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LLS Chapter 461 – Orphan

Chapter 461 – Orphan
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Once Yue Yang teleported away, he heard Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying snicker under her breath.

She had seen Yue Yang grope Hai Yingwu.

She just pretended that she didn’t.

She knew that Yue Yang did not intentionally molest Hai Yingwu, but had only done it out of the need to confuse the enemy. The only thing was that this drama was too realistic, she could not help but find it funny when she recalled Hai Yingwu’s pitiful look of having to force out a smile while being groped. At the same time, she was pleased because Hai Yingwu saw her as an enemy and kept tight surveillance of her so this was the perfect revenge!

Tong Tian Tower, Seventh Floor, Old Dragon Residence.

Old Dragon Residence was a scenic hidden territory, a safe area.

There were extremely little carnivorous beasts and only a few herbivorous small animals. These little deers and bunnies have all grown accustomed to the peaceful life in the mountain woods and were not afraid of people at all.

After travelling more than ten miles through the teleportation portal, they arrived in Old Dragon Residence.

This place was where Old Hornless Dragon chose to live in seclusion in his older years. The scenery was beautiful, butterflies flew in pairs and the whole earth was covered in fresh flowers, their fragrance assailing one’s nose. Wurm Clan maids and a dozen Spider Witches who had stayed behind to take care of the place hurriedly approached Jiang Ying to greet her when they saw that their mistress was back.

They also saw a human, Yue Yang, who had come along.

While they did their greetings, they could not help but look at Yue Yang to try to figure out his relationship with their mistress.

“When I was young, I lived here with my Grandfather for a very long time. However, most of my time was spent with my maternal grandmother at Spider Valley. Sometimes, she would bring me to play in the human world. Even though I have not been to Soaring Dragon Continent, I have already been to Qi Lan Continent, Ao Jia Continent and also Gu Feng Continent. Those continents are unlike Soaring Dragon Continent and would never allow outsiders to enter, so we faked our identities. I was very happy living with my grandfather and maternal grandmother because they did not care about my cultivation. If I had to live with my mother, that would have been painful, the training would have been extremely strict…… Unfortunately, Mother and Father had gone to the Tenth Floor of the Tong Tian Tower together to uncover the secret of Heaven Realm’s Gate. I have not seen them for more than ten years and have no idea how they are now!”

Back at Old Dragon Residence, Jiang Ying led Yue Yang to explore her previous residence, and told him about her previous experiences.

Yue Yang was secretly delighted.

If a girl was willing to share the secrets of her past with a man, it proved that she had some feelings for him. Otherwise, she would not do so.

He could tell that Jiang Ying this Hornless Dragon was very lonely.

Old Hornless Dragon had passed away early because he could not recover from the heavy injury, which was coupled with poor health and aging. At that time, Jiang Ying was still a young child.

After that, Jiang Ying went to live with her maternal grandmother Spider Empress and had a happy childhood.

Those happy days ended when Spider Empress went missing.

Young Hornless Dragon was only left with the option of returning to Old Dragon Residence to live with her parents and undergo the extremely vigorous training. However, not long after, her Mother and Father went to explore Heaven Realm’s Gate together, and had not come back in more than ten years. Jiang Ying had to live with her aunt. When her aunt got married ten years ago, she had to live alone while constantly travelling between Old Dragon Residence and Spider Valley, fulfilling the duties of Spider Empress for her maternal Grandmother and also the role of Hornless Dragon here.

In her lonely days, she cultivated diligently to achieve her goal of becoming a Divine Beast.

Until she met Yue Yang.

She had just made her first male friend, who was not even the same dragon species as her, but a human!

“Your parents look very powerful, you do not have to worry about their safety.” Based on three points, he could tell the Jiang Ying’s parents were remarkable. One, was their bloodline. Jiang Ying’s father was the son of Old Hornless Dragon and Golden Dragon Queen, while her mother was the descendant of Silver Dragon Lord and Spider Empress. All of these 4 bloodlines were impressive. Second, the place they have chosen to go to was the Tenth Floor of the Tong Tian Tower. Unless you had the ability Stronger than a Level 9 Innate, you would definitely die. Furthermore, even their daughter was a Level Seven Innate which only means that Jiang Ying’s parents were definitely amazing people who had ability beyond Innate Level Nine. Third, was the special treasure, the Black Dragon Armor, that her parents made for her. The Black Dragon Armor was very heavy, it could strengthen the body and increase the speed of cultivation without harming the body. The fact that even Yue Yang wanted to study this Black Dragon Armor after he had obtained the knowledge passed onto him by the tragic guy’s mother and Ghost Genius Yue Gong’s Puppet Encyclopedia proved its value.

Taking a thousand steps back to talk about it.

Let alone the secret law contained in the Black Dragon Armor, this was made of authentic black dragon skin. In this world, how many Innates could wear a real Black Dragon Armor?

Even though there were many ‘Black Dragon Armor’ sold in the Treasure Store, they were fakes made from Wurm skins and not the black dragon skins. They were simply black armor made from dragon skin. While they had the same name, they were two different things.

When jiang Ying reached the front of a room, she suddenly blushed and stopped moving.

Her pale green eyes peeked at Yue Yang from under her violet hair and said shyly: “This, this is my room. There is nothing much to see……” While her mouth said that, in actual fact she really wanted Yue Yang to go in and have a look. Due to a maiden’s reservation, she was too embarrassed to openly invite him in and instead could only hint implicitly in hopes that she could arouse Yue Yang’s curiosity.

Of course Yue Yang knew what she was thinking. He laughed and deliberately teased: “Since there is nothing much to see, let us look around elsewhere!”

This statement made Jiang Ying’s heart drop.

Why was this guy like this…….

Just when she was stomped her foot silently, she suddenly saw Yue Yang quickly reach out and pushed the door to enter her room. When she realised that he was teasing her deliberately, the anger in her heart turned into surprise and shyness immediately. While she was embarrassed by how well he could see through her, she was also quite happy about his ‘deceptive behaviour’. He was very clever and understood her hint, completely unlike a dense blockhead. Jiang Ying stretched her hand out to stop him slightly out of embarrassment, as if she did not want Yue Yang to go it. In actual fact she was just acting coy to indicate that she did not actively invite him, but rather it was him that broke in like an uncivilised man.

“Do not enter, how can you be like this! There is nothing to see inside!” Of course Jiang Ying could not stop Yue Yang, she was just trying to slightly protect her pride.

“It smells so good!” Once Yue Yang entered, he smelled the delicate fragrance of a virgin.

Actually even on Hornless Dragon’s body there was this sort of faint delicate fragrance. It was just concealed by the Black Dragon Armor that had the special function of being able to suppress presence. If it was anyone other than Yue Yang, that person would not have been able to smell that fragrance. It seemed that such as a way Jiang Ying’s parents was protecting her. One must know, many beasts track someone down based on their smell. Since that Black Dragon Armor was able to completely conceal smell, this suppressed presence was the best defense against monsters a superior sense of smell.

It was precisely because of this that Jiang Ying’s Innate ability could be hidden so well that an ordinary warrior would not be able to tell.

Hearing Yue Yang’s sincere praises, Jiang Ying’s jade face turned red.

She ran in quickly in front of Yue Yang and quickly hid all of the items she did not want Yue Yang to see into the cupboard.

Actually they were nothing more that her soft toys such as teddy bears, long eared rabbits and some childish clothings, pink pajamas. Yue Yang could see that she was still a child inside. While she has grown up, she still missed her childhood.

Maybe it was because she had been too lonely and too short of her family’s pampering!

Yue Yang did not practice Body Fusion with Jiang Ying immediately, but instead played with her for the whole day.

Childish games such as the swing were Jiang Ying’s favourite. She loved being on the swings even though she could already fly. Even so, when Yue Yang pushed her into the skies while she was seated on the swing, she would still shout excitedly in delight. She also particularly enjoyed cooking, but most part she was only making trouble. With Yue Yang accompanying her, she even wanted to make a giant flatbread. Regrettably she failed, and had to split it into a dozen of them. This made her regretful for the entire morning.

In the afternoon, Yue Yang accompanied her swimming.

She was most proud of her victory over Yue Yang in a race, and having stood on the shore leaning over and saying to Yue Yang who had just came out of the water: “I am about to doze off from the wait, can you be a little slower?”

That night, she could not bear to go to sleep.

Even though she did not say it, she really wanted Yue Yang to accompany her longer. She averted her eyes and did not dare to look at Yue Yang directly.

“Bedtime stories? I do not do such foolish things, I even want to look for someone to tell them to me!” Yue Yang was smart enough to be the one who gave her an option.

“Fine, then you have to act as the child, I will be the parent and tell you bedtime stories!” Sure enough, hearing that made Jiang Ying full of zeal. She pulled Yue Yang and pushed him onto her bed before pulling out a book from the bookshelf. She pretended to be serious in telling Yue Yang a bedtime story to coax him to sleep. She did not realise what she had done. Maybe it was unconsciously, but she did not mind Yue Yang lying on her bed.

“Snore……” Yue Yang fell asleep immediately after laying down, holding a sign that said ‘Please do not talk to someone who is asleep’. This move made Jiang Ying breathless from laughter. She fell on Yue Yang’s body and hit his chest with her small fists, crying from laughter.

Only after a while did she realise how flirtatious their position was.

She looked up at Yue Yang, slightly embarrassed.

When she realised that he had his eyes closed, thinking of who knows what, she lowered her head to listen to his heartbeat.

Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying suddenly sighed, and said extremely softly: “In the future, after we defeat Ocean Emperor, there will be no one to talk to me again. I will go back to how I was before this, a lonely and helpless orphan…… Even though I have parents, they do not care about me anymore…..”

Yue Yang reached out and stroked her purple hair: “I am actually just like you. I am too an orphan!”

Jiang Ying jolted, and raised her head. She looked at Yue Yang with her pale green eyes, just like a wandering little kitten who found a companion.

She did not say anything, but only hugged Yue Yang tightly.

Two huge drops of tears rolled down between her eyelashes silently.

They seemed like tears of joy, but also seemed like tears of empathy……. Even Jiang Ying could not explain her own confused emotions. She only knew that what she felt was like she had finally seen a little light in the darkness of her loneliness. A companion had appeared before her – Yue Yang. She was never going to be alone again.

The orphan finally had a companion.

Since they were both orphans, why not accompany each other?

Jiang Ying cried silently for a while, and then suddenly smiled through her tears. Her tear-stained face was beautiful, and her cherry lips could not help but curve up in a smile: “I see, turns out you are an orphan! Fine, I will take care of you from now on! I am very good at taking care of others, you will be great if you just listen to me!”

Yue Yang was not quick enough to take back the hand that was stroking her hair.

Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying suddenly grabbed his hand boldly and placed it on her waist such that he was also hugging her.

Perhaps it is because they were separated by the quilt, it did not feel real. She then slipped into the bed, and her hands were just like baby octopuses, hugging Yue Yang. Her body was tightly pressed against his, her breasts pushing against his chest. Yet she was not shy at all, her heart was filled with happiness. Since her childhood, she has not experienced such a warm embrace in so long.

This embrace gave her a sense of security that was unlike the warm embraces of her family in her memory.

The masculinity that she has never felt before saturated his body. In his embrace, there was an indescribable feeling of joy in her heart.

Maybe this was the legendary happiness!

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