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LLS Chapter 452 – Level up, the birth of a new female Supreme Innate!

Chapter 452 – Level up, the birth of a new female Supreme Innate!
Translated by: crayon
Edited by: Last

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Yue Yang truly hoped that he could help Phoenix Fairy Beauty to level up. She had the natural talent to do it but it was just that her state of mind wasn’t there yet.

Now was the best opportunity for her to level up.

Countless runes flashed brilliantly.

The runes formed various images.

The images appeared on their bodies and the more Phoenix Fairy Beauty lost herself in happiness, the more diverse and wonderful the images were.

The purest Innate Qi flowed endlessly from Yue Yang’s mouth into Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s mouth and flowed through her body.

Yue Yang’s right hand burned with Nirvana Flame, which he pressed gently on Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s blood channel acupoint on her back.

Refining the body and levelling up happened together!

With Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s current power, it wasn’t enough to make a breakthrough into the Supreme Realm.

But Yue Yang had a plan.

Each time Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s energy was exhausted, Yue Yang would drip God’s Dew and even God’s Water into her mouth to allow her body to recover to its best condition. He would then use Nirvana Flame and Innate Qi to refine her body so that she could have a breakthrough in her cultivation and be reborn. The channels in her body were already opened but what Yue Yang wanted wasn’t just channels but also Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s entire body to be in the purest state of cultivation. If her body reached its most perfect condition and further remodelled with God’s Water and Nirvana Flames, she would be able to reach the legendary indestructible ‘Divine Body’.

This was Yue Yang’s true intention.

Of course, what mattered most was that they cultivated [Body Fusion] at the same time.

That was the key needed to achieve a breakthrough. Phoenix Fairy Beauty needed to refine her body to its limits and complemented it with her breakthrough to a Supreme Innate. Just as Phoenix Fairy Beauty was about to breakthrough, Charm Demon Queen immediately melded into her body and used all her strength to help her master in her breakthrough. As a strengthening type Guardian Beast, the Charm Demon Queen’s help could be said to be the greatest assistance to Phoenix Fairy Beauty growth.

The union of Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty was the beginning of the true [Body Fusion] done by lovers.

It was also the first step of Phoenix Fairy Beauty in breaking through to Heaven Rank.

The powerful Dragon Spear rose up in delight.
(Last: It’s the D not the actual weapon)

When it’s owner reached the outside of the mysterious garden, it mightily announced the new master of the land and proceeded to conquer it with an overbearing attitude. When it’s owner rode forward to claim the new territory, there was nothing in the world which could stop it.

Also, the delicate dewy petals did not remain obstinately guarding the door.

It welcomed its new master with passion.

There was no resistance nor rejection whatsoever even if they were too delicate to withstand everything.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s delicate cry proved her chastity. She had given everything to the love of her life, the new conqueror.

The flower bloomed beautifully.

It was the best gift to her lover, representing purity and devotedness.

“I’m not hurt, I’m not!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty shuddered from the pain as a teardrop fell on her cheeks silently. Still, she strongly embraced Yue Yang, hinting him to continue. She didn’t want him to stop because of her delicateness.

“Love you, forever!” Yue Yang kissed the teardrop, trying to soothe her pain with his gentle kiss.

They carried on, until they were one.

The most important union ceremony of couple’s [Body Fusion] was successfully completed.

Innate Qi, Nirvana Flame, God’s Dew and God’s Water had completely remodelled Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s perfect body, making her infinitely closer to reaching the legendary indestructible ‘Divine Body’. At the same time [Body Fusion] had also reached extremity as the runic circle had assembled to its best combination. The Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s Summoning Grimoire floated out and shone brightly. The sky lit up with brilliant colors and a new fragrance filled the air.

A large pillar of light from levelling up, shot up into the sky.

Originally,Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s light pillar when she became a normal Innate did not even reach 200 meters.

Now, after much help from Yue Yang, Phoenix Fairy Beauty achieved a new breakthrough. Phoenix Fairy Beauty, originally an Innate Level 10, had taken a large step, entering the Supreme Innate Realm that only Supremes can enter! This was also the so called Heaven Rank by Rankers of the Heaven Realm! The light pillar that was originally less than 200 meters had broken through to more than 300 meters. Countless colorful lights came out from the grimoire and slowly enveloped Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s body. As for her Guardian Beast, Charm Demon Queen, she was also quickly upgrading as she basked in the break through light. It was not an upgrade in level but a fundamental change. The wings and tail behind Phoenix Fairy Beauty as well as the two cute horns on her head were continuously changing.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty successfully leveled-up into a female supreme, Level 1 Supreme Innate, which was the same as Heaven Rank Level 1.

Charm Demon Queen was still evolving.

To achieve fundamental change, one had to go through a process.

What can be confirmed was that there will be unlimited possibilities for Charm Demon Queen in the future as she continues to upgrade along with Phoenix Fairy Beauty. Instead of simply leveling up to be a Divine Beast, someday, she may even level up to become the first Charm Demon Goddess in the world……

When Phoenix Fairy Beauty had finished leveling up, Yue Yang, who had not leveled up in a long time, was rewarded by Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s powers and his energy soared, charging towards a higher realm. His Summoning Grimoire appeared automatically and a gold light pillar shot into the sky. Yue Yang’s whole body was instantly bathed in the golden level up light.

The Grimoire flipped open to the first page where his rank was displayed. From his original Innate Level 3, he leveled up to Level 4.

Considering that Yue Yang had skills equaled to a Level 6 Innate when he was a Level 1 Innate.

Yue Yang at Innate Rank 4, would have skills equal to a Level 9 Innate.

After the breakthrough, Yue Yang had enough confidence and skills to deal a devastating attack to Super Innates like Shun Tian or Black Prince. If he ever met them, he could even kill them under special circumstances.

Yue Yang did not plan to level up to a Level 4 Innate when he helped Phoenix Fairy Beauty to level up.

However, it was not a bad thing.

To Yue Yang, the returned favor from Phoenix Fairy Beauty was a hint.

Before this, Yue Yang must have also received similar help from Sickly Beauty and Luo Hua City Mistress. It must have been less intense than what he received from Phoenix Fairy Beauty thus he hadn’t felt it at that time. If this were true, wouldn’t Yue Yang benefit much more when he pushes down Yi Nan, Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia?

Most importantly, Yue Yang found out that his Devour Inherent Skill was able to benefit the most from such pure energies.

Maybe on the day when he could control the Devour Inherent Skill, it would be the day that he would be able to defeat formidable opponents like the super powerful Scarlet Emperor as well as Xu Kong and Jiu Xiao of the Three Great Leaders of Heaven Realm!

Even though Yue Yang had levelled up very slowly previously, it was not because of his lack of talents. It was because Yue Yang had received guidance from Heavenly Sword Goddess that he should secure his foundations in the Innate Rank and complete all the requirements of an Innate Ranker. If Yue Yang had not taken the initiative to level down and repeat his cultivation many times, if he had followed how normal Innates breakthrough, he would have already been a Level 9 Innate.

Since the skills were the same, Yue Yang would obviously choose to be a Level 4 Innate as compared to other Level 9 Innates. It was because it meant that Yue Yang had greater opportunities to breakthrough and level up, while a Level 9 Innate would have already missed out on the 5 levels in between.

The wonderful night passed by.

Yue Yang felt an itch on his nose while dreaming and opened his eyes, only to find that it was Phoenix Fairy Beauty playfully brushing her hair over his face.

“Pervert. You even play dirty when you’re asleep!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty had woken up to Yue Yang rubbing his hands on her chest. Getting up immediately, she disturbed him with her hair and then burst out laughing when she saw confusion on his face upon waking up.

Already charming enough when she was not laughing, her chest shook as she laughed.

What a sight to behold.


Yue Yang’s blood boiled at the sight of Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s charming laughter and her alluring bosom.

Yue Yang wanted to subdue her again and was about to reach out to push her down.

Suddenly, Phoenix Fairy Beauty looked at him coquettishly and brought her breast to his mouth. “Last night was not counted. Now, I want to take control of you little brat. I must achieve what Luo Hua couldn’t do! Are you ready? Let mummy love you! ”

Charm Demon Queen appeared out of nowhere, and used her mouth to serve him with all her might.

As expected from the powerful race that easily sucked men dry. Luckily, Yue Yang had his Yang ability to protect himself. If it were someone else, they would not have been her match and would be sucked dry by her…

Since Phoenix Fairy Beauty had declared war, there was no reason for Yue Yang to decline…

When Phoenix Fairy Beauty appeared gracefully, clutching Yue Yang’s arm, in front of everyone, they realised her temperament had changed. There was a new imposing aura which they found hard to look at and her skin had become even whiter and more perfect, with a unique radiance. She looked like a goddess. Fourth Mother was the happiest. She even corrected Yue Bing to call Phoenix Fairy Beauty sister-in-law from now on instead of sister.

Yue Bing was confused, why had Phoenix Fairy Beauty turned into her sister-in-law overnight?

They were after all not married.

After a while, Yue Bing figured it out and her face reddened. She looked at Yue Yang and at Phoenix Fairy Beauty then nodded her head surreptitiously.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty was elated. She got Charm Demon Queen to gift everyone with precious treasures, stones and quality jewelry. Everyone, even the maids waiting on Fourth Mother in the Tian Luo Palace, received the gifts. As for Fourth Mother, Yue Bing and Yue Shuang, they obviously received the best. Luo Hua Mistress and Sickly Beauty too, received precious gifts. To Phoenix Fairy Beauty, these material goods were no longer important. After being taken by Yue Yang and also leveling up, she realised that what was most important was that she had found someone to love and protect her in life.

“Charm Demon Queen has evolved into a Divine Beast? You did it to her too? You pervert!” Luo Hua City Mistress found the situation fishy and questioned Yue Yang. Yue Yang maintained his composure to the end as she fumed. “You big pervert, that was a Beast…… Even if she had evolved to attain a human form, isn’t it too…? Okay, I will not believe your explanation about unifying the bodies. It must have been your preposterous request, further considering that she was the Charm Demon Queen… Seriously, how could Sky Law do this to me, buy 1 get 1 for free is so unfair. Bastard, the two of them would be against one of me, I would be defeated like this!”

“Don’t think too much, I really did not mean for it to happen like this… For her to become a Divine Beast was not my idea. After she strengthened her body with Phoenix Fairy Beauty, she just levelled up to be a Divine Beast.” Yue Yang never had any ideas on Charm Demon Queen. He simply did not expect her to be so awesome, to help Phoenix Fairy Beauty and to perform so well with her astonishing talents!”

“She was originally a Platinum-ranked Level 10 Holy Beast so it was no surprise for her to have transformed into a Divine Beast!” Sickly Beauty did not find anything wrong.

“Why don’t I have a Holy Beast…” Luo Hua Mistress felt that Phoenix Fairy Beauty had too much of an advantage over herself. Sky Law’s breasts were already such a threat and she also had a Charm Demon Queen who was superb at serving people, Luo Hua Mistress was just so far behind.

“Luo Hua don’t be discouraged, you too, have an advantage they don’t!” Before Yue Yang could finish, Luo Hua Mistress slapped him lightly: ”Don’t you dare say it, it must be our secret forever!”

Three more blissful days passed by.

There was no move from the Black Hell King. He was probably still hammering ferociously on the golden shield of the Mysterious Palace.

On the other hand, Zi Jin Kingdom was gradually gathering an army at their borders. Since there were many logistical issues, Elder Yue Hai reckoned that the army would only be ready to attack after at least a month. There was still time. Moreover, when Zi Jin Kingdom had declared war, they had sent a special envoy to propose a “Three way Battle”.

The first was to leave the normal soldiers out, to have a battle of Innates.

Innates from both sides could only fight with others of their level. They were prohibited from interfering with the battle between normal soldiers otherwise, there would be a massacre of civilians as revenge.

The second was the battle for Warriors ranking from Level Six Elders to Lesser Innates. They too, were prohibited from fighting with normal warriors.

The third was the attack by normal soldiers. This, was the real war. The number of casualties depended on the quality of the soldiers as well as the strategic decision and tactics made by their marshals and generals. They could use Beasts, Puppets, poison, fires, floods and stones as means to attack but just not Innates. The appearance of an Innate would have caused great casualty to the soldiers and civilians, they could even destroy the entire army. Conquering a country does not necessarily mean to destroy it.

The backup for the normal soldiers were composed of millions or even more farmers.

Both Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Hai had agreed to these three conditions presented by the Zi Jin Kingdom. There was no reason for a massacre since the people of Zi Jin Kingdom were only following orders and had done no wrong.

As for Innates to not be involved with the battle of normal soldiers, it would only prove to be a problem with Yue Yang. Chances were that Yue Yang would be shameless enough to disregard his status and fight in all battles. The reason Zi Jin Kingdom even mentioned such a condition was obviously because of Yue Yang, since other Innates would never do such acts. Of course, this restriction benefited the Black Hell Army in another way.

It was because their Innate Rankers were much more powerful.

The Black Prince aside, just any one of their 5 Leaders would be able to suppress the Heavenly Imperial Guardians. On top of that, they even had help from Western Lion Pagoda, Shun Tian as well as Black Prince.

Still, Zi Jin Kingdom and the Black Hell King never expected Yue Yang to form an alliance with the Great Demon King Baruth, and to become a member of the Demonic Palace. What was even more unexpected was that Yue Yang had successfully helped Phoenix Fairy Beauty aka Sky Law, to level up into a new female Supreme. Phoenix Fairy Beauty would be the third female Ranker to reach the Supreme Rank after Zhi Zun and Night Empress.

With her by his side, Yue Yang was practically two times stronger.

Black Hell King?

Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty by themselves, had the confidence to win in their fight against Black Hell King. With extra help from Night Empress, how could Black Hell King be cocky at all?

What worried Yue Yang was no longer Black Hell King.

But Scarlet Emperor.

If Scarlet Emperor had regained his full strength, it would be really difficult to handle!

Another day passed. Just as Yue Yang was preparing to bring Yue Bing to train at the Five Elements Palace A top-secret letter then suddenly arrived for him from the Thief Guild. There was one line on it: The time is near, hurry to Level 7, Tong Tian Tower, Plaza, Jiang Ying!

Finally, the Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying had sent a top-secret letter.

Truthfully, Yue Yang was waiting these few days. He knew that the Ancient Mother Earth Potion was near completion so he was only waiting for a letter from the Hornless Dragon.

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