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LLS Chapter 471 – Yue Yang’s display of power

Chapter 471 – Yue Yang’s display of power
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
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Hui Tai Lang’s cool performance induced a sea of jealousy from the opponent.

Especially Sea Dragon Crown Prince, his eyes were blood shot and almost dripped blood. Even though Hui Tai Lang was not yet contracted, the Crown Prince knew he had no hope. This was because beasts above Holy rank all had extremely strong wills and chose their own masters.

If Holy Beasts and Divine Beasts did not belong to you, no matter how much you want them, they were all wasted efforts!

Now, Sea Dragon Crown Prince only wanted to kill Hui Tai Lang before it grew up. Hui Tai Lang owned a high leveled Bronze Grimoire and was only in the initial stages of growth as a Divine Beast. Now was the best time to kill it. If he were to wait for Hui Tai Lang to grow up to become a Peak Level Divine Beast, let alone Sea Dragon Crown Prince, even the Ocean Emperor would not be able to take it down.

“Ah woo!” Hui Tai Lang howled to summon his Guardian Beasts and used his Innate Skill as two Hui Tai Lang jumped into the sky.

They looked exactly the same.

They both exuded the same presence, their eyes shone with the same killing intent.

Even the flapping of the wings on their back were on the exact same frequency.

Tai Hu thought that this Hui Tai Lang would attack his Nine-headed Devil Fox. Based on the Nine-headed Devil Fox’s speed, no matter how strong this Divine Beast was, it would not be able to defeat it immediately. As long as things dragged out for half an hour, the Mother Earth Potion would be born and things would be a success, everything would be perfect.

He never would have imagined that Hui Tai Lang that was in the sky had no intent of attacking the Nine-headed Devil Fox at all, but instead pounced towards the Ocean Emperor’s Army and Sea Generals.

In that instant, it was like a tiger attacking a flock of sheep.

Blood splashed and filled the sky. the Ocean Emperor’s Army and Sea Generals that were surrounding Yue Yang filled the air with their screams.

Yue Yang already seized the opportunity to unleash the power of Innate Level Two, and before Tai Hu could attack using his Thunder Snake Staff, Yue Yang had already released Innate Level Three. A terrifying presence soared into the sky, a giant that was almost a hundred metres tall rose from Yue Yang’s head. This giant was formed from the energy he deliberately released. There was no shock wave rround him at all. All of the energy had condensed to form a Giant. This Giant then spared no effort in dropping down……. the entire sea surface shook. What was strange however, was that it was just like a mirror, it did not break, nor were there any splash.

The Settling Sea Pearl had stilled the entire sea surface like a mirror.

The attack of the energy Giant created a dent in the sea surface. However the sea surface bounced back like jelly and continuously shook.

Those Lava Devil Kings who were covered all over in lava lost their footing, and fell one by one on the sea surface.


Yue Yang held Crescent Blade in his left hand and Hui Jin Magic Blade in his right, and displayed the first slash of Yue Qiu’s ‘Armageddon Slash’, Earth Splitting Slash!

A long scar split the sea surface.

One of the Lava Devil Kings unfortunately fell down on the edge, slid in and fell into the sea.

When the lava on his body touched the water, steam was immediately produced as the water evaporated. The white steam looked just like a the scene of a volcano’s lava entering the sea……. The Lava Devil King was in intense pain. Water was its greatest enemy, even if no one attacked it, just falling into the sea would make it drown to death. Moerover, he would even cool into a stone statue, the consequences were unthinkable. If there was no Settling Sea Pearl, it would never have been able to walk on the sea surface. Now that it fell into the crack, it was screaming in pain, those cries shook heaven and earth.

It tried very hard to climb out.

However, before it could climb out, it had to ask one person for permission. That person was Yue Yang.

Yue Yang stretched out his leg and kicked it down……

After falling into the bottomless Deep Sea Abyss, only death was waiting!

Tai Hu’s Thunder Snake Staff gathered the lightning and thunder in the sky to attack Yue Yang. However, Yue Yang swam like a graceful fish. The Mysterious Three Styles was elegantly executed, in his newly understood realm, Yue Yang’s control was more mysterious, his execution was even more perfect.

Each strike from the Thunder Snake Staff missed Yue Yang by a hair’s breadth. Each attack just brushed past Yue Yang, none of them hitting him.

Tai Hu was beyond furious at such a situation.

Not only did he attack faster, he used the power of his domain to pressure Yue Yang. He was attempting to affect Yue Yang mentally so that he could not move his body easily.

His Ghost eyes constantly maintained eye contact with Yue Yang.

“You prick? I poke!” Yue Yang pretended to be hit so that Tai Hu would move closer in glee. When Tai Hu moved closer, Yue Yang moved at lightning speed towards him. He put away Crescent Blade and formed Two Dragons Vying for Pearls with his hand, fiercely poking into Tai Hu’s Ghost Eye. Even though Tai Hu closed his eyes in time, Yue Yang’s poke caused him great pain. It was only now did he realise that this guy’s speed was in fact faster that what he imagined by 10 times, it was almost exceeded the speed of light!
(Last: Two Dragons Vying for Pearls, two dragons = two fingers, pearls = eyes)

“I’ll hit, I’ll hit, I’ll hit again!” Yue Yang was not going to go easy.

He took out Crescent Blade to push away the Thunder Snake Staff. Hui Jin Magic Blade scarred Tai Hu’s body and broke past his protective qi, forming multiple wounds on his smooth fur, splashing blood into the air.

When Tai Hu was urgently escaping, Yue Yang continued his attack.

He threw out his Flame Whip.

His Flame Whip had already upgraded to become Whip of Agony.

With a scream, Yue Yang fiercely whipped Tai Hu’s head.

The Whip of Agony had swallowed Scarlet Empress’ Scarlet Lotus Fire and Blood of Hatred, and further underwent the refining with Yue Yang’s Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus and Yue Yang’s wrathful energy. Combined with its original form, it could be said to have formidable power. Compared to treasures of the same power, it was at least the level of a Platinum-ranked Treasure Whip! This hit almost took away Tai Hu’s old life, the pain was able to cause a skilled senior to groan in pain…… His silver hair flew loose and the lash mark went deep into his skull. The flesh on his face was also whipped to the point of laceration.

When Tai Hu had only just shook off this whip, another similar whip came down from the sky.

The whip first hit Tai Hu’s heart before quickly tightening up..

Flame Whip wrapped tightly around his neck, almost suffocating Tai Hu.

This was Blood Queen who had just flown out to attack the enemy! If Shark King did not save him in time, Tai Hu most likely would have become a dead cat, because Yue Yang’s Hui Jin Magic Blade struck again with his self-invented Great Totem Pole Battle Technique!

Blood Prison Totem Pole!

Even Shark King who came up to support Tai Hu felt that he was within a bloodbath hell, and was afraid of being hit by Yue Yang directly. Using his natural agility, he grabbed Tai Hu and jumped into the sky, fleeing from the battle. Shark King also summoned a Sea Cucumber Beast and spit out a large amount of energy to help Tai Hu heal. The other three Kings hurriedly rush over to fight against Yue Yang.

“Scram!” Yue Yang put away Crescent Blade and Hui Jin Magic Blade. He then raised his hand, and the Flame Whip made from Nirvana Flame began to spin very fast, throwing out thousands of fire works.


Even though the Three Kings escaped in time, all of the Sea Generals and the Ocean Emperor’s army whom Yue Yang’s gunfire was aimed at had all been shot.

One would be in unbearable pain if they were to be even hit by one sliver of Nirvana Flame.

If one of their limbs were hit, they could save their own life by cruelly amputating that limb off. However, if Yue Yang shot at one of the crucial parts of their body or their head, one would only be left to face death. No one can save them, and no one dared to. Once burnt by Nirvana Flame, no power in the world could stop its purification and destruction.

Even though Sea Dragon Crown Prince had the ability of a Level Seven Innate, he still did not dare to face Yue Yang on a fight.

Once Yue Yang took out Nirvana Flame, his heart froze over.

His war spirit had long turned into cold sweat!

The Eight Sea Marshals on the other hand were very loyal, even in the face of such a strong enemy like Yue Yang, all of them rushed forward to attack together.

“You are seeking death!” Yue Yang suddenly crouched down, when the Eight Sea Marshals reached his body, he suddenly stood up. The Nirvana Flame on his body formed a pillar of fire, shooting into the sky.

Six of the Sea Marshals with fast reactions escaped in time.

The two Sea Marshals with a slower reaction had already run into the Pillar of Nirvana Flame.

Even though they knew they would most likely die, they did not struggle to escape. Instead, they suicidally rushed towards Yue Yang, intending to hug Yue Yang and self-destruct.

After secretly learning super speed and explosion of power from the battle with Scarlet Emperor, those skills could finally be put to use. The instant when the two Sea Marshals threw themselves at Yue Yang, in that thousandth of a second, an energy geyser exploded from the bottom of Yue Yang’s feet. The energy first hit one of the Sea Marshals, throwing him into the sky. The other Sea Marshal realised Yue Yang’s right hand was shining from the condensing of countless runes, forming the World-Exterminating Wheel.


Before this Sea Marshal had the time to even form a second thought in his head, he realised the World-Exterminating Wheel had sliced over his body.

The Sea Marshals who had been thrown into the sky was still in pain.

“Die!” With Nirvana Flame in his left hand, Yue Yang cruelly pressed down on his face and threw him against the sea surface that had been turned into a hard mirrored surface by Settling Sea Pearl.

At the same time, the Sea Marshal that was chopped into two halves fell from the sky, the blood only just then splashed out.

Countless flower stems rose from the sea surface, the biggest of them formed a giant Thorny Flower Demon. The Thorny Flower Demon opened its huge mouth and swallowed the two pieces of the Sea Marshal.

The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen had finally woken up from her slumber.

Her appearance caused another wave of anguished wail from everyone.

Dead or alive, these Thorny Flowers did not care. These Thorny Flowers that were like the ocean waved their long stems, twisting around to catch anyone which it would then swallow. If the Thorny Flowers could not swallow them, the prey would be strangled to death and then forcibly swallowed, forcibly digested……. Hui Tai Lang would also eat his enemies during battle, but Hui Tai Lang still lost to the sea of Thorny Flowers controlled by the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen, not even a hundred Hui Tai Lang could win a sea of Thorny Flowers in eating.

Other than the Lava Devil King who sunk to the bottom of the sea, the four remaining Lava Devil Kings were pathetically beaten by the Hybrid Fishmen.

This was because the Hybrids not only had the ability of Innates, they were also good at water skills.

Many Beasts are able to spray out pillars of water. If the sea did not become as hard as a mirror, the four of them would have been long dead.

“Oh no, the sky changed colour!” Shark King was engaged in battle with Yue Yang, but suddenly felt that things were not right. Even though the sky was already dark, there should not be so many black clouds, what was going on?

The resonant Storm Conch had been blown.

While winds blew between the sky and the sea, black clouds rumbled above, lightning flashed and thunder rolled while torrents of rain poured down from the sky.

Only now, did Shark King and the rest realise that in the middle of the sea of Thorny Flowers, a devastatingly beautiful mermaid was blowing the Storm Conch that could call rainstorms!

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