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LLS Chapter 460 – Scram as far as your perverted thoughts go

Chapter 460 – Scram as far as your perverted thoughts go
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
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Regarding Yue Yang’s question, the hemp-clothed old man mulled over it for a long time too.

“It will be extremely hard to kill Ocean Emperor. Although we are all level Ten Innates, he is much more powerful than I am. Although he hasn’t surpass Zhi Zun yet, the skills he has accumulated over these thousands of years are unfathomable. And in the ocean, his strength will double, so killing him would be very problematic. The only thing we can make use of is the Crystal Canyon which is the place the Mother Earth Potion will be born. I believe you are here for that too.“

“Years ago Old Hornless Dragon and I, together with Tai Hu and Ocean Emperor went to the Graveyard of the Sea and found the Crystal Canyon. We also discovered the place the Mother Earth Potion will be born. At that time we also fought with the Hybrids in a battle of desparation. The Hybrids had fourty people on their side with two super strong Innates. At that time we were still quite weak so we were completely defeated. In the last moment, Ocean Emperor abandoned us and ran away. That was when we finally realised the traitor, who wiped out the entire group, was him, and he even got the cheeks to feign innocence by leading us to take revenge… He wanted to reach the Zhi Zun Level, so he had to get the Mother Earth Potion. That will be our best chance. You guessed right, I spread the rumour regarding the Mother Earth Potion. The Ocean Emperor knew that it was me too, so he spread the rumour about treasures in Deep Sea Abyss. He did this to divert everyone’s attention.” It was only until the hemp-clothed old man’s explanation did Yue Yang and Jiang Ying became more aware of the current situation.

“So Ocean Emperor knows that you are going to kill him?“ Yue Yang felt that it wasn’t a good thing for their plan to be exposed prematurely.

“The truth is I’ve been trying to kill him every year for the past hundreds of years. He is currently stronger than me so I wasn’t able to kill him, but he also has no way to kill me. We have been in this deadlock since that time. The only person that could disrupt this equilibrium is you.“ hemp-clothed old man told Yue Yang firmly.

“Me?“ Yue Yang did not feel that he could kill Ocean Emperor.

Although Ocean Emperor still wasn’t a Level Ten Innate, his skills were unfathomable and perhaps even stronger than Phoenix Fairy Beauty, who was now an Elder Innate.

Together with other factors such as Beasts, Holy Equipments and favourable geographic location, how could it be easy to kill Ocean Emperor?!

The hemp-clothed old man nodded. “Yes you. We can’t kill him without your Nirvana Flame and World Exterminating Wheel. Although you are still not on par to him in terms of rank, you are at an advantage in terms of killing power. It’s highly possible to kill Ocean Emperor if you were to come out at the last moment when I’m fighting with him. Of course the chances will be higher if you were to snatch the Mother Earth Potion and rank up by a level!“

Yue Yang became silent.

He finally made his mind after a long time and drafted a plan with the hemp-clothed old man to kill Ocean Emperor.

After repeated discussions and adding in finer details, Project Sea Burial which aimed to assassinate Ocean Emperor was finalized after an hour.

The hemp-clothed old man bid farewell and teleported off. He will head to the Graveyard of the Sea followed by the Crystal Canyon where he will patiently wait to ambush Ocean Emperor.

As for Yue Yang, he was still fretting over how he’s going to level up tremendously within two days. He couldn’t alert Ocean Emperor if he wanted to kill him. Yue Yang had to keep this plan between himself and the hemp-clothed old man. Although the Phoenix Beauty was already a female Elder Innate, Ocean Emperor will immediately escape if she were to go to the Fire Island or the Crystal Canyon. He mustn’t know that there are other people who wanted him dead other than the hemp-clothed old man.

Moreover, if Phoenix beauty were to get injured during the fight, the consequence would be much more dire. This was because they were going up against the Black Hell King next, and he is even stronger than Ocean Emperor. Without Pheonix Beauty’s strong support, it would be harder to win. The Phoenix Beauty can’t come for this battle, she had to continue her cultivation and make improvements at her current Elder Innate level. 

Xue Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian weren’t back yet, if not they could have been part of the fighting force.

Actually the Sickly Beauty, Luo Hua City Mistress, Yue Bing and Yue Yu weren’t strong enough. Although they could kill others, for them to assassinate Ocean Emperor would be no easy feat. If they were to be instant-killed, it would be too late for Yue Yang to have regrets. Yue Yang would rather the assassination plan to fail than to see them get hurt. As for levelling up the Innate Realm, the best way is to practise Body Fusion, but the problem is no matter how fast the progress would be, he wouldn’t be able to level up within two days, the duration is too short.

Just when Yue Yang was fretting over it, Jiang Ying’s words made Yue Yang see the light.

“If only I am more powerful, then maybe I’ll be of some help,” Jiang Ying said.

She was a Level Seven Innate, a Holy Beast.

She was very close to becoming a Divine Beast, but she’s not one yet.

Of course it wasn’t possible for Yue Yang to level up within two days, he was already cultivating at the maximum speed. He had been training with the big loli in his dream everyday. It could be said that he wouldn’t be able to level up faster unless he encounters rare treasures like the Mother Earth Potion.

But, for Yue Yang, it was much more possible to help Jiang ying level up.

After all he had already succeded the difficulty of helping Phoenix Beauty breakthrough the Elder Innate Realm, helping Jiang Ying the Hornless Dragon now wouldn’t be much of a challenge.

“You really want to level up? I have a way that can help you level up all to the way to a Divine Beast…”

At this point, Jiang Ying was already jumping around in excitement.

Becoming a Divine Beast was her dream.

The kind of levelling up she had been dreaming of!

Seeing that Yue Yang isn’t continuing, Jiang Ying thought that there are still unfulfilled criteria. She spoke impatiently. “Tell me, what do you need, what are you lacking, say it, I will get them immediately!”

Yue Yang waved to her, gesturing for her come over.

After waiting for her uneasy arrival, Yue Yang went close to her ear and uttered a few words.

Jiang Ying’s fair face blushed upon hearing his words.

Even her neck and ear became red, making her entire face looked as if she had been in a steamer. She didn’t dare to raise her head to look at Yue Yang for a long time. Her hands shook as she struggled to find a right place for them. She stood there mindlessly for a long time before she peered at Yue Yang. Upon realizing that he was staring at her, she became even more anxious as she ran into a room, knocking down two vases and one chair in the process…

Just when Yue Yang was thinking that he revealed his idea too early and was preparing to turn in, she peered out from behind the door and spoke in a weak voice. “Wait, let me think about it.“


There’s a door!

Yue Yang was euphoric. Since when did this girl become so open-minded?

If this continues, then maybe he could take this opportunity to contract her? If he could really make her his Guardian Beast, and then his Divine Beast, then he would be more confident about assassinating Ocean Emperor. Most importantly, there might be a chance that he could use this opportunity to practise Body Fusion and make some improvements. Even if he doesn’t level up, it would be nice if he could rank up his inherent skills. Moreover, his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision is in need of a ranking up now. Maybe with a rank up, he could see through all of Ocean Emperor’s weaknesses. His Innate Sword Qi was in need of a ranking up too. If this could occur before he consumes the Mother Earth Potion, there might be chances of consecutive ranking ups.

Yue Yang thought through it beautifully, but he didn’t expect Jiang Yue to reject him.

An hour had passed and Jiang Ying still had not come out.

That was when he thought that she must have felt too shy. They just got to know each other and now they would have to cultivate together in naked bodies. Even if this Hornless Dragon girl liked and trusted him a lot, she would still be reluctant to take this step!

Yue Yang went over and knocked on the door. He tried to suppress giving off the vibe of a big bad wolf wanting to engulf a little lamb as he spoke softly. “You rest first, we’ll talk again tomorrow!“

He said this with the intention of giving Jiang Ying a buffering time.

Just as he turned, the door suddenly opened a little with Jiang Ying hiding behind, speaking in a voice tiny as a mosquito. “Can I… Can I not remove my clothes? We can try, if we really can’t level up it’s fine, I… I can’t do it here,let’s go back to my place.If we leave Fire Island, we can also let down their guard this way. Hai Yingwu had been keeping an eye on us, if we leave now, she won’t suspect us anymore. Let’s go, we’ll return the day after!”

Jiang Ying lowered her head and came out from behind the door.

It was apparent that her cheeks were burning red.

Yue Yang was a little startled. He felt that this Hornless Dragon girl was braver than he thought and she was very decisive, unlike many others who were hesitant and draggy!

Starfish Hotel.

Hai Yingwu who was resting got a shock when she received reports from her subordinate that their target, Princess Ying, was leaving the hotel together with her subordinates.

She was surprised as it seems that her target was going to start acting.

When she was preparing to follow behind, she realised to her shock that Princess Ying wasn’t heading towards the targeted Deep Sea Abyss but towards the Teleportation Circle instead. She’s leaving? That can’t be it, isn’t she here for the treasure? Why would she leave? Could it be that all of Hai Yingwu’s previous guesses were false?

“Beautiful Princess Ying, could it be that the service of the Fire Island was unsatisfactory? Why are you leaving now?“ Hai Yingwu quickly acted as if she met Jiang Ying coincidentally as she bowed and greeted her.

“Nope, I’m just a little agiated, I’ll return another time!“ Jiang Ying looked at Yue Yang the drunkard and looked extremely unhappy.

Her acting wasn’t bad too. Women are born with this inherent skill, they don’t even need to learn it.
(Last: I can agree)

Hai Yingwu could totally understand Princess Ying’s troubles.

What could be even more annoying than a useless butler getting drunk in the midnight and subsequently falling into the sea and then getting out before entering the wrong room? Jiang Ying is a princess, not a slave. Could it be that she had to serve this drunk butler? Of course not! Hai Yingwu saw that the princess’s hidden anger accumulating like a volcano, she guessed that this useless guy would definitely be granted death penalty once he leaves the Fire Island!

If Princess Ying were to leave now, she wasn’t an enemy who’s here for the treasures but a true guest.

Hai Yingwu bowed apologetically as she felt guilty about her unnecessary doubts. She also felt sorry about wasting the time of others. There were so many people who were coming for the treasures in the first place and they were already experiencing shortage of manpower. With her targeting the wrong person, she aggravated the issue of manpower shortage. She must have been blind to treat a good man as a thief!

“We wil welcome you back to Fire Island again…“

When Hai Yingwu was bowing, she realised that the perverted Butler actually lifted his hand and pinched her butt secretly. Although she was still smiling on the outside, she wanted to kick him and burst all his testicles. She genuinely welcomed Jiang Ying and hoped that she could visit again. But towards the extremely perverted and annoying butler, she wished to never have to see him again. At the moment when Jiang Ying teleported off, her smile froze as she gritted her teeth and shouted.”Get lost, scram as far as your perverted thoughts go!”

“What did you say?“ Yue Yang pretended not to hear. Before teleporting, he looked left and right and realised there’s not a lot of people around. He quickly raised his hands and grabbed onto Hai Yingwu’s huge chest before running to the Teleportation Circle and teleported off with the help of the officer who pretended to not see anything.

“I haven’t met such a scumbag ever in my life!“ Hai Yingwu was so angry that she almost cried.

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        I think there one character in anime just like yue yang perverted and shameless but extremely strong and undefeated

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          (1) Ōsawa Akatsuki

          Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica/Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

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          Everything you mentioned on steroids. He’s just so hot.

  1. What says:

    Poor Yingwu, her intuition was almost spot on, she just gives up too early. Yue Yang’s luck is strong for her to not have him beat up after being judged useless and no threat.

  2. luxadiaLuxa says:

    He quickly raised his hands and grabbed onto Hai Yingwu’s huge chest before running to the Teleportation Circle and teleported off with the help of the officer who pretended to not see anything.

    Best wingman right here.

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    Thanks for chapter
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