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LLS Chapter 456 – Idiot, you are already dead!

Chapter 456 – Idiot, you are already dead!
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last, FlameDragon
TLCed by: Last

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“Hahaha! Hahaha……”

More than thirty monsters laughed at Yue Yang’s words. They felt that it was more of a joke than a threat.

In front of dozens of enemies, was there any point in saying that?

Kill without mercy?

This was not child’s play, even though Sharkman Neo may not be the strongest in the group of hybrids, but to kill him in the water was easier said than done. The hybrids ruled the water. It was because they had such an advantage that they were able to survive when the space collapsed.

Was it even possible for a young human to kill a transformed fishman or even a sharkman, with their superiority in water?

Sharkman Neo laughed to the point of tears.

He used his tail to slap the water.

He laughed and provoked Yue Yang: “Haha, brat, you think this is your back garden? Do not think that just because you have your family as your support, you can be so reckless. How old are you this year? I bet you were still peeing your bed last year right? Now you actually want to show off in front of a woman, do you have the ability? Do you understand what a war on water is? Sure, come on, aren’t you the cocky one? Come kill me! With your standard, you want to kill me, you will make me die from laughter! This is the funniest joke I have heard in these 4000 years, ah haha, this is hilarious!”

That octopus man boss frowned upon hearing that.

He felt that Yue Yang was not a simple man. If he was an ordinary hedonistic son of rich parents, he would not dare to speak outrageously in front of so many enemies.

What was most unsettling was how harmless this young human seemed, yet behind that harmlessness was a faint killing intent. It was very strange, and difficult to make sense of.

He concluded that this young man’s hidden power was stronger than what he could imagine.

Without the battle beginning, the boss, the Octopus Man, already realised that something was wrong.

However, he decided to let the situation develop.

If he could use this opportunity to understand his opponent without injuring himself, why not?

“Whale Zhang, why are you not laughing?” Among the hybrids, a hideous fishman who looked like a mudskipper turned and asked the largest comrade beside him.

“This was not funny at all!” That giant whale-like black shadow hummingly replied.

“Oh well, I forgot you have no sense of humour! Oh right, Blast, what do you mean by that expression? Do you really think that Sharkman Neo cannot beat that brat?” Mudskipper-man asked the Swordfish-man on his other side.

“Let’s make a bet. Bet a hundred deep sea gems.” That Swordfish-man was most likely an ex-killer.

Even though he had been silent all along, the first words out of his mouth were powerful.

His words were extremely simple.

Mudskipper-man was startled: “Do you bet that the young human will lose or to win? If you bet for his defeat, I will not bet with you. You can only bet that he will win!”

Swordfish-man sneered: “Only a fool would bet he will lose!”

Mudskipper-man exploded in anger, his face flushed red, and the huge black spot on his face turned purple. He shouted: “Fine! If I win, that bottle of red sand that you treasure will belong to me!”

Swordfish-man nodded, indicating agreement.

He snorted, his face was calm as if the ending was in his favour. Mudskipper-man was furious.

While they conversed, Yue Yang had already whispered and instructed Jiang Ying on what to do. Jiang Ying nodded her head in agreement. Without realising it, Jiang Ying who used to be extremely assertive started to listen to Yue Yang’s arrangements. She had started to depend on him. Jiang Ying raised her aura. Upon seeing her ability grow from a Lesser Innate all the way to a Level five Innate with a lot more leeway, the hybrid fishmen could not help but shiver in terror.

At first, they thought Jiang Ying and Yue Yang would stay together to defeat Sharkman Neo.

They would never have expected that Jiang Ying did not even have to lift a finger.

Instead, she floated higher into the sky and pulled out of the battlefield.

These were Yue Yang’s instructions. On the sea surface and underwater, hybrid fishmen are definitely at an advantage. In the air, however, they are at a great disadvantage.

Only if Jiang Ying was safe, would Yue Yang be able to fight with peace of mind.

Not only did Yue Yang want to fight, he wanted to push these hybrid fishmen off their high horses. Since they knew about the Mother Earth Potion, things were very simple, they should speak with their fists. The strongest would have the final say. As for the arrogant Sharkman Neo, he was just the first sacrifice that Yue Yang was going to use to make an example, of the consequences of daring to challenge him.

The Level 6 Sharkman Neo was incomparable to a Level 6 Peak Innate Sky Dragon.

Despite the advantage of the sea, to Yue Yang, water battles were not the biggest problem, Xiao Wen Li, Stone Element Medusa and Storm Mermaid, as well as the Thunder Naga and the Ice Serpent Demon were all underwater killers.

The important thing was that after the battle at Prison Emperor Divine Palace, Yue Yang knew the fatal weakness of the hybrids.

Sharkman Neo would definitely die a horrible death!

Let alone him flirting with Jiang Ying, even if he had not, Yue Yang was prepared to single him out.

“Come on, come and kill me. I cannot wait to die. Go ahead, what are you going to use to kill me with? How about a knife to stab at my throat and slit off my fin? Hahaha, if you thought I am only a shark, you are wrong!” Sharkman Neo first mocked Yue Yang and then summoned a strange jet-black grimoire. The grimoire was covered with sinister engravings. It was even more suspicious than the grimoires obtained by Lich Kings by sacrificing Innates and stealing their power. The grimoire screamed of danger and chaos.

In an instant, Yue Yang observed the grimoire with Heaven Eyes Divine Vision. It turned out that Sharkman’s jet-black grimoire was no longer a Summoning Grimoire.

It was a ‘Fallen Grimoire’.

In it, were not Guardian Beasts and skills, but only a portrait of Sharkman and a few contracted beasts. Moreover, those beasts that could be summoned were deformed monsters that were extremely unintelligent and only able to fight.

No wonder this guy’s ability had been deteriorating so drastically from Innate Level 8 to an Innate Level 6, poor guy.

The Law had abandoned Sharkman Neo. Not only did his grimoire not disappear, it was no longer a Summoning Grimoire. Barrier, Innate Skills and Guardian Beasts have all disappeared, leaving a Fallen Grimoire that only looked like a Summoning Grimoire. Even the Grimoire had abandoned its owner……. This proved the evilness of the secret technique that was used to murder Guardian Beasts and normal beasts to steal their body just for self-preservation. This was the first time Yue Yang had seen such a tragic situation.

In the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, many Heaven Realm Warriors had done the same, but they had not gone to such an extent.

Even though their appearance had changed, those people still had their grimoires.

Sharkman Neo had most likely killed too many beasts when the space collapsed to save his own life. So many that even his grimoire was unable to keep up, reducing him to the pathetic Fallen Warrior he was now…….

“Scums like you deserve to die!” Yue Yang did not use his Summoning Grimoire, but took out his Hui Jin Magic Blade and Crescent Blade.

The air exploded.

The entire sky seemed to be cut into two halves.

On one side was the burning fiery hell, the other was the frost biting ice hell.

Yue Yang had lifted his powers to a Level 1 Innate. His presence rose a hundred-fold. As if a demon king had descended, the entire sea was shrouded in a suppressive power. On the sky, to Yue Yang’s left, countless frost particles and snowflakes fluttered down. Those destroyed ships floating on the surface of the sea began to freeze over. Even the sea turned gray and almost froze over.

That was still not the most terrifying thing. On Yue Yang’s right, many blossoming fire lotuses slowly danced in the air as if they were alive.

When these fire lotuses appeared, not only did the entire sea burn like hell, terror loomed.

Mudskipper-man was the weakest, and was unable to resist such power. He was forced underwater, and no matter how hard he struggled, he was unable to resurface.

All of the hybrid fishmen’s faces ashened. None of them would have ever imagined that their opponent, just after unlocking the power of an Innate Level One, could already be so overbearing.

How could this suffocating pressure come from a youngster who was only a Level 1 Innate?

This was simply too unbelievable!

“Admit defeat, you cannot beat him!” Whale Zhang, the biggest among all the Hybrids suddenly hummed to Sharkman Neo: “It is not too late to stop now, Neo, he is not an enemy you can provoke!”

“No, never!” Actually, Sharkman Neo was already regretting it, but he still cared too much about his pride. To protect his pride, he must not admit defeat to Yue Yang.

He, was a ranker who had lived for thousands of years. He, was one of those who survived the spatial collapse.

Could it be that he really had to surrender to such a young human being?

No matter how strong a Level 1 Innate was, it was impossible to kill a Level 6 Innate like him!

Sharkman Neo refused to give in. He decided to fight to the end. Even though this battle might be tragic, but he did not think he would lose. Even he if lost, there was glory in fighting. Which Innate would surrender without a fight? Even if he was no longer one, he still used to be a Supreme Innate. How would he be able to raise his head in front of his friends, if today, he surrendered to a kid who just stopped wearing diapers?

“Kill! Come on, let us fight!” Sharkman Neo reinforced his body with all of his beasts. His deformed body was no longer the body of only a shark, but a giant made from bodies of snakes and fishes. His upper body looked both like fish and man, his lower body was still like a shark. He grew many snake like arms and two pincers, and his back was full of poisonous spikes similar to a Stone Tiger.

This was already Sharkman Neo’s strongest form that he had not used since hundreds of years ago.

But even so.

Octopus-man boss was still frowning.

Two hybrid fishmen who were the closest to Sharkman Neo stepped forward, ready to provide support at any time.

Yue Yang suddenly disappeared. In the instant that Octopus Boss and Swordfish Blasts were shocked, Yue Yang flashed past Sharkman Neo’s body. It was only when Yue Yang resurfaced did the Hybrid Fishmen realise that Yue Yang had already attacked.

“What did you do that for?” Sharkman Neo looked at Yue Yang who was standing in front of him, puzzled. He already attacked? Why didn’t Yue Yang attack his body?

“Idiot, you are already dead!” Yue Yang was speechless.

He turned away from Sharkman Neo.

Under the stares of all the shocked Hybrid Fishmen and Sharkman Neo’s moment of shock, two red lines appeared on Sharkman Neo’s body like a cross……. Immediately, in Neo’s screams of horror, his arms fell. His body began to slant, and in the slanting, the red lines split open. His body split into bloodied red chunks and fell into the sea.

Octopus-man boss did not look at Yue Yang, and instead stared at Swordfish man in horror.

On Swordfish Blast’s forehead, a single drop of cold sweat expressed his inner horror in a murmur: “World Exterminating, World Exterminating Wheel……”

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  1. Varler says:

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    He turned away from Sharkman Neo.

    Under the stares of all the shocked Hybrid Fishmen and Sharkman Neo’s moment of shock, two red lines appeared on Sharkman Neo’s body like a cross…”

    That’s so cliche. Lol. Thanks for the chapter!

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