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LLS Chapter 463 – Hornless Dragon levelled up to a Divine Beast

Chapter 463 – Hornless Dragon levelled up to a Divine Beast
Translated by: crayon
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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As they moved on to the next step of cultivation, let alone Jiang Ying, even Yue Yang who was skilled in the Body Fusion process, was very serious.

What Yue Yang wanted was not only for the Hornless Dragon to breakthrough to Innate Level 8.

But also, for her to first level down to Innate Level 6 or even Level 5 before breaking through to Level 8 directly. Jiang Ying would then receive the maximum benefit from levelling up multiple levels. If she did not do this, she would only level up a single level and not have gained much benefit.

With this method, her powers would increase tremendously after levelling up.

Her Inherent Skills would advance by leaps and bounds.

She might even successfully contract a Summoning Grimoire to level up directly to become a Divine Beast.

Yue Yang guessed that there would be a limited amount of the Mother Earth Potion. If Jiang Ying could level up to become a Divine Beast, she would no longer need the potion as she would have enough energy to help herself breakthrough.

Innate Invisible Sword Qi Level 6.

It was the realm Yue Yang wanted to breakthrough to. However, it was definitely not what he ultimately longed for. With the Mother Earth Potion, he wanted to level up to Level 7 Innate Invisible Sword Qi, or even higher.

Yue Yang would have already achieved Level 6 Innate Invisible Sword Qi a long time ago if he hadn’t cultivated the Nirvana Flames repeatedly multiple times.

Now, as he cultivated, Yue Yang felt himself getting closer to Level 6. It was like his energy had pooled and could erupt anytime.

The longer he cultivated at lower levels, the better his foundations were and the more things he mastered. But at times when he must level up, Yue Yang would also not let it slip by. Whenever he makes a breakthrough, he would achieve a new enlightenment. To breakthrough to the new realm, Yue Yang would not hesitate to cultivate the same level over again. Moreover, as he was preparing to attack and kill the Super Ranker Ocean Emperor, it would be best if he could breakthrough to a new Realm.

Yue Yang knew that he would receive much more in return if he helped Jiang Ying breakthrough to Innate Level 8 and level up into a Divine Beast.

Her dragon energy would help him achieve a deeper enlightenment in his Level 6 Innate Invisible Sword Qi during Body Fusion.

Kiss, caress.

Yue Yang did the same things to Jiang Ying as he had done with Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian, Sickly Beauty and Luo Hua Mistress during Body Fusion. Despite having helped Yue Yang cultivate Body Fusion for months, Yue Yu had not yet progressed to this stage. At least, she would never allow Yue Yang to do it as long as she was in her right mind.

Jiang Ying remained passive in her actions.

She felt shy, happy, embarrassed and afraid at the same time. Although she did not resist Yue Yang’s advancements, she stood by, not knowing what to do and could only accept everything passively.

This was also not what she wanted but she was just totally clueless, as it was her first time experiencing all these.

Luckily, the Body Fusion process, which was entirely led by Yue Yang, could be carried out even with minimal cooperation so long as there is no intent to resist.

At the start, Jiang Ying felt really embarrassed.

She looked on as Yue Yang kissed a path down her body from her breasts, at a total loss… Pleasure and excitement coursed through her veins and she desperately wanted to fondle and kiss Yue Yang but her nerves and shame stopped her. While Yue Yang kissed her gently and laid her down on the bed, all Jiang Ying could do was to cover her face and to clamp her thighs tightly together. Her legs were awkwardly stiff as she laid still, submitting her whole body to him.

“Relax, empty your mind, feel the flow of energy…” Yue Yang could gobble Jiang Ying up right now and she would not resist him.

However, possessing Jiang Ying was not the most important thing at the moment.

Instead, the crucial thing was for her to level up.

To cultivate with the pure body of a young maiden was the fastest way. There was still a long way to go before her breakthrough and to take her at such a early time would cause her to be only able to level up once.

Since she would eventually be his, why should he rush?

After Yue Yang’s reassurance, Jiang Ying visibly relaxed. Her stiff body softened and she drowned in pleasure and happiness as Yue Yang kissed her body. She let Yue Yang kiss and caress her burning naked body as she passionately hugged him. She trembled and let out a sweet whimper at Yue Yang’s every movement. Her ragged breath and moans turned into an incomparably moving song…

After 10 minutes, she totally lost herself as she embraced Yue Yang passionately.

She only responded to all the love he showed her body, her previous reservations and nervousness were tossed far away.

Her body was entirely under Yue Yang’s control as she single-mindedly focused on the pleasure he gave her, the world long forgotten.

Unconsciously, her powers gradually condensed and her level continuously reduced under the suppression of the Nirvana Flame and Innate Qi. From Level 7 she levelled down to Level 6. Another 10 minutes and she further levelled down to Level 5… If this happened ordinarily, she would have been extremely shocked, however, she had complete faith in Yue Yang and had since submitted herself completely to him.

Heaven’s Fury Fire Lotus, Arctic Ice Frost and Deathly Purple Lightning emitted from Yue Yang’s body and formed a giant force field.

The Summoning Grimoire floated out by itself and the light halo shaped of the beast ‘World’ expanded to a 60 metre radius.

Innate Qi flowed from Yue Yang’s mouth to Jiang Ying’s and it coursed through her body before returning to Yue Yang’s body from her dantian. Contrarily, the Nirvana Flame entered at her tailbone and flowed up her body before it flowed back to Yue Yang at her chest area. The Nirvana Flame morphed into a incomparably magnificent fire phoenix which flew through their bodies repeatedly. Jiang Ying’s body trembled violently at every passing as her powers and realm broke through multiple levels.

Her powers exploded from an Innate Level 5 to a Level 6 and then to her original Level 7.

Finally, mysterious lights shimmered like a rainbow.

A pair of dragon wings and a dragon tail appeared on Jiang Ying’s body. They held onto Yue Yang’s body tightly as she cried out from the pain and happiness of her breakthrough through multiple levels to a new Realm.

In the moment, Yue Yang could not locate the Bronze Grimoire so he conjured a Silver Grimoire urgently and pressed Jiang Ying’s small hand on it, using his Innate Qi to help her contract a Summoning Grimoire. When the contracting failed to succeed as her breakthrough was ending, Yue Yang bit his tongue in desperation and blood splattered on the Silver Grimoire.

He had no idea why he did what he did. Maybe, it was to increase the chances of success.

Perhaps, it was knowledge inherited from his mother that allowed him to act subconsciously in that moment.

Or perhaps it was the Heavenly Sword Goddess commanding Yue Yang’s subconscious… He felt these were all possible explanations but he did not spend much time pondering it. Instead, he focused wholeheartedly on transferring Innate Qi to Jiang Ying in order to help her contract a Summoning Grimoire.

This was the best opportunity.

If she failed to contract today, it would then be such a pity.

Finally, bright light rose from where Jiang Ying’s hand touched the Grimoire. The piercing gold light blossomed and formed an image of a Female Hornless Dragon in the sky. The pillar of light shot up into the sky, circled around, before it returned and entered Jiang Ying’s body in a flash. The tail that was originally coiled around Yue Yang suddenly disappeared into bright lights and once again transformed into her flawless white legs, clasped on Yue Yang’s waist.

The dragon wings on her back shrunk rapidly and grew delicate.

They became a pair of gorgeous crystal dragon wings that continued to wrap around Yue Yang.

Jiang Ying hugged Yue Yang tightly as she fleeted in and out of consciousness while levelling up. The new Divine Beast Realm affected her wisdom but what scared her more was the realisation that she had some sort of life connection to Yue Yang. Countless information popped up in her head and she could not sort out the muddle in her mind.

The pleasure she felt in her body was also one reason she could not think clearly.

She felt Yue Yang’s spear pushing against her tender petal. That kind of feeling made her shudder from head to toe. It felt unbearable but it felt pleasurable at the same time.

It was as if her body sought that feeling automatically as her hands, feet and wings held onto Yue Yang tightly. It was like her body wanted Yue Yang inside her immediately, to truly become one with her…

Yue Yang felt the same way. He could feel that all that was in his way was a thin veil.

That, signifies the chastity of the body.

All Yue Yang had to do was to move forward and Jiang Ying would truly become his woman… Robbing her of her chastity like that, she would probably not be able to level up like Luo Hua Mistress and the rest had, since she had just levelled up. Moreover, he no longer had enough Innate Qi to help her level up… Forget it, none of this matters at this stage!

Yue Yang could not hold it back anymore and decided to take this Hornless Dragon.

As Yue Yang was about to attack, Jiang Ying’s body became a ball of light and floated into his Summoning Grimoire.

Light emanated from the Grimoire.

The pages flipped.

The naked Yue Yang jumped up at the sight and sweated profusely.

Turns out that he had unknowingly contracted Jiang Ying… What made him most anxious was that this was unlike anything he had seen before when he contracted Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man, Bloody Queen Red and Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen Duo Duo… Could it be that his blood that had splattered onto the Summoning Grimoire when Jiang Ying was contracting it, had this effect?

Still, having settled this Hornless Dragon allowed Yue Yang to breathe a sigh of relief.

Of course, this did not refer to making her his woman. That would need at least a few more seconds to work. This, referred to his Guardian Beasts. Yue Yang realised that his Guardian Beasts had all appeared carelessly and were inexplicably contracted. Without warning, they all end up as his Guardian Beasts under the circumstances when he was totally unprepared. Jiang Ying was also contracted successfully, without any mental preparations, she had became his Guardian Beast.

Yue Yang couldn’t understand.

Forget it, whatever it was, it was a good thing. He could always ask the Heavenly Sword Goddess. Maybe she had been helping him all this while.

Yue Yang decided to that he did not want to go in depth into this problem right now.

On a closer look, he noticed that the Hornless Dragon was still asleep. She looked to be still confused yet her energy continued to rise as her powers of Divine Beast and Level 8 Innate were still in the process of merging. At the same time, she had to deal with the changes as a Guardian Beast. All the power she received after breaking through had placed her into the muddled state she is in now. He reckoned that she would not be ready to fight until some time after.

Being able to contract her was the biggest satisfaction to Yue Yang and whether she participated in battle or not was not what he cared about.

The question of killing the Ocean Emperor was never Yue Yang’s greatest concern.

At the most, the Ocean Emperor could be killed some other time.

The only thing that troubled Yue Yang now was that he had almost broke through to Level 6 Innate Invisible Sword Qi. But unfortunately, Jiang Ying had fallen into slumber right at that moment.

What should he do since Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Luo Hua Mistress were both not by his side?

In a flash, a shadow glided down from the sky and Bloody Queen Red flung herself into Yue Yang’s embrace. Her face burned:“Let Red help master level up to a new Realm, Red has learnt how…”

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