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LLS Chapter 45 – Searching for Yue Bing

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Chapter 45 – Searching for Yue Bing
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Krithika, Surjit
TLCed by: Zaza

After around 20 minutes, the lanky guy returned.

He was not alone. Behind him, were 5 young men wearing ragged clothes similar to his.

One of the men, who looked cultured, wore a monocle, and had a painting in his hands. His washed white sleeves had been stained with ink. Without uttering a single word, he handed over the painting to Yue Yang. As Yue Yang took the drawing over for a look, he discovered that the person in the drawing was Yue Bing in black clothes. Although she was wearing a masked black outfit, her charm was sufficient to allow him to identify her at one glance. If the ink on the painting hadn’t been still wet, Yue Yang would have doubted that this delicately drawn painting was completed 10 days or even half a month.

“This painting might not be quite accurate. Just now, Ye Kong had only given me 5 minutes, and I have not personally seen this Yue Bing whom you’re looking for. Even with the description provided by Jia Zi Yun and Qin Yang, it’s hard to draw with absolute precision.” The cultured man wearing the monocle explained uneasily.

“No, you’ve done a great job of drawing her.” Yue Yang’s heart was surprised. Even by relying only on descriptions, was it possible to draw her with such accuracy?

Moreover, this was a work done in merely 5 minutes.

Without considering anything else, this man was definitely a genius when it came to drawing.

Yue Yang did not wish to praise him right now. He turned towards the other four and hurriedly asked, “Have any of you seen Yue Bing? Was it the two of you? When was the last time you saw her?”

The man with a short stature and pale skin called himself Jia Zi Yun. He answered, “Half a month ago, Qin Yang and I were recording the exploits of people at Shang Luo River. Originally, nobody took notice of the Rose Squad walking by, but we heard the young master of the Yan Clan greeting the squad captain of the Rose Squad, Master Shen Tu. Yue Clan’s 4th son Yue Yan was also present at that time. As we immersed ourselves in our writing, we accidentally heard them talking about the 3rd son of the Yue Clan… Sigh… they said some unpleasant things, that lady in black clothes, Lady Yue Bing, flared up and started arguing with them…”

When Jia Zi Yun was talking about the 3rd son of the Yue Clan, the 6 of them looked at Yue Yang worriedly.

All of them seemed to be intelligent, and guessed Yue Yang’s identity to some extent.

They may not know Yue Yang, and were unable to see his face behind the mask, but they knew how to guess… After all, who else would be anxiously searching for Yue Bing?

This person, even if he was not the older brother of Yue Bing, he would definitely be one of the sons of the Yue Clan… Who wouldn’t know who the Yue Clan’s sons were? The eldest, Yue Tian, and the fourth son, Yue Yan’s, names shook Shang Jing and even in Tong Tian Tower, they were the leaders of the younger generation. The fifth son, Yue Ting, was the leader of Princess Huang Shi Lan’s escorts and it was impossible for him to leave the princess to come here. The sixth son, Yue Bao, was too young as he was only 16 years of age. As for the ninth son, Yue Feng, he was only a kid

Aside from the third son of the Yue Clan who was shrouded in mystery, which one would not be recognized by everyone?

Therefore, Jia Zi Yun did not recount the full details of how Yan Po Jun, Shen Tu and Yue Yan mocked Yue Yang, but rather skipped it entirely.

Even so, they still looked towards Yue Yang worriedly, afraid that he would get mad.

“What happened next” Yue Yang did not mind others mocking him behind his back. He considered all the people who thought he was trash to be full of hot air, because in reality he was a lucky genius. Why would he be afraid of what others were saying? Although he kept it to himself, he would eventually settle this score for the tragic guy. When the time came, he would beat those trash until their teeth dropped out and they had to swallow their their blood back into their stomachs. Right now, the most important thing was to find Yue Bing. As long as she was safe, then that would be more important than anything. With regard to cultivation, the current strength that Yue Yang had could definitely help Yue Bing pass through the floors.

If it was said that Yue Yang initially had some reservations towards Yue Bing and the others when he first traversed over to this world, then the current him had already completely assimilated into the beautiful woman’s family.

In his heart, he had long regarded Yue Bing as his own younger sister.

If Yue Yang found Yue Bing now, he would naturally give her pointers and help her improve tremendously.

“Yue Bing could not win the argument and started a warrior’s duel. She summoned two Treeman Warriors and nearly killed off Shen Tu’s Scorpion Lion. But after that, Yan Po Jun joined the battle. He was extremely strong, and in a 1v2 situation, defeated Lady Yue Bing. Following that, Shen Tu expelled her from the squad… “ The cinnamon-skinned Qin Yang explained the process of the confrontation in a brief manner.

“What was Yue Yan doing at that point of time?” Yue Yang knew that although Qin Yang expressed it in a simple manner, the process of the battle must have been very intense. Two men bullying such a small girl like Yue Bing really made people furious.

On the surface, Yue Yang did not show any change in expression, but the murderous intent in his heart rose.

He changed the topic to another important person which was Yue Yan. This guy was also one of the Yue Clan’s youths. After seeing his cousin being bullied by others, would he stand by idly and watch? Yue Bing’s reply last time had secretly mentioned that Yue Yan was the person behind all these mischiefs and conflicts and that he had even worsened the situation. If not for Yue Yan’s constant wrongdoings, causing Yue Bing’s heart to be extremely sad, how would she have easily brought it up with Mother?

“…” Jia Zi Yun hesitated a little, but decided in the end to talk about the entire situation.

“Is that so? What a great brother.” Yue Yang laughed coldly.

In his heart, he couldn’t resist wanting to step on Yue Yan and beat him up ten thousand times.

However, this revenge could wait. After all, they were ‘one family’. Sooner or later, there would be a chance to completely return the favour to this shameless little fellow called Yue Yan. He could completely decimate Yue Yan and the others at the Yue Clan’s annual ‘Junior Martial Tournament’. He would trample them and take revenge for Yue Bing.

The 6 men heaved a sigh of relief when they saw Yue Yang not flaring up.

They confirmed their guesses in their hearts after looking at each other.

This man who came anxiously looking for Yue Bing was after all the legendary Yue Clan’s third young master… If it was really him, then things later on would become simple. As long as Yue Bing was found quickly, as Yue Bing’s older brother, he would definitely not go back on his word on their remuneration. Most importantly, this young master was generous. He knew how to respect others and was a good employer that was rarely found.

“Are you called Ye Kong?” Yue Yang silently confirmed the ability of this lanky guy. This guy was really a genius who possessed extraordinary reflexes and work efficiency. Even though Yue Yang had only given him half an hour, he had found the people he needed the most. Yue Yang stretched his hands and lightly patted the shoulders of the lanky guy. “You’ve done well. Now, we have to find Yue Bing as soon as we can. If nothing has happened to her, I can reward you with twice the promised amount. Oh, that’s right, who are they?”

There were two young men who had not opened their mouths to speak at all. They were twin brothers whose looks were almost the same and hard to tell apart.

These two men both wore the same ragged clothes. However, on their backs were two curved swords, one left and one right. They were the only two people who were armed with weapons out of the six. Yue Yang found this to be peculiar. What were the two of them here for?

If the lanky guy Ye Kong was the guide, Wen Xiu was the artist, and Jia Zi Yun and Qin Yang were the eyewitnesses, then what was the purpose of these twin brothers coming here?

“I am called Li Qie, and that is my younger brother Li Ge. We are both Level 2 [Bravemen] – advanced. Our summoned beast is Gale Kamaitachi. Ye Kong estimates that Yue Bing is in Star’s Domain trying to pass the trials. We can protect you when travelling across Yu Long Valley. Unless we die in battle, you will not be in any danger of dying.” Yue Yang was almost unconvinced when the one on the left, Li Qie, said this.

This Ye Kong might have thought of too much?

Could it be that Ye Kong heard that he was trash, felt that he did not have enough battle power and thus took the initiative to find two bodyguards for him?

Ye Kong saw that Yue Yang’s expression was slightly off, and explained uneasily to him, “Don’t worry about the money for hiring them, the six of us will only receive a single share of the money. Although you have an Ironback Demonic Wolf, but in Tong Tian Tower, no contracted beasts can easily flee from the Li brothers’ hands. I dare to promise that their battle prowess is far greater than their grades are, only that they do not have money to go to the Mercenary Guild to get their grades as proof… If there are six people, Wen Yu Mo can go to the Mercenary Guild to find people for missions; Jia Zi Yun can go to the further regions of Tian Bao, Tian Hua and Tian Ji to inquire about Yue Bing; Qin Yang can rush to Shang Luo, Shang Ze and Shang Hong to look around. When we rush to Star’s Domain, if they discover anything, they would go through the Mercenary Guild to send a message to us. At the same time, they can also help to find out the latest movements from Shen Tu and Yan Po Jun, to prevent them from meeting up again.”

When Yue Yang heard this, he nodded his head slightly.

However, he had a question now. Aside from the big-breasted beauty, the fatty and Ye Kong’s men were completely unable to see Hui Tai Lang’s true strength. He felt that Hui Tai Lang who needed Innate Qi at any time to evolve was definitely not going to leave Yue Yang.

Hui Tai Lang would not leave even after getting violently beaten up. There was no need to worry about him betraying Yue Yang and escaping.

“We really need a job, really!” The six people gazed at Yue Yang extremely hopefully.

“To you all, this may be a job. However, to me, this is Yue Bing’s life, I implore everyone to go all out.” Of course, Yue Yang would not care how many people Ye Kong asked for. On the contrary, to him, the more people participating in the search for Yue Bing, the better. Now, he only wanted to use the fastest way to find that stubborn little girl.

“Please rest assured, to us, this job is also equivalent to our lives as we are all starving to death.” Ye Kong looked at Yue Yang and nodded heavily.

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