water surface, rising and floating in front of Yue Yang, eventually handing the pearl over to him, Shark King and Tai Hu wanted to cry on each other’s shoulder. Their perfect plan that was drawn up by every possible means became froth and shadows thanks to a loli serpent.

So much that they even lost a treasure like the Settling Sea Pearl.

“Good girl!” Yue Yang took the Settling Sea Pearl, hugged Xiao Wen Li and gave her a peck.

“Hee…” Xiao Wen Li smiled and embraced Yue Yang cutely. She kissed him back.

Her wide beautiful eyes were just like the crescent moon, extremely cute.

Once the Settling Sea Pearl was in Yue Yang’s hands, the mirror-like water surface immediately fell apart, restoring its original form instantly.

Due to the Innates’ Qi, the water surface immediately surged, being also affected by the Storm Conch’s summon initiated by Storm Mermaid, the stormy waves raged, sweeping across the entire sea surface.

Numerous Elite Guards and Sea Generals from the Ocean Emperor’s army fell into the water. The drenched Lava Demon Kings gave a howl of grief as they sank to the bottom of the sea and became stone statues.

The situation for the the Ocean Emperor’s side drastically changed.

Meanwhile all the Hybrid Fishmen who were previously gloomy for quite a while let out a long hiss… Now, it was finally their turn to show their power!

Since they had already became Hybrid Fishmen, being unable to fight underwater, their combat power was reduced by half. In contrast, if they could be in water, their combat power would double. How big would the difference be if that happened? Of course the fighters of the the Ocean Emperor would not weaken, they would also get an increase in their combat power. However, they would never want to battle with the Hybrid Fishermen underwater. This was because they had to face thirty plus powerful Innate Rankers whose powers were amplified multiple times!

“Titan Jr., let us handle this!” The Octopus man Boss signaled Yue Yang that he could leave. He had enough confidence to do battle, even if he could not guarantee the final victory, it definitely wouldn’t be a problem to get a tie.

“Hurry, get someone to enter the Crystal Canyon and block the Five Large Whirlpool!” The Sea Dragon Crown Prince shouted anxiously.

Due to the fact that only five people can enter the Crystal Canyon every time and given that the the Ocean Emperor and An Xi are already inside, If another three people entered, no one else could enter.

Immediately, three loyal and trusted aide entered the Five Large Whirlpool.

Yue Yang watched with folded arms, he did not try to stop them.

The Shark King also felt his head aching, The Sea Dragon Crown Prince was overestimating himself.

If this method of “blocking people” worked then why did the the Ocean Emperor let everyone come out again? Might as well let people block it then?

It must be known that there was a super assassin An Xi inside. Let alone An Xi, there were also a hundred Ancient Guards inside, how long could the three people who just entered last? Even if neither the Ancient Guards nor An Xi attack, in the battle between two Supreme Innates who were at the extreme boundary of Innate Level Ten, how long could those three last? They might become scattered ashes and dispersed smoke the moment they entered.

“How clever, Sea Dragon Crown Prince. Your brain is so good, it must be because you ate moronic stuff?” Yue Yang clapped his hands and praised.

“You… “ The Sea Dragon Crown Prince was trembling with fury.

If it was someone else, he would have rushed over to tear the opponent to shreds.

However, the person in front of him was Yue Yang. He did not even dare to touch Yue Yang’s finger. Even if Yue Yang stated that he would not move nor counterattack, the Sea Dragon Crown Prince would still not dare to attack. He had already seen it not only once, his Sea Generals being sliced into half and burnt into ashes by Yue Yang’s Nirvana Wings.

He hated Yue Yang!

He hated him so much that he gritted his teeth hard. However, he did not dare go close to Yue Yang even by one step. Even if it was a single step.

At this very moment Tai Hu jumped out and acted as an old senior. He waved his Thunder Snake Staff and once again braced against Yue Yang.

Now, he was no longer careless. He displayed the power of a peak Level Nine Innate… It could be said that at this moment, he was slightly stronger than Shun Tian and the Black Prince. However, he was nothing compared to the Scarlet Emperor and the Black Hell King. Even if Scarlet Emperor was at his weakest, he could still kill him in a second.

Yue Yang, who once faced Scarlet Emperor, Scarlet Concubine, Shun Tian and the Black Prince’s attack together all at once felt at ease to be facing this pretentious old senior.

Even the sparring sessions with Phoenix Fairy Beauty were not as effortless as this.

Tai Hu mainly dominates his opponents using mental attacks and speed, along with his ability to paralyze using the Thunder Snake Staff.

Others may be afraid of these, but to Yue Yang, these were just like a light drizzle… Talking about mental attacks, Tai Hu could not be compared to Phoenix Fairy Beauty. The Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s [Charm] Inherent Skill could all living things, while Tai Hu’s Ghost Eye was a joke to Yue Yang. Being blunt, Hui Tai Lang’s angry glare was probably more OP than his Ghost Eye.

As for the destructive power of eyes, when was it Tai Hu’s turn?

Ah Man’s Doom’s Eye would probably send Tai Hu crying bitterly, ashamed and unable to show his face.

“Strike!” Tai Hu struck Yue Yang on the shoulder using the Thunder Snake Staff. He was so pleased, he started to hoot and wanted to add another strike.  

“Fool!” Yue Yang sneered, the Nirvana’s Wings have already transformed into Nirvana Armour to protect him. This strike was useless and only brought a slight pain. However, Tai Hu fell into the range of Xiao Wen Li’s Binding Chains Inherent Skill. Now he was out of luck. Before Shark King could assist, Yue Yang quickly attacked. He dealt a heavy blow on Tai Hu’s heart using his right fist. Using two fingers on his left hand, Yue Yang also poked Tai Hu’s two eyes. Tai Hu was no longer able to close his eyes. Even if he could, he was defenceless against Yue Yang’s Innate Invisible Sword Qi. After destroying Tai Hu’s Ghost Eyes, Yue Yang added a kick between Tai Hu’s two legs, carrying out a heavy blow to “ send him off, a thousand miles away”. Among the sounds of explosion, he faintly heard the sound of balls being bursted.

“Mad Devour of the Raging Sea!” Shark King finally made it, but it was too late.

“Slow!” Yue Yang imitated Shun Tian’s Force of the Dragon and Mammoth as well as Fatty Hai’s Hippo Meteor Punch, forming raindrop like attacks that bombarded Shark King’s body. The Giant Shadow together with the Energy Giant’s additional assistance, the Shark King’s body was indented with deep fist marks. Luckily his body was covered by shark skin which enhanced his defence. With that as well as his strength as a Level Eight Innate, he grabbed Tai Hu and fled in a hurry. He did not plan to take on Yue Yang.

In the sky, the other three kings escaped the Octopus Boss, Whale Zhang and Swordfish Blast’s attacks. They rushed over to protect Shark King and Tai Hu, who was critically wounded and on the edge of death.

Yue Yang held the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear and charged into the formation of the Ocean Emperor’s army and Sea Generals.

The massacre starts.

Yue Yang only stopped after every one fled in pure terror and no one dared to approach him.

Yue Yang was bathed in blood, just like an ancient demon god, there was no one who was not afraid.

Yue Yang gave the Sea Dragon Crown Prince a quick glance, “ Clever prince are you still planning to get people to block? If no one dares to throw away their life, then I will go greet your father! Prince, you wanted to play with me? You are still too young! If you thought that having the Ocean Emperor as your father will make you a real prince, then you are actually just a useless and scaredy little quail. Go back and hide under your father’s bed, the world outside is too dangerous!”

Facing Yue Yang’s cold mockery, the prince felt his face become red and then blue.

He did not dare to retort.

Because Yue Yang was giving off such a murderous aura, and the powerful Tai Hu was in such a pathetic condition, the prince almost peed in his pants. It took him all his effort not to!

The Shark King coughed up blood, while Tai Hu was still being treated by a few Sea Generals. The other three Sea Kings were still busy dealing with the Octopus Boss, Whale Zhang and Swordfish Blast, they could not spare attention away from their opponents. As for Yue Yang’s decision to enter the Crystal Canyon, no one dared to intervene. The Sea Dragon Crown Prince and Sea Anemone Crown Princess both had their heads bowed, pretending they did not see anything.

Yue Yang brought only Xiao Wen Li, and left Hui Tai Lang, Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen ,Bloody Queen Red, Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunder Naga, and Ice Serpent Demon all outside.

With these powerful beasts, the Emperor’s soldiers would not get any advantages.

Furthermore, Mudskipper man and about thirty plus Hybrid fishermen were still there.

Crystal Canyon.

When Yue Yang entered the Crystal Canyon, he was only ten minutes away from the birth of the Mother Earth Potion.

However, he did not expect this place was already a hell of blood.

There were about ten huge beasts which died here. The fresh blood seem to have dyed the entire Crystal Canyon crimson. Even the Ancient Guards were wounded and damaged as they were absorbing the energy from crystals to recover. In the sky, it seemed like there were two suns, the Ocean Emperor, Guan Lan and An Xi. Their battle has reached a climax, both parties attacked without holding back, tension was building up…

In the center of the Crystal Canyon, in the deepest caves, there grew numerous crystals. The crystals grew little by little, just like flower blossoms, the process was extremely slow.

That was the birthplace of the ‘Mother Earth Potion’!


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