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LLS Chapter 454 – A pretense, the most believable swindler

Chapter 454 – A pretense, the most believable swindler
Translated by: honey
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Treasure Pavillion.

All kinds of treasures were being auctioned here, Beast eggs, exotic fruits, gold-level weapons and armor, luxury goods like pearls, rubies, black diamonds, rare items like antiques with the calligraphy of famous people, fur, skin, teeth, claws, and countless female slaves, male slaves, there was everything. There are 4 hours of action daily, 2 hours in the morning and 2 in the afternoon.

The rest of the time was for guests to rest or observe privately.

Not far from Treasure Pavillion was the most luxurious Starfish Hotel, fit for royalty. It was said that that any of the female attendants there was a beauty picked among thousands.

After resting, one could ride on the lobster speedboat to go to a gambling ship to play a few rounds. The bets ranged from one to ten thousand gold coins, and there will always be someone ready to gamble with you on that ship. In reality, half of Fire Island’s entire income comes from this huge gambling ship that has never moved.

Yue Yang and Jiang Ying stayed there for half an hour, and participated in the bid of more than ten items.

Other than the Fruits of Wisdom, Yue Yang was interested in nothing.

Many of the items there were rubbish!

He owned an entire dragon corpse, why would he care about a Flying Dragon’s tooth, the claw of a Fire Lion or the tail of a Wind Panther? Yue Yang did not lack raw materials now, what he lacked were Holy-ranked and Mythical-ranked equipment!

Jiang Ying was the same, she was not interested in the auctioned items. However, she acted like a princess that liked small animals and she would raise the placard to bid for those useless pet eggs. Hai Yingwu could tell that the two of them were not really interested. The man was obviously a pervert, he kept sneaking peeks at beauties. He was thirstier than prisoners who had been locked up for ten odd years, and would even attack a sow. She had already disregarded this guy’s danger, because she felt that the existence of such a man was entirely dispensable. Other than managing the princess’ wallet, he was useless.
(Last: sow, literally a female pig)

Originally, Hai Yingwu had even planned to look for two of her sisters to play with this guy to gain some intelligence.

Now it seems, it would really have been a waste if she had actually sent them.

Totally not worth it!

He seemed to know nothing, what else could be in his head other than women? Pig-headed pervert!

Hai Yingwu evaluated Yue Yang in her heart in this way. However, she not only did not reject Yue Yang’s perverted hands that reached over, her face still showed a bright smile……. In reality, she hated him to death!

“Beautiful Princess Ying, today’s auction is over. Would you like to go out diving, or to soak in the hot springs?” Hai Yingwu asked, totally disregarding Yue Yang.

She was testing the waters.

If Jiang Ying said she wanted to go diving, she would bring Jiang Ying to Deep Sea Abyss to further test her.

Unfortunately, Jiang Ying, who got Yue Yang’s hint, already knew that Hai Yingwu was a beautiful spy and did not fall into her trap. Furthermore, even if she did not know, Jiang Ying would never suggest diving at Deep Sea Abyss, wouldn’t that be telling them that she had other intentions for coming here?

“I’m tired, bring me to the Starfish Hotel to rest. Give me a map of the entire island, I will consider where to explore when I am free.” Jiang Ying long had a map, but she said it deliberately to test Hai Yingwu’s reaction. Sure enough, something shifted deep in Hai Yingwu’s eyes, even though she nodded respectfully on the surface: “Yes, beautiful Princess Ying, as you wish!”

“Her Royal highness, I am not very tired, I wish to go out and enjoy the sea breeze!” Yue Yang suddenly requested of Jiang Ying.

“Go, you do not have to ask me, just show up before me during tomorrow’s auction.” Hai Yingwu caught Jiang Ying’s reaction and expression.

Hai Yingwu fully understood this reaction.

This housekeeper was simply a distraction. The one to look out for was the beautiful Princess Ying.

As for this horny man, he was definitely a target to attract the attention of others. It was precisely because this lecher was so perverted that he would be noticed. Once he attracted the attention of others, this beautiful Princess Ying would carry out what was necessary. She could be sure that this Princess Ying was here for that treasure in Deep Sea Abyss.

To be careful, Hai Yingwu still sent two people to follow Yue Yang, just in case he was out to scout news, or to make contact with someone else.

About two hours later.

The two people who were following Yue Yang came back, their faces painful, as though if Hai Yingwu were to send them to follow Yue Yang again, they would rather commit suicide.

Hai Yingwu was curious and asked: “What exactly happened?”

“We have never met such a pervert in our entire lives, one who would not budge when he sees women. Moreover, he was incredibly reckless, as long as it was a woman, regardless of whether she was married, or what her background was, he would hit on them. He was lucky that we walked behind and hurriedly explained that he was mentally ill, otherwise someone might have already beat him to death. Fortunately, he does not know the way to the nude beach, otherwise, he would have definitely been thrown to feed the sharks! If not, he would have been hung up to dry as human jerky! Really, we sisters have never seen such a lousy man in our lives!” At the mention of Yue Yang, the two looked as if they were ready to chew on Yue Yang’s meat.

“Forget it, he is just a chess piece that other people are using. He does not even know that death was before him!” Hai Yingwu sneered.

“Do we still have to follow him? Really, I would rather have a 400 kg fat man flatten me to death than to clean up his mess behind him, he is a natural troublemaker! To make up for the actions of such a scum, was really unbearable!” One of the female attendants rejected frantically.

“How about we dig a pit and bury him, the more I look at him the more annoyed I get!” The other female attendant suggested.

“No, on the contrary, we not only cannot touch him, we have to let him roam freely to show that we are not wary of Princess Ying and her group. As for getting into trouble, even if we do not care, I believe Princess Ying knows what kind of person her housekeeper is. Perhaps he is not even her housekeeper and just a temporary hire. He is not powerful at all and maybe only a Level 7 Overlord. At first I thought he might have hidden his ability, but now, it seems that he was only a chess piece Princess Ying found at the last minute. Our real rival is that beautiful Princess Ying. She gives me the feeling that she is very powerful. She is surely an Innate……. Gather all the sisters to be on shift round the clock and monitor her every move. However, make sure that they look like they are working, and not let her realise anything. I have already followed her for too long, to continue would definitely make her suspicious. I can only appear when she hires me.” Hai Yingwu paused, and waved her hand: “You guys report to Shark King, tell him that a person like Princess Ying was here, and describe her looks and appearance to find out who she really is! As for that vulgar man, forget it, ignore this person, in a few days, he will become the food of fishes!”

Just like this, Yue Yang was free to roam.

He whistled as he walked, flirting with any beauty he meets on the streets, picking fights with the ability of a Level 7 Overlord, and fleeing in front of those stronger.

Hai Yingwu continued to receive countless reports of such things. She could only remain speechless.

Fortunately, this kind of person was rare. Fire Island was famous for its beauties and often attracted perverts like this but they all ended up as fish food!

For the time being she will remain patient, if she killed him now, that Princess Ying would notice immediately.

Maybe that Princess Ying originally intended to find a fake housekeeper, between them, it did not look like a master-servant relationship, he was simply a temporary hire. He lacked the natural respect for her. Maybe they are not familiar, but which housekeeper would not attend to the living arrangement of a princess, but rather leave the princess to do it all on her own?

Night fell.

Hai Yingwu heard Princess Ying throw a tantrum, reprimanding the housekeeper: “Look at the time, it’s already after twelve, do you even look like a housekeeper?”

Only to hear the pervert explain with grievance: “Didn’t you say to be back just before tomorrow’s auction? Fine, I was wrong, I will work hard tomorrow……. Fine, I will get out, goodnight princess!”

Have you ever seen a housekeeper like that?

Upon hearing this, Hai Yingwu dismissed the need to investigate their master-servant relationship, they definitely were not.

In other words, there was no need to care about that pervert, he was simply a temporarily hired scum! He was only a distraction!

In less that ten minutes, Hai Yingwu heard news from her sisters that the pervert was on the prowl again, this time creeping out of his room to go downstairs, in the direction of Eternal Morning to go drinking. Hai Yingwu sneered, and waved: “Leave him. You can ignore him from now on and focus on Princess Ying’s room, whenever she leaves, report it immediately.”

Yue Yang staggered onto the side of the Eternal Morning’s luxury ship after an hour of drinking, burping and hiccuping.

While walking, he gulped alcohol.

Along the way, guests dodged such a drunkard.

A crew member looked, and looked again. Seeing that he was the scum that was just mentioned, he ignored him.

There was no one on the deck, when the sea wind blew strongly, Yue Yang staggered and fell.

Perhaps hearing a splash, that crew member came out to see, and realised that the one who fell overboard was that drunk scum, shrugged: “I did not see anything, I did not hear anything, the world is so peaceful!”

After an hour or so.

Yue Yang swam like a fish over numerous underwater cordons, and went past the lookout post guarded by dozens of Fish Tribe men.

At an unguarded corner, he slowly slipped through, a hundred times more agile than a fish. He swam from Eternal Morning’s luxury cruiseship, along the Ten Miles Silver Beach, even past the nude beach, Volcanic Island and the ringed coral reefs, to arrive at the Deep Sea Abyss that was guarded by thousands of patrolling Fish tribe men. For ordinary people, to swim in would be almost impossible, but to Yue Yang who owns the Tidal Pearl and was able to ‘breathe underwater’, this was not impossible!
(Last: Tidal Pearl – chap 218)

Sliding to an unguarded corner of the Deep Sea Abyss, Yue Yang rapidly summoned out his Grimoire and released the Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying, whom he had put into the Grimoire World.

To confuse outsiders, they had deliberately quarreled .

With Yue Yang and Jiang Ying’s power, how could they not have known that Hai Yingwu was eavesdropping!

“How do we get there? I have explored the land, but I leave underwater to you. Oh right, are you good at swimming?” Yue Yang suddenly remembered that his Tidal Pearl could only be used to breathe underwater for three times. If this Hornless Dragon was not able to hold her breath long enough to explore, he would have to waste it once.

“Fool, have you ever seen a Hornless Dragon that cannot swim?” Jiang Ying smiled.

Her swimming skills, were better than Yue Yang by more than ten times.

Her movements, were more beautiful by a hundred times.

Jiang Ying this Hornless Dragon’s swimming was an art performance that stole the breath of others. She was born to live in the water. Once underwater, she was stronger than on dry land by several times.

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