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LLS Chapter 451 – The legendary “woman on top”?

Chapter 451 – The legendary “woman on top”?
Translated by: Last
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Deep into the night.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty woke up from her dream. She noticed something different below her body. In a daze, she moved her hand downwards and then realized that she was lying on Yue Yang’s body.

Her sleepiness receded like a tide and her mind became completely awake.

She opened her eyes and looked at her sleeping lover, looked at his handsome face, that was softly illuminated by the light. She couldn’t help but sigh. When she looked at him like this, this brat was truly handsome. Without his mischievous smile during day time, he was quietly sleeping. His handsome face and perfect body emitted an indescribable charm. His current appearance could probably be that of the legendary sleeping gods.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty had always thought that a man’s sleeping posture would never look good. However, tonight, her solid thought had finally been overturned.

Looking at him during the day and looking at him while sleeping carried two completely different types of charm.

During day time, he was very mischievous and energetic.

His smile carried a hint of naughtiness. No matter how you look at him all you could see was a bad boy, but you could never get angry at him. When he looks at his enemies, his eyes would always be filled with ridicule. When he looks at his relatives, he would also be like a fox and never reveal his true side. However, when it comes to women, he was completely tyrannic, as if he could peer through their hearts, even when he looks at their clothes, he would stare as if he must see through them. He was this kind of aggressive villain. If others provoked him, the results would be ugly.

However, while sleeping, he was completely different.

He was extremely peaceful.

He was completely different from Sky Fury who could sleep anytime and anywhere with a snore that could shake the heavens.

Yue Yang was different. He could not easily fall asleep unless it was at a safe place. Moreover, while he was sleeping, he was abnormally peaceful. If others saw this, they would have thought that the evil and perverted daytime Yue Yang was an illusion!

This kind of deep sleep carried a peculiar kind of loneliness.

He would always want to embrace someone to fall asleep. It was as if he would be left behind by everyone if he did not do this.

Although he was very rampant and tyrannical during the day, Phoenix Fairy Beauty was very certain that he was a very scared loner, with a very low sense of security. Moreover, he was a boy who needed to be comforted.

Nobody knows his inner most secret.

His cover up during the day was very thorough and no one could sense it. He would also never show it until he peacefully falls asleep at night. Only then will he show his weakness. It’s no wonder that he depended on Fourth Mother very much. This was because Fourth Mother emitted a motherly aura, which was the spiritual comfort that he needed the most. It’s also no wonder that the Sickly Beauty and the others would do whatever it takes to at least leave one person behind to accompany him.

In this world, only his woman could know his true weakness, which is also them and the comfort that they gave him, making him lonely no more!

“Bad boy. In the future, I will also take care of you. I think that I could never replace Fourth Mother, but I can become your little mother. I will love you dearly forever!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty tenderly and lovingly kissed Yue Yang on the forehead and then lightly kissed his lips.

Afterwards, she looked down perfectly satisfied and continued to lie on his chest as their previous memories echoed in her heart.

From the beginning, when they met, and then their countless life and death battles. There was also the [Body Fusion] training and returning to her foundations when she leveled up. She also remembered saying goodbye to the Charm Demon Palace and the scenes from the test of the Cards of Fate, all of them flashed in her mind. The most recent was the warring atmosphere between her and Luo Hua City Mistress. At night, she had peeked at them making love and saw Luo Hua on his body as if she was riding a horse rocking and moaning. There was also daytime’s small affair with him. Thinking about this, she felt it was extremely sweet.

The thing that made the Phoenix Fairy blush the most was his touch.

She was nervous at the start and then she relaxed.

After that her body thirsted uncontrollably as she passively and bashfully accepted Yue Yang’s kiss. She then bravely placed his hands on her chest, letting him play with her big treasures. Afterwards, she had excitedly placed her flower bud in his mouth and letting him suck on it, letting him feel her gentleness, like a mother feeding her baby.

When he moved his evil hands towards her small flower garden to play tricks, her entire body trembled.

She had never imagined that such a thing could make her this happy. His evil hands simply made her hover between life and death!

He was also very brazen and actually dared to bend down and kiss her place…It was the first time she had felt that kind of soaring feeling of happiness. This kind of feeling was hard to forget and this was something he gave her.

After tonight, she finally understood.

Doing those kind of things was not scary at all, but instead extremely pleasurable.

It’s no wonder that Luo Hua would moan happily like that. Let alone Luo Hua, she also couldn’t endure moaning!

She clearly knew that everyone would hear it, but she could not endure it because it was just too pleasurable!

Phoenix Fairy Beauty had recalled the previous act and her face blushed crimson red and her body gradually heated up.

Originally she wanted to give it to him, but she was afraid that the fierce reaction would wake up Yue Bing and the others. Her originally tired body quickly filled with energy. Her tiredness disappeared without a trace and a weird feeling of wanting to exercise appeared. Only the final step remained and she had not given it to him. He had already kissed her entire body, even her most personal flower garden had already been marked by his kiss. Only the final step remained for him to become the true owner.

Based on Wu Hen and Luo Hua’s situations, she had deduced that making love with him had extraordinary benefits and could even allow them to level up.

The first time Luo Hua made love with him she had leveled up to Innate Rank. If it was her, maybe she could surpass Innate Rank 10 and reach Supreme Innate Rank 1.

“Bad boy, how many secrets are you actually hiding!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty kissed her lover. The more she looked at him the more she wanted to kiss him. This kind of bastard attracts other people’s affection and inevitable have lots of girls surround him! It seems that in the future, she must also be like Luo Hua and entice him at night and serve him until he could not find the chance to run away and go womanize anymore

Her small hands continued downwards and discovered that even though he was deep asleep his evil thing was still as high-spirited as a gun.

Maybe this bad boy was dreaming of those kind of things…

Phoenix Fairy Beauty felt that her body was burning. On one hand she endured her shame and on the other endured her thirst. She seemed to have lost control over her body as her small hands grabbed onto his evil thing reluctant to let go.

He was very gentle and afraid that he would hurt her, so he did not demand it.

However, it was certain that he truly wanted it, but he cherished her body so he endured.

Since it was like this, then she should just be a bit more active like he said and simply push him down! He would definitely be happy!

Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s mind suddenly flashed a bold idea that even surprised herself… Could it be that she received influence from her Guardian Beast, Charm Demon Queen? However, she should not be able to influence her thoughts.

The plan of pushing down was very strong, but needed specific work. Phoenix Fairy Beauty did not have the confidence to complete it.

She gradually removed the quilt and looked for a long while.

She kept feeling that there was a slight difficulty.

When she saw Luo Hua sit on top of his body, she felt that it was not that hard. First thing to do was kiss him and then sit on him like riding a horse. She planned to try it, maybe she could also do it! Phoenix Fairy Beauty strengthened her resolve. If Luo Hua could do it, why couldn’t her? Moreover, she had already observed and studied the process. The only problem was that she was not familiar with the actual thing, this was not the same as a test in school after all, being able to do it smoothly should be enough.

Previously, Luo Hua also seemed to suck on it for a while, Wu Hen also serviced him like that. Maybe it needed to be moist!

Phoenix Fairy Beauty steeled herself and mimicked Luo Hua’s position. After she tried it for a few times, she discovered that it was quite hard. Her lips and tongue felt very awkward. She never imagined that she would become so clumsy and her movements were completely stiff. Moreover, Yue Yang this villain was also quite big…

“Ah, what are you doing?” Yue Yang was awoken by Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s clumsy movement.

“Nothing!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty was ashamed and unable to show her face as she hid under the quilt.

Yue Yang burst into laughter. After a long while, she finally dug out of the quilt but did not dare look at him: “I only wanted to try it. It seems that I am truly inferior to Luo Hua!”

Yue Yang endured laughing: “Don’t mind it. At the start Luo Hua was much clumsier than you!”

Phoenix Fairy Beauty buried herself in his chest. In an extremely small voice, she spoke the bravest words in her entire lifetime: “The previous agreement has been dissolved,I, I want to … with you…”

Yue Yang stared blankly. Wow, how could this girl get over the idea?

She was not afraid of pain?

Extremely embarrassed, Phoenix Fairy Beauty lightly bit Yue Yang’s chest and used her white fists to lightly hit his shoulders: “This place is no good. Let’s go to my Grimoire World. Only two of us will be there, okay?”

The sweet and charming beauty with alluring red lips. Her desire carried kindness, how could he not be happy?

How could Yue Yang let down a beauty’s good intentions. He carried Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s snow white and soft body. Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s Guardian Beast Charm Demon received them as they entered Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s Grimoire World. Regarding this space that looked like the Charm Demon Palace, Yue Yang did not look around too much as he also did not have the time to distract himself. He wholeheartedly kissed the beauty in front of him.

Their love lingered continuously as flames of passion burned.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty laid on the bed. Her hands shyly covered her own eyes.

She actually wanted to look, but she was truly too embarrassed to look at it. Moreover, she also did not know what to do.

Yue Yang continued to kiss downwards. When he reached her scarlet flower buds, he lightly sucked on them causing Phoenix Fairy Beauty to moan. She could not help but tightly hug his head, making him clearly feel how fine her most beautiful, most bountiful treasures are.

This was the legendary ‘Suffocation of Happiness’!

Yue Yang was so excited that he almost smiled from ear to ear. Compared to Luo Hua City Mistress’ and Sickly Beauty’s, Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s big treasures were much more impressive!

The Suffocation of Happiness that he dreamed of actually appeared, how could he regret his life?

The thing that attracted Yue yang the most was that the Charm Demon Queen actually courageously helped her owner and waited upon him with her. The Charm Demon Queen really put out energy and sucked below him. Although it was the first time she was doing it, her skill was undoubtedly better than her master by a lot. This was because she was born as a Charm Demon, that had this kind of innate ability. She did not need to learn it nor did she need to practice it. Once the opportunity appeared, she would reveal her innate instinct that surpassed all.

When the Charm Demon Queen received pleasure, it will naturally be passed onto her linked owner, Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

This kind of double pleasure quickly made Phoenix Fairy Beauty reach her limits.

“No, I am so lonely…” Phoenix Fairy beauty tightly embraced her lover and tremble from the passion. The Charm Demon Queen also continued to convey her pleasure and made her climax in extreme bliss for a long time. She was not able to immediately recover.

Yue Yang took this great opportunity to use [Double Body Fusion].

Phoenix Fairy Beauty was now an Innate Rank 10.

Could she break through Heaven Rank and become second or third female Supreme Innate?

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