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LLS Chapter 462 – To be born anew, with a new body

Chapter 462 – To be born anew, with a new body
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Jiang Ying never would have thought she would ever hug a man to sleep. Moreover, it was felt so natural that she was not even embarrassed.

Even her body and mind were at ease.

After a night of sleep.

She still could not understand why, but she only knew that hugging him and letting him hug her had made her body develop dependence on him. She could not bear to let go.

Slowly, she felt a natural, comfortable and comforting feeling that she had never felt before.

Oh right, she also felt blessed!

Her heart was no longer lonely because he was by her side. A never before felt contentment filled her heart.


Jiang Ying yawned and was about to go back to sleep, she suddenly realise that a passionate hand had slipped into her clothes and was massaging her breasts without a care in the world. This hand was extremely skilled, and had no regard for Jiang Ying’s reaction. Only now did Hornless Dragon realise that sleeping in his arms was totally different from how she slept in the parent’s and grandparents’ arms when when she was young. She initially had wanted to jump up from her breasts being touched, but this touch felt a bit strange. This was not a sinister kind of touching, but a natural caressing…… When Jiang Ying looked up, she saw that Yue Yang was still deep in sleep. She grumbled: “Even if he is sound asleep, this guy is still a huge pervert!”

Jiang Ying was about to melt from the touches, and quickly pulled that naughty hand out.

If he touched her any further, she would not be able to stand it.

It was unbearable……

Her breath was still uneven.

She then realised that the hand was creeping towards her butt, and had began exploring her bottoms.

Hornless Dragon would not stand such an attack. She quickly grabbed the hand in hers and intended to push it back to his side. On second thought, she felt that her body was not melting anymore and felt strangely empty. Instead she rested that hand on her lower back. It felt better that she still laid in his embrace!

As for him touching her breasts in his sleep, Jiang Ying felt that even Yue Yang himself was unaware. It was his natural instinct.

Who knew how many naughty things he must have done to develop such an instinct.

Jiang Ying wanted to bite Yue Yang’s sleeping handsome face to release the pent up anger in her heart.

“Xiao Luo Hua, let me have another touch. “ Yue Yang was having intimate time with Luo Hua City Mistress in his dreams. He even pinned Hornless Dragon under him as he turned over. Hornless Dragon was shocked. She felt a strange thing hitting against her privates. It was burning. She was in torture. Most frustrating of all was that even though this guy was pinning her, he was still calling the name of his woman.

“You are so heavy, go to the side!” Jiang Ying was about to melt from the intensity, and was only able to push Yue Yang away with all of her strength.

“Hmm…….” Yue Yang’s breath was calm, he was still sound asleep.

“Sleeping with this guy is not safe at all, so unbearable!” Even though Jiang Ying was complaining, she was unwilling to let go. She only reached out to gently pinch him, but because she was worried about waking him up, she did not even bear to use strength. After that even Jiang Ying felt that she was too forgiving to him.

Her breath was still uneven.

Jiang Ying suppressed her beating heart, and brought her hand down to explore.

Secretly, she slipped her hand into his pants. She closed her eyes in embarrassment and began to touch around in curiosity…… Her whole body was shaking, her thighs closed together and her calf muscles tightened, her toes were so nervous that they almost cramped up.

After quite some time did she pull her hand back.

She then turned around and hid into the blanket extremely shyly. Even though she was not a hundred percent clear nor did she see it with her own eyes, she already learned of many secrets.

In that moment, even without anyone telling her, she had understood many things that she had not before. The thing that her aunt told her about last time could be his thing entering for a woman to have children. However, his thing might really be too big, could it even go in? If they really did the deed, maybe he would know what to do. Jiang Ying’s imagination ran wild. She brought the hand that touched him to her nose and took a whiff. There was a strange smell left on her hand. It was very faint but it was very unique as it gave off the feeling of manliness and attraction.

That was the smell of his thing?

Jiang Ying was very embarrassed and hid under the blanket. Her head was a mess.

That burning sensation she felt when touching him flashed through her mind again and again.

Huge, burning, manly, high-spirited, that kind of feeling was really strange. Thinking back on it now only made her even more shy.

The Body Fusion he mentioned, the last step, it could not be that they have to do that thing?

Not good!

Hornless Dragon suddenly remember something and her whole body shook. There was only few ten hours now to the birth of Mother Earth Potion, but she and Yue Yang have not started training at all. In the day, they had spent too much time playing while at night they had spent all their time sleeping. They have wasted too much time. If they were to wait till they woke up the next morning, they would only have a few hours left, how were they going to train? How could they be able to upgrade fast enough to face Ocean Emperor?

At this thought, Jiang Ying immediately sat up.

Yue Yang woke up from his sleep and asked her: “What’s wrong?”

“I did not touch you, ah no no……. I’m saying, we have to start training immediately, otherwise we will run out of time!” Jiang Ying pulled Yue Yang up urgently: “Get up quickly, now is not the time to be sleeping!”

“Oh?” Yue Yang did not understand, didn’t they already waste dozens of hours in the day? Why was it that she suddenly thought of training?

She was just like a primary school student who played for the whole summer vacation, to only end up rushing her holiday homework on the last few days.

Seeing Jiang Ying’s urgent look, Yue Yang wanted to laugh.

Of course, he was rather delighted to see such a change in the Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying.

Since she requested it herself, it would be much more effective that him thinking of ways to encourage her to train. Now that she had relieved the burden in her heart, success was in sight. Yue Yang bundled Jiang Ying up in the blanket and carried her: “We should go my Grimoire World. If you levelled up, there would be many strange sights that would not be suitable for others to see. “ His words effectively dispelled the distress in her heart. Being away from the eyes of others was definitely preferred to alarming the servants. Even though the maids had seen her grow up, it was still better to keep such matters under wraps and not let them know.

The Grimoire World.

There was no one there since Luo Hua City Mistress , Sickly Beauty and Phoenix Fairy Beauty were all at Tian Luo Palace’s Mirage accompanying Fourth Mother.

However, even though there was no one, the beasts were still here.

Bloody Queen and Barbarian Cow Shadow were still here!

Jiang Ying who was already dizzy and numb from nervousness had no mind to sense them, and did not realise that the beasts were present. In fact she did not even think about them.

Her heart was palpitating because she thought that they would have to take off their clothing to do the deed to train for Body Fusion.

Yue Yang then explained to her the cultivation method and how she could cooperate.

Only then did Jiang Ying know that there was no need to do that thing for the first part. That reduced the majority of the tension in the instant. She nodded her head to let him know she understood. Actually the way for her to cooperate was very simple. Jiang Ying mainly had to relax and let Yue Yang lead in the whole process of cultivation. She cannot be scared and back out halfway in order to avoid afecting the results of the cultivation.

She also had to use energy to control her spirit gate, which was simple.

That was a piece of cake for a Hornless Dragon who had reached Innate Level Seven. Moreover, someone else was leading the process.

“Understood!” Jiang Ying felt really dumb, if she knew it was like this earlier she would have started training once they got back, her awkwardness was such a waste of time!

It began with the touching of palms and Yue Yang transferred energy into her body.

The energy then flowed back to him. In this cycle, Innate Qi continued to expand her blood channels. Since her blood channels has already been linked, this process of Body Fusion led to impressive results quickly, and entered the second stage in no time. Now it was getting more intimate, their bodies were in an embrace. As for this, Jiang Ying was not pressured in any way since she has already slept with him in his arms.

Even more Innate Qi flowed into her body. She felt her energy change and continued to upgrade.

She was delighted.

Ah the end of the second stage, she readily coordinated her moves with him. When he kissed her, she did not hesitate at all. Instead, she stood on her tiptoes and received his kiss…… only until he kissed her lips did she realise that they were kissing and that was her first kiss. However, that wonderful feeling and the Innate Qi that was delivered from his mouth made her unable to resist. Rather Jiang Ying hugged him and sucked with her might, and kissed him intensely by instinct…… other than Innate Qi, the Nirvana Flame also burned in Yue Yang’s palms, purifying her energy while purifying her body!

Immense pain made Jiang Ying almost cry out.

However, she knew that in order for the body to be reborn, it must undergo this fierce purification. The pain was in fact part of the process.

Their clothes have already disappeared, their two bodies were skin to skin. Yue Yang’s body continued to refine the energy in Jiang Ying’s body while Nirvana Flame continued to purify it.

Jiang Ying was suffering terribly as if hovering between life and death. Her body could not take it, and returned to her original form.

While her upper body stayed the same, but from her torso downwards had turned into the body of a Hornless Dragon, on her back were also a pair of gold wings.

Below her butt, her two legs have turned into a small and exquisite silver dragon’s tail. It extended slowly to a several meters long. The black fins on her tail, her gold wings and silver scales all melted from the Nirvana Flame and were all instantly reborn.

The immense pain caused Jiang Ying to wrap her tail around Yue Yang’s body tightly. Her dragon wings were also powerlessly trembling.

If Yue Yang had not supplemented her with his Innate Qi, she would most likely have died in a few minutes. Under Nirvana Flame’s refining, she might have been reduced to her soul and the Dragon Crystal in her body. However Yue Yang’s Innate Qi replenished her energy immediately so that the potential in her body was continuously stimulated. Each time Jiang Ying was at the hardest part, Yue Yang dripped Holy Dew into her mouth so that she could instantly recover.

After an unknown period of time.

Jiang Ying realised the pain was getting lighter and lighter. Finally, there was no pain at all. She instead felt a enlightening refreshness from being reborn.

When she opened her eyes, she realised her skin had become whiter and tender by ten times, just like jade.

Her entire dragon tail looked as if it was carved from white jade. It was beautiful.

Her wings had become crystal-like. Other than the the slight dark grey outlining the skeleton in the wings, it looked completely different from before. Filled with energy and with a perfect body, Jiang Ying immediately realised – she has been reborned. Even though she had not levelled up to Innate Level Eight, she was only a fine line away from breaking through. If she trained, she would most likely breakthrough immediately.

“Is this really me? My new tail is so beautiful, just like jade!” Jiang Ying could not suppress her excitement and kissed Yue Yang repeatedly to thank him for giving her a new and perfect body. Her dragon tail swung in delight, just like a child who received her most beloved toy.

“Let us continue and breakthrough to Innate Level Eight in one go!” Actually when Jiang Ying was in pain, Yue Yang could have tried to seize her with his shadow with a high success rate, but when he thought about it, he realised that such matters should not be rushed. In the future, if she truly did not want to leave his side, she would take the initiative to ask for a contract. There is no need to leave a shadow in her heart.

“Okay!” Jiang Ying nodded her head in agreement readily. She then immediately understood to go a step further would mean even more intimate contact.

Maybe, they would even do that……

Although she was shy, she did not have any regrets.

Instead she bravely changed back to her human body, turning her dragon tail back into those slender long legs.

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