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LLS Chapter 47 – Little Thief, Do Your Best!

Chapter 47 – Little Thief, Do Your Best!
Translated by: Zaza
Edited by: Krithika, Rango
TLCed by: Zaza

Yue Yang’s seemingly crazy intention to use the Thorny Flower to go to Star’s Domain in order to Refine and do missions caused the warriors in the Mercenary Guild to start betting.

The odds of Yue Yang being able to use the Thorny Flower to successfully clear the obstacles and finish the Refinings, was 10,000 to 1.

However, no one dared to bet on his success.

No one there was an idiot. Everyone there was more willing to throw gold coins into the violent, stormy sea than to place a bet on this kind of crazy act that would never succeed. No one would bet on someone’s success in Refining, even if the odds were above 100 to 1, guaranteeing that they made no loss. The third type of bet was that Yue Yang would be able to sustain the Refining process for more than 10 minutes, and the odds on that were also as high as 50 to 1. Seeing this, Yue Yang’s eyes shone with a greedy light, but the Mercenary Guild prohibited him from betting on himself, causing Yue Yang to sigh inwardly about his penniless life.

If they had allowed him to take part, then Yue Yang would have definitely bet all his money on his success in clearing the obstacle and Refining, with the odds of 10,000 to 1. In the blink of an eye, he could have become a millionaire.

“Who said he can’t sustain for 10 minutes? I have a method.” Once Ye Kong said this, everyone was startled for an instant, before they immediately started heckling him.

“You’re crazy too!” There were some who directly judged Ye Kong to be crazy as well.

“No way, you’re preparing to let him challenge the ‘Twelve Zodiac Temples’? For goodness’ sake, is there anything more crazy than this on Earth? I thought that my writing a letter to the Princess to ask for her hand in marriage all those years ago was already crazy enough, but I never thought that there would be someone more crazy and foolish than me…” A mercenary captain muttered to himself despondently and no one knew when the wine cup in his hand had already dropped on the ground.

“I’d rather go steal a giant dragon’s egg than go and challenge the Twelve Zodiac Temples.” A thief’s face was filled with terror, and ‘If anyone makes me challenge it I’ll go commit suicide’ was written all over his face.

“Are the Twelve Zodiac Temples that scary?” Yue Yang’s knowledge of the twelve zodiacs temples was limited to Saint Seiya, only knowing that the twelve zodiac temples were protected by 12 Gold Saints. It couldn’t be that this level of the Tong Tian Tower’s Twelve Zodiac Temples also had Gold Saints in them?

“Scary? How can you use a puerile word like scary to describe it? That’s terrifying, extremely terrifying.” Many warriors became dizzy at Yue Yang’s words.

“Nn?” Yue Yang inwardly thought, it couldn’t be that there really were Gold Saints inside there?

“The Twelve Zodiac Temples are the continuous missions in Star’s Domain, because you need to clear the obstacles 12 times, thus it’s called the Twelve Zodiac Temples. These Gold-ranked continuous missions are Tong Tian Tower’s highest difficulty level, no one under Level 5 has ever completed the Twelve Zodiac Temples. The record for humans was set over 10,000 years ago, when an anonymous warrior broke through to the 9th Temple, this pioneering work was also the pinnacle of human ability, after this nobody was able to catch up to this standard. In the last 1000 years, the highest level that has been cleared is the 5th Temple. In the last 100 years, only up to the 3rd Temple. In the last decade, no one has managed to clear the 1st Temple… The Twelve Zodiac Temples, in each Temple, there will definitely be a Golden King Beast guarding it, ordinary beasts that see it are all scared to the point that they become unable to move. It’s impossible to beat the Golden King Beast, much less break through to the next Temple.” When Ye Kong mentioned the Golden King Beast, his lips started trembling. Yue Yang suddenly realised, it was because 2 years ago this fellow had ambitiously challenged the Twelve Zodiac Temples, but ended up suffering a crushing defeat, thus landing him in his current dire straits.

“Then why did you say just now that you had a way?” Yue Yang was curious.

“It’s like this, in Star’s Domain, warriors cannot directly attack, they must use contracted beasts to battle, but after warriors enter the Twelve Zodiac Temples, the Law Guardian will bestow challengers a Shield of Absolute Defense, the same as the shield raised by the Summoning Grimoire, which will not disappear for 10 minutes. If you go in, you will be safe for at least the first 10 minutes, but you must remember, once the shield begins to flicker, it means that the time left is not much, and you must leave immediately, or you will be killed immediately by the Golden King Beast.” Ye Kong was actually thinking of letting Yue Yang go in to have a look, so that waiting here would not be so boring.

Since there were still 3 days until Yue Bing would come out of the ‘Black Stone Labyrinth’, it was fine to let him go to the Twelve Zodiac Temples in search of some excitement and have some fun.

As for the fee of 1 gold coin for each challenge, Ye Kong was not worried for Yue Yang who was a son of one of the Four Major Clans.

Once Yue Yang heard that they were not allowed to be directly involved in battling, he felt it was a bit of a pity in his heart, that he was unable to use his [Innate] Invisible Sword Qi. However, he still had Little Wen Li, the Barbaric Cow, and the Gold-ranked Thorny Flower, even if he was unable to defeat the Golden King Beast, he believed that being able to retreat with all his body parts intact was feasible.

As for Hui Tai Lang, the least it could do was run errands and draw monsters, when it came to a real battle, there was no place for it.

Ye Kong proposed that they leave Hui Tai Lang behind, because an Ironback Demonic Wolf that was only bronze-ranked, would definitely be killed by the Golden King Beast inside. Even if it wasn’t killed, a contractless beast like it would definitely just run away.

“As for the Thorny Flower, let it be, this kind of beasts are plentiful, how many Thorny Flowers can you summon in one go?” Ye Kong asked.

“One.” Although Yue Yang did raise his rank due to the battle with the Demon King Ha Xin, becoming a Level 1 [Apprentice] – Intermediate. However, even Intermediate Apprentices could only summon one beast a day, and Yue Yang was no exception. When he heard Yue Yang’s answer, Ye Kong felt that he should have not asked, because the knowledge that the Yue Clan’s third young master was well known in the Soaring Dragon Continent as a good-for-nothing.

“Using one Thorny Flower to challenge the Twelve Zodiac Temples? I must be not be awake yet.” Many mercenaries believed that they were still dreaming.

“Don’t waste your money, you might as well use it to treat everyone to a drink.” Someone suggested.

“You really want to go?” Ye Kong felt that with the Shield of Absolute Defense, Yue Yang would not face any life-threatening danger, but he was worried that he would be scared out of his wits by the Golden King Beast.

“Nonsense, what are you waiting for, let’s go.” Yue Yang just wanted to have this kind of heart-racing fun, no need to think about the other things. Justs by hearing the name Twelve Zodiac Temples, he really wanted to challenge it, although the guardian wasn’t a Gold Saint, it was still a Golden King Beast, it would definitely be exciting to play with it.

After paying the required fee, he was transported into the space of Star’s Domain, he had no idea how big it was.

This space of Star’s Domain had eternal night, there was no day, nor was there a sun… At the entrance of the Twelve Zodiac Temple challenge, there was a Golden Armour Guard Captain, his eyes wide and round: “Are you here to make trouble? A Level 1 Apprentice wants to challenge the Twelve Zodiac Temples? Do you know how many monsters are in there? Excluding the Golden King Beast, every Temple’s Defending Golems and Abyssal Magic Monsters number at least a hundred, do you have nothing better to do after eating? Is this something you can even attempt to challenge?”

Beside the Golden Armour Guard Captain, a beautiful lady wearing silk clothes and carrying a 3 tailed Snow Fox laughed unrestrainedly: “If not for your clearly stupid actions, just looking at your bravery itself, it really is unexpected, it really is an ignorant and fearless fellow. I support you, you must work hard, and successfully challenge all 12 Temples.”

Her words made the Golden Armour Guard Captain roll his eyes: “Master of Luo Hua City, please do not cause even more trouble.”

“I’m sorry, I forgot about your duty. Very well, I won’t encourage him to challenge the Twelve Zodiac Temples, everything I said just now I take back… Little Thief, do you have enough funds to take the challenge? If you don’t have enough, I can lend you a bit, but with interest.” The beautiful woman wearing silk clothes smiled beautifully, and really paid for one challenge for Yue Yang. When she heard that Yue Yang was challenging alone, she laughed until she bent over: “Don’t worry, I’ve already paid for 5 people, you can challenge continuously 5 times. Don’t worry about the interest, I have patience, you can return it slowly, but you must challenge it 5 times, okay. Do you know the strategy for challenging this? If you don’t know it’s ok, I’ll teach you. The first obstacle is the Aries Temple, the Golden King Beast inside is… Ah, they changed it this month, now it’s a three-headed Chimera. Although it’s a Gold-ranked Level 3 three-headed Chimera, it’s actually quite easy to defeat it. First, kill the Sheep-head Battle Golems that are in front of the Hall of Light, then kill a group of Sheep-head Monsters, there aren’t many of them, just a few dozens. They’re all around Bronze-ranked Level 3 monsters, quite easy to kill. Walking into the main hall, you’ll see a three-headed Chimera, don’t panic. Turn left immediately, you’ll see a small chamber, kill all the Sheep-head Shamans, and obtain the Silencing Sceptre that is capable of rendering the Chimera’s left head useless. In the small chamber on the right side, obtain a Blindness Rune, it can be used 3 times, and when the right head is blinded, you can use your beast to fight the head in the middle. What is your beast?”

“Thorny Flower.” Yue Yang answered honestly.

“…” The beautiful woman wearing silk clothes who had been called the Master of Luo Hua City was stunned for a few seconds. After regaining her bearing, she gave Yue Yang a thumbs up: “Your beast is not bad, using a Thorny Flower to challenge the Twelve Zodiac Temples is extremely creative. Nn, you can let the Thorny Flower swallow the three-headed Chimera alive, I remember that the Thorny Flower seemed to have the ability to eat corpses. That’s right, what level is your Thorny Flower?”

“Level One.” Once Yue Yang said this, the Golden Armour Guard Captain and his men all fell.

“This might prove troublesome, but I’ll continue to support you, you must have confidence. You’ll be fine, little thief, do your best.” The beautiful woman wearing silk clothes acted as if she was leading an investigation of the countryside, using her small hands to pat his shoulder, giving him generous amounts of encouragement.

“Good. Hui Tai Lang, let’s go.” Once Yue Yang heard that there were special items capable of restraining the Golden King Beast, his confidence skyrocketed.

“Master of Luo Hua City, you’re just pushing him to his death. He’s dead for sure.” The Golden Armour Guard Captain powerlessly watched Yue Yang’s figure, full of confidence, walk towards the teleport gate.

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  1. Crombat Monta says:

    Master of Luo Hua City

    The best there ever was or will be. I mean…

    The beautiful woman wearing silk clothes acted as if she was leading an investigation of the countryside, using her small hands to pat his shoulder, giving him generous amounts of encouragement.

  2. Mul Ya says:

    Is it just me or did these 12 zodiac temples suddenly turn into a boss room from a video game that he has undoubtedly played in his Naruto like home world. (surprised he didn’t comment on how much it sounded like a game setting with that method of beating it)

  3. aaaaaa says:

    “I can lend you a bit, but with interest.”

    Wow.. he really accepted.. i guess there have a plot,right? Because uselessly accepted a debt..

    • wirlwind494 says:

      He didn’t really accept it, she said she had already paid it and he didn’t bother to turn it down.

      If he can pay a little interest to meet a beauty, what’s a few extra gold? ^_^

      It’s not like 5g is an enormous amount to him so the interest is basically nothing and now he has an excuse to meet her and flirt 😛

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