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LLS Chapter 466 – Shark King, One of the Four Kings

Chapter 466 – Shark King, One of the Four Kings
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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“Impossible……” One mercenary was beyond terrified. He pointed at Yue Yang with a shaking finger, unable to accept the fact that his buddy was killed in an instant. Right in the next second however, he clearly felt an ice-cold spear force through his lips, prying open his jaw and piercing his tongue all the way to his throat….. He felt a slight pain at the back of his head, and then he lost all consciousness.

“Is there still anyone who wants my treasure? If you think the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear is too big, there is still the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Dagger, anyone of you want it?”

Yue Yang threw the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear and nailed an escaping mercenary to the ground, killing him instantly. He then pulled out the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Dagger from his waist, dodged behind a mercenary and kicked him down before holding his head with his hand. Yue Yang pushed the dagger into the mercenary’s temple bit by bit…… the whole process was extremely slow. The mercenary was both in shock and in pain. He cried out in fear, pissed his pants in terror and desperately struggled.

However, no matter what he did, he simply was unable to escape the advent of death.

The last one left was Bai Zu who claimed to be the grandson-in-law of the Hermit Crab Clan’s Leader, Lang Ye.

He was terror-stricken and stumbled to where the Big-headed Carp General was. He cried with his face distorted: “Help, save me!”

Yue Yang put away the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Dagger and lightly extracted the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear from the corpse of the mercenary that he had nailed through before catching up unhurriedly. As for his skill in killing the four men continuously, all three Sea Generals were shaken after they saw it. In terms of ability, the ability this masked man displayed was not even Innate leveled nor was it Lesser Innate leveled but only an ordinary level 7 [Overlord]’s ability.

There were two reasons why he could easily kill four people in an instant.

First was speed.

They assumed that Yue Yang was using a beast to increase his speed, but they did not know what kind of beast could increase his speed to the point that it was even faster than an Innate.

It was so fast that people did not even have time to react!

Second, was that he owned magic weapons. Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear itself was a magic weapon that could kill in a second. Combined with the extreme speed of this masked man, the power Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear exhibits power that a warrior of the same standard could not even compete with. Not even mentioning a Level 7 [Overlord] or Level 8 [Emperor], even a Lesser Innate might have difficulty taking on such a fatal hit.

Big-headed Carp General secretly swallowed his saliva.

He was not afraid of those who were strong, but because of his relatively slower speed, he found those who moved quickly, like this opponent, the most troubling.

Even the Sea General donned in scale armor and looked the strongest found this situation troubling.

Even though the scale armor had high defense, it was also a Gold-ranked treasure, but could it withstand a hit of the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear? The answer was no. Although scale armor could withstand normal weapons, the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear could not even be stopped by Giant Dragon, so naturally his scale armor would definitely not be able to. This was why Tuna General who was the strongest and of highest status ignored the cries of help from Bai Zu. He chose to turn a blind eye and refused to rescue him. Only by staying out of the vendetta between the two sides could he save his own life.

Only the skinny Leech General who wore a wet leather suit was still hesistant.

He did not seem to be too afraid of the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear in Yue Yang’s hands, but rather he was only a little fearful of Yue Yang’s extremely fast attacks since speed was the basic foundation of attacking.

Hai Yingwu however had a strange feeling. Based on a woman’s natural sixth sense, she had begun to realise that this masked man was not simple.

Perhaps, he has only displayed a small fraction of his full ability.

This man could very likely be an Innate Ranker!

“Could you spare his life for me? It is inevitable for grudges to form when everyone is training at Tong Tian Tower, but grudges do not mean they cannot be resolved. If you are willing, I will help you get the ransom from him so that he can buy back his life. Just give a price!” Big-headed Carp General stood out and tried to mediate the situation.

“I, I, I am willing to use all my assets as atonement. I will give you Deep Sea Pearl, Magic Cores! Just spare me, please spare my lowly life, I was only confused for that moment, I should not have coveted after your treasure. I am wrong, please spare my life, please!” Bai Zu’s face was covered with tears and mucus. He hid behind the Big-headed Carp General and threw himself on the floor. He kow-towed again and again on his knees, both begging for Yue Yang’s mercy and for Big-headed Carp General’s help to say a few words for him to protect his life.

“……” Hai Yingwu despised this sort of people to no end.

If he was useless, then he should just be well-behaved. Learning to rob from other people even when he did not have the ability, was that not a death wish?

Too late for regrets now!

Big-headed Carp General allowed Bai Zu to hold onto his abnormally-shaped legs and cry. In that instant his heart softened, and even thought they were friends.

Yue Yang walked over leisurely and spun the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear gracefully to indicate that Big-headed Carp General did not need to open his mouth to plead: “Today, this young master’s mood is very bad. You all better leave immediately and not meddle. If no one rebels, young master will at most kill around a hundred people on this island to appease my anger. Otherwise, this young master will kill without mercy…… As for the ransom, this young master is not short of money. Poor Ghost, keep your money to pay for your coffin!”

These words caused the three Sea Generals to choke and almost choked to death.

Hai Yingwu also felt that these words were slightly exaggerated.

Where is Fire Island?

It was under the control of the Ocean Emperor. Even if the Emperor himself did not come regularly, Fire Island still represented a challenge that could not be overcome.

Those words were really too much, who did he think the Ocean Emperor was? the Ocean Emperor was one of the Five Emperors, does he think that Fire Island which was under the Ocean Emperor’s control is a place he can kill people recklessly?

One can be arrogant, but one must have the ability to be arrogant!

If he could defeat the Ocean Emperor, then people would have to listen no matter how arrogant his words were.

The problem was that he currently did not have this ability…… Big-headed Carp General was agitated, his ugly big face flushed red: “Shut up, you words have challenged the Ocean Emperor’s dignity. For this one time, we can treat it as unintentional but the next time, we will definitely defend the Ocean Emperor’s dignity! Please do not treat me words as words only meant to scare you, youngster, this is my biggest advice!”

“You, leave Fire Island immediately, we no longer welcome you!” The strongest Sea General who was donned in scale armor finally spoke and made his stand.

“Hehe, if you are not convinced, I can accompany you in a fight and show you that this is not a place for you to behave atrociously!” Skinny laughed sinisterly: “While other people may be afraid of your Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear, but I can tell you that it has no effect at all on my body!”

“……” Bai Zu realised that the two sides have broke into conflict. He was secretly delighted, if they started fighting, that would mean an opportunity for him to sneak away.

However, Hai Yingwu felt that the three Sea Generals were very foolish.

The opponent’s words did not mean anything, neither was it against the Ocean Emperor. If Big-headed Carp General’s words still had reason, then Tuna General’s words were a little excessive. It was best for Fire Island to remain neutral. To forcibly be on terrible terms with the opponent for the liar Bai Zu was really stupid.

As for Leech General, Hai Yingwu could understand why he was provoking the opponent.

In his heart, this guy had no regard for the interests of Fire Island and the Ocean Emperor’s image. Instead, he was using the Ocean Emperor’s name and his ability to bully others.

His purpose, was most likely because he had his eyes on the opponent’s treasure.

Simply put, Leech General was the same as Bai Zu and greed had begun to dominate his mind…….

Hai Yingwu secretly crushed ‘Cry of the Sea Pearl’.

This was a cry for assistance that was even higher that of a sea disaster. As long as a Cry of the Sea Pearl was crushed, the headquarter of Fire Island would immediately send out a highly-skilled master to deal with the crisis. Hai Yingwu felt that the situation now was not being handled well and would affect the Ocean Emperor’s grand plans. She did not know that Yue Yang was intentionally making trouble, otherwise he would not have been so arrogant and would not let go of the issue about the mercenaries. Usually, he would kill in an instant and leave, who would want to seek for trouble with Sea Generals?

He was doing all this deliberately!

the Ocean Emperor was very cunning and used a fraud to shift the eyes of those who came to seek adventure. He made everyone think that the treasure had already been dug out.

Even if the event had quieted down, Yue Yang could not let Fire Island be peaceful. He had to create trouble.

The more chaotic Fire Island was the more the Ocean Emperor would be distracted. That way the success of An Xi assassinating the Ocean Emperor would increase. Anyway, Yue Yang would do whatever could make the Ocean Emperor unhappy. This was just like hitting a person who was down and pushing him to his death……

“Accompany me in a fight? Sure let’s play, play your sister!” By the time Yue Yang finished saying that he had already teleported behind Leech General.

The leech in the wet leather suit immediately shot up into the sky.

His reaction was extremely fast.

Seeing the opponent attack, Tuna General also blasted a thunderous hit.

Big-headed Carp General who had the slowest reaction did not have the time to react. Hai Yingwu on the other hand had the chance to attack. However, she remained motionless and was unwilling to participate in such an pointless battle.

A bloody human head was flew in the sky. Bai Zu who was preparing to run away had his head cut off as his neck sprayed a fountain of blood.

While she could not see clearly, Hai Yingwu knew that this was the work of the masked man. In the sky, when Leech General prepared to dive back down, he suddenly realised a hand pushing down on his head. He twisted his body into a spiral, wanting to escape from the attack. Just when he was proud of himself from avoiding the fatal attack of the opponent, he realised countless flaming punches rained down on him like a meteor shower. He could do nothing but scream in terror…….

“Oh!” Tuna General wanted to fly in the air to receive the leech, but when he leaned to the side, he fell on the floor while covering his left ribs in pain.

“Oh my!” Hai Yingwu realised that the left side of Tuna General’s scale armor had turned into ice. When he was throwing punches at the enemy earlier, he never would have thought that not only did he not land any hits, but instead he was hit by the opponent on his left ribs. That attack was so fast that he did not even realise it. He became unable to support himself when the power of the punch exploded and froze over.

Leech who fell through the sky like a meteor landed on the ground in pain.

His skinny body created a pit in the ground.

He groaned in pain.

He was no longer arrogant.

If he was attacked by the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear, his unique body and smooth leather suit allowed him to be fearless of any sharp blades. However, Yue Yang did not even use the Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear to attack, but instead used the Purple Yin Flame. While Leech General could disregard any swords, his special body was extremely incompatible with fire. When he was burnt, his life immediately hovered between life and death.

Yue Yang lightly floated to the ground and pierced through the Leech’s body using Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear. He then lifted him up at spearpoint: “Do you still want to show off your skills? Hmph, the thing this young master hates the most is someone else being more arrogant than me. Even a lousy leech like you dares to? Who do you think you are?”

Leech twisted his body in pain. He was not afraid of being speared through, but he was terrified of the flame.

Just when he opened his mouth to plead for mercy, the flames poured into his throat. He was unable to make any sound at all.

A man with a huge body fell to the ground loudly. He was five metres high, clad in silver Shark Amour. At his waist was a Platinum-ranked Split Wave Blade. The ten fingers on his huge arm wore rings made from extremely sharp shark tooth. His powerful body was streamlined, and his face was fierce-looking with devil like eyes. He was imposing, bold and powerful. If Tuna general was compared to him, Tuna would seem like a small child.

This man, was the Overlord of Fire Island. However it was not only that, the Shark King was also in charge of the whole sea territory of the Seventh Floor of Tong Tian Tower!

He was one of the four kings under the Ocean Emperor.

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