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LLS Chapter 468 – The distance from happiness

Chapter 468 – The distance from happiness
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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“He has been in there training the whole time. Even when I secretly went in a few times, he seemed to be very deep in training. Looks like he might not wake up for hours and even days.” Hai Yingwu reported the situation.

She did not dare raise her head, since there was a man wearing a cloak that covered his face besides Shark King.

He, was one of the Five Emperors of Tong Tian Tower.

That means he was the ruler of most of the seas of the Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, the birth father of Hai Yingwu, the Ocean Emperor!

An existence like Hai Yingwu, while there may not be a thousand, there are at least eight hundred daughters who were born to female slaves. Hai Yingwu had relied on her royal blood that was not recognised to avoid the tragedy of becoming a female slave. Instead she was one of the Beautiful Assassins under the Ocean Emperor’s control who were specialised in spying. Among all of the daughters of the female slaves, Hai Yingwu was not the best, nor was she the worse.

Her performance had always been ordinary and unimpressive.

This was because she knew, since a young age, that the sisters that were too outstanding would all die wordlessly.

Other than a few hundred daughters of female slaves and almost a thousand similarly unrecognized sons, there were more than a hundred princes and princesses born to the Empress and concubines. As long as someone performed better than these princes and princesses of dignified lineage, they would disappear.

Hai Yingwu was not kneeling on the floor solely out of respect for this father.

It was also because she was deeply terrified of those men and women who were clad in the same cloak that covered their faces.

She believed that if she performed slightly more outstandingly, one of those princes or princesses would be jealous. She would then disappear from the surface of this earth silently.

“If you can let him stay inside for one more hour, I will recognise you who is a daughter of a slave. I will grant you the status of princess, and marry you to Titan Jr. in a marriage alliance.” the Ocean Emperor concealed all of his presence and looked like an ordinary person. However, his natural majesty still made Hai Yingwu tremble all over. Of course, other than being due to her excitement, it was also partly because of a fear of her sisters’ and brothers’ murderous intents.

“Yes, your Majesty.” Hai Yingwu respectfully bowed her head, feeling pins and needles from the viper-like stares of those princes and princesses.

“Such a beautiful younger sister, if she married Titan Jr. in a marriage alliance, that would be a godsend. Emperor Father’s decision is too wise.” When one of the princes spoke, it was just like spring warmth. It seemed as if he was as excited as a brother who just found his long lost sister. He seemed to even want to take something out to give Hai Yingwu as a gift, but a princess was faster.

“How could the present of men like you suit younger sister? Older Sister has a necklace here made from East Sea’s Pearls, it matches the swan-like long neck of sister.” Princess Sister removed the warm necklace from her neck, and personally placed it around Hai Yingwu’s neck.

Despite the warmth of the necklace, Hai Yingwu’s heart shivered.

The same sister, the same gentle voice.

When she was eight, to another sister who was also born to a female slave, she had said the same words and done the same action. However not long later, she used this priceless East Sea Pearls Necklace to strangle the intelligent sister who loved to laugh……. All of that, Hai Yingwu remembered from that time, and she believed she would never forget it.

Hai Yingwu squeezed out her tears to look grateful, thanking her sister and brother repeatedly.

Of course, she did not dare call them brother and sister, she had to call them prince and princess!

No matter how polite they were, how would she dare to call them brother and sister. If she had really called them brother and sister, she would really be not far from death!

She sent the Ocean Emperor, Prince and Princess and the Four Kings which included Shark King away on her knees.

Hai Yingwu shivered, and returned to the Emperor Residence quickly.

She quietly opened the door to see Yue Yang still seated cross-legged on the bed.

Only after she saw him still focusing on training with all his focus, did she relax.

If she did not do this one thing, she would die. Those princes and princesses would not spare her, and would most likely personally kill such a useless bastard like herself.

Fortunately, His Majesty the Ocean Emperor ’s grand plan had not been greatly affected by the arrival of this Titan Jr. Things were going unexpectedly smooth, but this was a good thing, right? If he really did not wake up after an hour, the Ocean Emperor would really bestow her princess status? Would she really marry Titan Jr. in a marriage alliance?

In that case, wasn’t he her future husband?

His ability and identity did not have to be doubted, but as for his looks, she wondered what he looked like……

At such a thought, Hai Yingwu felt butterflies in her stomach. The arrival of Titan Jr. was not a bad thing. Even without the princess status, if she really married him, she would not have to worry about the persecution of the princes and princesses. She would be able to display her ability that she had alway kept hidden, and help him accomplish many things. Perhaps, this was Heaven’s will. Hai Yingwu peeked in through a narrow slit to see that he was still inside. Even after ten minutes, he did not move an inch. She was suddenly filled with joy, and could only hope for time to pass faster.

As long as an hour passed and the Ocean Emperor obtains the treasure, this would a huge success.

Unfortunately he seemed totally uninterested in her. If only he was, all of this would be perfect!

What could she do to make him like her?

Hai Yingwu gently sighed.

“What is troubling you?” This question made Hai Yingwu jump because Yue Yang was the one who asked.

“Why are you awake? Were you not training?” Hai Yingwu was stunned.

“Smartie, do you think I am a fool who would be deceived by anyone?” Yue Yang stood in front of Hai Yingwu. He stared at her in the eyes such that her entire body was shaking. Hai Yingwu suddenly came to a realisation. Yue Yang had never been fooled from the beginning, or rather, it would be more accurate to say that he had been going with the flow to use their misconception to fool everyone. In fact, he knew everything. He just did not say anything, and was secretly sneering at the foolishness of others.

Hai Yingwu’s whole body shivered.

She felt that the earth shattered.

The time limit of one hour was impossible. He was going to vie over the treasure with the Ocean Emperor, and the Ocean Emperor would be furious at her failure. Those princes and princesses who were intimately calling her younger sister would most likely command people to bring her to them, destroy her, and throw her in the dreadful insect cave for devil insects to feed on her body. Or she might be thrown into prostitute camp to be humiliated to death.

The happiness that she had just begun to look forward to, and her hope for the future were all over.

Fate had teased herself.

It had brought her beautiful hope of the future. Right then in the face of reality, it was destroyed mercilessly. It had even given her a future of death.

Hai Yingwu immediately wanted to commit suicide. If she waited for the princes and princesses to come back, she would not be able to die even if she wanted to. She would only live a life worse than being dead!

However, when she looked into the black gem-like eyes of the man in front of her, Hai Yingwu made her last struggle.

She went on her knees and hugged Yue Yang’s leg, her tears fell like rain: “I beg you, please give me happiness…… Did you know, I was so close to obtaining happiness. As long as you stay here for an hour, just an hour, I can be happy forever. I am the daughter of a female slave, I never had a father. In just one hour however, I will be able to get something I have never had before. I would be able to have a father that other people had the moment they were born, and I would even become a princess. I can forfeit being princess, if you wish I can even be your female slave and serve you forever. I will do all I can to help you progress in your toil to become the master of the universe. I know many things, and will learn very humbly. I am willing to become your capable assistant as long as you give me a chance. I beg you, I am only a little bit away from happiness. As long as you nod your head slightly, I can obtain happiness. I beg you to pity me. I have been waiting for so many years, and this day has finally arrived. Even if this was all a dream can you not destroy it immediately? Please let me dream for another hour, just one more hour!”

“I understand, I did not intend to break your dream.” Yue Yang bent over and carried the crying Hai Yingwu on his shoulder.

Hai Yingwu found it ridiculous, and was unable to understand what he was thinking. She just knew that things were at the point of no return.

Her fingernails gradually became sharper, forming sharp knifes.

She used her greatest strength to dig out her heart.

Instead of waking up from such a beautiful dream so cruelly, it would be better to die. At least she would not have to become the meal of devil insects, nor would she have to become a prostitute that would be abused by anyone.

Yue Yang stretched out his hand, and transferred Innate Qi into her body which then made her weak. He said: “There is no need to commit suicide. You are indeed an outstanding daughter. I will bring you to the Ocean Emperor to discuss. He will definitely give you princess status. As for your marriage alliance to me, I am very sorry. I think that would be a little difficult. Do you think the Ocean Emperor’s daughter will marry the killer of her father? Smart Sea Parrot, it is not wrong to seek happiness. It is never wrong, but you have to become stronger and persevere, because happiness is not easy to obtain!”

He left via teleportation with Hai Yingwu.

He appeared in a flash on the sea surface of the Deep Sea Abyss.

When teleporting to the sea surface, Hai Yingwu screamed urgently: “Why? You can all obviously live in peace, why must you do this? You can prevent being enemies with His Majesty Ocean Emperor, why must you kill him?”

“If I do not kill him, he will kill me because I am his rival. If he becomes the new Elder Innate, he would not be content with just being the Ocean Emperor. I am afraid he will have greater ambition and make more conquests. He will never leave me alone since I am a young man who has the potential to surpass him. Even if he did marry you to me, that would only be a temporary honey trap. There are many stars in the sky, but as long as there is one that shines the brightest he would fight to be that brightest star. If he really wants to be the brightest star, he is destined to fall!” Yue Yang stopped to explain. Hai Yingwu went silent.

The Ocean Emperor was her father so she knew him better than anyone else.

He was right.

He was totally right!

The problem was, did she have to watch him kill her own father with her own eyes?

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  2. Varler says:

    Thanks for translating!

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    • kazedarkwind says:

      When she says she had no father she means with how she was raised. He was never a father figure. However if she was able to make an alliance with a strong power she believed he would give her at least some of the affection he had never given her.

      She realizes that he’s right at the end of the chapter but regardless of whether he gave her affection or not she still recognizes him as her father, which he is, whether he gave her affection or not.

    • DMR says:

      Sadly, in Chinese culture, filial piety is pretty set…

      Well, normally, it’s not bad.. we’d need more of it… but sometimes, it can be taken too far.

  3. metazoxan says:

    Wow … the ocean emperor in absolutely incompetent!

    He literally makes no effort in making sure his men or children don’t murder each other to get ahead.

    This kind of infighting guarantees he’ll be surrounded by nothing but useless idiots because all of his talented children and subordinates will just end up killed off by the trash that use dirty tricks to kill them off while they’re still growing.

    A few lucky ones might remain but I think it’s pretty obvious why a greedy piece of trash like that leech was able to be a general now.

    The Ocean Emperor may be strong but he knows nothing about being a ruler much less a father.

    • h0w70d017 says:

      Unless, of course, it’s only the crafty ones that can survive the death assaults of their peers that are able to obtain those positions… I just think he’s too lazy to deal with it.

      • metazoxan says:

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        Even if some of his children are smart or strong they’ll just get killed off in their youth before they can even fight back.

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    • DMR says:

      Not true. The thing is… he has way too many children… as a ruler… that’s a bad thing…

      With too many children and too few positions of power, you can’t avoid infighting…

      Heck, even with a few children, infighting is hard to avoid because of treasures and crap…

  4. RIIIcardo says:

    Thx for the chapters, in terms of harem Yue Yang is making Mars Gravity’s mc look like little b*tches lol

  5. kirinashbell says:

    Thanks for chapter
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  7. Erudite Birdy says:

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