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LLS Chapter 469 – Battle between old enemies

Chapter 469 – Battle between old enemies
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Entering the Graveyard of the Sea, even into the Crystal Canyon, the Ocean Emperor did not encountered anything strange.

Everything was going smoothly.

Such an uneventful situations gave him an indescribably strange feeling.

Actually, he was already prepared to fight. He was like a boxer, who had sworn to slay his opponents in the boxing ring, and trained his body to its pinnacle. His blood was boiling, morale was boosted and his accumulated energy was like a volcano. This situation was as if right before a competition, the opponent suddenly admitted defeat without even a fight and left him alone in the boxing ring depressed with no place to vent.

That was the exact feeling the Ocean Emperor felt, the feeling of having no place to display his ability when he was powerful.

“Come out, An Xi, I know you are here.” Even though the Ocean Emperor did not see An Xi, he knew that this old rival of his, for hundreds of years, would not miss such an opportunity.

He also believe that An Xi would not show his hand so easily.

The best time to attack was the instant of time when the Mother Earth Potion will be born. When he is absorbing it, An Xi will launch the strongest attack.

Even though the Ocean Emperor was aware of such a result, he had to take the risk. If he could not defeat An Xi, he should just forget about ever reaching Elder Innate. Today, no matter what, he must obtain the Mother Earth Potion. This was his best and last chance. His potential of leveling up had already been used up. If he wanted to make a breakthrough, he must use outside assistance. There are many treasures in the world but there were only three types of treasures that can level up people to Innate Elder Level.

First, was the legendary God’s Blood;

Second, was the legendary Martial Soul;

Third, is the Mother Earth Potion that was about to be born in front of him.

As for God’s Blood and Martial Soul, those could not be found in Tong Tian Tower. Those can only be found in one place in this universe, and that was inside God’s Ruins at the Soaring Dragon Continent.

However, entering God’s Ruins could be said as ultra-impossible. Since ancient times, the interior of God’s Ruins was a mystery among mysteries. Even though everyone knew there were treasures inside, no one has been able to enter, and no one has been able to get those treasures.

In comparison, the Mother Earth Potion was a worldly treasure that is only born every ten thousand years and considered to be easiest to obtain.

The Ocean Emperor felt very lucky because this long wait for the birth of Mother Earth Potion was finally over.

For hundreds of years, his bitter wait was finally reciprocated.

The only problem was that he still had to deal with his old enemy.

His close friend back then, An Xi!

The hemp-clothed old man slowly appeared from crystal pillar. When the hemp-clothed old man appeared, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess who were accompanying the Ocean Emperor turned pale with fright. It turned out that the Ultimate Killer An Xi, whom according to the legends slaughtered millions, had been so near to them. Even though he was less than twenty meters away, they had been unable to detect him at all. If An Xi had attacked just now, wouldn’t they have…….When they thought about it, cold sweat poured out as they shivered. Even though Sea Dragon Crown Prince and Sea Anemone Crown Princess were both Innate Level Seven, they would definitely be killed in a flash when up against Peak Innate Level Ten An Xi.

“Ocean Emperor, you are here early. There is still forty five minutes until the birth of the Mother Earth Potion.” hemp-clothed old man’s tone was very light. The energy in his body was like a hidden dragon, his appearance was that of a frail old man with one foot in the grave. However, the Ocean Emperor did not dare to belittle him.

“How could I not be earlier when I came to see an old friend?” the Ocean Emperor laughed boldly: “After Old Hornless Dragon left, you are my last old friend.”

“If only you remembered that we were old friends when you chose to betray us back then.” hemp-clothed old man sighed slightly.

“There was no other choice, if I didn’t choose to betray you, I would be killed…… You also know how talented I am. I really did not want to resign to dying so young. Even though I was only a Level One Innate back then, I had potential to rise to Innate Level Ten. How could I be willing to die! In order to survive, I had no choice but to yield to them. If it were you, you would most certainly have given in under those desperate circumstances. They captured me and tortured me relentlessly. They used all of the torture methods thinkable. If they had killed me right away, and not given me the chance to surrender and betray, I would not have betrayed in that way. The thing was that I really could not withstand the kind of never-ending torture…… In the end, I survived, and even secretly trained hard to be able to level up and kill them all, to avenge everyone. An Xi, no, my brother, that cannot be considered as betrayal. That was suffering in silence. Even the team leader back then did not blame me. When I held him in my arms and repented, he who was on the brink of death used his hand that was covered with his blood to stroke my head. You did not know, but he had already forgiven me.” the Ocean Emperor slowly went through the events of that year, his voice was calm with no hint of agitation.

“Team Leader was born kind-hearted. He would rather blame himself for not doing enough, and would never blame his comrade. Maybe Team Leader forgave you, but Ocean Emperor Guan Lan, just know that I have not forgiven you. It does not matter what beautiful language you use to defend your past, it cannot soothe the hatred in my heart. That year, dozens of sisters died in front me, killed in humiliation by the enemy. Before they died, they cried in pain. And the bloody scene I saw where they had to witness their babies being picked out from their bodies to be eaten alive by the enemy, the despair that filled their eyes , I will never forget them!” the hemp-clothed old man sat on the crystal. Anger flashed past his dull grey eyes, but quickly disappear.

However, even with only less than a tenth of a second of murderous intent being released, it was enough to make Sea Dragon Crown Prince and Sea Anemone take three steps back in shock.

Even the most loyal Shark King felt chills over his body.

An Xi.

The aura of death of this Ultimate Killer was really horrifying.

If it was an ordinary warrior, he would most likely have been scared to death by the sudden burst of terrifying murderous intent. Even Shark King who was Innate Level Eight was overwhelmed with shock.

“Isn’t this great? Old friend, a year has gone past and your cultivation has increased again.” The cloaked Ocean Emperor was unaffected, and was even laughing.

“You too, you too.” the hemp-clothed old man slowly stood up and prepared to attack.

“The four of you should leave. Crown Prince, outside of the sea, you all have to listen to Shark. If anyone enters the Graveyard of the Sea, kill them. If Hybrid Fishmen make trouble, you just have to defend with your all for forty-five minutes.” the Ocean Emperor waved his hand. He has decided to face the hemp-clothed old man An Xi. When he raised his hand, Shark King, Sea Dragon Crown Prince and Sea Anemone Princess all retreated respectfully.

“Ocean Emperor, if I kill you, I will leave either one of your son or one of your daughter alive. To be honest however, your sons and daughters are all trash, not one are of use.” the hemp-clothed old man assessed the Ocean Emperor’s most outstanding Sea Dragon Crown Prince and Sea Anemone Princess with disdain.

“There are also those that are not bad, but they always die young. That really is the saddest part of being Emperor.” the Ocean Emperor showed a bitter smile, it looked like he was aware of many things.

“Let us begin. Tonight it is either you or me that will be left, we should end things here.” the hemp-clothed old man’s aura exploded like a volcano. The ancient guards that were originally surrounding the outside immediately retreated. Although they had no intelligence, they had excellent instinct, and were extremely sensitive to danger.

On one side, the hemp-clothed old man An Xi summoned a Diamond Level Ten Hell Black Dragon King.

On the other side, the Ocean Emperor Guan Lan also summoned a Diamond Level Ten Three-Headed Gold Dragon.

The decisive battle began.

At the Graveyard of the Sea, the four kings led by Shark King and assisted by the Eight Big Sea Marshal stood guard outside those Five Big Whirlpools.

At the same time there were a dozen prince and princesses, that were led by Sea Dragon Crown Prince and Sea Anemone Princess into two large camps. On the outside, a hundred and eight Sea Generals and more than three thousand of the Ocean Emperor’s Army were protecting them.

The Sea Generals and the Ocean Emperor’s Army were mostly from Tong Tian Tower Level Nine. Each of them were at least oLesser Innates, and some of the Sea Generals were already at the level of Innates, just that they did not have any grimoires. At the higher levels of Tong Tian Tower, there were many strong clans. They have been born with an extreme advantage, but they all had a natural flaw, it was almost impossible for them to reach a grimoire contract.

At first, they were the powerful clans that had a natural advantage. However when those clans such as humans, elves, all cultivated to higher levels, they were left behind.

This was especially true for those living in the higher levels of Tong Tian Tower.

“Have I missed anything?” When Yue Yang appeared, the Four Kings lost colour in their faces, even Shark King. This guy still made it.

“Titan Jr., if you are willing to cooperate, the Ocean Emperor will repay you with two Holy-ranked items.” Even though Shark King knew it was impossible, he still had to try. If he could use two Holy-ranked items to let the opponent give up, that was still a good thing.

“Shark King, please help me pass a message to the Ocean Emperor. I wish to enter Crystal Canyon to personally thank him for his goodwill, I hope for him to be willing to meet me. Moreover, didn’t he intend to have some princess marry me in an alliance? As his future son-in-law, how could I not thank this father-in-law personally? If such news spread, other people would say that I was not taught well at home.” Yue Yang’s eyes were taunting. He only looked at the Four Kings, and ignored the Eight Sea Marshals and dozens of princes and princesses.

“……” Shark King was bitter, today was not going to be good.

“Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, even if you have made some name for yourself, do you think you can put on airs in front of me? Then you are wrong!” Sea Dragon Crown Prince could not stand Yue Yang ignore him. He stood out and retorted coldly: “If your eyes are working, you can count for yourself the number of strong people in our Sea Clan. Anyone can makes a mess in Tong Tian Tower! Moreover, Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, Black Hell King is currently attacking your home, why are you not even defending back there, and here causing trouble with us Sea Clan? Can you be more arrogant, more reckless?”

“Who is this speaking? With looks of a dog, can you grow more deformed to make people puke more?” Yue Yang replied without restraints.

“You……” Sea Dragon Crown Prince’s face twisted.

“Even when your are dressed in the Dragon’s Robe, you do not look like a crown prince. If I were you, I would hit myself against the wall in shame and commit suicide.” Yue Yang’s mouth was definitely sharper than knives.

“As for the name of Yue Clan’s Third Young Master, I have heard of it before, but I would have never have imagined that he was more reckless than the legends say by a hundred times. Maybe you have never heard of this famous saying: To be reckless without ability, is to be both ignorant and idiotic!” Sea Anemone Crown Princess laughed.

“Excellent, this famous saying is perfectly exemplified by you.” Yue Yang proudly clapped his hands.

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