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LLS Chapter 455 – Want to touch my woman? Kill without mercy!

Chapter 455 – Want to touch my woman? Kill without mercy!
Translated by: honey
Edited by: FlameDragon, Last
TLCed by: Last

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Yue Yang tailed the graceful Hornless Dragon and swam for another half an hour.

Occasionally, they had to avoid the deep sea beasts who were hunting for food. To an ordinary warrior, these powerful and huge deep sea monsters were an almost invincible existence.

To Yue Yang and the Hornless Dragon, they were not really a great threat.

The only troublesome matter was having to avoid them, since killing them would mean alarming Ocean Emperor.

Finally, Jiang Ying stopped at a cliff that was miles beneath the ocean surface. Ahead, they found an entrance to a small rock cave, unnoticeable to the extent that it might be mistaken as the home of a deep sea electric eel or even the nest of a deep sea octopus. Hornless Dragon blew out a string of bubbles, and communicated to Yue Yang: “This is the place. There is a big cave inside, and there is an ancient teleportation circle. Let us go in to explore today, if Ocean Emperor has already discovered the secret of Mother Earth Potion, then we do not have to come out. We will hide, and snatch it by force in two days! Let us hope that he has not found it, otherwise it would be troublesome…….”

“Perhaps there is another treasure at Deep Sea Abyss, if it is Mother Earth Potion, Ocean Emperor would be a fool to tell others.” Yue Yang disagreed with her deduction.

“That makes sense, since Fire Island attracts so many treasure hunters, Ocean Emperor should not be the one to leak the information that there is such a treasure on his territory. Maybe it really is a coincidence that there is another treasure about to be born in the Deep Sea Abyss, or maybe it is Ocean Emperor’s promotional tactic that he is saying deliberately to attract more tourists. However, to us, it was not good that that Sea Parrot was on guard and paying attention to me. Luckily, you thought of such a good plan to sneak me out, otherwise, I would have to sleep up there for two days!” Hornless Dragon communicated while she led the way into the small cave.

At first, the cave was very narrow and deep.

The channel of the cave was a few kilometers long, winding like intestines.

At the end, there was a round cave entrance. It looked as if it had been abandoned by the sea creatures that used to live here.

After carefully searching, Jiang Ying found a crack of the entrance under a huge boulder.

The boulder weighed hundreds of thousands of pounds.

With it blocking the way, there was no way to enter the cave.

Of course, this was only a challenge for ordinary people and not for Innates. Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying and Yue Yang evaluated suitable positions and used short distance teleportation to enter the cave. Only after they entered the cave did they realise that there was another cave within this one. This place was really secretive. Even though they were on Fire Island, in Ocean Emperor’s territory, and under the patrol of countless shrimp soldiers and crab generals, this was still a no man’s land. They moved ahead another 2 kilometers, and found another large cave. In this cave, there was a stone wall. It was on the stone wall that the ancient teleportation circle was gently shining with splendor…….

This place was the only entrance to the Graveyard of the Sea.

The Graveyard of the Sea was originally a sealed space that was linked to a place in the Tong Tian Tower called the Aquamarine Palace.

As a result of a large-scale naval warfare in the ancient times, at least a hundred Supreme Innates and hundreds of thousands of ships were buried here. This entire space collapsed because of that war, the island and all the buildings sank to the bottom of the sea. All life ceased, and with it, the link to Tong Tian Tower.

That was why, this place is called ‘Graveyard of the Sea’ in historical records!

No one knew, that Deep Sea Abyss at Fire Island had retained an ancient teleportation circle that linked to the Graveyard of the Sea.

“God, there really is a graveyard here!” Once sent in, Jiang Ying realised that the sky was dark. Without any waves, not even a ripple, the vast sea seemed like a pool of stagnant water. There were no islands nor the existence of man-made constructions. All they could see were a few huge yet broken ships, sticking out from the surface of the sea, destroyed. This was a reminder of the grave circumstances of the war in those years.

There was no living creature as far as their eyes could see.

The lifeless atmosphere was terrifying.

“We have to be careful, my grandfather mentioned that this is not only a graveyard, it is also a slaughterhouse. During the war, some of strongest beasts did not die during the spacial collapse. They took refuge beneath the ocean and in the end they turned into monsters. When my grandfather came here, they experienced a violent battle and they were almost wiped out.” Back then, Jiang Ying was not strong enough and had only arrived at the Deep Sea Abyss to confirm the position of the entrance. She did not truly enter the Graveyard of the Sea at that time. While she did not know the specific combat power of those monsters, she knew that even though it had been hundreds of years since her grandfather’s explorations, those deep sea monsters have not all perished but were hidden somewhere, awaiting for a chance to attack.

“……” If Yue Yang had not entered Prison Emperor Divine Palace, he would never have been able to guess the reason for why these deep sea monsters were able to survive since the ancient times.

However, after the battle of Prison Emperor Divine Palace, he already knew a secret.

All life within a space was supposed to die when the space collapsed.

When the Prison Emperor forcefully tried to seal the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, the space had also collapsed. However, only a few of the Heaven Realm Warriors died. Many avoided the collapse. The reason was that they used an extremely shameless secret technique. They fused their body with Beasts, and survived by relying on the characteristics of the beasts.

Yue Yang believed that the same technique was used in the Graveyard of the Sea.

Rather than calling them deep sea monsters, it would have been more accurate to call them the Innates who died on the battlefield! In order to preserve their lives, they had fused with the beasts to become one. With the form of a beast, they survived.

The sea was without a single wave, silent and calm as a mirror.

However, Yue Yang felt a murderous intent break out from the bottom of his feet. He reacted quickly and shot to the sky with Jiang Ying in his arms.

Beneath his feet, at almost the same instant, a fish shaped monster with ten meter long body, shot out from the surface of the water.

It opened its huge mouth and began to viciously chase after Yue Yang and Jiang Ying!

It moved extremely quickly. It broke the surface of the sea and chased after them like a giant shark out of the water.

Its terrifying mouth was filled with dense rows of sharp teeth, there were hundreds of them, each longer than a meter. The consequences of being swallowed by it in a mouthful were unthinkable, maybe one would end up buried in the stomach of the fish. Jiang Ying was shocked, she would never have thought that there was such a terrifying ambush in the dead silence. If it was not for Yue Yang’s quick reaction, she would have been dead! At the sight of the deep sea monster right on their heels, Jiang Ying smirked. Her jade hands condensed a dazzling beam and turned into the head of a dragon.

It shot down like an arrow, straight at the deep sea monster, biting it in reverse.

A red light flashed in the deep sea monster’s eyes. It was terrified of this lethal beam of light. It opened its mouth and sprayed a column of water in an attempt to resist the bite of this giant dragon.

Its body that was in mid-leap turned around immediately and fell back into the sea. Its nimbleness was incredible!


A loud noise broke out above the sea.

The shock stirred up waves of up to 100 meters high and set off a storm on the calm sea surface. The wind blew across the sea surface and formed enormous ripples that quickly dissipated.

“I hit it, but it seems unharmed.” Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying frowned, her ‘Hornless Dragon Bite’ was extremely powerful, any creature below Level three Innate would die in a second if hit. To think that even with a direct hit, it was unharmed!

“That in fact is not a monster, but an Innate from back then. He seized the body of a fish-shaped beast and fused to become a monster. I do not know what power he used to have previously, but he is at least a Level 6 Innate now. Not only so, he has an extremely durable body. Do not be discouraged, your attack was actually enough to injure him. It is just that his injuries were very light, and coupled with his fast recovery speed….” Yue Yang observed with Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, and confirmed his previous deductions. This monster was the same as An Ge, who was initially an Innate turned into a hybrid of man and monster.

After the change to a hybrid, there would generally be a loss in strength.

This guy was no exception!

Seeing that this monster still retained the ability of a Level 6 Innate, it was certain that he was extremely powerful before, at least stronger than a Level 8 Innate, perhaps a Supreme Innate!

It was no wonder he had such quick reactions, that at the turn of events, it escaped back to the sea.

“Oh no, the impact just now disturbed the entire sea area.” Jiang Ying realised that the previously dead quiet sea, after the regrettable exchange with the sea monster, had been awoken by that shock wave, that spread extremely far, even beyond the horizon. It broke through the silence so sharply, let alone the Rankers, even the slow island whales and mountain turtles would have woken up from their deep slumber.

“Let us first take a look, do not panic!” Yue Yang also noticed that peculiar change, the entire sea brimmed with the atmosphere of the awakening of the Rankers.

Or perhaps, these guys have never been in deep sleep.

Maybe they were just in ambush nearby, and would awaken at the first movement.

One, two, three……

Dark shadows of weird shapes and sizes floated to the surface of the water. There were fish-shaped, animal-shaped and unshapely monsters. Some were as big as a hill, while some as slender as a human being, some even seemed to be a huge warship with no life, yet also seemed to be alive.

When they noticed Yue Yang and Jiang Ying who were in the air, they migrated towards them, surrounding the two.

The fish-shaped monster that Jiang Ying regrettably exchanged blows with, also floated out, and viciously spurt a mouthful of blood, spitting out the words: “Ha ha ha, I have long predicted, when the Mother Earth Potion is born, those who did not die would definitely not miss out on this chance, and compete over it. These two, I’m afraid are the descendants of those. They are afraid of death and so sent these two to find a path…… Hehehe, this chick is not bad, boss, leave this chick to me, I love this kind of chick with a bit of an attitude!”

“Even if I left her for you, can you use it? Look at what you look like now, you are a shark and yet you still think of women? Pah, think of female sharks!” A guy who was half man half sea snake sneered.

“Xu, what are you talking about? Even if I became a shark, are you better off? As long as I can get out, I will naturally be able to become human again. As for you, You look neither like a human, nor like a snake, you are done for! Boss, I don’t need the Mother Earth Potion, just leave the chick to me!” Shark man was rather smart, he knew that he would never have any part of Mother Earth Potion so he settled for a woman.

“Neo, while I may not be sure, maybe this little boy has a different opinion!” A man that possessed the most human-like body spoke. With an upper half that was human and a bottom half that was octopus, this monster seemed to be the leader of this group of monsters.

He held a glittering holy halberd and stood at the very front of the troop. He stared at Yue Yang, as if he realised Yue Yang to be his true rival.

When Sharkman said he wanted the woman, he paid extra attention to Yue Yang’s expression.

Finally, he laughed and retorted Sharkman, and shouted at Yue Yang: “This human boy, you seem to have something to say?”

Hearing that, Yue Yang suddenly laughed.

With his eyes full of mockery, he swept a look at the Sharkman called Neo: “I’ll just say one thing. Those who want to touch my woman, I’ll kill without mercy!”

“……” Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying blushed, even though she was aware she was not Yue Yang’s woman, when she heard him protect her with such determination, her heart felt like it was going to burst. The denial at her lips was forgotten and left with only her face burning with bashfulness.

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    • Easykiln says:

      Imo it’s ok because she’s a beast, and because it’s inevitable that he’ll have a full Grimoire of harem beasts, it’s not really an addition to the harem’s size but filling in one of the slots. It’s the random chicks he gets outside that that bother me.

      • metazoxan says:

        He hasn’t gotten one of those really for a while though. Phoenix girl doesn’t count because she was a potential member since way back.

        In fact one of the good points of this series is any actual harem members are given legit time to fall for him and get to know him. Even if some of them fall for him rather easily they still don’t go all the way with him until they’ve actually developed pretty well.

        I’d like the weakest in that regard is his Re-ex-fiance and that other girl (Nan something?) that he met way back and faced the arm of that demon king with. The Re-Ex-fiance makes sense since they were engaged before, although the matter of who broke it off and such was just glossed over, but he’s barely spoken to that other girl for a long time and she’s only made appearances in passing.

    • Easykiln says:

      To be fair, it would probably be pretty easy for one to pick up girls in the real world as well if you were as perverse a genius as him… Except here there are hard limits on a human’s ability, so you might end up vivisected in a lab somewhere.

  1. spoilerproof says:

    thanks for the chapter~
    Yue Yang, like a trainer with a masterball, with his master balls, can capture chicks 100% guaranteed!

    • metazoxan says:

      Well don’t forget he did get that charm skill recently. Even girls who already like him feel he’s a bit more charming when he uses the skill.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s secretly been using it on the dragon girl this whole time.

  2. kirinashbell says:

    Thanks for chapter
    That guy/thing is so dead if he actually touches his woman/possession that yue yang declared to be his, looks like the first beast/non human that might get laid 1st will be Jiang Ying instead of the other beasts(excluding the succubus)

  3. Faruel says:

    when will YY have enough power to just walk through one of these “danger” areas and insta-gib anyone dumb enough to draw his attention with no talking and no posing. when that fish monster attacked he should have cut it in half instead of dodging, it should have been as easily as breathing after all he can fight lv10’s to a standstill.

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