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LLS Chapter 465 – Do you want my treasures?

Chapter 465 – Do you want my treasures?
Translated by: Last

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This time when Yue Yang arrived at Fire Island he naturally couldn’t use the worthless butler identity but used Titan’s identity.

His face was covered by the Golden Gemini Mask, while he carried the wrapped-up Gold-ranked Dragon Slaying Spear behind him.

He arrived at Fire Island just like how he entered the Thunder Fortress.

Titan’s name had already spread throughout the entire Thunder Fortress.

Yue Yang was different from most Innates who would arrogantly hire someone to spread the news when he did something. As a result, only the nearby region knew about the Legend of the Titan Brothers. In the Seventh floor of the Tong Tian Tower no one knew about the existence of the Titan Brothers, other than a few merchants who were working with the Titan Guild and knew about how he killed Demon Eye.

Apart from this, only a small amount of people knew about the Titan Brothers in the ranks of Innates.

As for Titan Jr.’s appearance, only an extremely few amount of people had personally seen him even in the Thunder Fortress.

Their existence was only a rumor…

“Welcome honored guest to Fire Island!” Just as Yue Yang walked out from the teleportation circle, an incomparably sexy tour guide immediately bowed, showing that she was willing to be of service and guide the way for Yue Yang. She was Hai Yingwu, but she already did not recognize Yue Yang.

“So noisy, what is happening?” Yue Yang intentionally asked like this.

“It’s like this, honored guest. You probably don’t know but a treasure had appeared under the Deep Sea Abyss of Fire Island. The mysterious treasure emits light and came from the Deep Sea Abyss. Afterwards a ranker noticed it and the news spread calling everyone to search for it. The Ocean Emperor is very generous and especially tasked the members of Fire Island to serve the heroes, helping everyone complete this epic adventure and leave majestic battle poems.” Hai Yingwu respectfully answered but secretly sized up this guest. She saw that his strength was only a Level 7 [Overlord]. However, he was wearing a gold-ranked mask and carrying a wrapped up treasure behind him, wasn’t he afraid of being robbed with his strength?

“Stop blabbering. You only need to answer the question as to why it’s so noisy around here.” Yue Yang ruthlessly interrupted her without even looking at her.

“Ah, I apologize. Honored guest, it’s like this, many brave heroes went to find the treasures and after battling for one day and one night, out of hundreds of heroes, three have emerged as winners. One of the fortunate heroes obtained the best “Sea Controlling Pearl” unfortunately he rejected our congratulation and already left the island. As for the other two, they obtained gold-ranked treasures. One of them obtained the Lion Stone Fish’s summon crystal while the other obtained the Spiked Sea Parting Fork. They are currently accepting our congratulations and protection. In order to celebrate, the entire Fire Island is now preparing to have a night party. That is the reason why there are lanterns and colored banners and why it’s so noisy. If it disturbed honored guest, please allow Hai Yingwu to represent the entire Fire Island Staff to sincerely apologize.” Hai Yingwu was probing Yue Yang. She was suspicious that he was also here to treasure hunt but he was too late.

“The most annoying thing in the world is that other people have good treasures, too displeasing!” Yue Yang groaned, pushed Hai Yingwu aside and left with huge steps.

Hai Yingwu was stunned.

In her entire lifetime, she had never met a male that was completely immune to her charms. If he was from a different tribe and disliked human females, then it’s fine. However, he was a human, how was he able to ignored her?

When Yue Yang pushed her aside, she felt shock and shame at the same time.

It was a feeling of shame from her self-esteem being lowered. When was it that she had become less charming?

She thought that it was perhaps he was too jealous of other people’s treasures.

That must be it!

If the feeling that the perverted butler gave her when he was touching her breast and butt was disgust, then the feeling that this man gave her was rage. For good or bad, that perverted butler still liked her big breasts and her round bottom. But this masked man made her deeply feel shame and completely ignored her… Hai Yingwu wanted to just charge over and angrily scream at him, but in the end, she still endured it.

For the sake of Ocean Emperor’s grand plan, she had to endure it.

Hai Yingwu gritted her teeth.

“Eh, the mask on this masked person is a gold-ranked treasure!” A few mercenaries walked over. They were already drunk and were probably prepared to leave because they did not obtain any treasures. When the man leading them saw Yue Yang, his greed rose and excitedly pointed at Yue Yang.

“This is bad…” When Hai Yingwu saw the greed in the mercenaries’ eyes, she knew that a fight was unavoidable.

“Leave behind the gold-ranked mask and kneel before me, then this granddaddy will let you live.” When the few men noticed that the masked man in front of them was just a level 7 [Overlord] their confidence boosted. In their five man group, two were level 7 [Overlord]’s, two were level 8 [Emperor]’s and only one with a weaker level, a level 6 [Elder]. According to strength, they felt that they could overwhelm Yue Yang so their attitude became increasingly arrogant.

“You should also leave the wrapped treasure behind you!” added the other level 8 [Overlord] as he felt the fluctuation of the wrapped treasure.

Hai Yingwu secretly panicked.

If she exposed her Lesser Innate strength and went up to block them, then there would be no problems.

However, for the Ocean Emperor’s grand plan, how could she just expose her strength?

She looked helplessly at the two sides and knew that it was a bad situation. The masked man had so many treasures yet his strength was not enough, so he must have a powerful backer and is probably the son of an Innate. If he was killed here then the power behind him would be furious. Now that only a few hours remained for the Ocean Emperor’s grand plan and the Ocean Emperor was about to arrive, this situation was very bad.

They had a hard time protect the true secret treasure and even used the plan of using a fraud to shift the eyes of those who came to seek adventure.

Now, it would be best if no more issues arise.

Just as Hai Yingwu was very anxious, she suddenly saw three figures moving through the skies.

When Hai Yingwu saw it, she immediately used a secret hand signal to ask for help.

Although they were unwilling, the three figures still came down.

It was the secret hand signal that the Ocean Emperor set. In case someone used this to ask for help, as long as one is from the aquatic race, they cannot ignore it.

The three people landed. On the left was big headed small bodied ugly fatty; in the middle was an imposingly cold fish race general wearing scale armor; on the right was a skinny man with a tall height, small eyes wearing a dark green satin covered with gold marks and sticky liquid that made others lose their appetites.

“What happened? I am currently preparing to welcome His Majesty Ocean Emperor. Your disturbance has affected the overall situation. You small fish using a ‘sea peril level’ signal to call us as you wish, you truly don’t know your position!” The ugly yet comical fatty loudly berated Hai Yingwu.

“Reporting to the three Ocean Generals, it’s like this…” Hai Yingwu quickly reported the situation between Yue Yang and the mercenaries.

Not far away, Yue Yang was slowly unwrapping the wrapped treasure.

The mercenaries estimated that he would not easily surrender the treasures and a fight was unavoidable. They immediately surrounded Yue Yang to oppress him in the middle.

A fight was about to erupt.

The three generals also saw the situation and the strong general wearing the scale armor waved his hands showing that he did not care. The skinny one also laughed evilly showing that he did not care. However, he was going to kill the mercenaries once they obtained the treasure. This way he would be able to say that Yue Yang was avenged and at the same time he could obtain treasures. However, the fatty who berated Hai Yingwu stood up and shouted at the mercenaries: “What are you doing?”

The mercenaries were caught unprepared of the Fat-head Fish General’s intervention.

Could it be that this masked man was from the aquatic race?

Luckily, the level 8 [Emperor] responded, on one side he quibbled and on the other he probed: “General Da Tou, I am Bai Zu the grandson-in-law of the Hermit Crab Clan General, Lang Ye. During the wedding reception, I had even toasted with sir, could it be that you have forgotten me? Today, it was not us who wanted to break the rules of Fire Island but it is because the masked person is my enemy. He killed brothers of my race and even raped a sister of my race. Since we met today, how could I let him get away with it? General Da Tou, please give justice!”

The ugly Fat-head General scratched his bald head and mumbled: “Is that right? We had toasted together? Why don’t I remember… Fine, since it’s like this, I don’t care anymore!”

When Hai Yingwu heard this she almost sweat to death.

Wasn’t this fatty too easy to fool? Why was he even a general?

Those who believed this Bai Zu’s bullshit were idiots. However, this idiot Fat-head General actually believed him. Hai Yingwu was speechless!

If she did not worry about her identity, Hai Yingwu would have exposed Bai Zu’s lie.

However, she endured in the end…

In order to not affect Ocean Emperor’s grand plan…sigh, this masked man did not have any relationship with her anyways. Even if he died, only one guest died at most there would be a few problems in the future. She would just endure it since there was only a few hours left before the Ocean Emperor’s grand plan! Hai Yingwu lowered her head and remained silent. She felt that the masked man was screwed. Even if he was not killed by the mercenaries, the Leech General would not let him go. It seems that Leech General was watching him like a tiger watching his prey as he was also drooling for his treasures. Perhaps he would make his move at the most crucial point in the name of vengeance.

That means that this masked man was truly screwed!

Hai Yingwu continuously sighed and gradually could not bear it.

Despite the arrogant masked man completely ignoring her existence earlier, she still did not wish to see him die just as he arrived at Fire Island.

“Hey bastard, you are guilty of terrible crimes. The guilty will not escape and today we will definitely catch you. Your time of death is near!” Seeing that the three generals did not care, the mercenaries pleasingly laughed out loud at this masked man’s death.

“Do you want my treasures? I’ll gift it to you!” Yue Yang slowly unveiled the wrapping.

With a speed faster than light, he instantly moved.

One mercenary was currently laughing loudly.

Suddenly, the laughter was cut off as the spear point already pierced through his throat…

Hai Yingwu’s pupils quickly shrunk. She was shocked because she could not even clearly see how the gold-ranked spear was brandished, even a single image was not seen and she could only see that the spear had pierced through the mercenary’s throat.

The remaining mercenaries were petrified. The one who was just killed was a level 8 [Emperor] and was the strongest among them.

He was actually killed by the opponent in an instant?

Then what kind of strength did this masked man actually possess?

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