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LLS Chapter 464 – Breakthrough, Yue Yang levelled up to a new Realm!

Chapter 464 – Breakthrough, Yue Yang levelled up to a new Realm!
Translated by: crayon
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Yue Yang was shocked by Bloody Queen Red’s forwardness.

When did she become so human-like?

Yue Yang thought that she would require a period of time for her humanization to completely mature. He never expected both her body and mind to have already fully matured. Yue Yang examined her with his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision and saw that Bloody Queen Red was practically, and possibly, even more perfect than an ordinary woman. Bloody Queen Red had made rapid progress and improved by leaps and bounds in her humanization.

The rapid development of her body was explainable but what about her mind?

One had to be aware that other Beasts usually needed more than dozens to two hundred years to develop a human body: the development of their minds would have further required a few more hundreds of years before they could be truly humanised.

How long had Bloody Queen Red only been contracted for?

Yue Yang could not understand how she improved at such a shocking speed. Compared to Barbarian Cow Shadow, she humanised much faster so much that she had surpassed Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen.

“Master and Mistress has taught Red a lot…” Bloody Queen Red lowered her head shyly. In fact, the first reason for her rapid improvement were Yue Yang’s abnormal powers; also, it was the competition with her peers which allowed her intelligence to increase greatly. There had been competition from Barbarian Cow Shadow followed by Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen and then Spirit of Earth Fire. With all this competition that levelled up rapidly around her, there was no way for Bloody Queen Red to not work harder and mature faster so that she will not fall behind.

The greatest influence was Yue Yang’s Body Fusion skill.

First, when he did it with the other women, Bloody Queen Red was able to learn the emotions and techniques of a human female. This resulted in her rapid progress.
(Last: Basically she watched them have sex and learned from it.)

After that, it had been the appearance of Pheonix Fairy Beauty’s Guardian Beast, Charm Demon Queen, and the appearance of the Hornless Dragon.

Charm Demon Queen was not only powerful but had also served Yue Yang together with Phoenix Fairy Beauty. Her actions were the best enlightenment for Bloody Queen Red and they opened up a door of possibilities for Bloody Queen Red.

Also, this made her realise that she could also do it.

Bloody Queen Red was further threatened by the presence of the Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying.

At the very least, Charm Demon Queen was still Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s Guardian Beast. Jiang Ying however, had become Yue Yang’s Guardian Beast and will now always be with Yue Yang. If Jiang Ying was able to walk ahead of Bloody Queen Red, then Bloody Queen Red would have a lowered status in Yue Yang’s heart… Competitiveness, demonstration and feeling threatened, these three caused an earth-shattering revolution in Bloody Queen Red’s mind, allowing her to attain unbelievable progress.

From a being a Beast, Bloody Queen Red took a sudden, huge step towards becoming a human.

It was a step that hundreds of millions of Beasts could not achieve in their entire lifetime. To Bloody Queen Red, it had only taken her a few short days to step out.

“Don’t worry, Red, you’ll always be my irreplaceable and beloved Bloody Queen.” Yue Yang had sensed Bloody Queen Red’s feelings and he lifted her face to land a soft kiss on her lips.

“Yes.” Tears flowed down Bloody Queen Red’s face upon hearing Yue Yang’s words.

All her worries these few days disappeared instantly.

The burden in her heart was lightened and lifted. In that moment, she felt blessed to know that she had a special place in Yue Yang’s heart. Even if Yue Yang had many different Beasts around him, there was the favoured Lamia Loli, the loyalest Barbarian Cow Shadow and Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen with all her transformations, Bloody Queen Red still remained special to him…

Bloody Queen Red was touched and embraced Yue Yang emotionally, burying her face in his chest.

Hot tears flowed down her face.

She then suddenly lifted her tear-stained face, looked at Yue Yang and nodded her head determinedly: “Red will definitely work hard in future!”

She went on to kiss Yue Yang passionately,Returning his love with a passionate kiss.

They continued with Body Fusion.

Indeed, the same method of simultaneous cultivation when used on Red, produced totally different results.

Jiang Ying had been passive, afraid to move and scared that she would affect Yue Yang since she was clueless about opposite sex relationships. She had been very nervous and did not loosen up until she lost herself in the moment. Red was different, she had seen Yue Yang cultivating Body Fusion with Luo Hua Mistress and Phoenix Fairy Beauty many times before and had even seen him in bed with them, as such, she knew how to complement Yue Yang’s Body Fusion cultivation.

There was a complete difference between cooperation and non-cooperation.

Although the end could be reached without cooperation, with mutual understanding, the effects of the cultivation of Body Fusion would be doubled.

It was just like the difference between Xue Wu Xia and Yue Yu. Xue Wu Xia levelled up quickly since she was able to coordinate perfectly with Yue Yang when they practiced. When Princess Qian Qian saw them she was also envious. On the other hand, Yue Yu only cultivated Body Fusion with Yue Yang since she knew that her gentle energy was helpful to him. She had to help him level up but she remained passive during cultivation and held back whenever there were extreme movements involved, thus, she levelled up at a slower rate than Xue Wu Xia.

Although Yue Yu seemed like she was improving rapidly to the outside world, her progress was really still considered to be slow when compared to that of Xue Wu Xia.

Red completely opened up to Yue Yang.

Although their bodies were not joined, she was already at the final stage of the couples’ cultivation with Yue Yang.

Yue Yang did not push Red down immediately because he felt that he was just about to level up. If he had levelled up during the process, there was no way to predict how it might affect Bloody Queen Red and he did not want to take the risk.

Moreover, if the union of the bodies to happen while he makes a breakthrough, there may be unthinkable effects to him. For example, the Hornless Dragon was reduced to her current muddled state because she had levelled up too much and the impact of breaking through Realms had forced her to hibernate. If the same thing were to happen to Yue Yang, his plan to kill the Emperor of the Ocean would fail.

Also, what Yue Yang wanted the most was for Bloody Queen Red to enjoy the process when he pushes her down. He had wanted it to be a beautiful moment for her instead of it just being a tool for him to improve himself.

It would be the greatest reward to Bloody Queen Red for her humanisation.

Bloody Queen Red hung upside down and imitated her mistress, sucking on Yue Yang’s spear.

Yue Yang was drawing support from her powers and combining it with his nearly exploding Innate Qi to rush towards Level 6 of Innate Invisible Sword Qi!

The shockwaves from the soundless explosion blasted Bloody Queen Red away in an instant. She was miraculously unhurt while everything within a 5 metre radius around Yue Yang had become dust, even the space had shattered. The Nirvana Flame on Yue Yang’s body formed a giant flame pillar that shot high into the sky while the Nirvana Flame Wings on his back carried him up through the heart of the fire pillar.

The Sword Qi shooting out from Yue Yang’s fingers covered the sky and every sword cut through space.

The strongest of them all could even cut through the void.

A magnificent fire phoenix took shape from the Nirvana Flames and swooped down from the sky with Yue Yang on its back. In a split second, the entire Grimoire World shook and everything trembled.


The fire phoenix brought Yue Yang down to the ground with an explosion and returned into Yue Yang’s body immediately. However, Yue Yang remained rooted to the deep hole in the ground. He bent over and his Nirvana Flame Wings shot 10 metres into the sky.

Yue Yang then straightened up, raised his hands and shouted ‘ha’.

The entire Grimoire World rocked violently.

A thousand metre tall image of a golden giant that was the splitting image of Yue Yang grew from his body. It mimicked Yue Yang’s actions and the sky of the Grimoire World felt as if it was bursting under the pressure while deep footprints appeared on the ground. Bright light emitted from Yue Yang’s body and the Summoning Grimoire floated out. ‘World’ continued to absorb the energy which Yue Yang radiated, the halo of light then expanded from 60 meters to 80 meters.

Bloody Queen Red screamed as her body was also bathed in the bright light and her energy continued to increase, making her body more perfect.

Only a little more was needed for her to breakthrough.

At the latest, Bloody Queen Red would breakthrough the next time they cultivated together.

Yue Yang wanted to continue his punches but Xiao Wen Li suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Her six tiny hands held on to his fist.

She looked at him pleadingly with her big black eyes.

Instead of using her Binding Chains Inherent Skills on Yue Yang, Xiao Wen Li faced the still delirious Yue Yang who was still engulfed in the new Realm. She would rather get hurt than to hurt him.

“Howl!” Yue Yang reacted instinctively and a hand shot out to grab Xiao Wen Li by her throat while the other hand prepared to punch. Xiao Wen Li was not intimidated and still held onto his arm tightly. In an instant, the golden light in Yue Yang’s eyes subsided and his eyes became clear once again. A sweet smile broke out on Xiao Wen Li’s face at the sight, her eyes curved into a crescent moon shape.

“Hehe!” She did it. She successfully called out to Yue Yang’s consciousness with her soul.

“Precious darling, don’t ever do that again, what if I had hurt you!” Yue Yang released his grip hurriedly after he regained consciousness. He pulled her in for a hug and kissed her fiercely, caressing her tiny head as pain tugged at his heartstrings. It was such a close call, he had almost lost control and hurt her.

“Ah…” Xiao Wen Li shook her to to show that it was no big deal. Grabbing Yue Yang’s face, she showered kisses on him adorably.

Feelings of jealousy rose within Bloody Queen Red but she did not fight with Xiao Wen Li over Yue Yang’s embrace.

Instead, she gave Yue Yang a back hug and embraced both him and Xiao Wen Li.

Her happy face stuck onto Yue Yang’s robust back.

Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man rushed over as well and in her excitement, her brute strength exploded and she lifted Yue Yang, Xiao Wen Li and Bloody Queen Red up, and spun them around in circles. A distance away, the Reaper Mantis was also flying about in the air happily, equally excited at Yue Yang’s level up. Only the Spirit of Earth Fire hiding in the lava pool of a far off volcano could not understand these things.

Feelings were still too complicated for her to comprehend.

She glanced at Yue Yang then looked at the happy Bloody Queen Red and Barbarian Cow Shadow puzzledly. It was like she couldn’t understand what was so happy about what had happened or perhaps, she just could not comprehend the human concept of happiness.

What is happiness?

Everything had to go through a process. The Spirit of Earth Fire was just like how Barbarian Cow Shadow used to be.

However, Barbarian Cow Shadow had since gotten closer to humans and was no longer the ignorant barbarian cow she used to be!

Luckily Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen had not awakened yet.

If not, the Grimoire World would have been more lively. Since she had gobbled up so many Innate Rankers before, and Yue Yang had continuously transferred Innate Qi to her, she must probably be able to grow into a devastatingly beautiful imperial queen when she woke up right? What was confirmed was that she would definitely be more perfect than before because her human body was the most perfectly developed among them all.

Her level would soar every time she was reborn!

Two hours later.

After a little rest, because there’s not enough time, Yue Yang hurried to Fire Island even before he could fully take in all the energy he had gained from the Level 6 Innate Invisible Sword Qi.

It was because the Ancient Mother Earth Potion would be born in another 5 hours. If Yue Yang did not prepare himself early, he would miss it.

After his powers have become stronger, Yue Yang was very confident that he could defeat the Ocean Emperor.

At the very least, Yue Yang was sure that he could seize the Mother Earth Potion. If he consumed the Mother Earth Potion, his powers would grow stronger, how could the Ocean Emperor not die then? After he got rid of the Ocean Emperor, it would then be time to send the Black Hell King, the traitor from 6000 years ago, to hell…

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