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LLS Chapter 470 – Show off!

Chapter 470 – Show off!
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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“Do you really intend to attack? Titan Jr., we can actually cooperate. We can send out Sea Clan’s elite to assist you in facing the Black Hell Army. Why must things become like this when we can actually become family? Even if you enter the Crystal Canyon, you might not get the Mother Earth Potion. Even though you are outstanding, you are still too weak in comparison to His Majesty, the Ocean Emperor. His Majesty has trained for a thousand years when you have just begun. “ Shark King gave one last try.

“Even though what you said makes sense, I still want to try.” Yue Yang was not going to give up on the Mother Earth Potion.

He would rather depend on himself than to beg other people.

If the Ocean Emperor obtained the Mother Earth Potion, broke through to become an Elder Innate, would he would send out Sea Clan’s elites to go against Black Hell Army? Impossible, he would only cooperate with the Black Hell King and destroy Soaring Dragon Continent’s Da Xia and Tian Luo before going against Zhi Zun and Night Empress!

To Yue Yang, the Mother Earth Potion was also a treasure that he had to obtain.

He would never let the Ocean Emperor have it.

What was rarer was that this was the best opportunity to kill the Ocean Emperor when An Xi was prepared to put his life on the line against the Ocean Emperor. Yue Yang would be a fool if he did not take this opportunity to obtain the Mother Earth Potion! As a man from another world, people like the Ocean Emperor are just living NPCs, how would he just give them any treasure? Even in RPGs, people don’t play like this, moreover he was trying to survive in another world!

“Go, kill him!” Sea Dragon Crown Prince hated Yue Yang to his bones.

Big crowds of Sea Generals and the Ocean Emperor’s elites swarmed up to Yue Yang and surrounded him.

Shark King exchanged looks with the other three Kings. Since things are no longer salvageable, they could only act according to the Ocean Emperor’s orders to protect the five large whirlpools and kill anyone who comes by. As for whether Zhi Zun would be furious over them killing the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master and come to find the culprit, they can no longer concern themselves with that.

Squid King, Jellyfish King and Manta Ray King of the Four Kings eyed their surroundings cautiously.

This was because they knew that unless he was extremely confident, this Yue Clan’s Third Young Master would not come seeking for his death.

The opponent must have a helper!

The Eight Sea Marshals have begun to increase their power.

They were going to be the main force of this battle. They were prepared to use encirclement and human wave tactic to kill this young human who came here to seek trouble. They were unlike the Four Kings who each had a sea territory of their own to govern and are able to obtain the latest news of all events. The Sea Generals have always accompanied the Ocean Emperor and have stayed in the higher levels of Tong Tian Tower for a long time. Therefore, their knowledge of Yue Clan’s Third Young Master can be said to be very little. If it were not for the concerns of Shark King, they would have long killed this reckless young human.

Seeing countless Sea Generals slowly surround him, Yue Yang calmly asked Sea Dragon Crown Prince: “Is this what the rumored ‘bullying with numbers’?”

Sea Dragon Crown Prince sneered: “So what if we are bullying you? This is the sea, the territory of Sea Clan!”

Yue Yang raised his hand.

He raised his hands in surrender: “Alright, I have to admit that I am aghast over your idiocy!”

As Yue Yang raised his hands, countless Hybrid Fishmen floated up from the Deep Sea Abyss.

They appeared beside Yue Yang.

Among the Hybrid Fishmen, Octopus Man Boss’s deep and calm voice rang out: “Crown Prince, if I remembered correctly, this place has not been conquered by the Ocean Emperor. This place is still our territory. It is not that you all cannot fight here for treasures, but it is better to ask us beforehand. Just like this young man beside me who was more polite, a few days ago he had already came and informed us. Unfortunately, you all did not. Crown Prince, I have to say that we were a little disappointed. “

“Bullying with numbers, I, Old Zhang cannot sit and watch!” A buzzing voice followed.

“……” Swordfish man did not say anything, but his eyes were filled with intent to fight.

“We will just make it clear that we are here to help Yue Clan’s Third Young Master. Why? We have already decided to cooperate , so you all can just regret that you didn’t come to seek cooperation with us earlier! However, even if you all wanted to work with us, we might not agree. We will not work with all of you fools, all useless fools! What Sea Dragon Crown Prince, I hate you, how dare you spit on my boat, damn it, didn’t your parents teach you anything? I spent so much time and energy cleaning it after retrieving it from the bottom of the sea, yet you spit on it? You are truly disgusting. Go and die, you uneducated bug! Blast, you have to help me beat him until he is crippled. I want to hold down his ugly head and make him stick out his tongue to lick up that mouth of spit, and then to lick clean my whole ship…… damn it, how dare you attack before I finished talking, I hate you bunch of trash with no manners! “ Mudskipper Man’s mouth was undoubtedly the most annoying. Even Yue Yang himself have wanted to tear off that guy’s mouth, but when he thought again, this was what made Mudskipper unique, and started to ignore it.

“Kill, chop off his fish head to make soup for me!” Sea Dragon Crown Prince was angered by Mudskipper man to the point that he was shaking with fury.

Shark King saw that things were not going well.

Even though their side had more people, the opponent had more than thirty Innates.

Moreover, even the weakest Mudskipper Man was a Level Five Innante.

Even though these Hybrid Fishmen had been trapped here for as long as a thousand years, their ability could not be undermined. Even the Ocean Emperor himself did not wish to cause trouble with them. Just now that Octopus Man Boss had even came to an agreement with the Ocean Emperor to stay out of all matters, now that they were going back on their word, it must have something to do with Yue Clan’s Third Young Master. Yue Clan’s Third Young Master must have used something to persuade the Hybrid Fishmen and came to a secret agreement with them.

He quickly bowed towards the man hidden in a cloak: “Mr. Tai Hu, please make the move now. Only you are able to bring down Yue Clan’s Third Young Master. “

The hood of the cloak slowly slid down.

It revealed a Fox Clan Old man with silver hair. He looked kind and a smile that could clear all animosity hung on the lips of this old man.

That light blue eyes looked just like blue gems, unexpectedly clear and calm.

He wore a fitting silk garment that was fiery red and held a silver staff in his hand. He looked just like a virtuous elder with a wealth of knowledge. Of course, if anyone had tried to identify him, they would know that this seemingly kind old man was the ‘Ghost Eyed Devil Fox’ that specialised in raping and killing young girls five hundred years ago. His name had been the most infamous out of all the killers.

A peak Level Nine Innate, in Yue Yang’s Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, this old fox man’s ability was a little higher than Shun Tian and the Black Prince.

The difference between the three was, other than Shun Tian’s Five Transformation’s Power, Shun Tian concealed his ability and never showed it to anyone.

Black Prince too hid his ability.

The difference was that this Old Fox Man did not, his potential has been reached and he had cultivated to his maximum potential.

The highest level he could reach was the Peak of Innate Level Nine .

An Xi had once chased Tai Hu for thousands of miles, but at the brink of death Tai Hu managed to escape. An Xi had thought that this Tai Hu was already dead. He never would have thought that the Ocean Emperor not only spared Tai Hu’s life, he had even saved him……. maybe, it was because he knew that it was impossible to reach Innate Level Ten, Tai Zhu chose to cooperate with the Ocean Emperor as his dog.

“Young man, do not be too arrogant. When I made my name know, your grandfather’s grandfather was still a baby. “ Tai Hu smiled condescendingly.

“You are right, but when I make my name, you are already rotting in your coffin!” Yue Yang gave Tai Zhu the middle finger, and then released the power of Level One Innate in an instant. It was just like a hurricane and sent a shockwave that shook the entire sea surface.

In an instant, huge waves reached the sky.

Even though he was only a Level One Innate, his power was stronger than a Level Six Innate.

the Ocean Emperor’s army and the Sea Generals were blown off their feet by the hurricane. This was only a fragment of Yue Yang’s power. If Yue Yang really made his move, none of them would be his opponent. Anyone of them would be killed immediately. Seeing such, Shark King’s face paled slightly. He waved his hand for his men to surround Yue Yang closer. The three Kings and Eight Sea Marshals around him also quickly raised their power.

Following the release of power from many Innates, the entire sea was in chaos, the waves rose thousands of meters high.

Tai Hu slowly retrieved a jewel out.

When he threw it into the whirlpool on the sea surface, a bright light appeared and all of the waves and turbulences strangely calmed down. The sea surface returned to its original dead calmness, no matter what shockwaves the Innates produced, there was no wave but only slight ripples.

Settling Sea Pearl!

Yue Yang understood now, why the Ocean Emperor was so unafraid of the Hybrid Fishmen. It was because he owned Settling Sea Pearl!

An existence that seemed to be able to turn the sea surface into land-like existence. To Sea Clan, it only means a lack of support for their power, for the Hybrid Fishmen it was undoubtedly their greatest weakness.

After taking out the Settling Sea Pearl, Tai Hu quickly rose to Innate Level Eight.

His entire body was surrounded by a flame that was as terrifying as a dragon’s flame, while the silver staff in his hand combined with a summoned Electric Snake to become a Thunder Snake Staff, temporarily upgrading it from Gold-ranked to Holy-ranked treasure. His eyes were indistinct, as if Ghost Eyes, anyone who made contact would become dizzy and lose their sense. This, was the domain power of Tai Hu’s Ghost Eyes. Once anyone enters his domain, they would lose control of their body and be under the control of Tai Hu.

Tai Hu also summoned a Platinum Level Ten Nine-Headed Demon Fox.

Even though it was not a Guardian Beast, nor a Holy Beast, it was extremely fast and could even fly in the sky. No other Beast could compare to it.

Tai Hu then swiftly summoned five Platinum Level 10 Lava Devil King . All of them were beasts that could restrain the Hybrid Fishmen. When the Settling Sea Pearl was in use, the sea surface was like a mirror. The shortest among the five Lava Devil Kings that was as high as 60 metres, stepped on the mirrored sea surface and headed towards the Hybrid Fishmen to kill them……

As for Yue Yang, Tai Hu believed he would be able to have a complete victory with the Thunder Snake Staff in his hands.

The current Thunder Snake staff had the power of a Holy ranked Treasure. Even though it was temporary, it was extremely powerful.

“Showing off Beasts now? Interesting!” Yue Yang laughed and loudly shouted: “Damned dog, come out and tell this guy what a real beast is!”

Hui Tai Lang who had always been bored in Yue Clan’s Castle had not fought beside his owner for a really long time. Right now, he was extremely bored.

Yue Yang had gone back and specially brought him here to train.

Such a golden opportunity, how could he not do his best in front of his owner?

He immediately wagged his tail to curry favor with his owner. He then extended his paws and a high-leveled Bronze Grimoire appeared. Even though this Grimoire had yet to level up to Platinum level, it was at least a high leveled Bronze level. After this battle, this Grimoire was likely to rise to Platinum Level.

When Hui Tai Lang’s Grimoire appeared, countless opponent revealed their jealousy.

Divine Beast?

Fuck, even his watch dog was a divine beast?

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    He immediately wagged his tail to curry favor with his owner. He then extended his paws and a high-leveled Bronze Grimoire appeared. Even though this Grimoire had yet to level up to Platinum level, it was at least a high leveled Bronze level. After this battle, this Grimoire was likely to rise to Platinum Level.

    He immediately wagged his tail to curry favor with his owner. He then extended his paws and a high-leveled Bronze Grimoire appeared. Even though this Grimoire had yet to level up to Silver level, it was at least a high leveled Bronze level. After this battle, this Grimoire was likely to rise to Silver Level.

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