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LLS Chapter 453 – Fire Island, Hai Yingwu

Chapter 453 – Fire Island, Hai Yingwu
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Tong Tian Tower, the Seventh Floor, Plaza.

Jiang Ying stood at a corner of the plaza, still clad in the valuable black dragon armor. Her fluttering violet hair coupled with her expressive eyes was enough to make the world seem eclipsed. If one were to not mention her exceptionally alluring little face, just her sexy demonic body wrapped under that black leather, those wonderful curves shaped by her full chest and butt under the contrast of her soft arms and slender legs were hot enough to induce a nosebleed. There was no word other than perfect that could be used to describe this Hornless Dragon who possessed both looks and temperament.

Who could have imagined that she was the same Spider Empress in Spider Valley who killed without batting an eye?

Anyone who saw her would have thought she was some the princess of some king.

Two expressionless female guards stood behind silently, alert of the surroundings.

If an ordinary person saw her two female guards, they would have thought that they were ordinary Level 6 Elders. In reality, their true identity were Spider Queens of ranking as high as Platinum Level 7 who had turned into human form successfully. Even though they were lacking a little in intelligence, they could be said to only be a step away from the level of Divine Beast.

Usually, the Spider Empress that the mercenaries saw in Spider Valley was most likely one of these two and not Jiang Ying.

To Jiang Ying who had attained the power of a Level 7 Innate, the normal mercenaries meant nothing to her. Her greatest wish was not to level up but to turn into a Divine Beast!

“Come here, why are you still dressed like that?” Seeing the way Yue Yang was dressed, Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying could not help but be stunned. Yue Yang had made a pair of sunglasses for himself using Dragon Jade and pasted a moustache above his mouth. At a quick glance, it really was difficult to recognise that he was Yue Yang. In addition to hiding his presence, Yue Yang shed his usual Wyvern Armor for the embroidered gown usually worn by the royalty of Tian Luo. Rather than a warrior, he looked more like a merchant.

Other than his close acquaintances, no one would be able to recognise him as Yue Yang.

Tong Tian Tower was full of spies under Black Hell Army, Yue Yang’s disguise was to reduce his problems.

This was because once someone recognised him to be the Yue Clan’s third young master, even if Black Hell Army made the decision not to kill, they would still be suspicious of his actions and trail him. Yue Yang would natural avoid increasing his troubles like this.

“Fine, anyway we are disguised as wealthy merchants on our way to attend the annual auction for deep sea treasures. The Fire Island is the territory of the Ocean Emperor, we must not attract his attention.” Jiang Ying’s pale green eyes shined and immediately devised a plan. Yue Yang on the other hand was completely confused, why were they going to Fire Island when they are looking for Mother Earth Potion?

Yue Yang had heard of the Ocean Emperor.

He was among the top 10 strongest within the first nine floors of Tong Tian Tower, and could be ranked among the top 5 Supreme Rankers.

If the human Zhi Zun was the unsurpassable top, then those ranked behind would not differ too much from each other, except for ‘Dragon King’ ranked second who might be considered slightly superior. After all he was the emperor of the Eastern Demon Clan that other clans were incomparable to, even the most solid Demon Abyss would not dare to boast of defeating the Eastern Demon Clan. If it were not for the infighting of Eastern Demon Clan that caused the clan to often be torn apart and not unite as one, they would definitely be the strongest clan of Tong Tian Tower if they were as disciplined as Demon Abyss or as united as the Elves.

There was no dispute about Dragon Emperor being ranked second.

But the third rank was another story.

The three emperors ranked behind are ‘Sky Emperor’, ‘Ocean Emperor’ and ‘Emperor of the Underworld’. They refused to give in to each other and even though they have not formally fought hand to hand, their power and influence was on par with each other.
(Last: Zeus, Poseidon and Hades)

Ocean Emperor was called Guan Lan, of the Deep Sea Clan.

He owned limitless oceans on the seventh, eighth and ninth floors of Tong Tian Tower, essentially having conquered almost all of the seabed.

If this was a number game, he owned even more troops than the Great Demon King Baruth. The number of shrimp soldiers and crab generals are in the billions, so in terms of naval warfare and water battles, he was invincible. His only drawback was that he could only develop his forces in the sea and on islands. If it were official wars on the land, Ocean Emperor’s men were unable to challenge Dragon Emperor, Sky Emperor nor Emperor of the Underworld’s clans. Ocean Emperor could be described as the most depressed among the five Emperors. Even though he was obviously extremely strong, he was unable to display it.

Fire Island, one of Ocean Emperor’s many territories, its existence was just like a grain of sand on a beach.

Could it be that Mother Earth Potion was on Fire Island?

When Jiang Ying saw the doubt in Yue Yang’s eyes, she waved her hands, whispering into Yue Yang’s ears: “No, we are just passing by Fire Island. The place we are really going is the Deep Sea Abyss. In Deep Sea Abyss, there’s an ancient teleportation circle that will bring us to the only entrance of the Graveyard of the Sea. Passing through the ancient teleportation circle, there are five underwater whirlpools. One of them can send us to the Crystal Canyon on the seabed. The Mother Earth Potion will be born in the Crystal Canyon. We still have 3 days, however, we need to pass the first hurdle which is Fire Island and find a chance to slip into the Deep Sea Abyss. Deep Sea Abyss has always been a restricted area defined by Ocean Emperor, the teleportation circle that was supposed to bring us there was sealed so it will be impossible for us to enter. The first step to our objective is to get to Fire Island. “

“It’s this troublesome?” Yue Yang was sweating.

It seemed that the Mother Earth Potion was not easy to obtain. Fortunately, no one else knew about it, otherwise it would be even more difficult.

Most annoying was that the ocean was Ocean Emperor’s empire.

Fortunately, this was the seventh floor of the Tong Tian Tower. They would be finished if this was the ninth floor as Ocean Emperor would definitely be suspicious. Ocean Emperor would most likely not come to Fire Island on the Seventh Floor of Tong Tian Tower, so it was still barely safe.

Jiang Ying rolled her eyes at Yue Yang playfully: “Idiot, if it was not hidden, we would long have been discovered. If I could simply walk over there and obtain it, why would I be working with you. Let alone the Deep Sea Beasts of the Deep Sea Abyss or the scary monsters of the Graveyard of the Sea, just the hundred Ancient Defenders of the Crystal Canyon would be hard to deal with. Each of them are Platinum Level 10 and share the same lifeline, and can even repair their damaged bodies by absorbing energy from the crystals. In Crystal Canyon, they are simply unkillable.

Yue Yang was even more nervous: “Girl, you should have told me earlier how difficult this mission was, I would have brought some helpers!”

“It doesn’t matter how many helpers, at most only five people can enter the Canyon, including Beasts.” Once Jiang Ying said that, Yue Yang wanted to faint.

“Fine, for Mother Earth Potion, I will go all out.” Yue Yang felt that if it was easy to obtain, it would be trash.

Would the Fruit of Wisdom grow on a fruit tree on the street?


Similarly, Mother Earth Potion, would not be born on an ordinary mountain top.

Even if Crystal Canyon was a tiger’s den, Yue Yang decided to obtain it no matter how difficult. With Mother Earth Potion, he would most likely be able to reach a new realm and level up again. To the current Yue Yang, time was a little pressing because Scarlet Emperor was only a year away from recovery and Black Hell King was still not yet defeated, so for him to not quickly level up would be worrying.

Besides, Mother Earth Potion was a chance that only comes once in ten thousand years. If he gave it up, he would be the world’s biggest fool!

Ten minutes later, Fire Island,

Once Jiang Ying and Yue Yang teleported, they heard the oriole-like feminine voice welcoming them sweetly: “Welcome to Fire Island, our distinguished guests. If you need a guide, please me know, Hai Yingwu is willing to provide the most sincere yet free service.”

A beauty dressed in bikini-like swimwear walked out from her companions and bowed towards Yue Yang and Jiang Ying.

She had a head of charming blond hair, blue eyes as deep as the sea, sexy lips that were plump and moist like two pieces of peach that people could almost not resist taking a bite out of.

That bronze body that had been tanned under the sun, looked particularly healthy.

Full of vitality.

Her full breasts that perked exaggeratedly were covered by two small scallop shells, and this pair of ‘big coconuts’ were linked by a fine strand of seaweed that look as if it would break anytime. Yue Yang shifted his gaze down to see that the clothing below was only seaweed in the shape of a leaf, while covering her land of secrets it could not cover its bulging full shape. A vaguely visible curve gave others a particularly strong visual impact, it was extremely tempting.

The woman who called herself Hai Yingwu did not care about Yue Yang’s stares at all.

She even arched her back proudly.

She walked ahead, leading the way.

Her round and full buttocks were in full display, the fine as string seagrass between the butt cheeks were enough to boil one’s blood at the thought that just a gentle touch with the finger, it would snap……. That deadly temptation, nipped at the heart and itched unbearably.

Other than impotent men, normal people would undoubtedly want to stretch a hand out wickedly.

“Don’t be so immature, this is the characteristic of the Fire Island. There might not be much, but it is full of women. Don’t go weak at the sight of a single woman, what if you were to go to a Naked Beach were all women were naked?” When Jiang Ying saw the perverted look on Yue Yang’s face, she could not help but pinch him secretly. Actually she misunderstood Yue Yang this time, no matter how perverted he was, he would not be distracted as to pick up a girl in this critical moment. Moreover, right beside him was a Hornless Dragon Lady who was prettier by N times, how could Yue Yang abandon what was right beside him?

In fact, Yue Yang did not like women like Hai Yingwu whose body was like a western horse.

Even though a sestern horse was had sexy curves and a plump butt, their skin was not delicate enough. Their pores were on the larger side and the texture was not like white jade. While it may look amazing from afar, upon closer look, one would be disappointed.

What Yue Yang liked was still women who looked like they were made from water, and not Westerners who had bigger skeletons and curvy silhouettes.

He was only looking at her pervertedly to better fit the role of a wealthy merchant.

If that fatty toad Jia De were to come, how could he even resist not looking at this Hai Yingwu?

Those who were not tempted would probably thos Innates that have a specially stong willpower. If such an unusual guest came, how could the people of Fire Island ignore them? On the contrary, a pervert would give them a peace of mind. They would feel that they were just unimportant perverts . Also, the way Yue Yang looked was mainly to use his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision to observe her characteristics.

Do not think that this Hai Yingwu fulfilling the role of a guide was only an ordinary Level six elder. In fact, she was a Lesser Innate who had hidden her combat power.

If you look down on her, you would most likely be eaten in one mouthful.

The Sea Parrot Clan who lived in the shallow sea, be it Parrot Fish Clan or Nautilus Clan, all of them eat meat.
(Last: Hai Yingwu means Sea Parrot, used former for the name and latter for the clan)

Even though Yue Yang did not know what clan this Hai Yingwu belonged to, Yue Yang could be a hundred percent sure that she was the one in the legends, the “Sea Demon Assassin” personally trained by Ocean Emperor, a beautiful spy specialising in intelligence spying.

Perhaps seeing how Jiang Ying stood out from the masses, she deliberately came forward to be the guide.

“Where do the 4 distinguished guests wish to go? We have the beautiful Volcanic Island bath, not only is the hot spring famous, the volcano mud bath that can whiten the skin is also our specialty; We also have the Ten Mile Silver Beach, to enjoy the seabreeze and surf there is the best sport in life; Of course, how can we forget our coral reefs, the most famous coral reef on Tong Tian Tower’s seventh floor, to dive there is said to be one of the experience all guests must have; If you wish to gamble, we have a luxurious casino; If you wish to run, we have a nude beach with gold sand and soft breezes; If you wish to rest, we have the most comfortable Starfish Hotel comparable to a King’s Palace where our guests can enjoy the treatment of a king.” Hai Yingwu’s beautiful voice introduced the tourist attractions on Fire Island, while she tried to deduce the identity of Yue Yang and Jiang Ying’s group.

“Bring us to Treasure Pavillion, we want to see what is being sold at the auction house.” Jiang Ying made a statement, she was now a princess. Yue Yang was now only a housekeeper responsible of the finances.

“Yes, distinguished guests please follow me this way. We have a customized Lobster speedboat, this way please!” Hai Yingwu was very respectful, her voice was very sweet.

When she bowed, she frowned slightly.

As for these four guests, she instinctively knew they were strange. The two female guards were very normal, the guy too, even if he had hidden his ability, at most he was below a Lesser Innate since he could not resist her temptation, he could not be a Supreme Innate. But that girl, she was very powerful, no matter how much she tried to hide it, she still seemed to be an Innate.

A female Innate, who seems to have a special noble status, why must she come to Fire Island at this time?

Was she here for that treasure?


They rode the waves on the lobster speedboat.

Hai Yingwu introduced the attractions along the way.

While she talked, she secretly observed them. The more she looked, the more confused she was.

After a few minutes, Hai Yingwu suddenly began a new topic: “Recently we found an ancient shipwreck, near the bottom of Deep Sea Abyss. The place has become a paradise for divers. Apparently, someone found an ancient treasure there, but it has not been made public, what the treasure is, was not very clear.”

“I am not very interested in diving, I enjoy soaking in hot springs and tanning in the sun.” Yue Yang looked at Hai Yingwu’s full breasts with perverted eyes.

“Is that so, then you have to try them.” Hai Yingwu faced the sea breeze, letting the sea breeze blow through her blonde hair, and deliberately swayed her body to the slight shaking of the lobster speedboat. Even though she could just stay still, but in order to tempt Yue Yang, she used her ‘Breasts Shaking Tactic’ to bring him to his knees.

“Wow, this wave……. This wave is really big.” Yue Yang sneaked a peek at Jiang Ying, as if worrying about her status.

But very quickly, when Jiang Ying was not paying attention, he reached out and grabbed Hai Yingwu’s buttocks.

Hai Yingwu acted shy, her acting was at the level of a top actress.

Jiang Ying found it infuriating yet funny. She finally understood, this kid was deliberately doing all this. To think she was still worried that he had become enchanted by her.

They reached the treasure house.

Hai Yingwu’s tour was over, yet Yue Yang stuffed a few gold coins into her hands to continue hiring her as a guide. Jiang Ying did not object, she remained bewildered. Just now Hai Yingwu’s words was actually a hint, to try to test if she and Yue Yang wanted to go to Deep Sea Abyss. Could it be, the secret of Mother Earth Potion that she thought only she knew had actually reached the ears of Ocean Emperor?

Despite their calm exterior, both Jiang Ying and Yue Yang were secretly shocked.

They would continue hiring Hai Yingwu, to see if they could make use of her to find out more secrets…… nothing must go wrong when obtaining Mother Earth Potion, even if Ocean Emperor knew this secret, Yue Yang and Jiang Ying must still take it!

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