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LLS Chapter 459 – Hemp-clothed Old Man

Chapter 459 – Hemp-clothed Old Man
Translated by: Last
Edited by: Shiroyukineko (partially)
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Yue Yang and Jiang Ying looked at each other and nodded.

The two Spider Queens raised their vigilance as they pulled out the knives on their waist, preparing to kill at anytime. Actually, this was only a type of instinctual response. If their intelligence was a bit more higher, they would understand that someone capable of hiding from Yue Yang and Jiang Ying’s perception was not normal. Moreover, they wouldn’t even be able to touch that person.

The knocking sound had a rhythm to it, unlike the hotel maid’s polite knock.

Moreover, it was impossible for it to be a maid because that person was able to hide from Yue Yang and Jiang Ying’s acute perception.

Yue Yang opened the door.

Only ten seconds had passed by and Yue Yang had already prepared dozens of plans to respond. However, when he opened the door, he discovered that his plans were meaningless.

“It’s you?” Yue Yang was very surprised.

The person who stood in front of Yue Yang was not an unknown person. Moreover, this person was someone Yue Yang knew but he could never imagine him coming here.

He was the person Yue Yang first met when he went to the Assassin Guild, the hemp-clothed old man.
(Shiro: Refer to chapter 17. Previously translated as simply old man coz hemp-clothed old man sounded funny)

At that time, the old man was taking a nap.

He appeared to be a senile old man with a withered and bony body. If Yue Yang did not possess Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, he would not even know that he was a Ranker.

It was also the old man who gave Yue Yang the test to get the Soaring Dragon Continent’s Blood Rose Map.

Tonight, he once again saw the old man.

With Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, Yue Yang discovered that the old man’s power remained deep and unmeasurable. He was simply unable to gauge his power. From the very beginning, the old man already gave Yue Yang a feeling that he was a sleeping dragon. Now, this feeling was even clearer. In the beginning, Yue Yang thought that this old man was just a level 7 [Overlord] or a level 8 [Emperor]. Afterwards, although Yue Yang met many other rankers from the Soaring Dragon Continent, he never met an existence like this hemp-clothed old man. Previously, he had felt that this was strange but the amount of hermits in the Soaring Dragon Continent was uncountable so he decided to not pay too much attention to it.

Only today did Yue Yang discover that he was completely mistaken.

The old man was definitely a Supreme Innate. The feeling he gave Yue Yang was similar to the mystery that Night Empress gave him. He estimated that they were probably in the same level.

It can be said that, even if the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, who was an Elder Innate, might not be able to win against this old man.

“Boy, what are you standing around for aren’t you going to invite this old man to come in and take a seat?” The old man boldly entered.

“May I know senior’s name?” Yue Yang respectfully ask.

When Yue Yang called the mudskipper man ‘senior’ before, he meant it to be a little sarcastic. However, now, when he called the old man ‘senior’, it was his heartfelt intention. Yue Yang recalled their first meeting and felt that this old man was truly not simple. It was only that he did not see through it at that time. Moreover, at that time when he leveled up into an Innate, the light pillar shot through the sky and all the people in White Stone City, especially the thieves’ guild should have been alarmed.

In the end, it was hidden.

Nobody knew anything.

No one had seen the Innate Light Pillar. Now that he remembered it, Yue Yang was shocked: Could it be that his old man secretly helped him?

Jiang Ying was also unable to gauge the opposite party’s strength and only felt that this person was very powerful, even more powerful than her grandfather. She quickly respectfully invited him to sit down and personally steeped him a cup of tea. Although she could not discern his purpose, it seemed that he had no evil intention so Jiang Ying did not dare disrespect him. The old man magnanimously received the tea and spoke: “Boy, your wife ain’t bad. Youths who respect their elders are hard to find!”

The Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying blushed when she heard this.

She looked at Yue Yang. Originally she wanted to explain that she was no his wife but in the end she did not say it.

Afterwards, she looked at Yue Yang again and saw that he did not correct anything. So, her face blushed redder.

With trembling fingers, she also poured Yue Yang a cup of tea but did not pass it over to him, instead she placed it in front of him and quickly withdrew her hands. It seemed that she was afraid of hitting Yue Yang’s hands. Yue Yang laughed and patted the seat besides him: “Wifey, come sit down!”

When Jiang Ying heard this, she protested coquettishly and rolled her eyes at him.

Her meaning was that he should not push his luck. However, this kind of shy girl made Yue Yang secretly happy.

“My name…” The old man placed down the tea cup and indifferently said: “Perhaps you have heard about me before and, you might even feel that I am extremely frightening. However, I am just an ordinary old man who spread these rumors and most of them are fake. My name is An Xi. The rumored An Xi who killed millions of people!”

“What?” Yue Yang was speechless.

“Ah!” The Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying was also stunned and involuntarily cried out in fear as if she was about to be frightened to death.

What did this name represent?

It represented death.

The rumored An Xi was a Level 10 Innate who once slaughtered the continent’s warriors all by himself. The number of person he had killed were in the millions. His acts became Tong Tian Tower’s legend and that people could only look at his unattainable record. In the Sixth Floor of the Tong Tian Tower, the only person who could truly beat him was Zhi Zun. He was ranked fifth along with Sky Execution.

If it was only the Sixth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, the only people ranked in front of him were first ranked Zhi Zun, second ranked Ocean Emperor Guan Lan, third ranked Wraith Emperor Hai and fourth ranked Great Demon King Baruth.

The ranking placements for the Ninth Floor of Tong Tian Tower was different. Zhi Zun and Ocean Emperor were still placed higher than An Xi. However Hai and Baruth were surpassed by Sky Execution, An Xi and Night Empress, who was ranked lower in the sixth floor. An Xi, Sky Execution and Night Empress did not stay too long in the Sixth Floor of the Tong Tian Tower so their prestige was lower than Hai and Baruth. If their powers were compared, An Xi, Sky Execution and Night Empress had far surpassed Hai and Baruth. This was especially true for the Night Empress. Her goal was to reach Zhi Zun’s level and she was quickly catching up. Dragon Emperor, Ske Emperor, Ocean Emperor and Emperor of the Underworld were feeling an enormous pressure.

In terms of reputation, An Xi had the most evil reputation and no one could surpass it.

The record of slaughtering a million warriors would probably be unreachable even if the records of all homicidal maniacs added up.

There is a rumor that spread within the Tong Tian Tower: If you offended a Supreme Innate, you are definitely dead and you cannot take it back. This Supreme Innate was An Xi!

Never in his dreams would Yue Yang have thought that the hemp-clothed old man was An Xi.

This old man is truly the one who slaughtered a million people?


“I have indeed killed many people but I am not a homicidal maniac in the rumors. I am only getting revenge.” When the old man said this, Yue Yang almost fainted.

Killing a million people for revenge? How much enmity did he have?

The old man did not pay attention to Yue yang’s exaggerated expression and slowly spoke: “I still lack one person before my revenge is complete.”

Light flashed in Yue Yang’s mind. Who could be able to force this old man to personally chase after him? Yue Yang though and immediately shouted in realization: “Ocean Emperor!”

The old man satisfyingly nodded his head and praised: “Not bad. A youngster’s brain is still better. Solving the puzzle with just one hint!”

Seeing Yue yang had guessed it, Jiang Ying was also a bit elated.

Although she was unable to guess it, when she saw Yue Yang’s cleverness and excellence, she could not help but feel happy for him.

“You came here to invite us to work together against him… Wait, let me guess again… Ocean Emperor… the news that some treasure is about to be born in the Fire Island’s Deep Sea Abyss was something you spread right? Then, why do you want to kill the Ocean Emperor? Let me guess, is it because… is it because of the Mother Earth Potion? You are prepared to let the Ocean Emperor know this news and then take this chance to assassinate him.” The more Yue Yang thought the more he felt that he was closer to the truth. It’s no wonder that the news about a treasure about to be born in the Fire Island was spread. It seems that it was this old man was trying to cause trouble for Ocean Emperor.

“Not bad boy! Although your guess was not entirely correct, you are very close.” Towards Yue Yang’s intelligent deduction, the old man generously praised.

“Please drink some tea!” Jiang Ying peek at Yue Yang and felt very happy as she immediately poured tea for the old man.

And then she also poured some for Yue Yang without returning back to her original position.

She unconsciously sat besides Yue Yang.

Her actions were completely done involuntarily. Unconsciously, she had thoroughly let go of her reservations and wariness and sat besides Yue Yang. She carefully listened on the conversation between them and every time the old man praised Yue Yang, she would be especially happy as if she was the one being praised.

The old man glanced at her, just like a grandfather looking at his cute and obedient granddaughter, filled with kindness.

He picked up his tea cup and slightly muttered and spoke: “Actually, I was comrades with this lady’s grandfather and we were best friends. At that time Ocean Emperor was also one of us. In the end, Ocean Emperor betrayed us so out thousand man group was almost wiped out. At that time, the most united Iron Fist Mercenary Group in the entire Tong Tian Tower crumbled in a single night. The commander and the team leaders all died in battle. The only ones who remained were the lady’s grandfather, Old Hornless, me, Ocean Emperor Guan Lan and the last person was Guan Lan’s faithful friend Tai Hu. Old Hornless received serious injuries and died. Tai Hu also received heavy injuries and went back to live in seclusion. I predict that Ocean Emperor had also killed him so my goal is only the Ocean Emperor Guan Lan. Once I kill him, my dream will be fulfilled.”

Jiang Ying was stunned. An Xi was grandfather’s comrade?

How come she had never heard of him speak about it?

The old man smiled as if he saw Jiang Ying’s thoughts: “Your grandfather was older than me by a lot. He was already an old uncle and I was still a child. At that time, I was not called An Xi. My name back then was Sa Shen and your grandfather used to call me Mischievous Sa Shen.”
(Last: If it became Sha Shen then it would be equivalent to death god which is what he is now.)

Hearing this, Jiang Ying immediately recalled that her grandfather had mentioned many names. Among them was ‘Mischievous Sa Shen’.

In her grandfather’s last years, he had mentioned this many times.

Naturally, it also included his grievances of the betrayal and the group’s annihilation. These were her grandfather’s greatest regret.

It was because of this that Jiang Ying knew the news of the Mother Earth Potion; Otherwise, she would not have invited Yue Yang over to search for treasures.

“How do we kill the Ocean Emperor?” Yue Yang asked the main point.

Yue yang already confirmed that the old man was not here for the Mother Earth Potion. The old man only wanted revenge and to kill Ocean Emperor. Since he intended to eliminate Ocean Emperor, Yue Yang had no reason to stand back and watch. He must definitely think of a plan to help the old man kill the Ocean Emperor. The question was, how do they do it? How were they gonna kill one of the five emperors, Ocean Emperor Guan Lan?

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(Last: Clarification: Supreme Innates are powerful innates and Elder Innates are Heaven Rank Innates or Zhi Zun level. So there was a mistake in the previous chaps about this. Meaning Phoenix Fairy Beauty is an Elder Innate but not a supreme innate. Chap 452 is wrong.)


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