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LLS Chapter 467 – Mutual Deception, plotting against each other

Chapter 467 – Mutual Deception, plotting against each other
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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The appearance of Shark King delighted Tuna General and Big-headed Carp General.

Even Hai Yingwu was secretly relieved that Shark King made it in time. If that masked man had killed Leech, things would become irreversible. The masked man was extremely arrogant even here at Fire Island. Even though he was clearly aware that this was the territory of the Ocean Emperor, he dared to kill, and even attack the three Sea Generals. His actions proved that he was actually extremely powerful, and might not even be beneath the Ocean Emperor.

To have conflict with him would be very unwise.

There was only a few hours left before the Ocean Emperor’s grand plan begun, there was no time for side issues to arise anymore.

“Shark King, this man insulted our Majesty’s dignity. He also attacked us. His attitude has been arrogant, despotic and condenscending. Subordinate has been useless to have allowed our Majesty’s dignity to have been undermined, please punish me Shark King.” Tuna General and Big-headed Carp General rushed to plead for the sins, half-kneeling before Shark King. As for Hai Yingwu, she too rushed to greet him on her knees.

“All of you get up!” Shark King did not look at Tuna General and Big-headed Carp, not even Leech who was burning in pain on the spear.

He looked to Yue Yang.

According to the opinions of Tuna General and Big-headed Carp General, let alone the Innate Level 8 Shark King, even the Eight Major Sea Marshals could over power this masked man. That was because the Sea Marshals were Innate Level Five, or even Innate Level Six. To defeat this single masked man with that level of skill was more than enough.

No one expected that Shark King did not rage.

Instead he was rather modest.

Shark King cupped his hands to Yue Yang, greeting him amiably: “Welcome to Fire Island. Although I am not clear about what happened, I believe that everything has been a misunderstanding, they were definitely all a misunderstanding!”

These words almost caused Tuna General and Big-headed Carp General to choke to death on their saliva.

They thought Shark King would use his finger to crush that masked man to death, just like killing an ant. No one expected such a reaction from him.

To have said those words, is that really Shark King who’s terrible temper was infamous throughout the entire Tong Tian Tower? This was really inconceivable… Could he be an impostor?

On the other hand, Hai Yingwu was sweating from those words.

Someone who even Shark King had to be polite to, how could this masked man be a simple character?

Rethinking his words and actions, Hai Yingwu could only silently call herself a fool. If the masked man was not a Supreme Ranker, how could his attitude be so arrogant? If he was arrogant without ability, how could he have survived till now? He would most likely have already been slaughtered!

“You know me?” Yue Yang of course knew that Shark King recognised him. While ordinary warriors may not look past his Titan attire, but the news of him has spread around among the Supreme Innates. As the one who was in charge of all the seas in the Seventh Floor of the Tong Tian Tower, if he had not even heard of the Titan Brothers, then he should not be called Shark King but rather Deaf. Moreover, Shark King and Chong Ni of Thunder Castle were good friends, how could he have not heard of the things Yue Yang this Titan Jr. had been up to!

He had killed Nightmare and Tiger Nian, Demon Eye, Sky Dragon.

Titan Jr. had already killed so many Innate Rankers, if Shark King was unaware of him, what was he even doing?

Although he was not entirely sure, but when he saw Yue Yang’s calmness and indifference to the arrival of a highly-skilled ally, Shark King knew what kind of character has arrived.

It could be said that of the entire Tong Tian Tower, there was no Innate more troubling than the one who was here.

Even though he was young, his ability was superior.

Even Shun Tian, Black Prince who were higher in ability than him were made dejected. Great Demon King Baruth allowed him to barge into his Demon Palace and could do nothing even though he lost all face. As a result of his appearance, Black Hell King could not help but push forward his plans of conquering Soaring Dragon continent. Shark King was aware of all of these matters. He even knew that among the Eastern Demon Clan, this younster’s name has spread widely. Both the rebelling Southern Goblin King and Dragon Emperor were fighting for this man’s favour, even though this man had killed Southern Goblin King’s reliable subordinate the Nine-Headed Goblin Marshal.

A youngster who owned Nirvana Flame and World Exterminating Wheel, an abnormal genius who had ascended to Innate by himself at twenty years old.

Since his birth, he had been invincible.

Those who belittled him, no matter who, would fall at his feet and become history……

“Titan Jr. has a renowned reputation, how could Old Shark, I, not know who you are. Your arrival to Fire Island this time, Old Shark, I, regret not welcoming you immediately because I had been busy attending to our Majesty’s reception. If not, I would not have dared to show such neglect. Titan Jr., please come to Five Star Emperor Residence to take a rest and have a small drink. When our Majesty arrives, this Old Shark will bring you to him. I believe our Majesty would be delighted to hear about your arrival. He has always treasured talents, ha ha. Come servant’s, guide Titan Jr. to Five Star Emperor Residence and receive him with the highest etiquette.” Shark King’s words made everyone have an headache.

They had really never heard of the name of Titan Jr. before.

However, seeing Shark Kind’s attitude, this Titan Jr. was an unprecedented VIP. Even when Chong Ni King, Southern Goblin King, Northern Goblin King came, they were not treated with the highest etiquette.

“Do not do all these, I am afraid of trouble and just need a place to sit.” Yue Yang pretended to be unaware of the news of Mother Earth Potion, and openly asked: “Senior Shark King, I never pretend to have other motives. This time I have heard of a strange treasure on Fire Island, is it true? Do not say there isn’t, I have received top secret information that the treasure was at least higher than a Grade 8 Holy Treasure. Do not try to use some Gold-ranked treasure to fool me, only a child would believe those antics.”

“Haha, brother Titan Jr. you really are as straightforward as the legends say. There really is a treasure, but…” Shark King was extremely troubled, he was 100% sure that An Xi that old guy went around spreading top secret information. With his name and the lure of Grade 8 Holy Treasure, how could the Titan Jr. not be tempted! The problem was just that they could not let him take away the Mother Earth Potion. His Majesty must have it to breakthrough to become an Elder Innate. Actually when Shark King first laid eyes on the young man, he already knew that he was coming for the Mother Earth Potion. What Shark King had been doing was trying to devise a plan to make use of him.

If they made use of him well, it would be excellent if he could assist the Ocean Emperor in killing An Xi.

However on the other hand if they did not make use of him well, they are bringing trouble onto themselves.

Shark King was troubled for quite a while, and said with a bitter smile: “Titan Jr., I am sure you know that this Old Sharks words do not hold weight. You should tell all these to His Majesty. I believe even if there is a problem with the treasure, His Majesty will make it up to you. Come come, have a drink at the Emperor Residence first. I, Old Shark, will first go and receive His Majesty, we can continue our discussion after that. Actually we can all work together first, and worry about who it belongs to when we get the treasure.”

As part of higher management for a long time, Shark King’s way of dismissing people was indeed skilled.

He could lie to anyone but he could not lie to Yue Yang about the presence of the treasure, it was definitely out of the question.

Neither could he say that they won’t give him the treasure. Even if this guy acts as if he was giving in, he would still snatch it with force. This man was the classic stubborn bull, he was not afraid of threats at all! Your status, ability, name and face all did not matter to him!

The best thing to do now was to drag things out.

Anyway this guy did not know the exact time of birth of the Mother Earth Potion, he could be left here at Emperor Residence waiting with some women to play with for the time being. Once the Ocean Emperor obtains the Mother Earth Potion and becomes much stronger, even if this guy wanted to rage, he would not be able to. Maybe they could even ally with BLack Hell King to defeat this guy together…… of course, if they could avoid provoking this guy, it would still be best not to. That was because if their attack were to fail, and this lad were to escape, the Human Zhi Zun would most likely come. The Human Zhi Zun was not a joke!

“Come and attend to Titan Jr. with your best service.” Shark King suddenly remembered something and transmitted to Hai Yingwu: “If I remember correctly, you have royal blood in you? I cannot recall if you are the daughter of slave 168 or 188…… Anyway, if you service Titan Jr. well, I will advice His Majesty to give you the status of princess and to marry you off to Titan Jr. to create mariage alliance so do your best!”

“Yes. “ Hai Yingwu’s heart beat rapidly. Princess status? Wasn’t that what she had always dreamed of? And to marry him?

He is called Titan Jr…… even though he was not very famous, but his nonchalant attitude towards Shark King made it obvious that he was not a simple character. Could it be that he was a Supreme Innate?

In the future she could marry a Supreme Innate?

At such a thought Hai Yingwu’s face burned in embarrassment, and she was unable to raise her head for a long time.

Shark King exchanged more pleasantries with Yue Yang, and used the excuse of having to welcome the Ocean Emperor and left through the teleportation circle. Hai Yingwu was left behind to use her beauty to ‘handle’ Yue Yang. His plan was to drag things out, as long as he could drag things out for a few hours, he would have succeeded. Of course, it was very necessary to report to the Ocean Emperor His Majesty immediately since the Ocean Emperor might have a better plan.

Yue Yang naturally went with the flow and acted to the plan, working with An Xi that old guy.

An Xi had long entered the Crystal Canyon.

As for Yue Yang, if the Ocean Emperor did not bring him to the Crystal Canyon, he would kill his way in. If the Ocean Emperor brought him there, then he would work with An Xi to defeat the Ocean Emperor together!

Shark King had plotted against him, why would he not plot against Shark King?

This was just mutual deception, plotting against each other!

Let’s see who will be the last man laughing!

“Ta, Titan Jr. sir, this, this, this way please!” Hai Yingwu was very nervous that she had trouble even talking. As for Tuna and Big-headed Carp, they were close to fainting from fear and did not dare to move from their kneeling position by an inch. Leech, who had been swallowing his pain and pretended to have fainted raised his head slightly and waited for Yue Yang to go far then looked at him with an evil glint in his eyes.

In Five Star Emperor Residence , Yue Yang assessed everything. He tsked and sighed. It was hard to tell whether he was mocking the place to be too extravagant, or that he enjoyed such royal treatment.

Hai Yingwu’s mission was to serve this ‘future husband’.

She was going to use all the methods in the world.

The Shark King had even secretly ordered that no matter what, they must please Titan Jr. no matter what. It would be best if he could be so indulgent in his bliss that he forgot about other things.

At first, Hai Yingwu had also thought this was an opportunity.

What made her at a loss was the Titan Jr. was not interested in any play. He had looked around for half an hour, and had seen countless beauties. The issue was that he treated these beauties as if they were sardines in the sea, and ignored them. When they found a room, Hai Yingwu had intended to go in and attend to him the best she could to give him the taste of being seduced by a beauty. Yet she did not expect him to invite her out very politely and coldly, closing the door to train alone.

Three hours later.

In one more hour, the Mother Earth Potion would be born.

Yue Yang who was in the room did not make any sound. There was no sign that he was done with training.

“Is he really still training?” Shark King was a little worried. It really was troublesome that this Titan Jr. was not interested in beautiful women. Luckily, it seemed that Titan Jr. did not know the Mother Earth Potion’s exact time of birth which was why he was training so calmly.

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