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LLS Chapter 449 – Accepting the blessings of all, enjoying the gentleness

Chapter 449 – Accepting the blessings of all, enjoying the gentleness
Translated by: crayon
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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To follow the procedure of consummation in Demon Abyss, first use a sedan to bring the bride home, and then worship heaven and earth, pick open the red cap, share the nuptial cup, and then to begin that thing.

Yue Yang skipped all these steps.


Where could he find one now, he might as well carry his wife back home, just like how Zhu Ba Jie carried his wife home.

Worshipping heaven and earth are all fleeting clouds.

If husband and wife were in love, happiness would come regardless of whether they worshipped. If man or woman, just one of them had a problem with their body that they were unable to confess, that worship would not be of any use.

Going straight to the point, to push down was to push down, one should not just use their imagination and have no action. To do that would simply be worse than a beast. Yue Yang also felt that between a ‘beast’ and ‘worse than a beast’, the former was better. To be scolded by a woman as a beast was at most shameful, but to be scolded as worse them a beast was absolutely incompetent!

“Don’t pull me so quickly!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty could tell that this kid was a little impatient. He had something up his sleeve.

At that thought, a heat that could reduce one to jelly spreaded throughout her.

It was a little difficult to take her steps forward.

She was aware that she had feelings for Yue Yang. She also knew that sooner or later, her perfect body would be his. The problem was, this all happened so fast so she was still a little unprepared. How about having a buffer period? There was no need to pledge their undying love to the Gods, but the atmosphere should at least be created right?

With her jade white hands in Yue Yang’s, Phoenix Fairy Beauty only felt that his large hands had electricity of their own.

The continuous bursts of electricity were unsettling.

“Let us go back to Demon Abyss first to gauge the situation, if war breaks out, wouldn’t that be terrible?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty knew, when they have actually done the deed that they would not be able to separate for at least two or three days. The world of only two people was indeed romantic and pleasurable, the problem however was if Black Prison King launched an attack just then, Yue Yang’s absence would have had severe consequences. Besides, Phoenix Fairy Beauty also wanted to meet Yue Yang’s family. Without the usual wedding, she would at least have to meet them to really be considered part of his household. Otherwise, if his parents and seniors refused to acknowledge her, her relationship with Yue Yang would only be considered adultery.

If this were in the past, Phoenix Fairy Beauty would definitely not care about any of this.

But now, she has decided to follow him from here on.

Now things are different, she has started to always be thinking for his sake. After all, she would have to count on this little bad guy from now on, naturally she would wish for everything to be smooth for him.

Yue Yang also felt that he should give Phoenix Fairy Beauty status. To consummate without marriage was already shameless. If he did not even give her status, that would really be unjustified. He brought Phoenix Fairy Beauty home to Yue Clan and cheekily introduced her to Elder Yue Yang: “This is Demonic Palace’s Sky Law, our ally, she is my good friend, but maybe we can develop further in the future…….”

Jun Wu You and Elder Yue Yang hurriedly pretended to drink their tea, pretending to hear nothing.

Actually, they were all her juniors. When Sky Law gained her title, they were still clad in open pants playing with mud!

They had long known such a day would come that Sky Law would want to marry Yue Yang, and they have always encouraged Yue Yang to marry her. But then again, now that this boy suddenly brought Sky Law back to do her greetings, they were still embarrassed.

On one hand, they were not qualified to accept this greeting.

But on the other hand, to not accept this greeting was also unjustifiable. Besides, Sky Law had the heart to follow Yue Yang this boy, how could they not agree? Did they even dare to disagree?

“Cough, this is a good thing. I say Xiao-san, we will not control your matters, everyone should just do what they want! Cough, Brother Hai, do you agree?” Jun Wu You was still an Emperor in the end, his reaction time was indeed fast. His underlying meaning was that: We completely understand, it’s okay that you guys are not celebrating your wedding, we’ll agree to that. But it would be best not to spread the news so as to prevent the great confusion of seniority. If the seniority was confused, all the titles would be difficult to sort out. We wouldn’t know how to call each other.

“Yes, exactly.” Elder Yue Hai was secretly delighted that Sky Law wanted to be his granddaughter-in-law. The ancestors have blessed them, Yue Yang really was amazing to be able to have Demonic Palace’s second strongest, Sky Law, as his wife. He could now die without regrets!

“Boy, you are really amazing!” Old Fox secretly gave Yue Yang a big thumbs up.

However, he quickly returned her greeting. In reality, as only a Level One Innate, the Old Fox actually had no right to even raise his heads in front of Sky Law. This was because Sky Law not only represented the ally of Demonic Palace, she was also an Elder Innate.

If not for the fact that he was Yue Yang’s mentor, Sky Law would not even look at him in the eye, let alone return his greeting.

The warriors present were also glorified, Sky Law was greeting them because of Yue Yang! This was definitely unprecedented! Everyone rushed to return Sky Law’s greeting, with humble words on their lips. Sky Law was only greeting them for Yue Yang’s sake. Just because she greeted them did not mean that they could really treat her as a junior. Even their masters would have to respectfully greet Sky Law, how could they dare to sit there with no worry?

The next place would be to visit Fourth Mother at Tian Luo Palace.

Fourth Mother was much more gracious than Jun Wu You. In her heart, it did not matter if it was Xue Wu Xia, Qian Qian Princess or Luo Hua City Master. As long as she was married to her Xiao-san, she was her daughter-in-law.

Unlike the others, she was not stressed over Sky Law’s greeting, but was delighted instead.

After helping Phoenix Fairy Beauty up, Fourth Mother pulled her to the side and carefully asked many questions. She went to such details almost to the point of finding out all there was about even the three generation of Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s family.

“Brother!” Miss Yue Bing’s appearance meant bad news for Yue Yang.

His sexually blissful life would have to be delayed even longer. Now that little sister was back, she would no doubt pester him to no end. At this time, it would be very difficult to enjoy a romantic couple’s world with Phoenix Fairy Beauty. Yue Yang gritted his teeth, nevermind about the day, he decided to sneak out in the night and push Phoenix Fairy Beauty down in the night when Yue Bing fell asleep. Thanks to his practice of Body Fusion technique, he was already used to sneaking already in the middle of the night anyway.

Yue Shuang also rushed over to him quickly. Since her older sister was already in brother’s arms, she used both hands to grab onto brother’s thigh and asked for candy.

It is very easy to dismiss Yue Shuang, he just had to give her something delicious.

Yue Bing however, was not so easy to dismiss, this pure girl did not even know she had disturbed her brother’s sexual bliss.

She happily reported to brother the knowledge she acquired at Grandma Wu Teng’s place. She also talked about how she achieved enlightenment, and even displayed the progress of her cultivation, asking brother to examine to prove her hard work. Of course, this little girl was just craving for brother’s praise now that she has put in hard work and made improvement.

“Wow, Bing-er’s progress is pretty impressive, your martial arts skills has also improved tremendously. Later, I’ll think of ways to upgrade your Green Light Tree Demoness and Thousand Year Old Treant General. If Thousand Year Old Treant General can become Ten Thousand Years Ancient Tree King, then you are close to becoming Innate! A sixteen year old Innate, Bing-er, you are more impressive than Big Brother, keep working hard!” At Yue Yang’s praise, Yue Bing’s rosy face turned red, fidgeting in Brother’s arms blushing. She liked to hear brother’s phrase, but then again when he really praised her, she gets embarrassed.

This was because her own efforts were not enough, she could only improve with her brother’s help.

If she did not have her brother, how could she possibly have been able to ascend to Innate at just sixteen years old?

Bing-er felt that it was a form of disrespect to surpass her older brother. If not for brother forcing her to ascend, she would rather ascend to Innate much later and preserve his record of ascending to Innate at twenty years old!

Upon seeing Yue Yang bring Phoenix Fairy Beauty home, Luo Hua City Master and Sickly Beauty were bittersweet, this guy has really done it!

They already knew such a day would come.

Long before Yue Yang and Sky Law practiced Body Fusion together, they knew that this Sky Law would not be able to escape from him. Besides, Phoenix Fairy Beauty protected Yue Yang many times and also saved the other girls, Luo Hua City Master and Sickly Beauty were not against her joining then. Even though she was a Super Innate, her temper was unlike others and she had no airs of arrogance. She was uninterested in managing matters, only interested in cultivating and not in wanting to become the head of the harem, which was why Luo Hua City Master and Sickly Beauty felt that she was no threat.

Besides, talking about entering the household, the two of them entered before she did!

When night fell, Yue Yang finally coaxed the excited Yue Bing who chatted on and on about her new skill levels. He was ready to give Phoenix Fairy Beauty a ‘night attack’.

But before he even slipped out of Yue Bing’s room, he saw Luo Hua City Master clad in veil standing in front of him.

Luo Hua City Master fell into his arms and wrapped her arms around Yue Yang’s neck, panting and like a mewing kitten said: “Scoundrel, I… I want it… that pose you talked about the other time, I want to try it tonight!”

Obviously aware that this girl was creating trouble, but when a beauty enter his arms with seductive eyes, stealing his soul, how could he not make a move on her?

Sickly Beauty peeked over from the door behind, but at the sight of Yue Yang, quickly hid again.

Seemingly very shy.

A threesome?

On one hand was two of his wives serving him together while the other was the big matter of consummation with Phoenix Fairy Beauty, how could he choose?

Yue Yang gave up caring. He would first enjoy a threesome, and then consummation. Anyway Phoenix Fairy Beauty was not going to run away, she could wait a little earlier. As for Luo Hua City Master and Sickly Beauty, if he did not make them beg, they would not know what was called a dominant husband!

“Scoundrel, no wonder this Master loves you dearly, tonight I will let you enjoy my gentleness to no end.” Seeing Yue Yang choosing a threesome without a moment of hesitation, Luo Hua City Master was delighted. She embraced Yue Yang and kissed him fiercely, deciding to give her all that night so that Yue Yang would not be able to leave her bed for the whole night. He wanted to launch a ‘night attack’ on Sky Law? No way, at least not tonight. Tonight, he belongs to her!

In the fight, Luo Hua City Master really dedicated herself to serving him.

One to not usually take the initiative, she specially went the extra mile.

Furthermore, Luo Hua City Mistress, who would usually be reserved in front of the Sickly Beauty and would only be wanton when there were the only her and Yue Yang, went as far as doing bolder actions that she never did before. She even moaned loudly on purpose in order to agitate Phoenix Fairy Beauty who was eavesdropping from the room next door.

Luo Hua City Master and Sickly Beauty took turns to go to battle, fighting for the entire night, exhausted.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty was upset.

If she did not have such superior self-control, she might have already walked into Luo Hua City Master and participated in the war.

The next day, Luo Hua City Master was glowing with radiance. Even though her body was a little sore, she was in excellent spirits. The first reason was that she made a gratifying victory before her rival in love, and the second reason was that she proved that a reunion after a short separation was more important than a newlywed consummation. Yue Yang’s amazing performance made her happy to no end. She knew she could not control Yue Yang, but she was clever, and deliberately sought to chat with Phoenix Fairy Beauty. In the end, due to her intentional and Yue Bing’s unintentional disturbance, Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty could only sneakily hold hands, as if they were having an affair.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty also found it funny and interesting.

Although it was not an affair, it was still stimulating.

When Yue Yang sneaked his hand under the table to stroke her, she did not refuse, but rather calmly spoke to Luo Hua City Master while letting Yue Yang’s naughty hand take advantage of her.

Luo Hua City Master saw it, and immediately caught Yue Yang’s ankle, then pulled his hand over to place on her thigh.

On her side, Phoenix Fairy Beauty also did the same.

Both were completely unwilling to concede.

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